tagMind ControlThe Vegas Adventure Ch. 11-13

The Vegas Adventure Ch. 11-13


© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidental. However, one fan of my prior erotic stories, was instrumental in making this story possible. I continue to dedicate this story to her.

Story Summary: De Ann and her husband Trent experience Vegas from the back of a strip club. Used and humiliated, they think their arrival back home in Dallas is the end of their personal nightmare – but thanks to their nosy neighbor, it is just the beginning.

In the first 10 chapters = De Ann and Trent get used in Vegas – but at home – they have their neighbors to fill in that role. The story can stand on its own – (plenty of sex in this part) but if you would like to know more about the characters you are experiencing here – check out the other posts first!

Read on – and I hope you enjoy this story.

*********** Chapter 11 LATER THAT EVENING ****

The bedside phone rang awhile later, the clock on the night stand read 12:17. It was Raven.

"Hi there, I just wanted to see how it was going for my newest little pet."

"Fine," De Ann sighed.

"Hubby asleep?"

"Yes," De Ann said thru clenched teeth.

"I'm at your front door right now. 'Pumpkin Pussy Eater', Come let me in," Raven whispered from the other end of the line.

De Ann threw on her robe and went downstairs. She paused with her hand on the deadbolt for the front door. Deep inside her a voice screamed 'keep the door locked'. Given her current state she was unable to disobey her orders, so she quietly opened the door.

Raven stood there alone, also clad in a robe. She had obviously been unable to sleep and had dealt with it by coming to torment De Ann some more. "What did you expect--a gang of men come to rape you?" The haughty brunette laughed. "It can be arranged, you know."

"What do you want?" De Ann demanded.

"I want you to come outside, you will obey me, but I want you conscious of every action and every event that will transpire tonight. Your conscious mind is free, but your subconscious will force you to submit to my bidding" Raven ordered. "Now, I want you to take that robe off."

"Raven....what if the neighbors...." De Ann started to object as her fingers curled around the sash of her robe.

"....See what a whore they're living next door to? I don't care." Raven stared down the diminutive De Ann as they hinted at the power that was behind that rugged body and wicked brain.

"Raven....please! Don't make me do this!" De Ann begged as her hands worked against her will to shed her robe.

Raven turned around, noting with satisfaction that the buxom De Ann had shed her robe, letting it fall to the ground.

"Good girl," De Ann's new mistress murmured approvingly. Parting her robe, she added, "You know the drill, get down on your knees slave."

De Ann did as she was told, but she didn't know why. Trembling at the thought of being seen by one of her neighbors, she nevertheless got on her knees in the moonlight and began licking Raven off. De Ann couldn't understand why she was doing what she was doing, she wasn't a lesbian and she didn't want to do this, but her body no longer responded to her command. Between all her blackouts lately and now this she started to question her sanity. Hopefully if she got the bitch off quickly, she would leave and not make a scene. But why was she obeying when every ounce of her being was dead set against it?

Raven closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations created by the unwilling housewife's tongue. Raven smiled as she realized that the petite blonde was becoming a better cunt-licker every time she went down on her.

"Oh.....YES!!!!!" Raven gasped. "Put your fingers in me!" Once again against her will, De Ann obliged, putting two fingers into the large brunette's pussy. "I didn't say to stop

licking....." Obediently, the blonde's tongue continued its assault of Raven's clit.

"Tell me...." Raven moaned, "did Trent fuck you tonight?"

"No..." De Ann whispered between licks. "But he wanted to."

In mock horror, Raven pushed De Ann's face away from her cunt. "WHAT? You didn't have the DECENCY to SATISFY YOUR OWN HUSBAND?" she asked loudly. "After you teased him so unmercifully, you left him UNSATISFIED?" De Ann looked around nervously. Lights were coming on in a few of the neighbor's houses.

"Please, Raven....our neighbors will hear....."

"Well then, fine," the brunette said reasonably, "let's continue this in your house." And Raven entered the house, De Ann having no choice but to follow.

Thankfully, Raven lowered her voice to a whisper once they were in the house. "Since you wouldn't take care of your husband's needs...I'll just have to do it for you."

"He won't--" De Ann began defiantly before Raven interrupted.

