tagBDSMThe Vault

The Vault


"On my count," Victoria paused, and then glanced at me, "three... two, one." both keys were turned simultaneously.

Victoria slid the semi-heavy box out and set it on her left palm, supporting its weight.

"Mr. McFerrin, we have a private room where you can view the contents of your box." she informed me. I slid the box from her hands and then she turned toward the vault door.

"Follow me," she said, glancing at me with a waiting smile.

When she turned her head, I looked down at the sexy, black lines of her stockings. They followed the length of her legs, disappearing up into her knee-high skirt, as I watch her sway with a confident walk, leading the way.

We walked down a short hallway and entered a small room. Victoria held the unmarked, black door open and I walked by her taking in the sweet scent of her perfume. I set the box down onto the built-in table and then turned to look at her, standing in the opening of the door.

"Take as long as you like, Mr. McFerrin, there's no rush," she stated clearly, in a business tone.

Her hip was shifted to one side, revealing the slit of her skirt on her right thigh. It had caught my eye for the first time and I struggled to look up into her eyes.

"Thank you, Victoria." I said, calmly making eye contact, "Will you please return in 15 minutes?" I wanted to pull the clip from her brown hair, tightly curling my fingers into the soft strands. "I'd like to place some of the contents back into the safe, the rest I will keep in my possession." I told her, pulling the chair out from under the table, as I removed my jacket, laying it over its backrest.

"Of course," Victoria gave a quick nod, and then pulled the handle to the door, closing me in the small, nicely-lit room.

I could feel the heat trapped behind my white, button-down shirt. Removing it, I laid it over my jacket thinking that 15 minutes was to long, but I needed that time to collect my thoughts. I unbuckled my belt, letting it hang in the loops that held it. Turning toward the box, I lifted the lid and removed the contents. Sometime had passed and then the sound at the door came. I turned walked to the door and pressed my ear to the frame. "Yes?" I said.

"It's Victoria, Mr. McFerrin." she spoke from beyond the door.

I opened it slowly. "Come in," I spoke quietly. Victoria's warm eyes explored my partly exposed body and then met my gaze, as I waited for her to enter.

She stepped in and dropped her purse on the floor by the door, never taking her eyes off me. I closed the door behind her, bringing my body tightly against hers. Pressing her against the door, I heard it latch and without a word, I locked us in the small private room. Her lip began to tremble after she felt me grab her hands, the cold metal-cuffs I'd held in my hand clicked repeatedly, now like bracelets around her small wrists.

"Did you do as I asked?" the look in my eye caused her to shudder, as I brought her wrists up between us, pulling them above her head.

"Yes, Sir," she softly responded, while I set the link between the cuffs onto the hook, mounted on the back of the door.

"Good girl," my hands went to her blouse, cupping her breasts. "Spread your legs," I instructed, unbuttoning each button to her blouse until I could see the white lace of her bra.

"Yes, Sir," she bit her lip, after speaking the words. Her legs moved quickly, but only as far as her skirt would allow.

"Oh, let me help you with that." I teased, and jerked her skirt up roughly, making her catch her breath. My cock twitched seeing her pussy exposed and uncovered.

My fingertip went to the junction between the cups of her bra. I tugged at the clasp and felt it snap in my fingers, releasing it. My hands brushed the laced bra to the sides, exposing the soft skin of her shapely breasts. Her nipples were hard; the color of dark chocolate, and her skin was peppered with goose bumps.

"You've been such a good girl all week. I think that I'll reward you now, instead of later tonight." I nibbled the soft skin under her breast and watched her shake, from the thoughts that were running through her head.

"Right now? Here...? But-" she stammered.

"Did I ask you to speak?" my jaw clenched, as I trapped her nipple between my fingers and pinched, hard enough to stop her voice.

"Ooohhh, no Sir." Victoria gasped.

"Don't say another word or I'll make you wait another week." My cock flinched at the threat, knowing that it would be just as hard for me as it would be for her.

