tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 29

The Vassal Academy Ch. 29


Part 29: Training the Actors

Devon was awake, and fully dressed as he sat and considered the plans for the day. The knock on the door precisely at 6:45 announced the arrival of Jeannette. She entered, and Devon began to issue instructions. "Good morning Jeannette, let's get them up and running this morning. Don't pull Kristy today, leave her in the group."

"Yes Master." Jeannette answered.

"Tell the slaves that we'll be doing demonstrations this afternoon." Devon explained on and finalized. "Clean up the areas this morning. Tell Josh he's alone in the kitchen today, I need everyone else for the demonstrations this afternoon, and cleaning this morning."

"Yes Master." Jeannette said again.

"That's it this morning Jeannette, and off you all go." Devon said with a small friendly smile.

Jeannette was off and running. Devon finalized his plans in his mind as the Trainers finished their own morning routines.

"Good Morning Devon." Tony said as he entered the dining room for breakfast. He saw Dominique and smiled at her in his most charming manner. "How do you do? I'm Tony the Director."

"I'm Dominique." She said as she sat at the foot of the table. The rest of the introductions were handled.

"Dominique is the president of our Corporation, and the most senior of the trainers." Devon explained.

Frank opened his napkin and said. "Pleasure to meet you. I wondered where they learned it all."

"Devon learned from me." Dominique said simply. "Devon, your plans today?"

"This morning, we're doing rehearsals again, Will and Eric need more practice appearing dominant. Lisa and Kelly need more practice looking like they aren't about to jump up and rip the eyes out of the supposed dominants." Devon said simply.

"This afternoon?" Dominique asked.

"Demonstrations." Devon said. "Our staff, showing the actors, how it's really done."

Dominique nodded. That was what they had agreed upon, and she wanted to be sure that Devon hadn't changed his mind.

Jeannette was at that moment explaining to the actors the plans for the morning. The slaves were looking forward to some fun this afternoon, but the idea of being done in public was scary.

The rehearsals started promptly after breakfast, the trainers were trying to work with the actors and get them into the roles more.

"Jeannette, what are we going to be doing this afternoon?" Crystal asked with a small tremor in her voice.

"We're going to be tied up, whipped, and probably fucked silly." Jeannette said as they tidied up Mistress Dominique's room.

"In front of everyone?" Crystal asked obviously afraid.

Jeannette stopped wiping the mirror in the bathroom and walked to Crystal. "There is no one but Master that concerns us. The rest of them, are phonies remember?"

Crystal sighed and sat on the bed, she was in the process of changing the sheets on it. "Jeannette, I've never done anything like that before."

"You will today." Jeannette answered easily.

"How? I mean, how do I relax enough to do it?" Crystal asked giving voice to her true fear. "If I screw up, Master will look bad won't he?"

Jeannette smiled and shook her head. "No, because you aren't going to screw up." Jeannette sat next to the younger woman and took her hand comfortingly. "You're going to be great. Here's why. When the first whip falls, you'll settle into what you do better than anyone here, you'll convert the pain to arousal, and you'll forget everything but that hungry little slit between your legs."

Crystal grinned sheepishly. "I've gotten better haven't I?"

Jeannette nodded. "Yep, but here's the thing. You're still a pain slut, even if that's not all you are."

Crystal nudged Jeannette playfully. "Thanks Jen, I guess it's just trust that Master knows what he's doing right?"

"Same as always." Jeannette confirmed.

Geneva on the other hand, was not nervous. She was already getting aroused. Diane and she were cleaning the sleeping wing, and Geneva couldn't believe her luck. Tied up, whipped, and fucked before everyone. Sure, they thought they knew what the game was, but this, this was a dream come true. It would be better than what had drawn her here. It would be better than the demonstration that Jeannette had done, or even Diane had done.

Master Devon was planning three demonstration areas. The Dungeon for Diane, and Crystal was to be in the Bondage training room, and Geneva had the best of all. Central area was all hers. Jeannette was going to be working with Master Devon, and the other trainers who weren't going to be busy flogging them. Master Thomas was going to be in the Dungeon with Diane, Mistress Ann was to be with Crystal, and Master Andre was going to be working Geneva over in Central.

