tagMind ControlThe Vegas Adventure Ch. 14-17

The Vegas Adventure Ch. 14-17


© This is written in part by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidental. However, one fan of my prior erotic stories, was instrumental in making this story possible. I dedicate this story to her.

Story Summary: De Ann and her husband Trent find that their young nieces are just as devious as any of their neighbors have been to this point. And – De Ann does much of this part on her own – with no help from Hypnosis.

For those of you who have been following this story – much of it to this section of chapters has been dealing with Mind Control – but this section does not have much of that present. The future chapters (which are already written but not yet posted) will return to the Mind Control theme.

Read on – and I hope you enjoy this story.

Chapter 14 *** Stacy and Ashley take over ***

The next morning after the kids were off to school and Trent left for work,

De Ann went back to the bedroom to shower before Stacy and Ashley woke. De Ann wrapped a towel around her taunt body and went into the bathroom to enjoy her hot shower. She was startled to see Stacy and Ashley standing there waiting for her.

Stacy slowly tapped her long red fingernails against a videotape she held in her opposite hand. "Good morning slut! How are you doing on this wonderful morning? We have lots planned for you today," Stacy said in a gleeful tone. "Aunt De Ann, you will follow our instructions to the letter or your videotape will be sent to the President of the PTA, your kids' teachers, your neighbors, and your loving but gullible husband. And we might even send it to all the student accounts at your oldest son's high school if you really piss us off."

Suddenly the memory of yesterday's debauchery flooded her mind. De Ann still couldn't believe the things that her nieces had done to her. She felt humiliated and ashamed but she had to somehow muster the strength to carry on or else her family would be ruined. There was no way she could explain this to Trent. He would leave her for sure and take the kids with him, especially after everything that happened in Vegas. As much as she hated it, she would have to submit completely to the girls.

"Please, please don't do it. I'll do whatever you want. I p-p-promise." The desperate housewife begged.

Ashley offered in a menacing tone, "Don't worry Aunt De. As long as you complete a series of assignments that we have planned for you today, we'll give you the master tape of your lesbo performance and all the copies at the end of the day. But if you fail even one of our test be prepared to be the talk of the town." What did these two care anyway – its not like they were going to have to hang around for the embarrassment. Being from out of town – and only a once or twice a year visitor had its advantages.

"Now, are you going to be a good little slut for us? Or should we just save our time and send out your little performance so everyone in your life will know what a complete cheating lesbo whore you really are?" Stacy threatened.

"No please, I beg you. I promise I'll be good." De Ann nervously answered.

"You'll be a good little what?" Stacy asked.

"I promise I'll be a good little slut ~ Mistress." De Ann answered with her head lowered in humiliation.

"Good. Now the first thing you need to do is to get rid of that bush," Ashley ordered. "You have fifteen minutes to shave your nasty cunt and ass. I want it completely bare and absolutely no fuckin' stubble."

De Ann felt so dirty as the water washed over her. Yet, when the shower spray struck her breasts for the first time De Ann realized that her nipples were incredibly erect, sticking straight out and hard as well as very sensitive. De Ann soaped herself carefully and as her hands brushed over her breasts, she let them linger recalling how the two girls touched her breasts. De Ann soaped and rinsed two or three times trying to feel clean again.

Finally satisfied, she sighed as she soaped up her pubic hair and slowly shaved it off. She placed her foot on the edge of the tub so that she could shave her labia. Following her instructions exactly, De Ann then took a mirror and placed it on the floor of the tub, squatted over it and proceeded to shave her ass. Once done, De Ann ran her hand over her pubic mons and ass to ensure that it was smooth and free of stubble. Her fingers lightly touched her clit which sent sparks through the confused housewife.

She was surprised to find that her clit was also erect and hard. Not often since her college days had De Ann masturbated, but she was tempted to do so now, in the shower. As she lightly touched her clit trying to sort out her urges she heard Stacy's voice coming from downstairs. This snapped De Ann back to reality and she quickly exited the tub and dried off. De Ann just barely got her robe on when Stacy walked into the bathroom.

Stacy violently jerked the robe off her petite aunt and pinched De Ann's nipples making them even harder. De Ann winced in pain, but did not dare to protest. Stacy led De Ann by her nipples to the edge of the bed where Stacy had laid out De Ann's clothes for the day.

