tagGay MaleThe Vacation House Ch. 17

The Vacation House Ch. 17


I wish to preface this chapter by letting you know in advance that it was originally part of Chapter 16. Due to the excessive length of that chapter, it has been broken down in a more ingest-able size. Chapter 17 is now a set up for the following chapters to come. It may seem a bit off the beaten path for the saga of The Vacation House but I do hope you will enjoy it none the less.


Dad's voice booms "Robbie, ROBBIE!".

My heart skips a beat, pulls myself out from under the pick-up. I do my best to keep it in tip top shape, change the oil, filters, hoses, keep it washed to avoid the paint from oxidizing.

My pants pull down my butt just enough that gravel goes down the crack of my ass. Brushes off the back of my jeans, I get to my feet, head into the house through the garage.

"Yeah Dad? Whatsup?"

Lee's sitting at the scrubbed wood table, it stretches nearly the length of the eat in kitchen. Bright sunlight filters through windows overlooking the Connecticut River. Farm land on the opposite shore is just starting to turn green. It's early spring, thank god for that, spring break too.

I need some down time away from my studies. I'm doing well considering our Hockey team has a winning record this year.

I had no idea how much muscle mass I was going to put on. It sure makes getting around in my old cloths difficult. Don't really fit into my jeans any more, I have to leave the top button open on my 501's. My butt and thighs have outgrown pretty much everything even my underwear. Whoda thunk it?

"Heya RJ, your Dad's looking for you. He's in your sisters room trying to put together the day bed we got last week at IKEA."

"Thanks Lee. Have any idea what this is about?"


"Well, you gonna tell me?"


"Figures, OK, well I'm sure it's nothing bad cause he doesn't sound angry."


"Well aren't you the fountain of information today?"


Lee smiles a broad, gleaming white toothy grin, nods his head to the left, giving me direction.

I pat him on his shoulder as I walk between his broad back and the wall behind him. My denim covered crotch barely rubs along his back. I hear him snicker, he leans his head back, looks up at me with those big eyes. I plant a big wet kiss on his forehead, continue to walk towards the hallway.

Approaching the last room on the left of the long hall I hear a loud "BANG"


Rushing into the small room, Dads sitting on the floor, papers strewn everywhere. Parts here, there, everywhere. The big bears paw up to his mouth, one of his fingers buried deep within his sucking lips.

"What happened?"

"Put the screw driver through my finger, that's what happened. Fuck those Scandinavians. Give me some good ole fashioned American made furniture, none of this put it together yourself crap with directions in every language except ENGLISH!"

"C'mere, let me take a look at that finger... Oh c'mon don't be such a big baby. Let me see!"

Dad pulls his finger out of his mouth, extends it toward me.

"Holy shit! That's gross! No, just kidding, it's all still there. I'll be right back with a band-aide."

As I walk out of my sisters room, turn toward the guest bathroom I hear all manners of objects being thrown across the room. Dad's great at building things but following directions, that is a whole different story.

Returning with an alcohol swab, band-aide and a fist full of wadded up toilet paper, I see he has not moved from where I'd left him. Only thing different is that all of the tools, parts and instructions have conveniently been thrown across the room into a pile along side the work desk.

Handing him the swab first, then the toilet paper, I tear open the band-aide. Curses under my breath that these things are ridiculous, one could bleed to death before you got the damned thing open! I hand it to him. He promptly places it over the cut. I reach out, grab hold of his good hand, assist him to his feet.

"Hope that was not what you were calling me in for Dad, I still have to get Silver's Mobile 1 in."

"NO that was not why I called you, you little smart ass! Lee and I are going to take a vacation, just the two of us. We're going to be staying at his house in New Hampshire for a few days, then go up to Maine for a some Lobster potting with a few of the guys from the crew."

"Cool! You know that it's spring break this week. I can put this thing, what ever it is going to be, together for you while your gone."


"By the way, Ashley is coming up tomorrow to stay for just one night. She's bringing her boyfriend, I want to make sure that you keep the two of them from spending the night in the same room, OK? They are going up to the Von Trapp Family Lodge for a week, meeting up with friends. She has assured your mother and me that the girls will have separate rooms from the boys. They'll have a chaperone while there, so all you have to do is keep them apart for the one night, Kapish?"