"He won't know it's me, because my head will be underneath the bed sheets." Raven taunted the helpless housewife.

"You wouldn't." De Ann dared her neighbor's friend.

"Try me, bitch," Raven offered softly. "Now, I'm going to have a little fun with hubby. He'll probably stay half asleep through it and he'll just think it's you. You are going to stand in the doorway and watch and you are not to make a sound."

De Ann was bawling. "PLEASE," she whispered urgently. "Please don't do this....please....I'll do anything...I'll sleep with whoever you want me to....please....Raven.....ma'am....PLEASE! My marriage means so much to me, PLEASE don't....."

Raven only laughed. "Now it's your turn to learn your place and be humiliated, De Ann." Shedding her robe, she padded softly down the hall. De Ann, powerless to do anything but watch, did just that. She watched in horror as the cruel brunette's head disappeared under the bed sheets. Soon, Raven's outline under the sheets began a steady bobbing motion, like some obscene white ghost in their bed. The obscenely loud slurping noises coming from beneath the covers, coupled with Trent's ever-increasing moans of pleasure, cut thru De Ann like a knife.

As tears were flowing freely for De Ann, other juices were flowing for Raven. Her mouth was wrapped around Trent's cock, but other parts of her needed attention. Reaching down with the hand that wasn't massaging Trent's balls, she began rubbing her clit slowly.

Trent didn't suspect a thing. "Mmmmmmm changed your mind huh?" he moaned dreamily, thinking that it was his wife going down on him beneath the covers.

Raven couldn't understand why her Candice was so enthralled by this man. As she expertly swirled her tongue around the head of the small cock in her mouth she couldn't help but nearly giggle with the realization that Trent was probably only half the size of her Latin-lover, Augusto. Raven would have no problem turning over this limp noodle to Candice when she was done with him.

Raven muttered an "mmmm hmmmm...", understandably muffled. Behind her somewhere, she could just make out the sound of De Ann sobbing quietly. She increased the amount of slurping noises accordingly. This was no problem for Raven, who had always been a "noisy eater", whether her mouth was full of cock or cunt.

And now it was time for the coup de grace, Raven thought to herself smugly. Taking the bed sheets, she flipped them so that they were now covering Trent's upper half. Popping his cock out of her mouth with a loud smacking sound, Raven then straddled De Ann's husband, facing away from him (and toward De Ann, who was silently begging her to stop.) Despite the blonde's pleas, Raven slowly impaled herself on Trent's cock.

It was wonderful. The ruined look on De Ann's face was priceless. As an added stab in her breaking heart, Raven now silently indicated to her that she was to finger fuck herself.

In shame, De Ann did as she was told. Occasionally she would mouth the word "please" to the woman now enjoying her husband in her bed. Raven, however, had no intentions of stopping; in fact, she blew De Ann a kiss and doubled her pace. She was just able to get herself off before Trent tensed up and filled her cunt with his hot cum. De Ann, heartbroken, hung her head in shame.

Without further ado, the brunette home wrecker dismounted and left the bedroom. Pulling De Ann behind her, she headed back down the hall to the living room.

The young blonde was nearly hysterical, quietly falling to pieces. Raven couldn't help but feel for her a little bit. Gently, she reached out and hugged the other woman, running her fingers through De Ann's blonde hair trying to soothe her. She kissed the diminutive housewife softly on the lips, followed with a more urgent, more passionate kiss. To De Ann's horror, she found herself returning the kiss, her tongue sliding into the mouth that had, just a few minutes ago, been servicing her husband's cock.

De Ann actually felt a wave of relief sweep over her. Maybe she's going to end this now, she thought hopefully. Maybe this was her revenge for how snobby I was to her, and it's over now.

Their tongues still dueling, Raven steered both of them over to the sofa, pulling De Ann down on top of her.

Raven ended the kiss by pulling away while a devilish grin spread across her face. "Eat my pussy clean. Lick your husband's cum out of me."

De Ann's eyes pleaded. Her mouth opened to do the same, but the other woman cut her off. "Do it now, or I'll go upstairs and ask him to do it for me...." De Ann needed no further urging. She lowered her tongue to Raven's cunt.