Devon took some time to check with Dominique, and the two of them made several calls. They were asking for favors, and they expected to receive the favors, if their estimation of the relationship they held was correct.

"David, it's Devon. How has business been?"

"Not too bad, and how are things at the School going Devon?"

"Very well David, in fact, I was hoping for a favor." Devon said. Then he outlined the favor, and got the reply he expected. The players all knew each other, and there would be no problem with them meeting at the Train Station in Harlem and traveling together. The arrangements were finalized, and Devon closed.

"David, I can't thank you enough for this."

"No Problem Devon, it wouldn't be possible without you anyway. This is the least we can do."

Dominique was speaking to another contact on another phone line. "So I can borrow Suzanne tomorrow?"

She smiled as she got the reply she had hoped for, and honestly expected.

Christina arrived before noon, and had a short meeting with Dominique before lunch.

Ann had not balked one bit when she'd drawn the demonstration, she hadn't even had a question as to her ability. She knew what was going on, and she knew why. It was time, to push the actors over the line they thought was the limit of domination and submission.

After the morning rehearsals, Kristy and Elaine were eating lunch with the rest. Jeannette began to explain that Master Devon would start the afternoon briefings in the central area.

Thomas and Andre had pulled a heavy leather topped table frame from the downstairs dungeon and set it up in the central area. This table frame was customized. It had a top panel, that was currently not attached. It was essentially a frame of six wide boards covered with padded leather. The heavy legs were four inches thick, and there were rings every six inches to allow various bondage positions to be used.

A smaller table was set up nearby to allow Andre to place the items he wanted to use, and he approached this with his apparent casual attitude that really hid his expertise and knowledge of the subject well. He had a couple of different nipple clamps, some other bondage clamps, and four different dildo and plugs for Geneva. He had bindings, chains, and three different whips selected for her. Geneva had walked past knowing what was in store for her, and almost climaxed in anticipation.

Devon sent the trainers and staff off first, allowing them to get in position. He glanced at the assembled actors and began his discussion. "Friends, we've gotten you to pretend to be submissive, now we're rehearsing you for your actual scenes. For that, we need to show you what Bondage sex is all about, and what it isn't. For this afternoon, I have three demonstrations going on."

He pointed at Geneva who was already strapped across the table, her dress already thrown aside, her legs dangling and a large red ball gag in her mouth. Andre was kneeling by the table, attaching nipple clamps to Geneva's obviously erect nipples. "Geneva and Andre are here, Diane is downstairs in the Dungeon with Master Thomas, and Mistress Ann is working Crystal over in the Bondage training room."

"This is sick." Lisa groaned.

Devon smiled at her and continued. "The slaves have been given a rare treat, unlimited orgasms. Each of them will probably have a dozen or so before this demonstration is over."

Geneva squirmed as much as possible, considering her legs were spread open wide, and she was stretched across the table with her arms drawn tightly forward.

Andre took one glance at her wet slit and shoved a dildo into it almost brutally. Geneva groaned and swiveled her hips a little as she accepted its length into her pussy. "As you can see, she's quite ready for anything you cared to put in her pussy."

"Sick." Lisa repeated.

Andre placed a smaller dildo into her ass, and then drew a rope up tightly binding the intruders into her sensitive holes. He tied the rope tightly, and then began to smack her ass with his hand. He reached for the multi tailed whip and smiled. "Little slut is about ready to come already aren't you?"

Geneva nodded her head, she was panting, drooling, and she was horny as hell. They must think she's a whore, a real slut. They must think she's a terrible person, and it was so damn arousing to be like this before so many people.

Andre began to whip her, hard enough to get her warmed up as he began to speak. "You've heard us tell you about subspace. Geneva should enter it fairly easily."

Geneva tried to relax into the flogging, tried to focus on her breathing, but the knowledge of the people there, she could see them, they could see everything, everything. She gasped and came straining the chains holding her to the table.

"On the other hand, she may be having too good a time like this." Andre said as he grinned evilly.

Kristy tried to look casual as she squeezed her muscles in her groin. She was not alone in thinking that this wasn't sick. She knew that others here understood the desire to do just that. She also knew that most of those here didn't get it.

Elaine slowly stepped to Devon and softly said. "She has a real exhibitionist streak doesn't she?"

