tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe View from the Loft‏

The View from the Loft‏


Seen from the skylight window, the back-to-back suburban rear gardens were a tessellation of wooden boxes. Slightly different shapes and sizes. Slightly different heights of fence separating them. Each a neat, closed cell. Some with children's paddling pools and trampolines. Some with decking or paving. Some with what Adrian considered to be stupidly expensive-looking high-tech gas barbecues. If you're going to cook on gas you may as well do it in the kitchen, thought Adrian, bitterly. Adrian was much given to bitter thoughts since Stephanie had left him within days of them completing their grand project: the conversion of their loft space into an elegant yet cosy second living room that - with the futon sofa bed - could double as a spacious guest bedroom. Chris. The bastard's name was bastard Chris. Bastard Chris with his own bastard IT consultancy and his bastard villa in bastard Tuscany. Bastard.

So Adrian stood in the elegant, cosy and very empty loft room and looked out of the partly-open skylight window onto the sunlit honeycomb of back gardens. Amazing, the difference in view, just one floor higher. Open countryside not far away - fields, clumps of trees, pretty in a low key sort of way. The aerial view of the gardens, seeing over the tops of the high fences. His seemed to be the only house on the estate with skylight windows. He felt a childlike excitement at the thought that nobody would look up and see him seeing them. Not that there was much to see at the moment. Still, there were always the birds, although nothing very exotic visited this corner of English suburbia. Adrian picked up his binoculars and focused on the chaffinch that was fussing around the bird table in his and Stephanie's - no, his - garden. The bird hopped, pecked at some seeds, stopped still as if startled, then abruptly flew up and away towards the open fields, over the gardens. Adrian tried to track it but it was too quick. As he swept the binoculars across the landscape another movement caught his eye, in the garden diagonally opposite his. He lowered the binoculars. Just a patio door opening.

From the door emerged a woman, carrying a folding sun lounger. She set the lounger up in a sun-trap corner of her patio, close to a high fence. She went indoors and came out again, this time carrying a towel and a book. She was wearing a red sun dress which she pulled off over her head to reveal a white bikini. She settled herself on her sun lounger and began to read.

Adrian's excitement at his unique vantage point mixed with a more uncomfortable thrill. Was it somehow wrong to look at her? The more so as she was oblivious to his gaze? He looked away, then back. She was black, with short hair. Her sunglasses hid her eyes. Hard to tell how old. Late twenties, maybe? Good figure. Really good figure, actually, as far as he could tell while she was lying on her back, which is not necessarily a flattering pose for the female form. The binoculars. Should he use the binoculars? How wrong would that be? She would never know. And it no longer mattered what Stephanie might think.

He picked up the binoculars. His hands trembled slightly as he focused them on the reclining woman. Her full lips were slightly parted as she concentrated on her book. Her hands were slim, with nails painted something dark. No rings. She was holding the book in such a way that it and her arms largely concealed her chest. Her bikini-clad breasts. Adrian gulped. Panned the binoculars down her body. Her belly was toned and taut, but not skinny. A piercing adorned her navel. Her hips were wide, but did not look fat or heavy. Her legs seemed long in relation to her height, with athletic-looking thighs.

She placed the book down. Those breasts. On the large side, definitely. Falling slightly to either side of her chest under their own weight. Real, then. The bikini was just two triangles of cloth with a halter neck. Stephanie had always insisted on underwired and moulded cups in her bikini tops. Once you were D cup or above, she would say, those flimsy bikinis were just exhibitionist. And what's wrong with that, Adrian used to think. But not say.

For a moment, Adrian lowered the binoculars and looked down. Come on, he told himself. Look at yourself. Ogling the neighbours. Get a grip, man. Go and do the washing up or something useful.

One more look, though. Just one.

She had turned over and was lying on her front. The bikini briefs stretched over her magnificent round, prominent buttocks. Adrian carried on looking for a long time. Then she suddenly looked up towards the half-open patio door, got up, and walked inside. Adrian suspected she had heard the phone or doorbell. Ah well. The washing up beckoned.

That night, Adrian had to work hard to focus on memories of good times with Stephanie as he masturbated in bed. Images of his neighbour's glorious arse kept intruding.


Week 1. Sunday afternoon.

There were other things Adrian could have spent his time on, but somehow he ended up in the loft again with his binoculars. About the same time as yesterday, the woman appeared again. Same routine. Lounger out. Sundress off. Recline with book. A red bikini this time, but the same style as the white one. She read for a bit. Adrian watched. No pretence of birdwatching. He gazed steadily, hungrily at his beautiful neighbour in her bikini.

