tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 08

The Vassal Academy Ch. 08


Part 08: Conforming to the Lifestyle

Waking in the morning, Jeannette got her instructions and left to carry them out. She took the shoes that Master ordered her to wear, and she carried them to the slave training area, and set them down as she turned the lights on. First releasing Geneva from her chains she smiled and said. "Good news Geneva, Master is pleased with you.

Master Devon told me that the reports of your training show you are making very good progress, and are working very hard."

"Really? He mentioned me?" Geneva asked.

"Yes." Jeannette said helping Geneva to her feet and continued. "In fact, between us, I think Master believes you to be quite lucky. Master said that he wondered what would have happened to you if you had found one of those pretend Masters, who wouldn't care for you, and love you as we would. I said that you'd probably end up in the gutter somewhere, the victim of extreme blood play, all the love sucked out of your heart."

Jeannette looked around as if she was doing something, not quite wrong, but not really right. "Master says if you were not trained by proper masters, to learn how to be a slave, you'd probably end up with some sadist with a tiny dick, and an even smaller ego." She said softly.

Geneva bit her lip and said. "Jeannette. I lay here last night, and I wondered how I could have been so lucky." She caught herself and after taking a deep breath started over. "If you hadn't been open yet, or hadn't gotten Cathy upset, or a thousand little things. I'd still be dreaming about living like this. I'm a house slave, a real house slave. I've given myself to Master, and he's going to teach me how to be a great slave, like you."

Jeannette hugged her quickly and said. "Oh we have so little time. Come on, we've got to get Diane and get cleaned up before breakfast. Master is determined to get you past phase one before Cathy comes on Monday. He wants you ready to start sleep training then, a real phase two slave."

Geneva followed Jeannette and asked. "Cathy is coming here?"

"Yes, she'll be a training slave, left to us by her Master. We'll teach her how to be a real slave instead of what she is."

Diane had managed about four hours of sleep, and was still very tired, but wasn't quite as miserable as she had been the day before. Jeannette opened the cage and let her out after turning the training shocks off. Diane hustled to the shower and the three of them were eating breakfast and all walked a little taller now, pride in their accomplishments in serving masters.

Ann woke at a quarter to seven to the tapping on her door. Andre was there and smiled at her. "Welcome Mistress Ann."

Ann blinked at him and groaned. "I'm not a morning person without coffee."

"You'll learn. Devon said that after breakfast, you needed to fill out your forms, so the lawyers could properly protect you from harassment by your former co-workers." Andre relayed. "Breakfast is in forty-five minutes, and normally we discuss slave training issues at meals. There are so few times when we're all available for a meeting. We tend to have working meals."

"You're awful chipper." Ann groaned again. "I thought you had the night shift."

"I did, Diane managed about four hours of sleep, and so did I. With that sleep, she'll be doing a little better today than yesterday, so we'll adapt our training slightly to reflect this. Breakfast, come on let's hustle, a masters life is a hard one." Andre said turning and entering his room.

Ann walked to her bed and sat on it, she blinked at the clock on the wall and groaned. She had sat up for a long time, thinking over and over again her decision. Not that she wanted to do it over, or pick something else; she just wondered why she hadn't considered this as a career before. Isn't it the dream of all women to have people groveling at their feet? Ann wasn't sure it was her dream, but it seemed to be her job at this time. She was a Dominatrix, and by God, she was going to be a good one.

She showered and put her clothes back on, smiling as she realized that the slaves wouldn't be wearing much, if anything. Master's, and Mistress's property and all that.

She walked down the stairs and into the dining room to find everyone waiting. Damn morning people. "Morning everyone."

"Ann, excellent, now we can begin. I just got off the phone with Dominique; the state had graciously agreed to test Geneva for her Paramedics license today, so after Breakfast she'll be going to do that. We'll have to dress her and take her collar for today, the squares will probably shit themselves if a nude woman wearing a collar asks to be tested." Devon began.

Roberta laughed. "We'd spend the day caning her hands from between her legs, she'd flunk the test."

Devon chuckled along with the rest. "On a lighter note, you all know Ann is joining us as our forth trainer. The Apprenticeship program we described is now in full effect. Ann is our first victim." Devon nodded to her in deference. "Welcome Ann, we're better with you, than without."

