tagLesbian SexThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 05

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 05



Because George was spending time in London on family business, and would not be home that night, Sarah had been invited by Susanna to spend the evening at the Vicarage for dinner. Peter, as ever, was a jovial host, knowing exactly the right mix of Bombay Sapphire gin and dry vermouth, with ice and lemon, to make a perfect cocktail. Sarah's favorite. He always had a fund of amusing stories about some of his parishioners to enliven things. All harmless, of course, an mainly untrue.

For her part, Sue was an excellent cook, so that the rack of lamb was delicious, served with roast vegetables and a herb salad. A fine bottle of Australian Shiraz Syrah was on hand to complement the meal. Peter knew how to choose the wines. Strawberries and cream to finish.

After the meal, the dishwasher filled and coffee on the hob, Peter had to leave to make various pastoral visits. Alone together, settled on the settee, Sarah and Sue relaxed in a mental haze of contented satisfaction, the lights reduced to a single lamp. They engaged in a lengthy kissing session, which both ladies relish, before doing what they most enjoy - making passionate love.

With soft lips gently nibbling together, tongues gently probing, they allowed their hands to slip down each of their blouses, finger tips feeling the satiny skin of their breasts, teasing the nipples until they stood hard and proud from the areola. Bras were deftly removed with kisses now being transferred to the nipples, fingers to the warmth of their damp inner thighs.

Both knew the mysteries and secrets each other's body well enough to spend an hour delighting themselves with exploring fingers, lips, teeth and tongues. So in tune were the two ladies, that their urges rose slowly at a similar rhythm, murmuring words of undying love, expressing wondrous delight in the bodily charms of each other. Sue had the larger breasts, with a faint tracery of blue veins below the pale skin, whilst Sarah's were firm, well-rounded and unmarked.

Sue's groin had the thicker covering of dark pubic hair, neatly trimmed, but Sarah's light ginger curls covered a wider area of inner thigh and belly. Both had generous labia that could not be contained within the confines of the outer lips, with Sue's being rather higher up the vestibule than Sarah's, which dangled darkly, either side of her vaginal opening. They almost begged to be suckled and chewed. And although each of the ladies were very familiar with the other's sensitive genital areas, both delighted in re-visiting them as often as circumstances would allow. That was fairly frequently.

Knowing just how to arouse the other to a peak of ecstatic agony, hips trembled and loins churned as the sexual excitement grew deep inside, growing ever stronger as tireless tongues tangled with clits, nipping and sucking, whilst bunched fingers fondled vaginas, exploring them in a flurry of thrusts. Groans and squeals became louder, breathing more labored, until the physical climax could not be delayed for much longer in either of them.

At the exact crucial second, each inserted a little finger deep in the other's bottom, triggering explosive orgasms at almost exactly the same time, though Sue was a fraction ahead. But no-one was timing them.

Lying together as one, in each other's arms, purring with contentment after their luscious love-making, Sarah was taken by surprise at being asked by Susanna what she was thinking about. Sarah paused. Should she tell her friend about her eventful day she'd had, or would it make her jealous. She didn't want Sue to be disturbed.

'I think you'd be upset if I told you.'

Sue laughed. 'Not at all. Is it nice and sexy?'

'Promise you won't be cross with me?'

'Gosh darling! I can't wait for the revelations. Besides, you tell such wonderful, lovely stories. I could listen to them all day. The only trouble is, I never know when to believe them. They all sound so real.' Sue laughed again.

'Okay then.' And snuggling even closer, the room lit with just a single standard lamp, Sarah told Sue what she was thinking.


It wasn't often that we get a visit from a member of the local police, but I had an unexpected phone call at breakfast, from a lady with a very charming, almost musical low voice. She said she was Sergeant Carol Jackson asking if she might call in to have a chat with George and me. Well, I explained that George was in London, and not expected back until tomorrow.

'However, I am free for the afternoon,' I told her, 'if that will suit you. What time do you have in mind?'

'I come off duty at four,' she said, 'so I could call in some time after that, if convenient.'

And so that was arranged.

I dressed casually with a silk blouse over my lace bra. You know the ones. The blouse is rather revealing, though the breast pockets hide the center of most men's attention. I had put on a pair of cotton briefs and a patterned pleated skirt with those chocolate colored Charnos hold-up stockings and a pair of tan court shoes. A red chiffon neckie completed the outfit. I had my hair tied back to show off my pearl ear-rings.