"Wait a second, don't you remember that I had already asked you if I could have a few of my hockey friends over this weekend? Most of them are leaving on Sunday for beaches and brews but you did promise!."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. We trust you. Lee and I have have spoken about this plenty, we think it's time to just let you make your own choices. Just do me a favor, don't burn the place down!"

"Promise, no matches!"

"Smart Ass!"

A quick spank to my butt, out of the bedroom we walk, arm over shoulder, side by side. Enters the kitchen, Lee is sitting there with a grin like a Cheshire Cat.

"So? You told him?"

"Yep, and he has given us his blessing to go and have a life. Now get up off that big beautiful behind of yours and get your things packed. God knows it's going to take forever just for you to pull your grooming aides together. Me? Pack my toothbrush, a tube of K-Y and a clean pair of boxers, I'm ready to roll."

"Dad, you filthy pig! A tube of K-Y?"

"Oh for god sakes Robbie, it's not like we're going to fall off the edge of the earth. They'll have stores there too, we can buy more when we run out."

A roar of laughter passes between us. I head back into the garage through the kitchen door.

No sooner has Dad pulled out of the driveway when their spot along side my pick-up is replaced by one of the coolest cars I have ever seen in my life. A brand new BMW 328XI-GT. The dark metallic blue color offsets the tan leather interior to die for!

The passenger door opens, back hatch pops seemingly of it's own accord, the drivers door opens to reveal one tall drink of water.

My sister runs to me, throws her arms around my neck, hugs the living shit outta me, regains her composure just enough to announce her date.

"Robbie, this is Andy Cavenaugh, Andy, this is my brother Robbie."

Before me is a giant of youthful athleticism. He must stand nearly 7' tall! Blond wavy hair, dark sun tinted skin, nearly hairless muscular body with the most massive forearms I have ever seen in my life!

A huge hand grasps mine, we shake, it's shocking that he does not try to impress me by trying to overpower me. He simply holds my hand, shakes, nothing more, nothing less. Now that's impressive.

"OK Robbie, let's get the bio out of the way. Andy and I have been going out for nearly a year, he also attends Salve Regina, he's on a Tennis scholarship, parents live in Newport, he's, what are you Andy? 6'8"?"

"6-7 but who's counting?"

His blushing is noticeable. Cheeks become crimson, he flushes around the collar of his yellow Polo Shirt. White cotton shorts compliment his elegant yet deceptively rugged good looks. Blue eyes, hands the size of a baseball glove! HOLY SHIT!

"So, I've heard a lot about you Robbie, seems your sister believes the ice you skate on is sacred! Well, I see she's not been telling stories. You sure are one of those guys that was blessed at birth."

What the hell did he just say?

"C'mon in guys, apologies in advance, it's not finished but it's home, oh, sorry Ash, you know what I mean?"

"It's OK Robbie, it's weird for all of us. Who would have thought just a few years ago that Mom and Dad would be living in different states? You and I, now that's different, we're supposed to grow up, move out of the nest. This was just so way off my radar."

I see the pain in Ashley's face so I make a move to get some of the luggage out of the car.

"So, Andy, what the heck is this thing? I've never seen one before."

"You see Rob, it's not been around very long, not really well known, outside BMW circles. It's starting to catch on though. Everyone that see's it wants one. It's Imperial Blue, interior is Venetian Beige Leather. 4 cylinder turbo, fast as hell, handles like a dream. You should see me open her up on Ocean Drive. My parents live in a cottage overlooking it, across from the beach club, you know where Spouting Rocks Beach is? Well, that's were I grew up, where Ash and I have been hanging out pretty much since last summer."

"Whoa, that's one hell of an address, not that I have to tell you. So, you're up here slumming for the weekend?"

"No slumming, Robbie, I love it up here. Andy's into camping, outdoor stuff, hiking. He is a bit of a jock head though. Plays at the Newport Tennis Association with the knobby, knobs. He's training with James Blake, you remember him don't you? We met him years ago? He was playing at the Hall of Fame tournament, we saw him and some of his friends at that club across the street from the LaForge Casino?"

"Yeah, I remember him. Couldn't believe that he was a pro tennis player until he invited us to watch him play. Cool dude, real down to earth, nothing like I thought a pro athlete would act."