Ann thanked the group for their greeting. Devon held up a hand and once everyone was quiet he spoke into the radio in a stern voice said. "Jeannette?"

"Yes Master." Came from the speaker.

"Jeannette change in plans. Cancel Geneva's classes today. She's going to get tested for her Paramedic's license. We've managed to get the two weeks of classes teaching her what we're informed she already knows waived."

"Yes Master." Jeannette said. "She's here and understands."

"Good, we have some of her clothes in the house don't we?"

"Yes Master, from her car on Tuesday." Jeannette said.

"We stored them in what will be her room upstairs right?"

"Yes Master."

"Get her dressed and ready to go. If there's a problem, let me know immediately." Devon ordered.

"Yes Master." Jeannette said obviously hustling in the background.

The group then discussed training, and Devon made his decisions. "Thomas, escort Geneva to her test, you've been down to the county health office, and that's where it is. I'll take Diane's oral arts class, and Ann can get the paperwork done. They said the test should only take a couple hours, after that, bring her back here, and straight to the office, still in clothes."

"Sure Devon." Thomas said.

"Before she goes all horny again I want to go over the list of medical supplies we've ordered. We got no complaint from the Doctor we've contracted with, but I want her opinion too. Once the license comes through, probably Monday or Tuesday, Geneva needs to be in phase two by then. She gets a watch and is responsible for medical issues here." Devon said. "We've talked before, and we need to make sure we care for the charges placed in our protection. We especially need to make sure we don't injure one by negligence, and if one is injured, we need to address it immediately. Our reputation will be severely harmed if we have a slave crawling around because of a broken ankle we ignored. Worse, it will harm our relationship with our own slaves."

Devon said. "We have two slots left, I want one male. Rebecca and Dominique are going out tonight, and I'm going out as well. I'll be at the Club de Sade, and Rebecca you'll be at the Executive Club with Dominique. We're looking for two more house slaves. We must, absolutely must have one male. The final slot is not so adamant, and if we need to we can go to five plus Jeannette."

"Why do we need so many house slaves?" Ann asked.

"We're setting up for a maximum of eight slaves at any one time." Devon explained. Four trainers means four are going to be either doing remedial, or cleaning details while the other four are in one to one training. That means slaves, already trained and competent at not only that task level, but the next level too, for individual remedial training. Also, the slaves will take the duty of watching the trainee's while they're either chained, or in sleep training. There is too great a risk of something going wrong with some of this training."

Diane nodded. "I know Andre had the duty last night."

"Yes, and I had planned on doing it tonight, but I need those last two slaves, and our best shot is in New York. We need the right candidate. One who is a slave at heart, and who isn't tied down to anything else too important. One who can be trained in our methods, and their responsibilities."

"We need another two like we have." Rebecca said. "Well one with a cock."

Thomas smiled and said. "I'm presuming you're going to be looking for a small cock Rebecca?"

"I might, but Dominique will be looking for a guy who's got one hung to his knee." Rebecca said laughing.

"That aside, and Rebecca tell her we can always give the guy a strap on." Devon said. After waiting for the laughter he continued. "That aside, our first paying client is arriving Monday. David and Cathy will be here before noon, and Cathy is going to stay for at least two, and I'm trying to talk them into three or four weeks. Cathy is a manipulator, so I've got to come up with a way to manipulate her into viewing herself differently."

Ann said. "Wait a minute, she's a grown woman, who deserves some respect here."

Devon said. "Ann, you've seen our slaves, and only ours. You weren't in the club long enough that night to notice the people. Come with me, and I'll show you what I mean. It will be an education that would take you a year staying here."

Ann grit her teeth and nodded. "Yes Devon, I'll be pleased as punch to accompany you."

Rebecca nodded and said. "That's it girlie, you don't take any shit from him."

Everyone laughed again and Devon waited for a moment and then said. "After your paperwork, go to your apartment, and please tell me you have something leather to wear."

"I do, a leather mini skirt if you are dictating."

"Rebecca take a look at what she has later, and help her pick out something that will get the little boy toys drooling at the idea of kneeling at her feet." Devon said.

"Of course Devon." Rebecca said.

Ann glared at him and then turned her head to ignore him. "I've had plenty of guys drooling over me, if you must know."

