tagFetishThe Vicar's Temptation Ch. 01

The Vicar's Temptation Ch. 01


It was nearly six months since Alan had taken up the post of vicar of St Stephen's Church. It had taken a while for him and his pretty young wife Jenny to get used to life in the country after a spell in the inner city, but he was beginning to adapt.

One of the biggest adjustments was the size of the vicarage and the live-in domestic staff. Mrs Brown acted as Housekeeper, whilst her two daughters, Tina and Rita, who were in their early twenties and acted as maids. They lived in a small annex at the side of the vicarage, but were used to having the run of the whole vicarage.

For Alan this became a problem. Both girls were often to be found sunbathing in the vicarage garden wearing just skimpy white bikinis. Their self-confidence was such that they habitually wore low cut tops and short skirts. Soon the vicar was struggling with impure thoughts!

Part of his problem was Jenny's attitude towards her own body and sex in general. She wore the plainest underwear imaginable -- plain white cotton full briefs for example; tights and never stockings. She undressed for bed in a locked bathroom, emerging in her long plain nightdress, under which she would have changed into a clean pair of briefs. Sex was a once a week chore for her; on a Friday night, with the lights off.

By contrast Rose Brown and her daughters had no such inhibitions. Mrs Brown knew she had open relationship with her daughters. Her husband had passed away when the girls were quite young and they had always tended to be familiar with one another. In many ways they were more like best friends than mother and daughters.

When the girls reached 18 they had started to play spanking games with each other. No one was hurt but the girls had really enjoyed it. After about a year, Rita had suggested that she and Tina should try spanking their mother, but they were nervous about suggesting it. Then one evening they got their chance. Rose knew that after a few glasses of wine the girls could get a little boisterous, but she left them alone, until this one evening her curiosity got the better of her. She went to their room and quietly opened the door. Rita was lying over Tina's lap, her knickers down round her knees, being spanked. Both girls were clearly enjoying it and clearly aroused. Seizing the chance, Tina invited her Mum to join in and before the evening was out Rose had been soundly spanked by both her daughters!

Rose Brown was a little doubtful but after a few times she started to really enjoy having her knickers pulled down by her daughters. It became a very strong fetish with them. They reasoned that it was their naughty secret which made it even more fun. On one occasion they told her not to wear any knickers under her tights. Then she had to stand in the lounge and with her legs open had to pull her dress up.

She was a bit embarrassed but her daughters giggled and told her not to be silly as she had a lovely hairy pussy. Rose knew this was too far but she thought that as no one knew it wasn't harming anyone so they carried on with their games. She found she liked opening her legs, even enjoying having her pussy lightly spanked.

Three uninhibited kinky women, a sexually frustrated vicar and his prudish wife all living and working in the same house was an accident waiting to happen

Soon Rose noticed that whenever he had the chance Father Alan would ask either Tina or Rita to stand on the table to reach down some book or article from one of the high shelves in his office. Watching from the doorway Rose could see that Father Alan would always stand directly below Tina and would have a direct view up her skirt or dress.

That evening they had discussed the Vicar's behaviour. Rose didn't really object and neither did her daughters. It was a very comfortable life living in the Vicarage and in fact the Vicars fetish amused them. It was really a bit pathetic. It soon became a game for the girls; how much panty gusset could they flash in front of him.

Unaware of this Father Alan continued to find ways to take a sneaky peek at their panties. When Rita was polishing the wooden floor he would offer to help. Rita would pretend to be unaware and would squat on the floor making sure he could see her panty gusset. On one occasion she could see his trousers bulging and then, as she spread her knees wider, he gasped "Oh Lord please forgive me" and dashed to the bathroom. When Rita told her mother and sister later on the three women giggled about the Vicar's weakness. They enjoyed the power they had over him.

One summer's day Alan bumped into Tina as she came out of the bathroom. She had just showered and was wearing just a towel that covered just the essentials. As they collided, in order to keep hold of her towel, she dropped the clothes she was holding. Alan bent to help her pick them up; scrabbling on the floor by her bare legs, he was very flustered. He looked up, his face right by her crotch and thighs; he blushed. Taking the clothes from him Tina hurried off.

As he watched her disappear Alan looked down; bunched up in his fist were a skimpy lacy pair of panties. Unable to resist the temptation he had kept hold of them!

He meant to return them. At least that was what he told himself. Instead he kept them in a drawer in his desk, under a pile of paperwork. When he was sure he was alone he would get them out and admire them and imagine. Sometimes he imagined Tina wearing them, but mostly he imagined his wife wearing such exotic panties. Occasionally the thoughts that ran through his head made him so aroused he had to masturbate. For this he would wrap his erect cock in a pair of his wife's plain cotton briefs and use them to catch his cum. He had no wish to soil Tina's panties.