"I thought we would wear one of your 'showoff outfits' today ~ Auntie slut." De Ann was shocked to see only a very short light red plaid 'schoolgirl' skirt, a pair of sheer white panties, and a white cotton tank top that would leave most of her midriff exposed, showing off her flat stomach. And to finish off her outfit Stacy handed her a pair of sandals with straps that had four inch heels.

She slithered into the skirt and felt the air on her bare cunt. She then slipped on her panties. De Ann almost felt like she was naked under her skirt but somehow the veil of nearly transparent white fabric made the view of her now hairless pussy seem even more naughty than if she hadn't been wearing any panties at all. With no hair let to hide them, her pussy lips were clearly visible, and if you looked very closely, you could even see her pink little asshole. A surge of strange sexual excitement washed over De Ann as she realized that the girls were probably going to show off her bald pussy when they got to the mall.

Next the humiliated housewife struggled to pull the cotton tank top down over her ample tits. The white top clung to her breasts and highlighted her nipples perfectly. De Ann bit her lower lip as she could see the white flesh of her breasts poking out the sides of the skimpy tank top.

"Now what should we do with your hair?" Stacy pondered as she stood her aunt in front of the bathroom vanity for several minutes looking at her hair from several angles. She finally decided that a ponytail would be the appropriate look to complete the naughty schoolgirl look. She gathered her aunt's long, straight, blonde hair up in the back, wrapped an elastic hair band around it to hold it in place, and finally tied it up with a small white bow. Stacy had to admit that the whole outfit looked very sexy indeed.

"We're going shopping." Stacy announced and headed for the bedroom door expecting De Ann to follow.


The girls opened the doors of their Ford Explorer and motioned for De Ann to get into the back seat. "But first," said Stacy, "let's get that skirt off, missy, panties too."

"Oh, no, please don't make me do that Mistress Stacy," De Ann whined since she was not expecting such exposure to possible public eyes.

"You just don't get it, slut," said Ashley. "Have you forgotten that little video we have of you? What will Trent and the kids think? And all your friends? I can pretty well guess what all the perverts on the Internet will think when they see that sweet innocent little face sucking pussy, complete with your name, address, and phone number. You'll be the most popular MILF around. It'll be like you're a dog in heat and they just opened the doors of the kennel!" Ashley was just cruel enough in her description to get the ideas rolling in the pretty housewife's mind.

De Ann shuddered at the gross image, and sagged in defeat. It was only she and her nieces in the driveway, so she slipped off her shoes, then her skirt, then her panties. She felt horribly exposed and vulnerable outdoors, so she quickly climbed into the backseat of the large SUV. After all, she couldn't let her neighbors see her this way, and luckily none of them appeared outside or near her house.

"Might as well do the top, too, stupid slut," said Stacy.

De Ann struggled with, but removed the slinky tank top "Please, may I ask a favor Mistress Stacy?" De Ann meekly squeaks.

"Sure, slutty fuck face," said Stacy.

"Would you just not call me horrible names? All this is bad enough, but could you just not call me names?" De Ann whined.

"Awwwww!" the girls jeered in unison. "Poor little De Ann got her feelings hurt! Maybe you should have thought about that before you stuck your tongue up that dykes cunt."

Stacy climbed into the driver's seat. Ashley got in on De Ann's right. The nude housewife was very aware that her young nieces' eyes were drinking in her tight hard body. The morning air was chilly, and her nipples had sprung to attention again, further betraying her, making it appear she was sexually aroused.

"Put your hands behind your back. Without even thinking, De Ann leaned forward in the back seat and placed her hands behind her. In a flash, Ashley pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her wrists. Her arms were now pinned back at the shoulders, her hands trapped.

"Stop! Oh God please, take them off!" De Ann shouted in panic.

"Shut up!" yelled Ashley. "Listen, auntie slut, and listen good! If we get stopped by the cops, or if anything happens to us, in any way shape or form, whether it's your fault or not, all of us have had it. So if anything happens, we will mail the videos out and posts them on the Net. So it's in your fucking best interest to make sure that we don't get caught! Got it, bitch?" Ashley was enjoying this game so far – her sister is usually the instigator and she would follow along, now here she is doing to bossing around to an adult no less.

