tagBDSMThe Visit & Afterwards

The Visit & Afterwards


**Author's note. This first story is a letter to my Trainor describing a visit I had from an internet acquaintance. The second story was created by my own scorching need. Enjoy*~*eva

The Visit

Dear Master K:

Yesterday, I received a visit from one of my online contacts. It was kinda unexpected, so I had no real time to talk to you about it. He had mentioned that He may come to visit, but wasn't sure.

I wanted to make sure you knew what happened and the fact that it WAS just a visit.

The gentleman in question is a Gorean. He reminds me a lot of you. Same mindset in many things, and *chuckle* carries leather laces in His pocket, but said they normally hang from His belt loop. He arrived around 10:30 in the morning. I welcomed Him into the apt and offered Him a drink. He chose coffee and we talked about His trip so far. He is traveling from Ontario to BC.

I served Him the coffee properly, as Master SRS trained me, and then sat on the floor before Him. We talked in depth about my service so far to my various 'Tops', what things I've experienced.

Master K, this Master does come online, but rarely speaks in channel. In one of my rare nosy days(stop laughing, I'm not that nosy), I intruded, without permission, and basically told Him He was an asshole. I didn't like the way that He responded to something in channel. After that though, I realized, He wasn't being an asshole for that specific occasion. He even pointed out to me that there are many people that consider Him a prick because of His attitude. I've enjoyed my chats with Him online and that's the only reason I went ahead and said ok to a visit.

He has a very strong sense of presence.

What I really enjoyed was just before He left, He tested my resolve. He knew that I was owned and made it a point several times to mention it, so that I would know that he was being honorable. However, eva was a bit..umm..well you know how intense eva can get under certain circumstances. I was still on the floor and he stood as if stretching, and then walked right up to me and grasped my hair. I will have you know that eva's hair is quite long now and a lovely hand hold. He fisted my hair, grabbing it tightly, led my face back and forth against His thigh. At one point, He mimed raping my mouth, thrusting my head back and forth. Hell YES I whimpered. I was..very stimulated by this time Master! He thrust His thumb deep into my mouth and said, "Oh yes, this cunt will be able to deep throat." He wiped His wet thumb against my cheek and drew my head back and forth against His thigh. He paused and slapped my face, reminding me that I was the plaything, not the thing that was getting pleasure. It wasn't hard Master. Not like you used to share with another of your girls. Just a good reminder. Master, I have to admit, by this time I would have ripped through His trousers, and bit into His leg with how hot I was. The physical need was overwhelming my own restraints and the thoughts of your wisdom and guidance.

I didn't though, Master K. I remembered how many times before You've held me in Your arms and talked me through tears of frustration and pain.

The visitor left with these words to share with you, "Tell your Trainer that you are a good cunt."


It had been a very long trip. He was tired of the road, but happy with what was accomplished. He had seen old friends; met new ones. But now he was coming home.

He hadn't intended on coming home so late at night, but the traffic on the interstate was much more than he thought it would be. As he drove the dark streets to his own, the twinkling of lights were beginning to fade as one by one his neighbors said goodnight.

When he pulled his truck onto his street, really a cul de sac, he noted again that his timed outdoor lighting was working perfectly. The Malibu lights lining his property made him smile. He pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine, making a decision to leave the unpacking until the morning.

He entered the house by the side door and flicked on the interior lights of his kitchen. He dropped his keys on the counter and poured himself a small brandy. As he made his way into the darkened living room, he clicked on the electric fireplace, more for a comforting atmosphere than heat. It was good to be home, he thought again as he settled into a recliner and set the brandy next to him. It was then that he realized that there was something amiss.

Soft muted music was gently being played. He shrugged it aside and assumed that he had inadvertently left on a radio before his trip. He settled into the chair and closed his eyes, thinking back over the trip he had made.

He had enjoyed his visits quite a bit. He had also been on a search. He had met many people on internet chat and had taken the time to meet them in person. One stuck out in his mind though and try as he might, his thoughts returned to that visit once again.