It was an unusually busy, and very warm morning, with the Stately Home teaming with visitors. Amongst the crowd I spotted was one particular young lady I couldn't take my eyes off. She was very pretty, with a demure engaging smile giving her a serene look which first caught my eye. With a loose bolero top, she showed plenty of her young breasts, and a whole expanse of mid-rift. The tight pair of brief shorts she wore, had my imagination running wild.

Of course, the men in the group were trying hard to ignore her figure, and mostly failing, since she wasn't very tall and eyes kept dropping! I thought I detected one or two swellings in the trousers of some of them as their eyes strayed. I must admit that, like many women I know, I have always been something of a secret crotch-watcher, particularly when traveling on the train, as men walked down the gangways, but a beautiful female shape is equally rousing. The young lady's neat bottom is most enticing. I was itching to smooth my hands over the young lady's swellings, perhaps to slip an exploratory finger between her pale thighs.

She suddenly turned to catch me looking at her, and I'm sure she guessed what I was thinking. In fact, I probably gave the game away by coloring up a little. Anyway, she gave me a come-hither smile, with slightly raised eyebrows. I smiled back at her and decided to test her reaction. After jerking my head slightly as a signal for her to follow, I moved away from the group into a small side-room, where I went to stand, gazing out of the long windows overlooking the river. Sure enough, the young lady followed me in. Standing beside me she said hello.

I smiled at her. 'Hello! And you are from...?'

'France,' she said.

'Are you staying long?'

'We're touring with students.'

'How long are you here for?'

'Our coach leaves again in fifteen minutes.'

'That's a shame.'

'This is a lovely view.' Though she was looking at my bosom rather than the view from the window. Her eyes were full of curiosity.

'Yes, one of my favorites.' My eyes wandered to her breasts. She had eased her bolero to one side, showing a glimpse of her nipple. Whether or not it was deliberate on her part, I had no idea, but my heart skipped a beat.

'The better views are lower down though,' I added, looking into her eyes. 'They're my real favorites.'

er eyes met mine with a smile in them. I felt her hand lightly roll over the right cheek of my bottom. 'I though perhaps this was the powder-room?'

'Oh, no, I'm sorry it's... ' Was this really happening, I thought, feeling her hand smooth gently over my skirt? 'Come, I'll show you.' And I led her down the hall, rather more hurriedly than necessary, and through the door to the toilet block, situated just to the right of the main building. It was a converted barn building. She followed me inside. The place was empty, but as I stood hesitating, the young lady went into the Baby Changing cubicle, which has rather more space than the normal loos. Her eyes beckoned me to join her. Was she serious? With my heart in my mouth, I went in after her, closing and locking the door, my emotions in turmoil.

Here was a young foreign stranger, openly inviting me to have a sexual encounter. And here was I, desperate to join in. I couldn't really grasp the situation. When I turned back to her, breathing heavily with expectation, she had unfastened the bolero to expose her full breasts. Not overly big, but perfect on her slender body. My eyes were glued to the pink nipples, standing erect. Neither of us spoke. She lowered herself to sit on the toilet lid, whilst taking my hands in hers, to draw me towards her.

Her hands then moved onto my calves, sliding up the outer legs, scooping up the hem of my summer skirt to display my white cotton briefs. Her hands continued moving to encircle my bottom, as she sank to her knees, lowering her head into my crotch, inhaling deeply. The feel of her breath on my gusset almost had me blowing my top there and then. Fingers peeled the briefs down my thighs as her mouth started to engage with the warm labia.

It was all happening so quickly. My knees hinged apart for her to get at my sensitive parts. Nose, lips and tongue were everywhere between my thighs. My hands grappled with her breasts, my heart beating wildly, whilst her lips sucked and licked all over my gash, which by this time, was oozing freely. This was crazy! All I could think of was the feeling building up inside me.

The tension rose rapidly, filling my loins with delicious tremors. I squeezed my eyes and the tongue expertly sought out every sensitive part of my vulva. I gasped for breath as the orgasm surged and boiled over, my loins pressing hard against her mouth. It had been so fast - so urgent - so necessary. I had been feeling sexy all morning so guess I was almost there already at the mere thought of feeling the center of this young beauty.

