tagGay MaleThe Vacation House Ch. 08

The Vacation House Ch. 08


My stomach is so full, the happiest I've been since a month ago when dad dropped the bombshell about he and mom getting a divorce and our moving up to the vacation house.

Lee's true to his word, dad arrives home from the job site, we unload the pick-up, get everything assembled, in place in no time. The steak house Lee has brought us to may not be the fanciest place in the world but you sure can't beat a great steak and baked potato. Dad pushes his chair back, tilts it onto the two back legs, stretches his legs out under the table. Lee wipes his mouth with his napkin, folds it, places it along side his plate. A smile crosses his face as he pulls out his wallet, places a credit card on the table.

"No Lee, this is on us, you are our guest, after-all, if you had not offered to come and dig a new well for us, Robbie and I would still be unloading all that stuff from my truck. How we accumulated so much junk is mind boggling. What's so funny is that we still need a few more items."

Lee raises his hand in a stop motion.

"Nope, I said I was taking you guys for dinner, this is my treat. Don't worry, I can turn it in as a business expense anyway. It's not like you two couldn't afford to save a few bucks, get the rest of the things you need instead. Really RJ, it is fine, I can afford it. If we get the well going in time I will show you both a turn over shop in the Brattleboro area that has tons of good second hand merchandise. I noticed that you guys could use some pots and pans. I know that a diner shut down recently, they're trying to sell all of their items there, trying to head off a bankruptcy. Hell, what goes around, comes around, we put a little of our money back into the community and we all get to keep our jobs. Trust me, it will all come back around again someday.

"Thanks Lee, Robbie, I believe that a thank you would be in order, don't you Robbie?"

Dad nods, I immediately respond in kind.

"Thank you Lee. I really appreciate your help, this great steak too. I guess that I am half the cook my mom is. Some of the stuff I have tried to make has been so bad that I know dad is just being kind to me, forcing himself to eat it."

I return the nod in dad's direction, he smiles broadly back at me, turns to Lee.

"No really, he is doing great, don't know where I'd be without him. I'm actually starting to get use to his cooking. The way I look at it, if you don't want to have to do it yourself, don't complain about how someone else does it for you."

Lee pats dad on the shoulder as the waitress takes the check and credit card, she returns in a very short time. The place may be good but it is small, not as busy as it might be when the ski tourists are in town. Lee signs the check, returns his credit card to his wallet, pushes away from the table. We rise, dad thanks the waitress, she returns the thank you with a big toothy grin. Lee must have left her a nice tip because she wishes us a great weekend, expresses her hopes that we return soon. We climb into the pick-up and are back on the road towards home. It's still a bit light out, dad pulls into the local package store.

"Need anything Lee? I'm gonna get myself a six pack and some trail mix. What ever you want for yourself, it's on me. Don't try any funny stuff like trying to bum rush me and paying for it before I do. I will just tell the cashier that your money is no good here. I know them, trust me, I can be pretty convincing."

"OK, have it your way RJ. vodka if you don't mind. Nothing special but if they have a Polish potato vodka, well that would be great. Don't need any mixers, just some ice to chill it down and I will be a happy camper. How bout you Robbie, want anything?"

I blush a bit sheepishly.

"Nah, still only eighteen, I promised my mom that I wouldn't drink alcohol until I am legal age. It's nothing big, I like iced tea, it helps to keep my weight down too. It's not easy trying to get myself moving on the ice when I put a few pounds on, this is the best way I have to help my game."

"You're a good kid Robbie, I'm glad to hear that you are listening to your parents. I wish I had a dad and mom as caring in my life when I was young. I can tell you, I bet things would have turned out real different had they been there for me. Guess that's all in the past now but it sure might have been great though."

I feel a badly for Lee, not sure if I should say something, console him or congratulate him on turning out being the owner of his own business and all. I decide to say nothing, just leave it at what he said.

Dad is back, hands the package to me since I am sitting in the middle of the bench seat.

"Keep a good grip on that bag Robbie, those bottles are clinking against each other."

The engine starts, we head for home, pull into the gravel drive and park in front of the second door of our two car garage. Lee's bike is parked in front of the first door. One by one we hop out and go into the house. I put the bottles into the refrigerator, asks Lee if he wants me to make him his drink now.