"I have no doubt, but the image of Dominance is subtle, and overt at the same time. Breeze into a room like Dominique does, striding, as if you own it. As if all the little people there should be groveling at your feet, begging for the lash of your whip."

Ann stared him right in the eye. "They should be."

"She'll do Devon." Andre said. "I'll go get a whip, and we can practice."

"OK, enough of this, get to work, all of you." Devon said shaking his head.

The group scattered in about four seconds leaving Roberta and Ann sitting at the table alone. Ann looked around and said. "Don't waste time do they?"

"No, My class is canceled this morning, and that means I'm the only one not doing something constructive." Roberta said. "Ah to be free in the spring." She stood and walked out.

Ann took the hint and went to the office, heading the direction that Thomas had gone in. She found Geneva and Jeannette in admin with Thomas talking to Geneva as he took her collar off.

"Ok, we're going to get your test knocked out. We know you're going to pass, because you're a great medic, and a very good house slave." Thomas said.

"Yes Master, I'll do it Master." Geneva said as she stared at her collar. "Can I take that? I'll keep it in my pocket master."

Thomas smiled and nodded. He handed it to her and she put it in her pocket.

"Mistress Ann. I have your employment packet here, and am available if you have any questions." Jeannette said bowing her head. "Once they are done, I have instructions from Master Devon, before you go to get some things from your apartment."

"Like what?" Ann asked.

"Master said to wait until you were officially an employee." Jeannette answered.

Ann frowned, but knew that Jeannette would have to be beaten near to death before she disobeyed Master's specific instruction.

After spending an hour filling out forms and reading things she finally set the pen down and said. "Jesus, there certainly is a lot of paperwork to being a Dominant."

"Yes Mistress." Jeannette said taking the forms and setting them in the fax machine. "I'm faxing these to the law firm that pays us, your pay will be in the bank next week."

"Ok, you said you had instructions?" Ann said.

Jeannette said. "Yes Mistress." Then she walked to an umbrella stand near the study and came back with a riding crop. "Mistress, I was smug, and disrespectful towards you yesterday. I've been punished by Master Devon for dishonoring our house. I'm wearing shoes today." Jeannette explained.

"OK, I noticed but assumed that you needed practice or something." Ann said looking at the crop.

"Yes Mistress, that too." Jeannette said. "Master Devon said you were to give me twenty lashes, and I was to instruct you on how to punish a level one slave."

"Uh Jeannette, it's OK." Ann said. "I was a bitch too."

"No Mistress, it's not OK. I'm a slave, and I know better." Jeannette said. "I must be punished, and you must do it. It's the life we've chosen."

Ann took the crop and held it lightly in her hand and said. "Um, OK. How should I punish you?"

"Level one is always below the waist." Jeannette began removing her shirt and standing nude. "The first punishment position is standing with the hands behind the head." Jeannette moved to the position. "Feet shoulder with apart, and back straight."

Ann gulped and said. "OK, and I just paddle your ass? Or is it whip your ass?"

"Mistress will strike me on the ass, and the thighs. It's best if you spread the blows out, to increase the area that will sting. That crop is a medium, and unless you wind up as if you're hitting a baseball, it won't leave bruises." Jeannette said. "Avoid the genitals of the level one slave, they're not ready for that. I'll let mistress know how to adjust your blows as we go along."

"Right." Ann said and stood next to Jeannette and said. "Here we go."

She swung the crop and it connected with Jeannette's ass. Ann saw it jiggle and looked to Jeannette for a critique.

"Mistress, that blow is intended to tease a slave. That would be appropriate if I was suspended from a bar, and being whipped to arouse my passions." Jeannette said. "Please strike a bit harder."

Ann nodded slowly and swung the crop again, striking Jeannette's ass a little lower.

"A bit harder Mistress, excellent spreading of the blows however. A proper punishment will leave red stripes on the slave."

Ann swung the crop again and Jeannette said. "Yes Mistress, that is exactly he power you wish to use on a level one slave."

Jeannette directed her down to the "Sweet spot." Continuing on down the thighs. Ann whipped her back up and finished with the ass. Jeannette knelt before Ann and spoke. "Mistress, thank you for punishing me."

"What?" Ann asked surprised.