After about ten minutes, she sat up and looked around. It looked as if she was working out whether she could be seen where she lay, from the adjoining houses. Interesting point. The fences around her probably blocked the view from ground and first floor windows. She paused for a moment, as if thinking. Looked around again. But not up at Adrian's skylight.

Then she took her top off.

Adrian's heart pounded and he had to work hard to keep the binoculars steady. The woman, satisfied that she could not be seen, lay back on the lounger with her hands behind her head and her large breasts fully exposed. Free of any constraint, they settled under their own weight but their fullness was still apparent. Her nipples showed as wide black discs on brown skin. Adrian felt a rush of blood to his groin, and he began breathing through his mouth. The woman flexed the knee of one leg a little, keeping the other straight. She stayed like that for a while. Adrian's gaze did not waver. He was trying to make out if her nipples were hardening. His cock was swelling inside his jeans. He was desperate to touch himself but something held him back - as long as he did not masturbate, he could tell himself he was just looking out of the window. Not spying on his half naked neighbour. Not a voyeur, not a peeping Tom. Her feet were pointing in Adrian's direction and he was looking down the length of her body. She crossed her arms across her lower chest so that they supported her breasts, emphasising their size and fullness. Adrian could see her nipples were hard now. They looked big and prominent. After a few more minutes she reached for her book. As she lifted it in front of her face, she parted her legs and raised and flexed her knees so that her pose was overtly pornographic. Adrian was looking straight at her bikini-covered crotch, then past that through her spread thighs to her cleavage. He was just reaching down to undo his jeans when his mobile phone buzzed in his pocket. His mother. Better take that, what with Dad not being well.

By the time he had finished speaking to his mother, the woman was gone.

That night, Stephanie was firmly in the background.


Week 1. Monday afternoon.

Nothing. Stephanie sometimes used to chide Adrian because, being a schoolteacher, he tended to forget that "the rest of us normal people" don't get a fixed six-week break from work every summer. So the woman in the garden was not a teacher, then. Adrian went into town and bought some more powerful binoculars, and a book on astronomy, after the man in the shop had kindly asked him what he needed the binoculars for.


Week 1. Friday, early evening.

Adrian sat in his own garden, enjoying a cold beer in the warm evening sun. Suddenly there were voices coming from ... yes, the woman's garden. At least four or five different people. Three female, two male, maybe? Friendly, animated chatter, faint noise of glasses and bottles. A radio on in the background. Adrian strained to catch snippets of conversation. A woman, to start with.

"... yeah, really, Alex, great place you two have found here ..."

Found - so moved in quite recently. You two - a couple. Alex - could be the male or female half, Alexander or Alexandra. Or they could both be female. Adrian's pulse raced. Then a male voice.

"... yeah, we're really pleased. Got lucky really, especially being first time buyers ... (inaudible) ... yeah, yeah ... it was Alex who spotted it ..."

OK, so the woman in the garden was Alex, and she had recently moved into that house with her husband or boyfriend. No rings on her fingers. Boyfriend, then. Partner, whatever. Lucky bastard.

More inaudible chatter. Then a woman:

"... I bet this corner's a real sun trap, isn't it? Lovely ..."

Another woman:

"... yeah, I was out here a lot at the weekend ... yeah, it's nice ... and look around, yeah? ... we're totally secluded ... amazing really on an estate like this ..."

That was her. Alex. That was her. Adrian could now put a voice and a name to the body he had lusted after. Totally secluded. If she only knew.

"... oh yeah ..." (the other woman) "... you could get up to all sorts out here and nobody would know ..." (giggling)

Something inaudible, then Alex's voice again, laughing.

"... you can put that thought right out of your mind, young man!" More laughter.

And that was the last Adrian could make out, before they went indoors.


Week 2. Saturday, late morning.