Raven didn't leave for another hour. During that time, De Ann not only cleaned out Raven's pussy, she also went to her bedroom and sucked all of the other woman's taste off of her sleeping husband's cock, as it was Raven's turn to stand in the doorway, excitedly rubbing her clit. Trent got hard again, and De Ann milked the cum from his balls, not swallowing it but keeping it in her mouth. Then going to Raven, french kissing her and at the same time delivering her husband's jism into the brunette's mouth for her perverted enjoyment.

Finally Raven did leave, making De Ann walk her to her door. The petite blonde was still hoping that this was as far as the other woman would be taking this wicked game. Her hopes were shattered when Raven told her, "'End Pumpkin Pussy Eater.' See you at 9 in the morning. You have a busy day ahead."

In tears, De Ann turned to go back in the house, still nude, to discover that Raven had locked the door. Panicking for a moment until she remembered where the spare key was hidden, under a statue at the side of the porch. De Ann unlocked the door, then put the key back in its hiding place and went inside.

From across the street, Raven watched, mentally noting the hiding place of the key. "Good night, De Ann my slutty little pet," she whispered.

******* Chapter 12 The Nieces Visit *****

Twice each year De Ann and Trent receive a few extra visitors to their home. De Ann's nieces stay for a week. Although they are not related by anything other than marriage Trent and De Ann have treated these young women as if they were family. De Ann's brother acquired them when he married their mother and De Ann enjoyed these visits – allowing her to shop with some young women, and take them sightseeing around the Dallas metroplex. But this time their visit was noticeably different. The girls had grown up. Looking back, they had the bodies of young women at the ripe age of fifteen, but their mind and attitude that had changed reflecting today's limits.

Stacy was all legs at 5' 10" she towered over the diminutive De Ann. She was now a statuesque woman with long brown hair that landed half way down her back. Her eyes are a deep mysterious shade of brown that matches her hair color. Those eyes had a devious intent when they undress a man or woman. When De Ann was helping to put Stacy's and Ashley's luggage in one of the children's room she bent over causing Stacy to make a off the wall remark "Aunt De Ann – I never realized just how cute your butt is – when you are bending over that way you look really good!"

De Ann blushed furiously and tried to downplay her own body "Oh, you can't possibly think I look good in this?" while pointing to the short skirt she was wearing.

Just then Ashley entered the room and enquired about the conversation.

Stacy just grinned "I was giving Aunt De Ann a compliment on how firm her ass looked when she bent over just now."

Her sister Ashley rolled her eyes and casually remarked "Get over it sis – and stop trying to hit on older women! You know that was just some weird old lady – and you have been making a thing about it ever since."

De Ann butted in "First while you are staying here – I am not AUNT anything. I am not officially related, and I am much too young to be called AUNT by you two now that you are 18 & 19 years old. Second, what is this about hitting on older women?"

Ashley quickly remarks "Stacy over here got hit on by an old woman – and she let the old bag get her off! Now she thinks that every woman over 30 is after her body!"

"Ashley is just jealous – I was online and in a chat room when this woman started talking to me – next thing I know we are planning to meet for a game of tennis. We went back to her place for a drink and freshen up at her really nice pool – and she hits on me. It was really the best sex I have had in a long time. Guys just want to paw over you – then cram their thick dicks into my pussy so they can get laid. This woman showed me what it is like to have someone please me for a change. She begged – and kissed – and lapped at my pussy for an eternity. And GRATEFUL – boy was she ever; she sent me money and has been begging me to come back again." Stacy proudly admitted.

De Ann had never looked at her nieces as conquests – or sex objects, but the conversation got her all damp between the legs.

Not to be outdone by her sister, Ashley boasted that she could get any cock hard by bending over and sticking her ass in the air. "Guys like my tight little ass. Sure I imagine that some women might find it attractive too – but I am good with the cocks – I like to play with them – keep the guy panting and begging for hours. It is so much fun to tease them, and see how far they will go for you. This is the best body to have."

Ashley did have a nice body. While only a few inches shorter than her sister, her main attraction is her model like figure – thin, blonde, and set of perky breasts. The blue eyes and dimples in her cheeks masqueraded the little devil she could be to a guy with a hard on.