Tina realised straight away that she had dropped the panties and that the Vicar had kept them. How the Brown women laughed that evening. Fancy working for a Vicar with a panty fetish!

Rose had her doubts that it stopped there. What other secrets was Father Alan hiding from them, she wondered? When cleaning in his office she found that he had left his desk unlocked. She took the opportunity to have a search. That evening she told the girls she had some news.

"Girls, I think it is stronger than a panty fetish". Tina looked quizzically at her mother who continued "When I was cleaning his desk yesterday I found these hidden in the paperwork"

"They are the panties he pinched from me!" said Tina

Then Rose held up her next find: a soiled pair of panties.

Rita gasped "They are his wife's knickers. I have washed them loads of times!"

Her mother continued "It's worse than that. I also found some photographs. Have a look and tell me what you think."

Rose showed her daughter a picture of an attractive woman with nice dark hair in a peach cotton nightdress. The penny dropped and Tina murmured "God, it's the Vicar in a wig and pretty girly night clothes" Then she added "That's his wife's nightdress"

They all nodded.

Then Tina said "I suppose he could be just modelling it for his wife to see if she likes it"

Rose nodded again "You could be right Tina but you know that his young wife is very prudish and would never show herself off like that"

Tina nodded but added "But it is possible Mum"

Rose smiled at Tina. Her youngest daughter always wanted to give people the benefit of the doubt.

She replied "It is possible Tina, but how do you explain this picture."

With that she showed the girls another picture of the Vicar in his wife's nightdress but this time he had pulled the front up. He had the prettiest peach see-through panties on which were pulled down partly with his penis exposed.

Rita gasped. Tina, the most innocent of her daughters, was amazed and gasped "He has his prick out Mum. He looks as of he is going to play with his prick while he is dressed in girlie clothes"

Her mother smiled. Her daughters had come to the same conclusion as she had.

Tina was now in a very naughty mood. "I would like to dress him prettily Mum"

Rita felt the same. "Do you mean in panties and things Tina"

Rose kept silent. She was enjoying her daughter's chit chat.

Tina answered her sister "Yes Rita but I mean more than that."

Rose was interested now and asked her daughter "What do you mean my 'more than that' Tina"

Tina was gushing now. "Well we know he likes pretty panties and silky things" They nodded, waiting for her to continue. Enjoying being the centre of attention she took a deep breath and went on "Well, I think we should do his hair as well, and put make up on him, and put him into a pretty silk dress"

Rita giggled "You mean make a proper girl of him!"

Rose smiled as well

Tina hadn't finished. She was in full flow now "No Rita. Not just a girl. We will make him into a pretty little girl with a frilly short silk dress and pretty little knickers"

Rita giggled "That's a lovely idea Tina. I want him to be a pretty little girl as well"

Rose half smiled, but she felt quite tingly as well. She felt the need to urge caution. She said "We have to be careful as this is our job and we don't want to lose it. It would be difficult to find a more comfortable home than this.

Her daughters nodded. They knew their mother was right.

Rita suddenly giggled "You know, he always wants us to go to church and talk to him if we need spiritual guidance."

Tina nodded "But we don't go to church Rita and the only reason he wants us in his office is to peek at our panties"

Rita nodded "That's right, but I think he also wants us to tell him about the naughty things we do. He must have heard the squealing and wondered what was going on."

Even Rose laughed "If he heard about the things that you do Rita he will be there all night"

Rita looked triumphant "That's the point Mum. If we pick a night when his wife is away and he has finished his writing all his sermons we will have him all to ourselves"

The three women all giggled. Tina asked her mother "What shall we confess to Mother?"

Rose thought for a moment and then said "I can't see any reason why we can't tell him all truth."

Rita agreed "Yes we can tell him all about our spanking. That will get him going. We will be able to do anything with him then." Rose nodded.

Tina laughed "If you join in fully Mum, that will make certain of him"

Rose looked quizzical. "Well of course I will join in fully. What do you mean?"

Tina said "Well we know he is a bit afraid of you Mum but he fancies you the most"

Rose nodded. She knew the Vicar was always trying to see her underwear, but unlike the girls she was more discrete, giving the Vicar only tantalising glimpses.

Tina giggled "Well Mum, if we take your knickers off in front of him for a spanking he won't know what to say!"

Rose smiled, especially as her other daughter added "And if we open your legs wide we could even make him put your knickers on whilst they are still warm."

"And damp!" Rose added.

The women laughed out loud. The plan seemed perfect.