Urging me into my knees, she tugged the shorts from her waist, to present her groin to my face. It was my turn. She was waxed as smooth as the proverbial baby's bottom. All white and pink. Her fingers pulled her small labia apart to uncover the pink wet flesh within. Her clitoris was as erect as a cock. Almost white.

With a mouth dry from sheer lust, I fastened my lips on it, sucking and nibbling for all I was worth. So smooth! And wet! The poor girl was gasping, trying hard not to call out. Her loins worked against my face, jerking and fluttering, her hands pressing against the back of my head, until a final jolt told me that her orgasm had racked her. She gave a series of explosive grunts. For several seconds she rubbed her groin on my face, until the spasms subsided. With a final sigh, she bent down to kiss my lips as she pulled up her shorts.

Tying her bolero, with her ear cocked to the door, satisfied there was no-one else in the rest-room, she slipped back the bolt and slipped away, leaving me still kneeling - and reeling. Had I imagined the whisper 'I needed that so very badly ma'am,' or was it for real? Who cares? I had been in desperate need of it as well. With my mind still trying to take in the unexpected sexual exchange, I repaired my make up, washed hands after deeply inhaling a final sniff of her juices, and tidied myself. The whole episode had lasted barely ten minutes!

As the group were leaving, I happened to meet up with them. The young lady smiled sweetly at me. 'Thank you so much for a most satisfying tour. Such wonderful views and excellent service!'


'I wish I could have joined in , or, at least, watched you,' was Sue's response to Sarah's story.

'Ah, but I haven't finished yet. The day had more surprises.'

'Do tell'

'After you've given me a kiss,' Sarah laughed. And after a prolonged, passionate kiss, during which the two lovers fondled each other's secret, seeking out the wet warmth of their inner thighs, Sarah continued with her tale, with Sue cradled in her arms.

Later in the afternoon, feeling rather worn out, I settled down for a rest in our private apartment. After pouring myself a Martini with ice and lemon, I slipped off my skirt and blouse to let the cool air circulate round my boobs, having forgotten all about the appointment I had made. Relaxing in the corner of the sofa, the cold drink trickled down my throat, as my fingers slipped between my thighs, idly rubbing my genitals. The memory of the episode with the French young lady with her soft naked groin was filling my thoughts, when the internal phone rang to say that the police sergeant had arrived. I cursed inwardly, quickly scrambling back into the skirt and blouse, and running my palms over my hair.

There was the tap at the door. On opening it, I was confronted by a tallish lady of about forty I'd guess, wearing her uniform and police hat. She gave me a dazzling smile as I invited her to come into the room. I recognized her immediately as an occasional member of the church congregation. I mean, you couldn't help but remember the tall, well-built woman with short, dark chestnut brown hair, and pleasant features. Her hazel eyes and lightly freckled nose gave her a fresh, clean girlish appearance. She was certainly attractive.

'Sorry, sergeant, I was just having a break from the duties of being hostess. Can I get you a drink?'

'Thank you. I shouldn't really, but since I've just come off duty and you seem to be enjoying an aperitif, perhaps I might join you for one.'

'Take a seat and make yourself comfortable. Well, as comfortable as this hot weather allows.' I went across the room to the cocktail bar to pour her a stiff Martini, with ice and lemon, whilst examining the profile of the handsome policewoman. And, as is always the case with me, I speculated on what was lurking beneath the uniform. I just can't help it. Women do attract me, I'm afraid. Particularly well-built, sophisticated figures such as Sergeant Carol Jackson's.

She looked very good indeed, I must say. Tall and well-built! Long shapely legs. Wonderful drooping buttocks, stretching the fabric of her skirt. Mm, I wondered what lurked between them. The black stockings only served to make her thighs look more sexy.

After handing her the glass, I sank down beside her.


'Thanks ma'am.'

'And to what do we owe this visit Sergeant?'

She smiled. Her eyes danced at me. 'Well... it's a bit awkward in a way... I hope you're broad minded.'

'None more-so.' I wondered what on earth I had to be broad-minded about.

'You have a small private car park at the rear of the property.'

'Ye-es! It is used by the staff mainly. It's rather too far from the main entrance for the public, but the staff can get in to the house through the side entrance. It is quite secure, though.'