"No thanks Robbie, I am going to turn in early, want to get up bright and early to get a head start on that well before the sun gets to high. Dad comes to me, places his big paw on my left shoulder.

"Lee's right, we should all hit the sack early so we can get a jump on the weekend. I will go into town, get you guys some donuts and coffee before I head to the job site. I'll probably be gone before you get up so just be good, do as Lee asks you to do, I will be home as soon as I can."

I walk down the hall towards the master bedroom, followed by Lee.

"Lee, you're gonna be staying in my room here, dad and I will share the master so you won't have to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag."

Lee knows where the rooms are already since he helped to set up my bedroom. I point out that the guest bathroom is at the end of the hall opposite the entrance to the master bedroom. The door between is what will be my sisters room but it's not set up at the moment. That's the room we put all the boxes of unpacked items into. It's the smallest of the bedrooms so it will work out great as her room when she comes to visit and we can set it up as an office for dad's drafting table. Just before Lee shuts the door of my bedroom he speaks to me quietly.

"Good night, I will see you early OK?"

"Yeah, see you when I see you."

The door shuts followed by a click of the lock. I walk into the master bedroom, strips down, throws myself onto my side of the king size bed. I'm more tired than I had thought, it must be from having eaten so much and being wiped out from the excitement riding on the Harley. In a split second I'm out like a light, don't even hear when dad comes to bed.

The alarm clock is ringing, I roll over onto dad's side of the bed, he's not here. I grab a pair of shorts from the chair in the corner of the room, pull them on before leaving the bedroom, heads to the kitchen. On the counter is a large thermos, I'm sure it's filled with hot coffee. A small paper bag contains several donuts and some paper napkins. I walk into the living room, look out the front picture window, see's that only the Harley is parked in the drive. Dad's already on his way to New Hampshire, another day of work for him.

Walks back down the hallway, I stop and knock on my bedroom door. I hear mumbling, then a loud thud. Lee either fell out of my bed which is small for his large size or he just knocked something over. Which ever it was, I decide to give him his privacy. I return to the kitchen, sets up the coffee mugs, napkins and donuts. The local newspaper is folded at the end of the table on the opposite end from where dad normally sits. I guess this is dad's way of telling me that Lee is to sit there. It's dad's castle after-all, no one sits in the kings throne. Lee stumbles into the kitchen.

"Good morning Lee."

Looks at the dark skinned figure before me, his glistening brown tone, ripped muscular form. Lee's clad only in a pair of black skin tight Calvin Klein boxer briefs. His left arm raises high, his giant hand braces his full weight against the wall. A big yawn, I can almost see all the way down his throat. His brilliant white teeth look like white marble, pure white, it looks like he does not have a filling in any of them, if this guy looks this good first thing in the morning, no wonder he cleans up so well. He always looks like he has just walked off the cover of one of those Men's Health magazines.


It's all Lee is able to get out before he yawns, stretches his limbs in all directions, muscles flex as he twists his torso to the right, then to the left. He bends all the way forward, his outstretch arms dangle toward the floor. His legs slightly spread, he places the palms of his hands onto the floor about a foot in front of his very large feet. Those feet are huge, he must wear a size seventeen or eighteen shoe or something like that. I have never seen feet so big in my life in person. I'm reminded of an ESPN program where they were showing the size of Shak O'Neils sneakers. OK, they're not that big but compared to my size twelve and a half, they look like giants feet. His toe nails are neatly clipped, as neatly manicured as his fingernails. This guy really knows how to present himself in his best light. I look down at my own fingernails, I have a bad habit of biting off when they get even a little long, they sure don't look like Lee's.

"How do you take your coffee Lee?"

"Black, not going to put any sugar into this body. It takes too much to keep everything in working order without adding worry about my weight."

I nod, pours the steaming black coffee. Lee sits down, promptly pushes his donuts toward where I had placed my napkin.

"Thanks but no thanks, I will have a protein bar. I have a few of them on the night stand in the bedroom. Would you go get one for me Robbie? I would appreciate it. I do need to get some coffee in me if I am going to get this ole body up and running."

I almost run to my bedroom, see's the power bars on the nightstand. The pillow is on the floor as is the top sheet. Yep, I have a good suspicion Lee did fall out bed. I won't mention it, don't want to embarrass him. I head back to the kitchen, Lee is pouring himself a second cup of coffee.