De Ann nodded. She was feeling horribly numb again. The logic was inescapable.

She was trapped as the toy of these vile girls and could do nothing about it.

"Let's get comfortable," said Ashley. She grabbed De Ann's naked right leg and pulled it into her lap. She then crossed her legs over her leg, trapping it.

The result, even before Stacy had started the Explorer, was that De Ann was nearly immobilized in the backseat. Her hands and arms were cuffed behind her with the weight of her body leaning back against them, and her legs were spread wide and held pinned by her sides. She squirmed and wiggled, but could do nothing. She also noticed, for the first time, that the windows of the girl's vehicle were darkly tinted, and no one could possibly see inside.

"Here we go," Stacy said, starting the SUV and pulling out of the driveway.

Ashley's right hand shot out and grabbed a hold of one perky nipple and started massaging it.

"Oh God, stop Mistress Ashley!" shouted De Ann. Ashley kept up her manipulation of the nipple, which was growing harder.

Ashley reached around with her left hand and started to tickle the underside of her breast, while inching her right up until it reached her bald pussy. Ashley, who only days before thought it was gross to be with another woman, was weighing De Ann's breast flesh in her hand – bouncing it and flicking her fingers across her eraser-like-nipples.

"Oh, please, I can't do this!" De Ann wailed. It felt like the teen's fingers were everywhere on her naked body.

"Fine, then, little lesbo-bitch," said Stacy. "She doesn't want us to touch her, Ashley, so it's back to name-calling."

"No – it's alright – she can play with me!" De Ann resigned.

The flustered housewife knew this was just a horrible game to them, but maybe if she got through she could at least have that small victory. She steeled herself against the roaming, prodding hands of her mistress as the young 18-year-old explored her writhing naked body.

She couldn't help herself. Ashley's hand had drifted down to her pussy and she had plunged a delicate long finger deep inside her. She hadn't realized she was still slick with juice from all this excitement, and Ashley's finger quickly slid all the way in. The poor housewife's hormones started to flow. She could feel herself starting to get horny as Ashley pulled her finger out and plunged it back in, finger-fucking the perplexed mother.

Suddenly Ashley leaned over and kissed her neck, right behind the ear. No woman had ever kissed her there, and it sent a shiver of delight through her pulsating body. She didn't cry out, but she wanted to in the worse way. She knew if she showed how turned on her body was – they would take even more advantage of her. If only she could stay stoic in the SUV, they might get bored.

Ashley's finger continued to frig in and out of her pussy, making her feel better and better. Ashley also continued to kiss her neck, which felt incredibly good. Then Ashley placed her thumb against her clit and began to rub.

"Ohhhhh, Mistress Ashley, please, stop, stop, don't do this to me!" she cried out. She felt so alone, so exposed, so humiliated. Her mind was confused, but her body wasn't. Every inch of her was responding to the caresses and touches of her niece who had her pinned down in the backseat.

De Ann tried to compose herself, but then Ashley bent her head down and placed her mouth over her erect nipple and started to tongue it, while she pushed a second finger up inside her.

"Uhhhhhhh," De Ann moaned. Her head rolled back against the seat, her eyes closed. She was lost in a delirium of overwhelming sexual desire.

"You want her to keep doing this?" Stacy asked while watching the action from the rearview mirror.

"Oh, God, I don't know," moaned De Ann. "No. Don't. Stop!"

"Don't stop?" asked Ashley with a nasty smile. Her fingers were churning inside the tormented woman, her thumb expertly manipulating her clit, which was now pink and throbbing. De Ann's hips started rotating, almost without her knowing it, as she thrust her pelvis forward into Ashley's hand, while the young girl continued kissing her hard little nipples.

Her body had taken over, and she was inching closer and closer to orgasm. She moaned; thrust her large firm breasts out, humping her pussy frantically against Ashley's fingers.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" she cried out. She teetered on the verge of a powerful orgasm.

"Whoops, here we are!" called out Stacy as she turned into the shopping mall. "Time to look sharp."

Ashley immediately pulled herself off of the writhing, humping housewife.