"Hey, wait a minute there, you could just as easily try out for one of the farm teams, Hockey players do pretty well for themselves too it's not just us tennis players. I promised my parents that I would graduate before thinking about the pro's. One bad turned ankle, I could just as easily be cleaning gutters or trimming low hanging tree branches. Pretty much all I would be able to do at my height."

We're getting a good laugh at this whole self deprecating crap. Andy seems pretty cool for someone with his upbringing. Grabbing the largest bag out of the back of the car, I'm shocked at how much room there is in there. I can tell that my sister has done her very best to fill every single square inch with all of her crap.

"Your room is not completely put together Ash, Dad said you're sleeping in the Master bedroom. I have a few friends from my team staying over, they'll be bunking up in the spare bedroom. Andy, you can stay in my room with me. There's a pull out trundle under my bed so we won't really be sharing. If we can get the day bed put together in your room Ash before the guy's get here, my best friend Tag and his girlfriend, Melanie will stay in there. By the way, wait until you see the Master bathroom. Steam jets, heated towel rack, the works!"

"This way Andy, our room is the second on the left, Ash, I don't think I have to tell you where you're going. It has not been that long, has it?"

"Get over yourself Robbie, I'm not a complete idiot."

"OK, not complete."

The pain that shot through my shin was excruciating. Ashley had up and kicked the crap out of me while I was walking behind her, not that I didn't have that one coming. Just shut your mouth Robbie, you asked for it.

Ashley disappears into the Master at the end right of the hallway. Andy follows me into my bedroom. I motion him toward the dresser, point to the bottom drawers for his use, leaves him to his unpacking as I proceed to bring Ashley her bag.

"What the heck did you pack in here? Rocks?"

"No smart ass, a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, especially when you have to look good at a lodge in front of a bunch of other girls. What the heck do you think is really in there? 2 12 packs of New Castle from home. I'm not going to be little miss goody goody, nope not this biatch!"

Guess Ashley's all grown up, I'm not gonna mess with her. She scares the hell out of me! Love her but I know when to give her room to do as she pleases. She's been like this since we were little, really not much has changed. She's always been the aggressor. I took the blame most of the time cause my parents could not fathom that their little brunette beauty was really a wild cat in disguise. Look out world, here she comes!

I've been trying to put this damned day bed together ever since Ash and Andy arrived. Don't think I'm any closer now to figuring it out. The kitchen door slams, I hop up, knows that it's Tag and Mel. He knows to use the kitchen entrance. The guys from the team have never been here before so I expect they'll use the front door.

"Hey, Kimosabe, Tonto's here! Where are you? Whoa, sorry, your not Robbie!"

"No, not today at least. I'm Andy, Ashley's boyfriend. You've got to be Tag and Melanie. Rob told us that you were coming. Are the rest of the guys with you?"

"Hi Andy, no the others are on their way. They're stopping at the package store to get some beer for tonight's Pong championships. Where's Robbie?"

I walk back into my bedroom just as Tag asks.

"Right here, I promised Dad that I would put this stinking day bed together while he's on vacation. Looks like it's not going to get anymore together today. Would you and Mel mind sharing the mattress on the floor? I'll make sure you guys have extra pillows if you need them. Max, Benji, Aaron and Brendan are bunking in the guest room. They're bringing a couple of inflatable mattress."

"No problem with me, how bout you Mel? Mind sharing a bit of soft floor with me?"

Melanie turns on her heals, not a single word to anyone as she heads to the living room. Clearly something is up between the two of them.

"Don't worry about her guys, she's one of her moods. She actually stopped the car halfway here, told me to get out and walk. Do you believe her? Get out and walk my ass. Just because she thinks I'm not giving her enough attention. It's not like anyone is getting too much of my attention these days, right Robbie? Between studies, hockey, working part time, how much time in a day is left for me to spend tending to her hand and foot?"

Andy looks sort of uncomfortable with how the discussion has turned.

"Don't get me in the middle of this one fellas, I have enough with Ashley on my plate. She is, oh sorry Robbie, I apologize, being your sister and all."

"She's a BIATCH! You don't have to tell me, I've actually met her before. It's you I feel sorry for."

Slapping Andy on his back, he puts his huge hand on my shoulder, gives me a wink. We know what a brat Ashley can be at times, know that she has a heart of gold and is loyal as a German Shepherd too.

Tag shakes his head, side to side, changes the discussion completely.