Devon nodded and bending his head to softly reply. "Geneva's particular kink is humiliation, she turns it directly to arousal."

"Handy thing to have around." Elaine said smiling slightly.

"They're the best slaves in the country. That's why they're here." Devon said allowing a small amount of the pride he felt to slip out.

Andre began to speak to the gathered actors as he explained more. "You can see, the obvious pleasure a true slave takes from this activity. She knows you're here, and she loves that you see her like this."

"Fucking slut." Kelly spat almost under her breath. Geneva heard her, and came again, her body racked by obvious shudders of pleasure.

Dominique slid over and spoke to Devon. "Nice choice to get them started."

Devon shrugged. Elaine asked the obvious question. "Why not Jeannette?"

"Jeannette is the lead slave." Devon explained softly. "You'd expect her to be able to do this. Geneva is understood to be a trainee, and makes a better demonstration because of it."

Several of the men watching had shifted their hands to their pockets, and were nearly drooling themselves as they watched the demonstration. John Stone was sporting an obvious erection, and Will was trying to ease back from the demonstration.

"Wow, the thought of filming her like that would make us all rich." Tony breathed. "What a performance."

Lisa gave him a dirty look and turned to look out the window. She found Devon smiling at her in a smug and knowing manner.

Devon gestured and the group walked towards the training wing.

Ann had waited fifteen minutes before starting on Crystal, hoping that Devon didn't get ahead of schedule. Downstairs, Diane was finished helping Master Thomas lay the items out, and was sitting on a flogging bench waiting for their time to start. She was feeling the arousal start to percolate, wondering when it would be her turn.

Thomas was sitting near her and gently stroking her back almost absent-mindedly.

Crystal was suspended by chains and had clamps on her nipples. She was wearing a bit between her teeth, and bit down on it as Mistress Ann placed clamps on her Labia.

"This should get that pain level jacked up rather quickly, probably have you begging all those actors to fuck you themselves." Ann said with a smack on Crystal's ass.

Ann next strapped the clamps to Crystal's legs, leaving her pussy wide open and gaping. Then she took a dozen clothespins and lined them along the underside of Crystal's smallish breasts. Crystal was now grinding her hips, her juices were already starting to drip down along the clamps, and Ann wasn't done yet.

She wasn't really even started yet. She took a riding crop and began to smack at random the various parts of Crystal's body. Then she took a two-inch chain with a clip on the end of it, and a full two-ounce weight at the other end. She attached this to Crystal's clit ring, and then started to strike at Crystal again.

The guests entered the room and saw Crystal dangling, and moaning through the gag. She was obviously in pain, and just as obviously enjoying herself.

Ann continued to flog along Crystal's back and down her legs. Wicked sounding sharp blows with the crop left bright pink lines, which quickly turned red. Soon Crystal was marked liberally with these.

The actors filed in and stood along the wall. Crystal was grinding her hips, and came loudly pulling on the chains as she climaxed.

"Little slut, probably wants all these actors to fuck the shit out of her now doesn't she?" Ann said with the perfect inflection to show her casual attitude towards this all in her voice.

Devon began to describe. "Crystal is an anomaly. She is a true pain arousal converter. A Pain slut if you will. She has a very strong submissive streak, one of the most determined I've ever heard of. Like all the slaves here, her story is unique, and at the same time, similar. She discovered her desire early, and pursued it with a determination that truly speaks of incredible will power."

"You're hurting her." Lisa objected as Ann slashed the whip across Crystal's ass again.

Ann glanced at Lisa, and then with a wicked smile on her face, answered by reaching out and gripping the end of the linked clothespins. She pulled them with a savage swiftness and Crystal responded, by climaxing again, loudly. "Am I?"

Lisa shook her head and repeated her earlier conclusion. "Sick, so fucking sick."

"Crystal requires a very strong hand to manage, and she also requires a person who knows her limits." Devon explained. "We meet those needs, and as you can see, she seems to like our attentions."

"Jesus God. If we filmed that, we'd be locked up." Frank said.

Devon nodded. "She's rather extreme, more so than most of you would have believed possible."

Crystal's legs were soaking wet, her pussy generating what appeared to be a quart of fluid so far.

