tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 23

The Vassal Academy Ch. 23


Waking in the morning, Jeannette silenced her alarm, and then stood up from Geneva's bed. Geneva was awake and stretching too. As Jeannette went to get her morning instructions, Geneva went to release Crystal from the bindings they had left her in.

Jeannette glanced in her room, and thought that Crystal was asleep, but didn't stop to check. She slowed and knocked on Mistress Ann's door and heard the door open behind her, the door to Master Andre's room. Turning she saw a naked Mistress Ann with morning hair stepping out nude from Master Andre's room. "Good Morning Mistress."

"Morning Jeannette, one second, I'm running a little late." Ann said as she opened her own door.

Devon's door opened and he stepped into the hallway before closing it gently behind him. He walked to Ann's room and stood in the doorway with Jeannette while Ann poured a cup of coffee and sat on the bed, oblivious to her nudity. "Ann, anything I should know about?" Devon asked

Ann shook her head. "Normal training is all today." Then she proceeded to issue fast instructions to Jeannette about the two trainee's. "Crystal's supposed to be in the Kitchen today, this afternoon, let's throw a plug in her ass to make it interesting for her." Ann concluded.

"Diane's asleep, and I intend to let her sleep." Devon said. "I'll be down at breakfast though. Did Andre discuss Geneva's punishment with you?"

Ann nodded and waved Jeannette off to carry out instructions. She sipped more coffee. "Yeah, I think she's going to be a wreck before the day is out."

Devon agreed. "I'm thinking of modifying it, to half the day with the weight. Giving Andre instructions to remove it at lunch, especially if it's too distracting."

"Yeah, put it back on her after this is over." Ann agreed. "I was going to suggest something similar, not requiring it all day."

Devon nodded. "Ok, well I'll see you at Breakfast." Devon turned towards his own room as three slaves marched down the hallway towards the Training wing, all moving quickly, Crystal looked rather more disheveled than normal, and Devon resolved to ask Jeannette how long they had partied last night.

As he returned to his room he found Diane kneeling on the floor to pick up her clothing, she looked somewhat disoriented. "Diane, I meant for you to keep sleeping."

"Master, I'm sorry, I woke up when you left the room, I didn't know what you wanted."

"I'm going to get ready for Breakfast, and after I talk to the trainers, I'm going back to bed. You can do the same, just get ready up here, and then go to breakfast. After that, get some sleep." Devon decided quickly.

"Yes Master." Diane replied. She stood and turned to go. Stopping she returned to facing him. "Master, thank you for everything last night."

"You served me Slave, and you're welcome." Devon said with a polite bow.

Diane smiled at him and turning quickly left his room. She hustled to get ready for Breakfast, she was very tired, and a little sore. Not just her ass, which was expected, but her clit ring ached, probably from the weights.

Devon used his radio to call Chef and let him know that Diane would need food this morning, and then finished his morning routine and got dressed. He entered Breakfast to find the others waiting, even Ann looked human again. "OK, I've heard Ann's assignments for training, and I approve. I'm not planning on going to town tonight, so I'll be around today. Diane and I are going to take a quick nap after breakfast." Devon began. "Thomas, please show initial pass for Diane in the follow subjects. Public display, stranger attentions, and anal followed by live sleep test."

Thomas gawked at Devon. "All last night?"

Devon nodded. "Yes, she did just fine, very impressive in fact."

Thomas nodded and absently said. "Yeah, she loves to serve."

"Devon, that was a lot for last night, are you going to write a report?" Ann asked.

"Yes. Later today. I'll write a proper report. Circumstances dictated the first two, the last one was after I read your note Andre, describing Geneva's punishment. Very clever, and I used it on Diane. She responded well, I decided to go for the Trifecta so to speak. She did very well, and woke when I went to talk to Jeannette and Ann in the hallway."

Ann noticed that Devon said nothing, and she guessed she had expected him to say nothing, hell he probably didn't think anything of her being in the hallway naked as the day she was born. "Devon, any changes today, is the plan the same?"

"Yes, Andre and Geneva are going to visit Josh, the training remains the same today for the others. I want no anal training on Diane for a couple days, give her time to get used to it."

"She did all right?" Thomas asked despite the fact it wasn't entirely proper for him to ask about her.