"Yes Sir." she answered

I release her nipple and captured the fullness of her breast in the same hand, and then licked the taut nipple with my tongue. "Good girl," I whispered, pulling away, as I knelt down before her.

My fingers traced down her ribs until they reached her bunched up skirt. "Further apart," I instructed.

Victoria looked down at me, hanging helplessly from her hand cuffs. If it hadn't been for the three inch heels she'd worn, she would've been on her tip toes. Her beautiful body trembled, as her soft panting brought her ribs out and back, waiting for me to give her what she desperately wanted.

I leaned inward and grazed the soft, shaved skin of her mound with my tongue. She had placed a hint of my favorite perfume above the folds of her lips. Sandalwood, vanilla and a small breeze-like scent of the ocean, mixed with the sweet scent of her wetness.

"Ohh..." she whimpered above me, as I looked up at her with a satisfied smile.

"Trying to please me," I licked her again, "...with that perfume, aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes Sir, I love pleasing you." Victoria eyes darkened with desire, as I rubbed my nose against the smooth skin of her mound, exhaling my warm breath and leaving a trail of goose bumps in it's wake.

"It does, my little pet. It does," my approval was obvious, as I licked my lips.

I rewarded her for the effort and sank my tongue in between the folds of her pussy. Wet, sweet, and so swollen with need, I began to lick her without hesitation. Circle after circle my tongue moved, the pink bud of her sex leaping out at my tongue. Her breath became rapid, as I heard the handcuffs scratch against the hook on the door.

"Would you like my fingers?" I captured her clit in my teeth, giving her a pinch of pain, and then released it, licking it once, as I looked up into her wanting eyes.

"Uhh, yes...Siiiir," she moaned low and deep.

Victoria's body jolted above me and I felt my cock throb. The memory of the hot and wet center of her pussy, had my cock pressed up against the zipper of my slacks. My first two fingers slid into her weeping channel, as she squeezed around them tightly. My free hand went into my slacks and I held my cock firmly, resisting the urge to take her.

"Mmm," growling under my breath, her hips began to buck, as she started to hold her breath, giving way to small short gasps. "You may cum, my pet." I whispered hotly into her open folds, watching my sliding fingers roughly take her. I looked up at her beautiful mouth, gaped open with short pants passing through it. I leaned forward and began to thrash my tongue at just the right place, waiting for her to release.

The hook began to bend, slightly bending downward, her legs were now weak. Her head hung between her straightened arms, as her eyes rolled back with the lids covering them slowly. The rush of her breath stopped for what seemed like minutes until it began again. She pierced her teeth into the bottom of her lip, fighting the loud moan that would surely make her presences known. Dangling from the cuffs, she shook with intensity as her white, hot cream, flowed over my tongue.

"Ohh, thank you, Sir. Thank you, Sir." she blurted out with an almost painful-like sound, her voice whimpering and whining.

"Mmm, that's my girl," I praised, licking my lips with a growl. "My pussy is so delicious." I breathed against her flexing little pink bud as she came.

I slowed my fingers, easing them from her grasp and then rubbed them against her pussy causing her to jolt from my touch. I came to my feet and brought my wet fingers up in front of her, "Open," feeding them to her as I looked into her glazed eyes, her eager mouth sucking and pulling them in.

I smiled enjoying the limp look of her body as she hung there for my eyes to see, her nipples still hard, spilling from her blouse and her skirt up over her hips, waiting for the next thing I had in mind. Time was short now, I only had a few minutes before we'd hear a knock at the door, even though I was far from being done with her.

I zipped my cock back up into my pants and watched the disappointed look on her face and I fastened the belt. I turned and pulled my favorite black butt plug from the lock box and turned toward her with a wicked smile. Her face was one of shock, as she tried to keep her gasp from leaving her lips by holding her breath. I knelt down before her and looked up at her, as I stuck my fingers back inside her pussy.