De Ann admitted that she was a little shocked over Stacy having sex with another woman. "When I was your age – I only thought about boys – not other women. What made you want to do anything with them?"

Stacy sat down on the bed across from where De Ann was standing. She hiked up her short black skirt, just a hair. Spreading her legs a fraction of an inch she made it perfectly clear that she was teasing, yet not blatant about it. "Your day – they didn't have the internet. Suddenly what was once taboo – or kept in the back of your mind, is now open for discussion. Women who are pleasing me make better sex than men who try to please me. Men only think with their dicks. Sure, if you are built like Ashley here – you can get all the men you want. But when you're as tall as me and when you slide on heels and stand over your date, he gets intimidated. Besides going out with a woman – you appear as just friends. Shopping, sports, movie theater – you can go anywhere with them and no one thinks you are going together. But date a guy more than 3 times in a row – and suddenly everyone thinks you are going to marry the dude. He tells all his friends that you are going together, and makes all the other guys back off of 'his territory'. I don't want to be someone's TERRITORY. I like it when I can get some 30 year old woman to treat me like a princess and please my pussy like no guy ever could."

De Ann listened intently – then suddenly imagined herself naked and sticking her tongue into Stacy's tight snatch. "Does your mom or Dad know anything about this?"

"Lord NO --- can you imagine the shock that Pops would get if he knew that I like making a woman go down on me!" Stacy laughed.

Trying to hide her shock and excitement, "Your secret is always safe with me. Well, you two enjoy your visit. We can go to the water park in Arlington, shopping downtown or at one of the malls, out to a nightclub a few times, and anything else you young women feel like doing." De Ann's programming laid by Raven the previous day took over her conscious thoughts as she left the room to rush off to the bathroom and frig herself to an orgasm, all the while daydreaming that Stacy was spreading her long luscious legs and mashing De Ann's face against her wet lips.

That evening while everyone was watching a movie they rented Trent was trying to hide a hard on under a blanket. De Ann slid her hand nonchalantly under the blanket and up his thigh and found his cock all stiff. The movie wasn't all that exciting, so she looked around the room to see what was making Trent all horny. Then it dawned on her, Ashley was lying on the floor with De Ann's seven year old watching the movie. She looked sexy, laying face down – arms propping up her chin toward the screen, and her butt arching up off the floor. Her legs would twist and turn crossing one another drawing even more of Trent's attention. Straddling the corner of the ottoman sat Stacy – her short skirt barely concealing the thong that she wore. Her tight blouse clinging to her breasts accented the firm braless curves of her body. De Ann was a little disturbed that her 35 year old husband was hard from looking at these two teens. They were not visibly trying to attract attention; they were just casually watching the movie. What would happen if they TRIED to attract him?

Sex with Trent that night was better than most nights – his hard on didn't wilt – and it didn't need any extra attention from De Ann. She flashed back to that image of Stacy and Ashley in the family room and knew what was keeping her hubby so hard. Oh well, as long as it gets him interested – and I get his hard cock in me – I can be the benefactor of their sexy bodies she thought.

The next day Trent went to work, the older kids to school and the baby who had been up part of the night, had been fed and put down for a late morning nap. The teen visitors were in the bedroom sleeping in when Raven came over for a visit. She was unaware that De Ann had visitors and immediately put De Ann into an obedient trance. "Pumpkin Pussy Eater -- You feel like sucking on something – something that I have deep inside of my pussy. You won't stop until you get a big wad of cum that was put there by my friend and slave Augusto."

De Ann slunk to her knees – and crawled across the room stopping in front of Raven's feet. She pressed against her thighs and opened them up – then quickly pressed her face against Raven's panty covered crotch. De Ann licked her panties without bothering to remove them or push them aside. It tickled Raven, so she let De Ann continue. But she threw in a few commands and used a riding crop on De Ann's upturned ass. "That's my little slut – licking through the panties to get to my pussy." She yanked on De Ann's hair – and made her look up at her "Enough – slut, get the panties out of the way – and get to your surprise!"

De Ann pushed the silky fabric to the right and Raven's puffy well fucked pussy lips protruded out to meet De Ann's mouth. She slurped and sucked at the dark framed pussy for the next 5 minutes, greedily gathering all the cum that was deposited there earlier.

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