Devon smiled. "Yes Thomas, she's fine. Really. I used Andre's punishment to get her in the mood, and then I took her very gently. As you know Thomas, I'm somewhat more compact than you are." This referenced the fact that Devon had an inch less than Thomas, and was at least two and a half inches smaller than Andre.

Thomas nodded and explained. "I'd just spent so much time building her up towards that, I was worried that something had gone wrong is all Devon."

"With the weight swinging on her clit, she was in multiple orgasmic heaven. She didn't seem to have any discomfort this morning, but why don't you spend some time with her later, don't broach the issue, let her bring it to you. Continue being kindly towards her Thomas, she won't love you any less because I was first." Devon said gently.

Thomas lowered his head a little with a smile at the corner of his lips. Devon had pegged him, and his feelings towards Diane some time ago. Thomas didn't love her, not exactly. He understood that no one was allowed to possess any slave here, at least not the house slaves. There was no mechanism for a privately held slave in the house. He understood and agreed with the idea that it was all community property so to speak, and he didn't want to choose Diane, any more than he wanted her to choose him. He had felt a certain tenderness towards her, and enjoyed drawing her out of her shell. The change in her was striking. She was more assertive, more assured of herself. She was also holding her head up, and her features, which she had focused on obsessively, were recognized as no detraction, merely part of her, and she looked beautiful with the blue collar around her neck, locked on and secured.

Devon nodded gently. "OK, Andre, your punishment for Geneva, I think that the ladies here would agree that all day is probably too long for her to be doing it."

Andre nodded. "Yeah, it's a long time. Figure ten or twelve hours that we'll be gone." He focused his eyes on something unseen. "How about part on and part off?"

"I was going to suggest a few hours, no more than half the day, what are you thinking?" Devon asked.

"The old western Calvary, I just finished a book about them. They used to ride for an hour, and then walk with their horses for an hour." Andre explained. "One hour on, one hour off, through the day."

Ann looked at Rebecca and found her staring at Andre. "You mean a weight on her clit ring an hour at a time?"

"Yeah. Just that." Andre nodded. "It would still be torture for her, but it would also make it something she could accomplish right?"

Devon nodded. "Play it by ear. Don't promise her that it will go all day, because you might end up eating those words."

Andre nodded. "Got it boss. Any instructions concerning Josh?"

Devon shook his head. "No I haven't had any insight into that. Continue as you have been, it sounds like it's working. Confirm that he's going to be released tomorrow, and tell him we all send our condolences, and wish him a speedy recovery."

Andre nodded. "I've got to get Geneva dressed, and dangle the weight before her to let her know that today is going to be most uncomfortable."

Devon waved him off and rubbed his face. "I'm going to talk to Jeannette before I go back to bed. I've told Diane to go back to bed as well. I'll be on channel four if any of you have any problem."

"No sweat Devon, we can handle it." Rebecca told him in a reassuring tone.

Devon nodded and rose, headed for admin.

Diane sat on the bench with the other house slaves, and reported on her night with Master Devon. "He sent me in to attend to somebody from Pleasure Products, that's the people who are going to make and sell our toys right?"

Jeannette nodded her reply and Diane continued. "So he's a minute man, really. He was all sure of himself, convinced that all the stories are lies, and he's not dumb enough to fall for it."

Crystal giggled. "I know the type, all sure they know everything is phony. My mother loves to hire people like that. She's certain they won't be fooled by anything."

Diane nodded. "So I'm in the room and he's like, so how much are you paid? I tell him and he's laughing like he's got us now. Tells me he paid $3500 for a hooker per hour."

"Jesus, how good was she?" Geneva asked.

"Apparently not as good as me." Diane said with a knowing smile. "Untrained little slut."

Jeannette smiled along with the rest. "After you got him to blow his cork, you headed home?"

"Not right away, Jeannette, you and Geneva, and even you Crystal are right. Anal is awesome." Diane said with wide eyes. "Master Devon took me last night, I've never before felt like I was a slave, not really, until then."

"They really possess you then don't they?" Geneva asked. "I mean, you know it's supposed to be taboo, but it's awesome at the same time."

Diane nodded. Jeannette glanced at the clock. "OK, everyone get to work, Crystal you're in the kitchen, no sneaking off to play. Geneva you need to get upstairs and get dressed, you have to go visit Josh." The trainees were first out the door, and Diane started to help Crystal with the dishes.