The opportunity arose the following week. Jenny would be away for a couple of days, visiting her sick mother. That evening Rita popped into the Vicar's office for a chat. She sat down, seemingly carelessly, allowing a flash of her panties.

"Vicar I need to make a confession."

She crossed her legs slowly, giving the perspiring Vicar another flash of panty.

"Well Rita, strictly speaking I don't take confession, but I'll listen to what you have to say and try to provide guidance."

Rita launched into her carefully rehearsed speech. Using lots of naughty words like panties, knickers, bum, naked and spanking, she told her tale of young girls experimenting with erotic spanking. With much leg crossing and uncrossing, she soon had the Vicar eating out of her hand; the bulge in his trousers was proof of that! Then she played her trump card.

"Of course when Mummy began to join in it became really naughty!"

Alan's interest grew further at the mention of Rose. He was strangely attracted to this older woman, perhaps even more than her daughters. Struggling to keep calm he asked "You Mother spanks you?"

"Oh yes Vicar and then we pull her knickers down and spank her in return; she loves it!"

The thought of Mrs Brown, knickers down being spanked by her daughters nearly proved too much for Alan, but with a struggle he managed not to cum in his pants. Trying to sound casual he said "I think perhaps I should speak to your mother."

"Come now," Rita invited, "she's in our flat with Tina right now. We might even catch them at it!"

Trying to keep calm, Alan allowed Rita to lead him into his housekeeper's flat. Sound of lightly slapped flesh and squeals and giggles greeted them. As arranged Rita flung open the door to reveal Rose Brown wearing just her bra and panties, bent over in the middle of the room, being spanked by her daughter Tina.

"Oh my goodness!" exclaimed Alan.

"Oh Vicar, I've been such a naughty girl," called out Rose, "why don't you spank me?"

Rita led the trembling Vicar into position, placing his hand on her mother's firm, rounded bum. She then lifted his hand and brought it down on with a slap! "Do it harder Vicar, Mummy loves it!" she whispered. He couldn't resist. Tentatively at first, then with more confidence, he began to spank his housekeeper!

As he did so, he was aware of the girls touching him, but in his trance like state didn't realise they were pulling down his trousers and pants and unbuttoning his shirt. When he noticed his exposed state, he fell to his knees, muttering "what have I done?" over and over again.

Swiftly the girls pinned him on the floor, stripping him naked, ignoring his feeble protests.

Rose stood over him. He looked up.

"Girl's it's not right for the Vicar to be naked in front of us. Put these on him." As she said the last bit she elegantly stepped out of her pale peach coloured knickers and handed them to Tina, who, with Rita's help slipped them onto the vicar. His shame had caused his cock to shrivel back to normal and Tina tucked it between his legs, before pulling the knickers up tightly.

Alan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Her he was, a vicar, surrendering to these women in such a sinful way, and yet, it was wonderful. The knickers were still warm and the gusset was very damp from Rose's dripping pussy, dampness that was caressing his cock.

He obeyed without question when the girls, now naked, made him stand up, before bending him over a chair. The three women all took a turn at spanking him as he stood there in Rose's knickers. This made him very hard again.

Rose handed him a pair of his wife's knickers. "Here you are Vicar, I think you'll be needing these to wank into."

Already humiliated beyond belief, he did as he was told, cumming into her briefs after only a few strokes.

"It's alright Vicar, we'll clean them up; you're one of the family now."

"I think you should wear this," said Tina, holding up a hot pink baby-doll night-dress, made of a sheer lacy material, with a feathery trim. She helped him into it. Rose had carefully sewn some padding into the cups, giving the Vicar the appearance of a slim young woman.

"How does that feel?"

"um" he hesitated.

"It's ok, we've all seen the photos you keep in your desk," said Rose, "we know about the dressing up, in fact we're going to help you."

Rita came towards him with two pink ribbons. "Let me put your hair into bunches." Obediently he sat still as she did. She stood back and admired her handiwork. "Very pretty!" she declared.

"Well, how does it feel?"

"Wonderful," he admitted tearfully.

"You're one of my family now, another pretty daughter for me" exclaimed Rose. "Your new name is Vicky. Tina, Rita, lets make Vicky welcome!"

The plan was for Vicky to be one of the girls for the rest of the evening. To be part of the spanking games, and then watch them back on the video and share the giggly gossip.

Then the phone rang.

"Alan; its Jenny. Mum is feeling better, so I'll be home in an hour."

This curtailed the evening. Alan managed to get cleaned up and cleared away before his wife returned, but, as he lay beside his wife in bed, he couldn't stop thinking about the events of that evening and he wondered what the repercussions of his behaviour would be.

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