"Mistress cares for me, or else she wouldn't correct my behavior. Mistress loves me, or she wouldn't punish me to show me that I must behave like a proper slave. I will thank Mistress for her love, and for her attention to my needs." Jeannette said.

"Oh. Yes. Thank you Jeannette."

Jeannette bowed her head deeply and said. "Thank you Mistress." Then she rose and took the riding crop and put it away. She put her dress back on and said. "Mistress Ann. Master Devon is currently in Level two oral arts with Diane. If you wish to join him to see the training, I'll take you. Or would you rather go to your apartment and get your things?"

"My apartment, I think. Jeannette, do you really believe that I punished you out of love?" Ann asked.

Jeannette looked at Ann in curiosity. "Of course Mistress. You have a Dominants heart, but aren't a sadist. Master Devon would not have chosen you if you were. So the only other reason you would possibly punish me is love. You love me, and I love you. You won't say those words, it would make a Slave soft, and possibly even make a slave feel cocky and behave disrespectfully. I can say those words, because you won't get soft on me."

Ann nodded. "I have a lot to learn don't I?"

"Yes Mistress, but that's what we do, we teach, and bring out of you that which makes you special." Jeannette said. Looking at the clock she said. "Lunch is in three hours Mistress."

Ann took the hint and drove to her apartment. There were a dozen messages on her machine. She hit play as she packed some clothing. Four from her mom, begging her not to do this. Too late Mom, I'm a dominatrix, and I have no Father. Three from the Sheriff, demanding to know what the hell she though she was doing.

Ann turned back to the phone in absolute fury. How dare that bastard demand an explanation from her. She was fired, or quit, or whatever. She turned the machine off and hit the erase all.

She packed some casual clothing, and then her slut outfits she wore when she went out. Hoping to find something in that bunch that Rebecca would think was Dominant enough to please Devon, and give the right impression.

She carried the two suitcases down and then went back up and rounded up her personal hygiene stuff and boxed it up. She was down at the car and about to get in to go back to the academy when The Sheriff drove up.

Ann was still pissed about the messages while the Sheriff got out of his car and signaled to his driver to stay in.

"Ann, I left some messages for you. I was out riding, and thought I'd swing by and we could talk about this before you made a big mistake."

_"Really? What's to talk about?"_

"Ann, you can't do this. You said yourself that it was a den of perversion out there."

"Perhaps I was wrong, perhaps I've learned something."

"I won't permit it Ann." Jack Mitchell said.

"Excuse me?" Ann asked.

"I've known you since you were born Ann, I won't permit this." Jack Mitchell said again.

Ann's eyes narrowed and she got her back up. "Sheriff Mitchell, the only possible way's you could prevent this would be to violate my civil rights by harassing me. Are you threatening to do that?"

Jack Mitchell stiffened and he slowly said. "I talked to your Dad last night Ann."

"My Father?" Ann asked smiling thinly. "The one who called me a fucking whore and told me he had no daughter, to leave his house and never return? That Father?"

"Ann, he was upset, excited." Jack said.

"No, he was closed minded, as I used to be." Ann said. "Perhaps one day, we'll talk. Not any time soon Sheriff."

"Don't do this Ann. It's going to kill him you know that." Jack said.

"You know what I figured out over this last week Sheriff? Besides the fact that I knew jack shit about this whole Dominance thing." Ann asked tossing the box into her car.

"What?" Jack asked resigned.

"I figured out it was about God Damn time I started to live my life for me, instead of everybody else. Tell the neighbors I don't give a shit." Ann said. "Now if you'll excuse me Sheriff, I have to get back to work, unless you intend to further delay my activities?"

Jack took a deep breath and said. "We've all got to hoe our own fields don't we Ann?"

"Yeah, and my field is out there, as a Dominatrix. My paperwork is already filed, I'm an employee of the Academy, and I have been advised by my employer to immediately notify him if my former co-workers in any way harassed me. I believe he meant you and the department Sheriff." Ann said coldly.

Sheriff Mitchell climbed back into his car and it drove off. Ann leaned against her car and took several shuddering breaths. That was hard, but she felt better somehow. She climbed in and started her car, and feeling eyes that may or may not be upon her she drove very carefully back to the Academy, something had to be done about this. It was liable to make her paranoid if something wasn't cleared up with Jack Mitchell and the Sheriff's department.

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