tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Video Camera

The Video Camera


A few years ago, Kelly and I toyed with the idea of buying a video camera. We like to travel, and in theory, a video camera would allow us to do an even better job of recording our trips for keepsakes. In reality, we found that we didn't use it that way, and that it was a little too expensive to own at that particular time, and thanks to the generous return policies of Circuit City, it went back to the store within a month.

Before we returned it, though, I had a few chances to use the camera for my ulterior motives, which were to record Kelly and I in very compromising positions for my future viewing enjoyment. The camera came complete with tripod and accessories, including a low light mode, so it was "ready made" for my amateur pornographer instincts. I had videotaped myself with an ex-girlfriend many years ago (Kelly always had been curious about that tape too, but I threw it out when we moved in together), but Kelly had never been videotaped before. She was pretty game to try it out though, and we taped three sessions together. They were all fairly similar, but the first time was definitely the hottest, so that's the one I'll describe here.

I got home from work earlier than Kelly on this particular day, and decided that this would be the night we would "break in" the camera. I set it up in a corner of the room, placing the tripod just a couple feet off of the foot of the bed. Conveniently, this camera had one of those LCD screens that can be angled to view from in front of the camera, as well as a remote with zoom control, so I was able to get a very good shot set up before the action began. I also made sure to set out all the necessary "props" including a couple of dildos, a vibrator, lubricant, etc. Then I poured a couple of glasses of wine and waited for Kelly to arrive.

I wasn't sure how enthusiastic she would be about this idea. She had responded fairly well to my initial suggestion, but I didn't know if she would really go through with it. But when she got home and saw the camera in the bedroom, she smiled at me. "I see someone has some plans for tonight," she laughed.

We had dinner together and drank several glasses of wine to loosen up. Then Kelly went to prepare herself for the action. Unfortunately, I didn't get this early activity on tape, because it was exceptionally sexy watching her get ready. After a long shower and shaving her legs, she chose her outfit, a lacy bra and panties set with thigh highs and black high heels. Then, while smoking a cigarette very obviously in front of me, she put on her makeup, a very dark red lipstick, eye shadow and eyeliner. She also spent some time playing with her shoulder length hair until it had loose curls spiraling through it. Finally she declared herself ready and lay down on the bed.

"Are we on yet?" she asked. I told her no and she told me to go ahead and turn on the camera, adding, "Any special requests to start?" I said she should do whatever felt natural and have fun. Of course, I was hoping that she would be even wilder than normal so that the tape would really be hot, but I didn't want to pressure her. I needn't have worried. As it turned out, she put on an especially good show on for the camera. Lighting another cigarette, she motioned for me to join her on the bed.

We started very slowly. Kelly can be quite a tease when she wants to, and she knows how to get me very turned on. This night she started by simply making me lie still without touching her while she slowly smoked the entire cigarette, occasionally running her hands over her black lace bra or panties until I could see her nipples stiffening under the fabric. Of course she made sure to gave me several smoky kisses while she did so, either taking a drag and exhaling right before she kissed me, or even a couple of times not exhaling until after a long french kiss. It was extremely sexy.

She lit another cigarette immediately after the first and continued the tease, but now began stroking and squeezing my hard cock through my boxer shorts. Before long, she had pulled me free through the fly of the shorts and was firmly stroking me with her right hand, while continuing to smoke and kiss me. After a couple of minutes of this, she climbed onto her hands and knees and began giving me a fabulous blowjob. I could see her glance towards the monitor screen to ensure her hair wasn't blocking the view of my cock sliding into her mouth.

Kelly has always given good blowjobs, but there is a definite difference between her "normal" blowjobs and her "special" blowjobs. Pausing after a couple of minutes to put out her cigarette, she literally sucked nearly my entire cock into her mouth. Kelly rarely tries to deep throat me, as I'm a little long for that at just under 8", but when she really wants to put some effort into a "special" blowjob, she gets pretty close. I could feel the tip of my prick brushing the back of her mouth and nearly her throat as she slid her red lips up and down my shaft. Since the camera was on she made a particular effort to look at the lens while she sucked me, moaning loudly around my cock for the microphone's benefit. Between her deep sucking and her hand jerking me off into her mouth, I would not have been able to last much longer, but Kelly sensed that and stopped. She asked me to pause the camera.

Apparently after that hot and somewhat messy blowjob, Kelly wanted a minute to freshen up. She reapplied her lipstick and I took a minute to wash the red smears from my cock in the adjoining bathroom. When I returned, she told me to wait off camera and start recording. She lit another cigarette and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. I could hear from the soft squishing sounds that she was already fairly wet. While her one hand was busy between her legs, the other would pinch and pull at her nipples in between drags. Kelly has average sized nipples atop her large breasts, and they are incredibly sensitive. She rarely lets me play with them for fear of coming too quickly. However, she was definitely teasing herself tonight! She pulled one cup of the bra off of her tit and lifted her breast until she could just stretch enough to lick her own nipple. Never having seen Kelly do that before (or since), I found it very sexy.

She reached down beside the bed and brought out her vibrator. This was her first sex toy, bought before we met, and until I started bringing her dildos, the only toy she had ever used. She pulled off her panties, turned on the vibrator, and pressed it to her clit. The buzzing was loud enough to be heard easily over the soft music I had going in the background, and even is clearly audible on the tape. I took this opportunity to zoom in on her moist pussy and get a great view of her rubbing the vibe over her sex. Unfortunately this left me missing the great shots of her smoking the cigarette and playing with her own tits, so I had to zoom out again for the whole picture.