Jeannette entered Admin and found Master Devon behind his desk. She started the coffee and entered his office. "Good Morning Master, I thought you were going back to bed."

"I am, shortly. That coffee will be wasted unless you have a cup." Devon said.

"I'll reload it shortly Master." Jeannette answered.

Devon smiled. Then getting a bit more serious. "Crystal was looking a bit more ragged than usual this morning, is she all right?"

"Yes Master, she didn't sleep well. I'd chained her to my bed." Jeannette explained. After giving the highlights to Devon she waited while he considered.

"Yeah, she's hard to stop once she gets going." Devon agreed. "All right, keep an eye on her, she's got to turn sooner or later."

"Master, she loves to serve, but if I may, I think I know what she's like." Jeannette said.

"What do you mean?"

"I watched some TV the other day, saw a show called the West Wing, have you seen it?"

Devon nodded. "A couple episodes. I think you have to start watching it from the beginning, it didn't make any sense to me."

Jeannette nodded. "Diane told me about it, explaining how they had gotten where they were. She used to be a big fan." She adjusted her thoughts, and then began to report. "In the show, a man was an alcoholic, he couldn't have a single drink, if he did, he wouldn't stop until he passed out. I think that's what Crystal is; she's a sexaholic, for lack of a better term. She gets started, and can't stop on her own."

Devon considered. "Interesting insight. A nympho isn't exactly accurate. She's not running around straddling the banister. But you're right, once she's going, she's not going to stop."

"Master, I believe that responsible use of alcohol is called moderation. Crystal has none. She had five or six good orgasms, and while Geneva and I lay there almost exhausted, she grabbed a dildo and shoved it into herself."

"Probably how she got caught by her Mother originally. Had been playing with herself all night." Devon opined.

"Yes Master, a distinct possibility." Jeannette supported.

Devon stood and stretched. "Like I said, keep an eye on her. If you have to chain her to stop her, do it."

"Yes Master." Jeannette nodded her head.

Devon headed upstairs and quickly undressed and dropped into bed. In minutes he was asleep.

Geneva put the medium weight cotton shirt on, and then the jumper dress as Master Andre watched her. She stepped into the heels he'd selected, a mid height heel of two and a half inches, and then stood and waited. She saw him dangling a weight, obviously for her. She sucked in breath in fear and anticipation.

Master Andre stepped closer and in a low voice said. "Master Devon is concerned that you might lose your mind if I gave you this for the entire day. He suggested, and I should point out it was a suggestion that I reconsider. I did. Instead of all day, you'll wear it an hour at a time, on my schedule, and at my whim slave."

Geneva breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time a sigh of contentment. Master was going to torment her, just not to death. She hoped.

"Slave, lift that dress, up high, so I can attach this to your ring." Andre commanded.

Geneva did so without hesitation, and Andre knelt and attached it gently to her ring. He stood and said. "Dress down, come on, we've got to be on our way slave."

Geneva took one step and then shivered. The weight was going to kill her, and she wasn't out of the house yet. Master Andre strode with a purpose, and she hustled to catch up, each step in the heels making her sway, and that made the weight swing even more. She was halfway down the stairs when the first wave of unendurable arousal flooded her and she gasped in pleasure and arousal.

Andre turned at the sound and saw her standing stock-still, fear and arousal etched on her face. She was panting, and holding onto the banister with a death grip. "Let's go slave, no time for fun right now." He watched Geneva try and move slowly, trying to keep the weight from swinging, and he waited in what appeared amused patience at the bottom of the steps. As she arrived, her eyes were already a little glassy, and Andre shook his head. "You'll never make it even an hour will you slave?"

"Master, please. I'm trying." Geneva begged.

Andre looked at her and sighed. "Pathetic slave. Thinking this is about you."

Geneva knew it was, and wasn't. She nodded and tried to walk to the back door and the car. If she could sit down, the weight would quit swinging, and she could sit on it and keep it from sending her over the edge. She was moving slowly, as gracefully as she could, and then Master Andre's big hand smacked her hard on the ass.

"Let's go slave." Andre watched the effects of the smack. She had jumped and then moaned deep in her throat.

Geneva tried to walk faster, but she was losing already. She was going to come, and she was going to come right here, if Master would let her. "Master, please let me come, I have to, I can't hold it."

Andre smacked her ass again and said. "No, we're running late. Orgasms are given as rewards, making us late isn't something I'm liable to reward you for."