"Hey, you guys mind if I start setting up the kitchen for the Beer Pong tournament? The guys should be here any minute. I forgot to tell you that we picked up 6 buckets of KFC and mashed too. Man can not live by beer pong alone!"

Tag takes off toward the kitchen, I make my way back to may sister's old bedroom.

"I'll be right in after I get the mattress laid out, some sheets for you two. By the time everyone hits the sack, bet some of us are going to need a GPS to find our own asses."

"Tag, I'll come help you set things up if you don't mind. Ash and I brought some of our own beer from home, I'll grab a few and toss them in the frig to get cold. She's got it hidden in her shoe bag"

Andy walks out of my bedroom, heads toward the Master. I'm just behind him, Tag draws my attention with a quick movement of his hand on my back, gives me a little push.

"Sounds like a plan guys. I think tonight is going to be one for the books. Let the games begin!"

I'm so tired, look up at the kitchen clock, squint to make sure of what I'm seeing.

"Holy crap guys! It's quarter to 3 already. Gotta get to bed. Max I thought you guys were leaving by 7 in the morning? At this pace, maybe 7 pm.

Brendan tries to stand up, only to find himself stumbling over the bench seat, catching himself from a disastrous fall by using the wall.

"C'mon guys, lets get a move on. Got some, girls to drink and beers to doin."

I turn toward Tag at the very moment he is turning to face me. He rolls his eye's to the heavens.

"Blotto, the bunch of them. All I have to say is, better them than me. By the way, has anyone seen Mel? She screamed something really foul at me a few hours ago, haven't seen hide nor hair of her since."

Andy walks into the kitchen, hears Tag's query.

"She left, thought you knew. I don't want to get in the middle of your fight but she had her fur flying, stormed out, said she was done."

The look on Tag's face was priceless. He was so taken aback and dumbfounded at the same moment.

"So, that's what she was yelling at me about. I thought she was just pissed that I left her in the living room. Well, Robbie, you and I did win the Pong tournament anyway. Well, such is life! She's not the only fish in the pond."

Damn it to hell, Tag does not even realize that he is pretty wasted. He's sure as heck gonna feel it in the morning. I'm not sure if he's going to remember much of what went down.

"C'mon Tonto, let me get you to your Tee Pee, I think you can do with some sleep. You're gonna hate yourself in the morning or afternoon, which ever comes first."

Places my outstretch arm around Tag's shoulders, I nod toward Andy and Ashley. They get my drift right away. They go to each other, embrace, start to make out.

"OK, OK, I'd tell you to get a room but Dad would kill me if you actually did. Andy, I'll be back as soon as I pour Tonto here onto his mattress. Better bring him to the head first, let him squeeze every last drop out before he crashes for good."

The kitchen light is switched off, Tag's being guided to the guest bathroom at the end of the hallway.


My big, tough and rugged team mates are already crashed and out like a light. Bodies everywhere in the guest room. Booze stink wafting in my face as I pass their room. Reaches inside the doorway, "Click," the guest room goes dark, loud snores burn my ears.

"This way big fella, I'll be right outside the door if you need me, just give me a call. Don't worry bout how you feel right now, if you feel like you are gonna be sick, go ahead, let it out, just make sure to use the toilet.

Closing the bathroom door once Tag is inside, retching, guttural sounds come through the door. Walking as quietly as possible, gathering up a pillow, some large Terri cloth towels for my best friend to sleep on, knowing he will be in the bathroom for the duration of his sleep.

Walks back to the bathroom, knocks softly, no response. Pushes the door open, "You OK in there?"

Tag is laying on his side in front of the vanity. I enter, lay down the towels, pillow, roll him on top of them, covers his form with a sheet. The night light above the vanity will give enough light should he wake in the night, need to relieve himself or worse.

Closing the door so that only a small crack is left open, heads back to my own bedroom. I'm met by the light from my night stand glowing, outlining the very tall figure before me.

"Is he going to be OK? Guys had a rough night, doubt he's going to be much happier in the morning too."

What a beautiful sight before me, tall, muscular, clad only in a pair of super white Under Armour compression shorts. The trundle already pulled out, sheet corner folded back perfectly, pillow fluffed. Andy leans down, places his right left hand to the mattress, lowers his form down to his knees, rolls himself onto his back, scoots under the sheet.

"Night, hope you sleep well. Would you mind turning the light off when your all set?"

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