Kelly rubbed herself with the vibrator for a few minutes, all externally. This particular toy is one of those hard metal and plastic vibrators that don't feel very good inside a woman but are great for clitoral stimulation. Eventually she wanted something inside of herself, so she reached down and grabbed our large dildo, about 12" long by 2" thick. She has had mixed results with this toy. Sometimes it just seems to big for her, but others, especially when I've been eating her pussy for a while first, it sinks right into her and feels wonderful. Tonight, she was having some trouble getting it inside of herself at first. Her cunt was pretty wet by now, but as she tried one-handed to push it into herself, it kept slipping around her opening. Eventually she had to set down her cigarette and hold her pussy open with one hand while firmly pushing the dildo up herself with the other hand.

The effort was rewarding for both of us. I was extremely turned on watching the thick dong slowly slide up her cunt, stretching her lips around it as it went. And I could tell by the arching of her back as she pushed it farther in that she was enjoying the very full sensation. Kelly slowly began fucking herself with the dildo, using only tiny strokes that moved less than an inch back and forth. Then she picked up the vibrator again with her other hand, and I was treated to a hot view of her using both toys on her steaming snatch.

I could tell she was getting much more aroused now, and after a very short time she asked me to come eat her cunt. I knelt on the bed before her and buried my face in her pussy, taking over the thrusting duties with the dildo. She was very turned on and very wet, and I could taste the sticky sweet nectar flowing from her vagina as I tongued her clit firmly. I started giving her longer thrusts with the dildo, pulling it almost completely out, then giving her entire pussy a full lick of my tongue, and finally shoving most of it back up her while fluttering my tongue across her clit. Unfortunately, my position for eating her prevented the camera from getting a clear shot, and all the video shows is her legs squeezing around my head and her hips bucking to meet my movements.

Finally she stopped me so that she wouldn't come too quickly; Kelly is not multi-orgasmic, unfortunately. She told me to fuck her, loudly enough to be picked up on the tape. I pulled the dildo from her cunt and slid right in behind it. Now I'm certainly not a small dicked man, but her normally tight pussy is always loosened up considerably after I've fucked her with this big dildo, and it felt a little slack and gooey. It was an interesting sensation, and I realized I could probably get away with something I had only tried once before, although it had gone well then. Reaching down to the dwindling pile of toys next to the bed, I selected a small dildo that is only about 5" long and 1" thick. Usually we use this as an anal dildo, but tonight, I pulled my cock out of her cunt and pushed the small dildo in.

It disappeared easily inside her, and in fact by this time I think she barely felt the little thing. Were it not for a decent sized flap around the base, it would have easily gone all the way into her cunt. Almost immediately, I pushed my cock into her pussy alongside the dildo. Kelly moaned loudly underneath me at the amazing penetration. She had not been expecting to be double fucked vaginally, and it was very intense for her. I could feel the ridges of the dildo pressing into my cock as I fucked her with long, hard strokes. Her pussy was nearly overfilled and juices were leaking from her steadily.

Kelly's arms encircled my neck and her legs wrapped around my ass, pulling me harder and deeper into her. She was trying to take every possible bit of my cock inside of her, and I could feel her wet cunt muscles squeezing furiously around the dual intrusion. I thought for sure she would come first from the intensity, but I hadn't realized how good the friction would feel on my own dick. When she pulled me down for a messy french kiss, I lost it. I began moaning loudly into her mouth and thrusting hard into her cunt as I filled her with my hot load of semen. She squeezed my neck and shoulder muscles as I slowly came down from my orgasm. I whispered in her ear, "off-camera" that I was amazed she hadn't come first.

"I know," she replied. "I held back, because I wanted to come with you licking me afterwards," she said. Smiling, she took her hand and teasingly pressed down on my head, urging me towards her come filled pussy.

Kelly rarely admits it, but she loves having me eat her out after I have come inside of her. Since she is a one-time-comer, she doesn't like coming first and leaving me unfinished, and she has never been big on sucking me off after we have fucked. Thus she discovered that since I was willing to lick her cunt after I came, and it became her favorite way to get off. Tonight, with the camera on, she was ready to make a show out of it.

I slowly pulled the small dildo out of her pussy and watched the come bubbling out of her. Then I pressed my face to her pussy and began licking her, mainly focusing on her clit but occasionally swiping through her messy snatch. She urged me on vocally for the recording. "Eat me. Lick my sloppy cunt! Oh, your tongue feels so good, I can feel your come running out of me. Oh, fuck, put that big dildo back in!"

I grabbed the dildo and rubbed it against her slit a couple of times to re-wet it, then pushed it deeply into her. Kelly began half moaning, half screaming as I started fucking her with the dildo and licking her messy clit. I could see my come smearing across the shaft of the dildo as I worked it in and out of her. After a minute or two of this, I could feel her orgasm building. Her vaginal muscles began contracting on the dong, trying to keep it inside of her. Her clit grew large and bright red at my constant licking. Kelly was pulling and twisting both of her nipples very roughly by this point, and finally I heard a scream come from her as she exploded in orgasm. She came for a long time, moaning and thrashing around on the bed as I finished sucking her cunt clean.

The tape ended with us snuggling in post-coital relaxation. We made two more recordings after that, one very similar to this one, and one that was more voyeuristic just watching Kelly smoking and masturbating. However, this is by far the scene I enjoy watching the most since then...

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