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The Violin Concerto 01


This is my first time posting anything on this site. I've been reading stories on here for a while now and I have finally decided to write something on my own. I would like to receive constructive criticism on this please. I hope you all find the story to be entertaining. :) Enjoy!


Lacey smiled as the crowd applauded her for her extraordinary rendition of "The Violin Concerto" by Shoenberg. Her skilled fingers had not only drawn the attention of everyone in the room but also drew everyone's eyes to her beautiful mahogany colored violin that her mother had given her two years prior. As she gracefully curtsied, her eyes surveyed the massive auditorium for the guy that never failed to make her heart flutter. Inwardly, she was highly disappointed and maybe a bit annoyed but her face betrayed absolutely nothing. She walked off stage making sure to maliciously crush every rose petal that crossed her path. Why did he never make time to come and see what she loved to do?

Mark, her loyal and much trusted manager, greeted her backstage. He had been there for her from the day she had buried her mother up until now. Mark acted as a father figure to Lacey even though he was Japanese and only twelve years older than her.

"Hey, Kiddo! That was some killer stuff you did out there." He said playfully rustling her dark brown tresses.

"I'm not a kid and you say that every time I perform." She pouted but then it quickly turned into a smile that didn't reach her wide expressive eyes.

Mark's eyebrows furrowed with concern and worry. "Lacey, I know how you feel. Trust me, I went through this with Diane. You need to let go and move on to someone better."

A single tear rolled down her cheek but she quickly wiped it away. Now was not the time to ruin such a good night.

"So what are you planning on doing tonight?"

"I don't know. I'm probably going to just go home and practice." She said timidly, wondering what he was going with that question.

"I'm having a small get together tonight. Nothing too extravagant, just a few friends chatting over a glass a wine." For the first time in Lacey's life, Mark looked genuinely nervous.

"I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to pass. Maybe next time." She said, trying not to make eye contact with him for too long. The whole situation seemed a bit awkward. He had never before invited her to a 'small get together'.

"Well, that's okay," Mark smiled and regained his usual confident swagger. "You go home and rest kid."

"Will do," she replied as she walked away.

People congratulated her as she left but all she could do was nod and give a weary smile. Her mind was somewhere else at the moment. Why couldn't Taylor ever make time for her? She walked outside and shivered as the cool winter air hit her body. Why the hell was it snowing already in late September? Cursing herself for wearing thin black stockings, she hugged her pea coat closer to her body and walked faster.

Taylor treated her like shit. She never failed to go to one of his math meets even when they were five hours away and she had only a quarter tank of gas. Lacey was the most loyal and affectionate girlfriend Taylor would probably ever have. Taylor was smart and unconventionally handsome but when it came to love he was like a cold robot. He said the right things at the right time but never with a lot of raw passion. The first time she saw him, she was turned off by his "Hipster" like attire but the way he smooth talked her into going out with him was incredible.

When Lacey looked up, she realized that her feet had led her to Delilah's Diner. They had the most mouth-watering sweet potato pie in town. She entered and made a bee line to the booth furthest away from the door. In a matter of seconds, Alicia waddled her way over to Lacey. Lacey smiled when she saw Alicia's pregnant belly in her face.

"Hey, Ceecee. How was your recital thingy?" Alicia asked, sitting on the opposite site of the booth. She pushed the table towards Lacey to accommodate her belly.

"It was like it usually is. People laughed. People cried. Nothing new."

"I take it Taylor didn't show up...again."" Alicia said with pure hatred in her voice. Her and Taylor never got along and always had different opinions on any and everything.

Lacey's eyes quickly filled with sorrow. Her full bottom lip quivered.

"I'm sorry Lacey but this isn't the first time he was a no-show. " She put her hand over her friend's. "You can do way better than that soulless ginger kid. Figure out your self-worth, girl. I know this guy that would be gre-"

"Alicia, I'm still in a relationship. I know it seems like a bunch of bullshit but I plan on salvaging it."

"Alright, alright," Alicia sighed and got up, "I'll go get you your favorite. How much whipped cream do you want?"

"Drown it, please." Lacey replied. She twiddled her thumbs and looked out of the window. The snow assuaged her concerns and lulled her into a calm trance.

"Are you Lacey?" A deep masculine voice broke her trance.

"Yes. Why do you ask?" Her eyes never left the gently falling snow.

"Your friend over there, the one with the bun in the oven, asked me to bring you this." He said putting the plate in front of her and then sat on the opposite side of the booth.

The smell of hot steaming sweet potato pie pulled her out of her reverie. She looked up at the man that was disturbing her peace. She found a very attractive member of the male species sitting across from her. His tousled hair was a nice dark brown color that almost looked black in the scattered lighting of the old diner. He also had light green eyes that she bet most girls went gaga over. Normally, Lacey would act like a perfect lady but too many emotions were coursing through her body. She decided to ignore the stranger and enjoy her piece of pie. Lacey stuck her fork through the sea of whipped cream and scooped some pie to go along. The stranger watched as she gobbled down half of her plate in mere seconds.

"I've never seen a woman eat a whole plate of whipped cream and sweet potato pie and not give a damn about her weight." He said with a devilish grin and a sparkle in his eye.

Lacey sighed and looked at him with a very bored expression. What the hell did he want and why was he still there? A few more moments passed until he decided to speak again.

"You know, I saw you playing tonight. It was amazing." He placed a hand over hers and his eyes bore into hers.

His touch sent an electric shock to a place below her waist. She hadn't been touched by such an attractive male in months. Taylor was more interested in algorithms than sex so she had to put her desires on the backburner.

"Th-Thanks," she said, all of the blood in her bodying rushing to her face. She had been complimented thousands of times on her playing but this time it seemed different. Maybe it was because she was in such a vulnerable state right now. She wondered if he could tell she was blushing under her milk chocolate brown skin. "I could play for you sometime if you want."

Why was she turning into a ogling school girl?

"Great. How about tonight?" He suggested although it seemed more like a command. Her hand was still trapped under his causing her to clench her thighs together.

Lacey looked up at the Kit-Cat clock on the wall. It was half past midnight.

"Look, I don't really know you. Your offer would be great if I wasn't in a loving relationship." She tried to muster up some sense of sincerity but her words sounded like a big fat lie.

"Oh yeah? And where is this loving boyfriend?"

"He's probably doing something great like finding advancements in science. Or he could have got caught up in something." She huffed crossing her arms over her chest and looking out of the windows.

"Are you saying that to convince me or yourself?" His question provoked no response from her. "I know what you need and I can give it to you."

Who the hell did this stranger think he was talking to?

"Really? And what do you think I need?" She asked, her eyes still glued to window.

"You need a good fucking."

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