"I am far from being done with you, my little pet," rubbing her g-spot with my two fingers with an aggressive pressure that had her grunting, her body still wanting more. She began to whimper and then I released my hold on her, rubbing her essence over the tight entrance that I planned to torture. "You will wear this until you arrive home, but no touching between now and then. Is that understood?" I asked her and took that same moment to press it slowly at the entrance, easing it into her while she struggled to focus on my eyes and words.

"Uhh, uhh, Yes... Sir..Ye-" she suddenly stopped, unable to form the words as the plug finished it's penetration, settling into her tightened area, locking into place.

"Mmm, good girl," I said, as I lightly kissed her clit, flicking it a few times with my tongue, purely to see her jump, still feeling the affect from her previous orgasm. "When you arrive home, be in your place, waiting for me." Victoria knew where that was, it was in the middle of the living room floor with her face down and her nude body ready for me.

I yanked her skirt down, covering her wet pussy, knowing that her thighs would be soaked as her release would continue to flow as she walked. I reached for her bra, clicked it, and then pulled her breasts back into the cups that held them. A few buttons and it was as if I had never touched her, her blouse closed up and back into its professional manner.

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir." she finally said on a more stable voice.

I pulled her handcuffs from the hook above her head and released her. She turned and slowly bent down, trying to grab her purse, feeling the affects of the plug that she now held. Before she could straighten, my hand landed on her ass, "Back to work, be a good girl now," I ordered, as she straightened with a jerk. "remember... no touching."

"Ohh," she stood quickly, "Yes, Sir." as she placed her purse under her arm and then unlocked the door, turning the handle.

I heard her exhale deeply, an obvious sound of her gathering her thoughts before going back to the front desk of the bank. She turned and looked at me before exiting with a 'I don't want to leave' look and then smiled as I began to put my jacket on, buttoning it with a satisfied grin. The door latched and I closed the lock box and picked it up, leaving the private room shortly after.

I walked up to the front desk and approached Victoria, now standing in her place behind the counter, helping a woman as she handed her a piece of printed paper and said thank you. Victoria's face was flush, her hair not quite right, but she was doing her best to look as though nothing had happened. I on-the-other-hand held my briefcase in front of my lap, concealing my hardened cock, wanting to leap the counter and take her, but was enjoying the torment of her having to wait for me, knowing I was going to take her in many different ways, when she came home.

The other woman left the counter and she looked up at me. "Are you ready to return your lock box Mr. Mcferrin?" she asked, clearing her throat.

"Yes, thank you." I simply replied as I watched her walk around from behind the front desk. Her confident walk replaced by one that I hadn't seen yet.

"Right this way, Sir." she returned, and walked carefully before me, leading the way back into the large vault.

We arrived at the section with the open slot where my box was housed, she turned and grabbed the box laying in my arm while glancing down at the appearance of my cock trapped behind the zipper of my slacks, unshielded by my briefcase.

She nearly dropped the box as she tried to retrieve it from me. "Do you have my key, Miss?" I asked trying to break her stare and fixation.

"Yes, Sir." she said almost in a whimper, finally turning her eyes away as she slid the lock box back into it's hiding place, shutting the metal doorway closing it in. She pulled the keys from her suit jacket and gave me one while she held the other, placing it at the mouth of the key hole, waiting for me to do the same.

I leaned into her shoulder, a little closer and sighed with a soft growl, pressing my cock into the side of her thigh watching her lick her lips, obviously still tasting her juices on her tongue, as I brought my key up to meet hers, in the opposite key slot.

"Three, two... one," she struggled to say as our keys turned at the same time.

"Thank you Victoria," I said, pulling my key from it's slot, as I slowly brought my hand down to my pocket, her wanting eyes following it, as I slid my hand in slowly, her eyes bat intently.

"You're welcome, Sir," she said with a gulp, and then brought her eyes back up to meet mine. "anything else we can do, just let us know."

"I will, have a pleasant day." and with that I pulled the briefcase in front of me and stepped away from her, turning to leave. I left her standing behind me as I passed the large vault door, and the exited the building without a backward glance.

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