She had met him at the door and welcomed him into her life. He knew that she was different from what she appeared to be online. Time and again she had told him that she was a large woman, but really as he looked at her, he knew it was neglect.

They had conversed online for some time and he was curious. She truly was submissive and partially trained. The way she presented his coffee to him; the way she felt comfortable on the floor before him; her soft voice as she responded to his insistent questions with a gentle, "Yes Master". Oh yes. This woman was submissive to the core.

She was also owned. And therefore was unavailable to him for use. The woman had made it clear and although her whimpers of need rose from her lips from a simple appraisal of her, his honor was at stake.

He opened his eyes and sipped at the brandy. She would be such a good little slut. She needed to lose that weight, for her health and well being. She needed discipline and soon. She needed..

He grumped into the snifter and set the glass back down again. There were the others that he had met as well and he tried to think of them. The lithe lil demon girls, promising so much, but then backing out at the last minute, afraid.

This woman though. Lord, his thoughts were back to her. He removed his glasses and rubbed at his eyes, thinking.

He would have liked to use her. He wanted to know if she too would have back away from his intentions. By the time he had left her, she was a lust driven slut, almost clinging to him in her need. Beneath all that weight, he had a feeling that there was slave waiting to be born at the hands of a Master. He smiled then. A Master like himself.

He remembered how she sidled up to him, rubbing herself against him. He had called her a wanton hole and knew that she was. She had told him that she had been celibate for over a year. No use. What a waste.

He could almost feel her now: her warm cheek at his knee, his fingers combing through her long dark hair.

He snapped himself out of his memories and made ready for the night. Locking the side door and clicking off the fireplace once more.

As he slowly trudged up the stairs, he shed his clothes as he went. One quick shower and then sleep. Tomorrow would come soon enough.

He found the source of the soft music. The stereo in his bedroom was turned on low. He chuckled as he thought that it must have been playing for the whole ten days he had been gone. He went into the bathroom and started the shower, adjusting the temperature. He relieved himself in the toilet and then stepped into the shower, feeling the cascade of warm water fall upon him.

Two hands crept up from behind him and gently scrubbed soap against his skin. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation before curiosity got the better of him. He turned around and looked into the dark brown eyes of the submissive that had centered his thoughts.

"Cunt," he greeted her.

"Master," she replied and continued in her task of washing him.

She smoothed her hands against him, lathering his chest before kneeling in the shower and working on his legs. It wasn't so much as a cleaning, because she was also massaging as she went. Complete relaxation washed over him as much as the water cleansed away the dust of the road. Relaxation fled his mind though as an electric shock shot through his body as her warm tongue lapped at his privates. A deep growl rolled from his throat as he grasped her hair and thrust her away from him.

"You are owned, cunt." Matter of factly and without a tremble from the passion that she had stirred.

"I am released, Master." She dropped her eyes and stared at the bottom of the shower.

Warring emotions shot through him. What the devil? She whimpered softly in front of him and he clenched his fist tighter into her hair. He wanted to..

He pulled her once more to him, feeling his cock surrounded by her warm mouth and hissed out in pleasure. He had tested her once about her ability but only with his thumb. Now he knew as he raped her mouth that she had not lied about this hole. Such a good cunt, wrapping her tongue around him, suckling softly and then stronger, pulling upon him, matching his own rhythm. She gagged once, and he smiled and thrust harder. This hole felt good to him. He was pleased and let his seed spray upon her. She returned to her earlier task of cleaning him and then bowed her head.

He steadied himself against the shower stall and shut off the water, letting the water drip. She rose and gathered the towel she had put aside and he had not noticed. She gently scrubbed him down, ignoring her own dripping state until he was out of the shower and brushing through his hair.

He waited for her then, stepping aside as she came out of the stall and made her way naked into his bedroom. She pulled back the coverlet on his bed and knelt once more. He climbed into bed and heard her sigh softly.

He looked over the edge of his bed and smiled. She had curled into a fetal position on the floor next to him.

As he reached out for the light switch, he paused. "Good cunt."

"Thank you Master," her soft reply came.

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