"Here yeah go."

I hand Lee his protein bar.

"If you want, you can have my second cup too. I don't need to have more than the one cup to get me going in the morning. We don't have a good working pot here yet. Dad said we are going to look for one of those used Bunn coffee makers, you know the kind they have in the diners where you just pour the water into them and it comes out in a minute. I hope that if we get a chance to go to that turn over shop you were talking about last night, that they might have one of those, cheap."

"I'd bet if you are gonna find one anywhere, it is going to be there Robbie. I know when I picked up some stuff for the job site, I remember seeing a couple of those. They're large, stainless steel with two pots, one on a burner atop and one under the coffee filter. Is that what you are looking for?"

"That is exactly what dad is hoping to get. He does love his coffee, looks like you and he have something in common with how quickly you can down that stuff."

"You'll find out when you get older Robbie, you loose some of your sensitivity to hot and cold. You watch, you'll be downing it in a few years too."

Lee picks up his mug, drains it dry.

"Mind if I take you up on that extra cup of yours?"

Lee nods toward the thermos, I hand it to him. I finally take my first sip of my coffee, it's still hot, almost too hot to drink but I don't want it look like I can't handle a bit of hot coffee. I bite the bullet and drink it down. Proud of myself, I finish my doughnut, places the one that Lee does not want back into the bag.

"I am going to go get dressed, do you need anything before I get cleaned up?"

"No thanks Robbie, all of my stuff was in the rucksack that you hung onto for me. I just want to make sure where the bathroom is, it's at the end of the hall on the right?"

"End of the hall on the left,"

I walk down the hall, closes the master bedroom door behind myself, go about washing up.

Both of us put together, I meet up with Lee in the garage. He has a white tank top on, a pair of faded jeans with holes over the knees, worn areas around the crotch, the backside and where he must wipe his hands repeatedly down the seams. I have on a white T-shirt, a pair of old long board shorts and my most beat up pair of work boots. I'm prepared for the mess we are about to get ourselves into. I've used the auger and drills with dad a number of times, have always walked away looking like a pig that wallowed in a mud as a result.

It's brilliantly sunny, in no time the temp is in the upper eighties, the humidity is way too high. Soupy is the only way I can describe how the air feels, it's difficult to breath and there's not a hint of a breeze to be found.

Lee knows what he is doing when it comes to well digging. I handle the auger, he tells me where and how deep to go. I'm shocked dumb when in just our second attempt we hit clear, fresh water. It's a miracle, dad searched for years, never once came up with a good well, not once. Here, Lee hits the mother load in just our second try. I really don't care how he did it, I'm just thrilled to death that we did!

"Go get the pump from the garage Robbie, I'm going to take this baby down another fifty feet, see if it still runs clear. If it does, we can tap into the feed system that your dad put in way back when. Good thing he used good material cause it won't take much to flush the system out and get the house hooked up by mid afternoon."

I take off like a flash, runs at full speed toward the garage. I rummage around in the boxes containing all of the plumbing pipes, tools, finds the pump, the piping hook ups, clamps, hoses. The electrical supplies needs to be connected the underground wiring already in place. I rush back to Lee, he's soaked to the skin. His tank top clings to his body, his jeans covered in mud up to his waist. Yep, I had expected that would happen.

It took less than an hour for the entire pump system to be hooked up to the new well. The electrical lead is wired, I run back to the house, throw the breaker supplying the pump with power. Runs back to the well, hears the pump kick on as a gusher of water shoots high into the air like a geyser.

Lee's bent over the rushing water attempting to cap the flushing system. Water slowly gets lower and lower until it is no longer flowing from the flush valve, the cap is put into place. Lee's proud and rightly so, he reaches out his huge ham sized right hand, takes mine into his. He squeezes tightly, shakes a mighty pride filled hand-shake.

"Well young man, we sure got lucky, you and me. I am gonna bet your old man is going to be pretty damned proud of you when he gets back this evening, you did a great job, thank you."

Thank me? Why is Lee thanking me? After-all he found the water. He is doing this on his time and not charging us anything for his help. He worked himself to the bone yesterday helping us unpack and set up our household furnishings from RI. I'm the one who is thankful. Dad might be proud of me but he is sure going to owe Lee big time.