Geneva made it to the Kitchen, and then the swinging was too much. She came in mid step, with Crystal gaping at her. Geneva's knees almost collapsed and she had to grip a counter to hold herself up. Geneva composed herself and turned to Master Andre who was looking amused. "Master, I'm sorry, I tried. Really I did."

Andre was about to chastise her and then heard Crystal giggle to his left. He turned with an upturned brow. "Something funny slave?"

"Sorry Master, but you know she's not going to make it." Crystal said too familiarly.

Andre didn't reply. He lifted his wrist and spoke into his watch. His voice came out of both of the slave watches. "Mistress Ann."

"Yes Master Andre?" Ann replied from Ballet class.

"I'm sending Crystal to you, punish her severely. If you have to, take her from the Kitchen, and replace her with Jeannette until Diane wakes later." Andre said. He lowered his wrist as Ann agreed. "Report to Mistress Ann, I believe she's in Ballet two right now. Do not dawdle. Tell her what you did and await her judgment."

Crystal who was now standing with her head down nodded. "Yes Master. I'm sorry Master."

"Move, both of you." Andre commanded. He headed for the door with a panting Geneva right behind him.

Crystal hustled to Ballet two and entered and knelt. Ann put Donna in slave kneel and approached. "What in the world did you do to annoy Master Andre?"

"Mistress, I giggled when Geneva came headed for the door, and I was flip with my response to him when questioned about it." Crystal said sadly. She repeated what she'd said to Master Andre, and saw similar anger on Mistress Ann's face.

"Oh, Princess Crystal is getting flip with the Masters? We'll see about that." Ann said nastily.

Devon woke later and quickly dressed again. He stepped into the hallway and headed towards Admin. At the bottom of the stairs, he got a surprise. Crystal was bound, nearly head to foot, in tight leather constricting gear. She was wearing ballet torture shoes, and suspended from a ceiling beam by a thick white rope. Around her neck was a sign. It read "Spoiled Little Princess." In Ann's handwriting.

He found Admin deserted, and headed towards the Kitchen. He found Jeannette and asked the obvious, what happened.

"Master." She began and then grinned. "I heard Master Andre on my watch, he asked Mistress Ann to punish Crystal severely, if needed, to take her from the kitchen and replace her with me until Diane got up. Mistress Ann asked if Crystal was insane after learning she giggled when Geneva climaxed in the kitchen on the way to the car. Apparently she was also a bit too flippant in her response to Master Andre. Mistress Ann gave her thirty lashes, and left her in the central hall where everyone would see what a spoiled little princess she is. She's been up there just over two hours now."

Devon sighed. "I take a little nap and people are having orgasms, talking back to the Masters, Good lord, what is going on."

"Crystal was crying when I checked on her last time, I'm sure her muscles are aching now." Jeannette said simply concluding her report.

Devon nodded. "I am too." He considered. "Release her and send her to my office, I'll be waiting for her."

"Yes Master."

On the ride to the Hospital, Andre gave Geneva permission to remove the weight. She did so by reaching under her skirt and taking it off gently, her clit was swollen, and very sensitive despite the workout it had gotten the night before. She shuddered in pleasure as she removed it, and sighed in contentment as she placed her skirt back over her lap.

"Put it in your pocket, I'll have you put it back on later." Andre said.

"Yes Master." Geneva replied sadly.

"You aren't enjoying your punishment?" Andre teased.

"Master, if I was at the academy all day, certainly. I'd be in hell, and I'd be satisfied to serve you. I'm just worried that this will be a huge distraction for Josh, and he'll think we're trying to entice him with promises of sex. I don't think he's really in the mood for sex right now, he's just too upset at the loss of Brad."

Andre looked hard at her for a moment, and then returned his attention to driving. They were in New York now, traveling towards the Hospital. "You may be right Geneva, I hadn't considered the effect on Josh."

"Master, I'm not trying to get out of my punishment, really. I'll do whatever you tell me, I'm sorry I tried to cover myself, it was reflexive. I've been alive for 26 years, and I've spent most of my life dressed, and instinctively covered myself, I just reverted is all." Geneva said sadly. "I was wrong, and I was bad, and I should be punished."

Andre nodded. "OK, keep it in your pocket, we'll play it by ear. If we let this slide today, and understand it's just between you and I, I'll make it up later, sometime in the future."

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