De Ann didn't know what had happened. Her eyes were tightly shut and her mind was only concentrating on the feelings that were surrounding her flesh. One moment she had been on the brink of cumming, suddenly everything had suddenly stopped.

"Please?" she asked plaintively.

"Please what, auntie slut?" asked Stacy, teasing.

"Please don't stop what you were doing," she said softly. If her hands hadn't been cuffed behind her, De Ann thought, she would have finished herself off right there in front of them. God, everything had felt so good. Her heart was pounding, she was shaking and sweaty, she wanted to cum so damn bad!

"I don't think so," Stacy ordered.

"Pleeeeeeese," begged De Ann.

"Let's hear what you want," Stacy said briskly, turning around to face her sister and captive in the back seat.

"I want to, you know," De Ann said. She knew they knew. She was beyond shame, she decided. She had to cum. "I want to have an orgasm," she begged. "Pleeeeeese Mistress!"

"Maybe later," Stacy said coldly.

De Ann lifted her head and opened her eyes, and looked right into the lens of the video camcorder. Stacy, had a camcorder setup in the front passenger seat of the Explorer, and had been taping her the whole time.

"Smile," her niece mocked, "you're on Candid Camera."

De Ann wanted to cry. They had MORE video of her. They had her humping on the young girl's hand. They had her moaning and begging to cum. When was this all going to end? It was so different being with Candice or Raven since they liked to use her hypnotic trigger phrase to keep her in line. These girls just used their words and actions to subdue her.

"Let's help her get dressed," Ashley added. De Ann was still horny and wanted to cum so badly, but she had no choice, with her legs still trapped and her hands cuffed. She wasn't going to be allowed to cum just yet, and she still had to endure whatever they had planned for her in the mall.

She looked out the darkened SUV window and could see the bright lights of the mall in the distance.

"And just to remind you, you must pass 'ALL' of our little tests for you today, you little slut-monkey," Stacy mocked her from the front seat as she stowed the camcorder in her shoulder bag.

"Yeah, stupid bitch," added Ashley. Then pulling De Ann close enough to whisper in her ear, "This is gonna be a shopping trip you'll never forget, slut."

The terrified housewife shuddered, partly from the lust that still boiled in her hard pulsating body, partly from pure fear.

Stacy smiled diabolically. De Ann, stunned at how much trouble they were going to cause, just looked down and bit her lip. The girls helped her back into her clothes.

"Your tits are so perfectly perky you should never wear a bra, slut," said Stacy. "They'll get more bounce that way when you walk. Guys like that!" Finally De Ann was dressed and they all got out of the SUV. She realized she had no idea where they were, that during the long ride of torment she had been paying attention to what was being done to her in the backseat rather than where they were going.

"Where are we Mistress?" she asked.

"This is the Galleria Mall," said Ashley, "About 30 miles away from town. We figured there's a lot less chance of being spotted and recognized here than if we went to the mall back in town. Last thing any of us needs is to be spotted hanging around with the world's nastiest skank, particularly when she's doing what you're going to be doing here."

"Please, Mistress, I'm begging you, can we just go home?" De Ann implored. She was trembling with anxiety, and still a little lustful from being brought so close to orgasm by Ashley and then stopped on the brink right before her climax. But their veiled threats to make her 'do stuff' rang in De Ann's ears and floated in her mind

"Of course not, bitch. We've gone to a lot of trouble to set this up," said Stacy. "Now listen carefully, because once we get inside, I don't want to have to be repeating these directions for you over and over. You can make this simple, or you can make this complicated. The simple way is you do exactly what we say for the next couple of hours, no questions, no tears, no trying to alert mall security, and after a couple of hours, we go home and when the evening is over you get the lesbo video back. The hard way is you give us any shit, or fail to follow our instructions precisely. If that's the case, then we start to send out the video. We'll probably be able to add a few more minutes onto the video with the great footage you just provided on the way over here.

De Ann was numb. Her nieces whom she had played with since her they were young children were so far gone from those days. They held such unbelievable control over her, that they could come up with a plot to expose herself or maybe have sex with someone in this mall. De Ann's mind was spinning and her gaze was that of a deer in headlights, as she contemplated all the things they might have in store for her. She certainly didn't want to open her mouth to ask questions – what if a question sparked their cruelty?

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