"C'mon Lee, lets get back in, get cleaned up, maybe I can even get the washer and dryer working. I will wash your dirty cloths after you have taken a shower, just leave them outside the bathroom on the floor. I don't want to tax the system this early, just in case it does not have enough pressure to run the washer and take a shower at the same time."

"You have a good head on those broad shoulders of your Robbie. I will tell you this, I have always appreciated your father's work ethic. I have to confess, that his apple has not fallen far from the tree."

I take the compliment with great humility, nods, does not say another word. Lee wraps his arm around my shoulder, we walk our dirty selves back to the house, proud as a couple of peacocks. Lee heads into the guest bathroom. I hear the rush of water as it pours out of the large pan shower head. It runs and runs, then the house goes silent. Now I hear the glass and chrome shower door open.

"Robbie! ROBBIE?"

I hurry down the hallway to the guest bathroom having coming in from out in the garage. I was putting the tools and supplies away.

Standing on the fluffy white floor mat is Lee, stark naked. Glistening and dripping wet, his hands firmly placed upon his hips. My eyes are drawn down to the huge hanging balls and monstrous flaccid penis, it's darker than the rest of his smooth chocolate colored skin, uncut, huge and thick.


My eyes snap up, locks onto Lee's smiling eyes.

"A towel please? Foolish of me not to have checked before I jumped into the shower. Excuse me for taking you away from your work, I don't know where you guys keep them, don't want to track water all over the new wood floors, I know how much those things cost."

"I'm sorry Lee, that's my fault, dad asked me to make sure that everything was set up for your stay this weekend but it just went out of my head. I forgot about the towels cause I was thinking I had until today for you to show up. Damn, please don't tell him about me not listening, not doing it when he asked me to, please?"

"No problem here Robbie, it's just us guys, it's just a towel. Your dad doesn't need to know about this, you have nothing to worry about. Think of it this way, you gave me your second cup of coffee this morning, well, this is how things go round, you take care of someone, someone else will someday take care of you. Now, how about that towel?"

I turn on my heals, heads into the spare bedroom, there is a box marked linens, tears open the taped top of the cardboard box, removes several sets of Terrie cloth towels. I rush back to the guest bathroom where Lee is still standing, dripping water onto the floor mat. I hold out the large bath towel, places the remaining washcloth and hand towels on the rack along side the vanity. Lee begins to towel off, starts with his short cropped hair. His huge penis and balls swing madly from side to side. I feel stirring in my dick, heads toward the door as fast as my feet will take me. Reaches for the door nob, hears Lee clearing his throat.

"Would you please leave the door open? It will steam up the mirror in here if you shut it. I need a shave and have to do some manscaping. Thanks for the towels, by the way the water pressure is great. I don't think you are going to have to worry about running the washer and taking a shower at the same time but don't rush on my account to put those dirty work cloths in, I have a couple of changes. I was thinking maybe we could take the bike, get some lobsters at the market before your dad comes home, kinda celebrate and all?"

LOBSTER? I love lobster but we don't get them very often. Even being from Rhode Island, they are kinda expensive because of the demand for them at the local restaurants, they are much cheaper up here though. Locals come in with them from the colder waters off the coast not too far from here. Yeah, Lobster, fresh running water, I'm ready to celebrate.

"No problem Lee, is there anything else you can think of that you need before I jump into the shower?"

"Can't think of anything at the moment but if I do, I am sure it can wait until you're finished cleaning yourself up."

I walk the few feet away, heads into the master bedroom, strips off my dirty work cloths. Picks up the small pile of dad's dirty work cloths, underwear and sheets that have accumulated over the past week. I walk out of the master, picks up Lee's dirty pile of cloths he has left just outside the guest bathroom door.


I hear Lee call to me as I bend over to pick up his dirty laundry. I become aware that I have just mooned him. Shit, that was a damned stupid thing to do. I stand up quickly, heads toward the basement. All the while I feel my dangling dick start to swell. I do hope that he did not see that happening, I would be so embarrassed, how could I explain it happening again? It's not like when we rode in on the Harley and I got wood. Please, please, please, I pray he did not notice.

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