Devon gestured again. The crowd of actors took their leave, and most paused at the door to take another look at the teenager hanging from the chains.

Kristy felt a knot in her stomach. She wasn't a pain slut. She knew that. That scene was scary.

Dominique nodded her approval at Ann's demonstration. Christina whispered into Dominique's ear. "Will this girl, Crystal be all right?"

"Yes." Dominique answered. "She's fine."

Devon gestured them towards the stairs and the final demonstration. He decided not to notice Kristy and Elaine standing close to one another.

Once downstairs, the actors were greeted with another view. Diane was strapped to a flogging horse. A Dildo was in her cunt, and a large ring held her mouth open as Thomas added stripes to her back.

An hour later, the actors were again in the chairs in the central area, the large bondage table had been moved aside. Devon sat on a stool and they engaged in a question and answer session. "Lisa, you had the same remark for ever display, that was sick. What is wrong with consenting adults doing what they want to?"

"Look, I don't want you to get this wrong, you've helped me pretend to be a slave girl, fine. Thanks and all that. But this place, it's sick. You're all crazy you know that right? I mean really certifiable." Lisa let loose.

Devon smiled charmingly. "I know Lisa, that's your opinion, and I thank you for sharing it." He let his eyes travel over the group and continued. "I could give you a report from a bunch of shrinks that disagrees. I could explain the lifestyle to you, again. All that would be wasted in your case. Suffice to say, we're happy in our lives, and if that isn't enough, then know that the Sheriff and State Police have both toured this facility, and are aware of our practices."

Lisa shook her head. "You people abuse them. It's sick." Lisa pointed at Jeannette and the other slaves who had gathered as the demonstrations ended.

"Geneva did you feel abused?" Dominique asked.

"No Mistress." Geneva answered quickly.

"They're brainwashed, or crazy." Lisa said.

Geneva smiled in her most tolerant manner. Devon continued to keep the confrontation small. "You all saw how they reacted, all of them. They enjoyed the attention. So the question we have is, can you fake that level of pleasure, of enjoyment, convincingly?"

Lisa looked around. She knew that Devon had just thrown down a challenge. She didn't want to be the test dummy. But she had started this. "I can."

Devon nodded. "Now that you know what to mimic, yes, I believe you can."

Christina edged closer to Ann who was standing nearby. She asked in a whisper. "Are all his classes this way? I mean, does he manipulate the conversations like this all the time?"

Ann nodded and turned her head to answer just as quietly. "Yes, we essentially dare them to give us an outburst, and then we turn it to the lesson."

"Amazing." Christina admitted as she returned her attention to the class.

"We have shown you what the wrong way was, by discussing the films you've all done before. Now we showed you the right way, the way it's really done all over the world." Devon continued.

"Devon, forgive me." Stone offered.

"Sure John, what can I answer for you?" Devon asked just as easily as before.

"Well, I guess I was wondering why you all don't do the movie? If you're the experts, and the staff is attractive enough." John asked.

"Because it would take years to teach me how to act. Then there is the fact that none of us wish to be actors." Devon said simply.

Will raised his hand, and when recognized with a gesture from Devon asked his question. "How do we fake those scenes though? I mean, no way is anyone here going to let us turn their skin that shade of red."

"Damn right." Lisa said forcefully. "No way are you doing that to me."

Devon smiled again and gestured towards Jeannette, who brought him a medium sized flogger. "This flogger is going to be one of your props I believe they're called?"

Will saw the invitation and stood to walk to Devon. Devon continued. "This flogger is made from the lightest and softest leather available. You would have to swing it full arm to even get a good sting going. It will pop rather convincingly on camera though."

Will took the flogger and looked at it. He slapped it into his open palm, and heard the dozen strands slapping each other. "Hardly anything."

"Right." Devon said. "I've spoken to Frank about this, and we've agreed the best way is use of a red tinted light on the skin, with the application of this flogger, will fake it fairly well."

Lisa and Kelly stood and went to see the whip that they were supposed to endure, and felt it. It was awful soft, and lightweight.

Dominique saw it was going to break down to group discussion now, and turning waved Christina towards the office. They entered Devon's office and sat in the chairs. "Any problems with Michael? Or am I out of line?"

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