Adrian, as was his habit of a Saturday, walked the hundred yards or so to the little convenience store in the next street but one, in search of a newspaper and a bottle of milk. The walk took him past the end of the parallel street where Alex lived, but he did not so much as glance down it. In the shop he exchanged the usual small talk with the pleasant young man who owned it. He paid for his purchases and turned to leave, through the narrow space between two banks of shelves. His way was partially blocked by a young black woman carrying a shopping basket in which Adrian saw a loaf of bread, a couple of tins of something, and a bottle of white wine. Her fingernails were painted a very very dark blue and she wore no rings. He stood slightly to one side to let her pass towards the counter, and smiled politely. She smiled back. She was very pretty. Adrian was transfixed as he realised he could not be sure whether or not he was looking at Alex. He had seen Alex's tits, but sunglasses had always covered her eyes. The hair was right. The face could be right. Maybe. Full lips and a small, flattish nose. The woman's eyes were lovely, anyway. As she passed close to Adrian he tried to scan her figure without her noticing. She was wearing a loose T shirt and, as far as he could make out, her breasts were quite large, but it was hard to tell. Her pale blue jeans emphasised wide hips and high, round buttocks, though. He turned to leave the shop before she saw him looking. Just as he reached the door he caught a snatch of her chatting to the shopkeeper: "... yeah, yeah, beautiful again, isn't it? Gonna catch some sun this afternoon, all right ..." It was her. He recognised the voice. A pleasant, friendly, lively voice. And she would be sunbathing that afternoon. Adrian turned to look at her again, somehow hoping for one more smile although he knew it was absurd - she did not know him; she had no reason to look round. He left, hurriedly.

He took a long route home, past the front door of Alex's house. It looked a lot like all the other houses in that street.


Week 2. Saturday afternoon.

Adrian was ready and waiting with his new binoculars when Alex appeared on the patio. Back to the white bikini this time. But, disappointingly, the top stayed on, at least to start with, as Alex lay on her back reading. Still, the higher magnification meant that Adrian could scrutinise Alex's glorious physique more closely. The smooth, womanly curves of her thighs and belly. The way her bikini briefs stretched over the slight swelling of her pubic mound. And if she could just move her arms a little ... yes ... yes, just like that ... the fabric clinging to her big breasts. Her nipples making their presence known. For what seemed a long time she stayed like that, and Adrian carried on looking. Come on, Alex, he thought. This is great stuff but how about taking your top off? It's not like anyone can see you. Adrian's arms started to ache under the weight of his new, larger binoculars.

At last, lazily, she placed the book on the ground next to the sunbed and raised her torso enough to unfasten her bikini top at the back. Yes! She slipped the halter neck over her head and for a moment those magnificent breasts were in full view, but then in the same movement she turned to lie face down. Damn, damn, damn. Still, at least Adrian now had the chance to test his new viewing equipment on Alex's gorgeous arse. Again, she was lying so that he was looking directly along her body. Her thighs were parted just enough so that Adrian could see right up into her crotch. The bikini fabric stretched tightly over the round, firm-looking globes of her buttocks. Adrian felt his cock starting to swell. He steadied the binoculars on the edge of the open skylight and readied himself for a long session.

Was she? Yes, she was. Oh my God. Unbelievable. Adrian could see a subtle, but unmistakable, rhythmic tensing and relaxation of her bum and thigh muscles. About once a second. There was no doubt about it. She was gently grinding her pubis into the towel underneath her. A thrill coursed through Adrian's body. He felt dizzy. His cock began to strain against the inside of his jeans. Alex slipped one hand underneath herself. The grinding movement became more pronounced. She was masturbating. Adrian's mouth gaped slackly, and he could hear his own hoarse breathing. Please, Alex. Please don't stop. Take as long as you like. The grinding turned to outright humping of her own hand underneath her. Then suddenly she stopped and for a split second Adrian was devastated. But no, she was only turning over onto her back. Oh thank you. Thank you, Alex.

She lay on her back and spread her legs very wide, flexing her legs, balancing her ankles on the edges of the sunbed and pushing her knees apart. Adrian was staring directly at her crotch. With one hand she squeezed a breast and tweaked at a big black nipple. With the other hand she rubbed hard and fast on the outside of her bikini bottoms, over her cunt. Adrian could see the fabric clinging to the very folds of her pussy as Alex rubbed harder and faster, seemingly pushing the cloth part way inside her. Adrian could stand the strain on his cock no longer and reached down to undo his jeans, but to do that he had to push the binoculars slightly further out over the edge of the window so they would stay steady while he held them with one hand. He fumbled at his jeans until they fell to the floor, and slipped his underpants down over his stiff cock. Now Alex had her hand inside her bikini briefs, seemingly flicking and rubbing her clit very quickly indeed while she pulled on each nipple in turn. Just as Adrian took hold of his prick, she came. He saw her buck and twitch and bite her lip and push with her fingers so they must have gone right inside her and grab her breast hard with her other hand. She stayed in that tensed position for what seemed like ages. Adrian could see the little aftershocks course through her. And because she was wearing sunglasses he had no idea whether she was looking in his direction, or even if her eyes were open. Then, slowly, she relaxed. She withdrew her hand from inside the bikini briefs and wiped her fingers on her towel. She sat up, threw her head back and seemed to breathe deeply for a few moments, making her great breasts rise and fall. Then she stood up and went indoors.