'I'm sure it is. Do you make use of it ma'am?'

'Not usually. We have a private entrance to the garage block at the side. All very well protected. CCTV cameras, and alarms connected to the local police station - as you may know.'

'Ah. Well, you probably aren't aware that your small car park at the rear is used by doggers in the evenings.'

I looked at her with open mouth. I think I was too surprised to blush. 'Doggers?'

'That's right. Are you aware what doggers are?' She smiled sweetly.

'It may surprise you to learn that I am, sergeant.' I laughed. 'I have had three husbands in my time, and done my share of furtive sex in the back seat. I was quite an active young lady. But dogging is a fairly new form of sexual encounter I believe.'

'Well, people have been having sex in the back of cars for many years, as you just said - and in the long grass before cars were invented no doubt. And have been spied on by peeping-toms. But it's much more open now. All part of the excitement. Fun sex. Exhibitionism and some swinging.'

I took a swig of Martini and laughed again, to cover my slight embarrassment.

She went on. 'Some people get a kick from having sex in public - and sharing with strangers, perhaps.'

'Is all this legal?' I asked.

'Well, it depends. Providing no-one complains. And the doggers usually take care to have their fun later in the evening - after ten - in secluded car parks, or lay-byes. The point is whether or not you or your husband object to your property being used for that purpose.'

I remembered George and me having sex in his car one evening, many years ago. We were both so keyed up, we couldn't wait to get to a bedroom. It was fairly dark and there was no-one around. Or so we thought! In fact, there was a guy in the bushes on top of a hillock on our right. As we fucked in the back seat, George kneeling between my splayed thighs, the car rocking rather violently, the guy crawled towards us, trying to keep out of our sight lines.

When he reached the side window he peered in at us. I could see him though the wing mirror. He had his cock in his hand. I remember it giving me an extra thrill to think we were being watched. As I climaxed, watching him jerk off, I saw him ejaculate against the door and then scamper off. I don't think George noticed. If he had, he would have chased the guy off I think. When we got home, I took a surreptitious look at the door panel and, sure enough there was the evidence.

'Another Martini?' I asked, refilling her glass without waiting for the reply. 'Who are these people? I mean, are they just young kids out for a quickie, or...'

'Heavens, no! They all respectable people... providing you accept that respectable people have secret sex lives! Bank managers, solicitors, financiers, business men - mostly middle England people - women as well as men!'

'Gosh! Well - I doubt if we have any objections. After all, they're not doing any harm are they? Providing they take their evidence home with them.'

'Oh, they always do that.'

'Are there lesbians involved as well?' I asked casually.

'Probably,' she laughed. Carol gave me a quizzical look with a gleam in her eyes.'Would those be of more interest to you?'

I smiled. 'I might take a look tonight. Just for the fun of it. There's a Security Guard hut we don't use any more. It's at the top end of the car park and controls the side gate to the house. All locked up of course. You can see whatever's going on in the car park from there.'

I had forgotten for the moment that I was invited to dinner with Heather and her husband, Peter, at the vicarage.

Carol stood up. She was a truly lovely woman. Like Juno, the Grecian goddess. She put her glass on the side table, smoothing down her clothes. What a superb figure she had. Her pencil skirt hugged the hips, accentuating the curves. I'd love to get my hands on her, I thought.

'Well... I must be going... I'm taking up too much of your time.'

I stood to join her, my eyes searching hers. I want her, I thought, my urges getting the better of me. I can't explain to myself why, but she's so attractive and sexy. So... mysterious. I think Carol must have been able to read my mind. She returned the look, sizing up each other. Neither of us spoke or moved, but I noticed her lick her lips quickly and softly, to moisten them. They were not too full, but a nice shape and color, I thought. There was a small dark mole in the right corner of her upper lip.

Carol was examining my lips and face as well. I think we both knew what we wanted. Standing there, just gazing at each other, very slowly, our faces closed in and our lips finally met. I didn't need an explanation. I just wanted to touch her. To feel her lips. The warmth of her cheeks. We kissed lightly at first... no more than an exploration. Then, finding it to our mutual liking, pressed more firmly together until our lips were chewing softly. Hm! Wonderful delicate lips. There's no doubt at all that women are much better kissers than men.

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