Adrian had no tissues in the loft room, so he had to walk, half-naked and erect, down to the bathroom, where he came after only a couple of strokes.


Week 2. Sunday afternoon.

Adrian wondered whether it was too much to hope for that he would be treated to another show like yesterday's. But in any case he placed a box of Kleenex on the small table next to the skylight where he kept his binoculars. He tried to distract himself with housework, reading, sorting his CDs alphabetically. Around two o'clock he took some washing out of the washing machine and went into his garden to hang it on the line. As he did so, he thought he heard voices coming from Alex's garden. Hers and her boyfriends. He could not make out any words. There was some giggling. He forced himself not to rush as he went back indoors and up into the loft.

Skylight open a crack, binoculars at the ready. Alex and a man were sitting at the small table on their patio, each with a glass of what looked like white wine. They seemed to be talking animatedly and laughing a lot. Alex was in her usual sundress, which Adrian took to mean she was wearing a bikini under it. The man was in shorts and t-shirt. Both wore sunglasses. He seemed to be about the same age as her, tall and slim with close cropped fair hair. Adrian was about to abandon his vigil when Alex leaned over to the man and kissed him, very fully and passionately. Slightly to Adrian's consternation he felt his cock harden immediately. This was something new. He carried on watching. The two of them stood up, embraced, kissed again, long and deep. The man's hands went down to Alex's bum, grabbed her buttocks, pulled her hips in hard against him. Adrian felt an absurd jolt of jealousy, as if he somehow had more of a claim on a woman who did not know him than her own life partner did. Alex was grinding her pelvis against her lover, the same movement Adrian had seen when she was alone on the sunbed. She went up on tiptoe to say something in his ear. He pulled his head back slightly so he could look her in the eyes. Said something. Adrian thought it might have been "Are you sure?" Furtive, excited smiles from both of them. Quick looks round. Did they look up at him? Impossible to tell.

Then Alex stepped back slightly and took off her sundress. And then immediately her bikini top. Fucking hell. She sat down on the sunbed, beckoned the man to stand close in front of her. Adrian was loosening his jeans. The man was looking round again, seemingly wary of being seen. Don't worry, mate, thought Adrian. You could get up to all sorts out here and nobody would know. And Alex seems to have shed some of the reservations she expressed last weekend, doesn't she, young man?

Adrian pulled his own jeans and underpants down at exactly the same time as Alex was fumbling at her lover's shorts. The man helped her to work them down over his jutting cock. Adrian realised he had never seen another man's erection in real life. He felt an odd sense of relief when he saw that this guy's penis was probably about the same size as his own - about which, to be fair, Stephanie had always been complimentary. That, at least, had never been an issue. Now: one hand on the binoculars, one on his cock - how was Adrian going to make use of the tissues? With his wanking hand, he quickly grabbed a large handful from the box and dropped them onto the floor between and in front of his feet, to form a landing area for any eventual ejaculation, and protect the laminated wood floor. That taken care of, he resumed his pose. When he looked up, Alex's boyfriend was naked from the waist down.

Adrian watched intently as Alex took the swollen head of her lover's prick into her mouth. She sucked gently, slowly, not deep. She kissed the tip of it with her big, full lips. She pushed her sunglasses up onto her forehead and looked up at the man, squinting slightly in the sun. He stroked her hair, tenderly. She took his cock into her mouth again, deeper this time, and seemed to suck more assertively. Adrian stroked himself slowly, not wanting to climax too soon. He saw Alex cup the man's balls in her slim hand. The man smiled down at her, then looked to the heavens as she must have done something special with her tongue inside her mouth. She pulled away for a second, then pushed his straining shaft slightly upwards so that she could plant delicate kisses on the underside of it, working up and down between his scrotum and his glans. Fuck, thought Adrian, she's good. She went from kissing to licking the man's shaft, with long, slow strokes of her tongue. He shuffled slightly closer to her, cradled her head in both hands. Then with a decisive movement she took him all the way into her mouth again, deeper this time, and rocked her head back and forth so he was fucking her mouth. Adrian was not far off now. He could see the glisten of saliva on the man's prick. Alex was holding his cock steady in one hand and with the other forearm she was supporting her own naked breasts, pushing them upwards. Adrian guessed they would be the target when it came to the climax. He was wanking steadily now and could feel his own orgasm beginning to build. Then Alex pulled her head clear and watched with a smile as her lover sprayed her big brown tits with cum. Adrian struggled to hold the binoculars steady as he saw the other man's thighs and buttocks tensing, pumping semen onto Alex's chest.

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