tagBDSMThe Volunteer

The Volunteer


"Ashanti, your husband is a world class ass." Theresa filled our wine glasses.

"You don't have to tell me. I live with the man." The blend from one of our local wineries was soothing and sweet. I could taste a hint of cabernet but couldn't figure out the other flavors. "I just wish that Craig would spend one Friday night with me and let the homeboys do their own thing. I mean, those bastards have girlfriends and wives of their own too."

"Yes they do. And those wives and girlfriends are sitting around complaining on a Friday night, alone, just like you."

"Right! As soon as our son became a teenager with a little more independence, Craig started acting a fool. Sometimes I wonder if he is cheating. What do you think?"

Theresa tilted her glass and downed the last of the wine. "I don't think so. He is a fool, but he isn't a damn fool."

"What does that even mean?"

"Girl, I don't know. It must be the wine talking." We laughed and Theresa punched my knee. "What I do know is that you are here and I am glad that you decided to kick it with me tonight. I am going to call a cab, we need to get going."

"I am not so sure about this show," I said. I finished the last of my wine and stood from the plush couch.

"You are going to have fun. Besides, your tight ass needs to get out and have a little fun. Trust your girl. Mistress Daphne puts on a wild show."

The sound of that name, Mistress Daphne, sent my spine tingling and images of all sorts of debauchery through my mind. Craig had often accused me of being a one position prude, and honestly, there was some truth to that. I loved sex, no I liked sex, but it wasn't my end all be all. And I definitely didn't understand those people that wanted to be tied up and crazy stuff like that. And spanking? Not this sister! Hell, I almost killed Craig when he slapped my butt during sex a few years ago. I only agreed to see Miss Daphne's Show because I didn't want to spend another Friday night alone, and Theresa had an extra ticket.

It was a twenty minute cab ride from Theresa's suburban home to the downtown area. We spent most of it flirting with our driver, a caramel skinned college student named Joseph. He had white t-shirt that clung to that body of his like, like a dream. I wanted to wrap my thick frame around that body of his and just, just let it happen.

Theresa and I climbed from the cab; she blew him a kiss and slipped him one of her cards. "I am going to have some fun with that one." She bit her lip as the cab drove away.

We descended the stairs and entered the small club; it was already beginning to fill. I took a moment to spy the other people; all of them were dressed like me in casual but nice clothes. I half expected to see a bunch of leather clad freaks in handcuffs and nipple rings and tattoos from head to toe. This was tame, and I was slightly disappointed.

We took our seats, three rows back and near the center of the stage. A few minutes later the lights dimmed and Miss Daphne was introduced. Every stereotype I had was blown away as she walked out roaring applause. In my mind, I had constructed a giant amazon like white woman in leathers, wielding whips and chains in both hands. But Miss Daphne was a tan skinned woman, much like me, petit with a thick ass and small breasts. She was in nice tight jeans, high heels, and a low cut white t shirt.

"Thank you for coming out tonight," Miss Daphne said. "Where are my bitches?" With that two men dressed only in leather shorts sauntered onto the stage. "Oh, here are my bitches. Down," Miss Daphne commanded.

Both men dropped to their hands and knees. On command each one kissed her feet.

"Is this for real?" I shifted in my seat. I couldn't take my eyes from the stage and I was little bit turned on. I imagined my own husband on his hands and knees, kissing my feet on command.

"Oh yes, girl. Miss Daphne runs this shit!" Theresa put a hand on my shoulder and laughed.

The woman walked around to the rear of one of the men, reached between his legs and grabbed his balls, hard. "You like this, don't you bitch?"

"Yes Miss Daphne, I do."

"Do you want me to grab harder?"

"Yes Miss Daphne," The man's voice was strained and his face winced as the pain in his crotch grew.

"Too bad, you haven't earned it yet. Get the fuck off my stage!" She swatted the man on his ass as he crawled off stage.

I realized that I was smiling. I blushed and spied the people around me. I guess I was worried that someone might see me slightly enjoying myself. But nobody was paying any attention to me because they were enjoying the show just as much as I was.

"You! Are you ready to earn your keep, you bitch?" Miss Daphne pointed at the remaining man on stage. He was still down on all fours.

"Yes, Miss Daphne. I am."

She turned to the audience and paced slowly and seductively from one side of the stage to the other. "I need a volunteer. Anyone?"

"Me, I'll do it!" A familiar voice screamed. Theresa looked at me with her mouth wide open and her eyes in obvious shock. It was then that I realized I had shouted out and voulunteered.

The dominatrix tapped the man on the shoulder. "Fetch her."

The man in leather shorts agreed. Within seconds he was off the stage, and made making his way toward me. I screamed no, but no sound escaped me. As the half naked man stepped closer I bit my lip in anticipation. What was I doing. I felt hundreds of eyes on me and heard the applause signaling the audiences approval. Miss Daphne kept her large eyes on me as if she were anticipating the fun filled tourture of an innocent victum. I struggled to relax and breath as the man placed a strong hand on my shoulder. He offered his other hand to me. Now was my chance, my last chance to change my mind. But I didn't. I gave him my hand and he led me to the stage.

"What is your name?" Miss Daphne asked. Her breath smelled of strawberry bubblegum. She was intimidating and larger than life, even though she was petit and smaller than me.


"Oh, Ashanti. I like that name. I like how small and cute you are, even with those nice round tits and that fat as. Ashanti?"


"Ashanti," said Miss Daphne. "I like your shoes too. Take them off and give them to me."

I raised an eyebrow. Was she serious? She couldn't be. "Excuse me?" I said.

"Let me explain how this works," Miss Daphne said. She pulled a black marker from her pocket and unscrewed the cap. "I give the commands and you obey them. Do you understand now?"

"I think so. But you want my shoes?"

"That is what I said isn't it?" Miss Daphne shook her head and then pressed the marker to my cheek. She drew two quick straight lines on my face. "When you disobey, you get a check. And each check represents something fun, for me, later. Do you understand?"

I wanted to protest, but I nodded instead.

"Good! Now I want your shoes."

I kicked my cute shoes from my feet and handed them to her. My heart skipped as the people in the crowd applauded. I bit my lip and looked into the eyes of the dominatrix.

"Good girl. You know what? I like that belt. Take it off and give it to me."

"Oh my god," I said. Part of me wanted off the stage, but another part was more excited and alive than I had been in years.

"Did I ask you to speak?" She pressed the marker to my cheek again. Shit, that was three. "Now give me that belt.

I slowly undid the belt and handed it to hear. I tugged at my pants to make sure they would not fall down in front of all of those people. "You are a good girl. Turn around."

I did as I was told and felt her run a finger from my neck down to the small of my back. My knees when slightly week as she grasped my ass. I bit my lip and pressed my thighs together and tried to fight of the electricity that was shooting through me.

"Take those jeans off. I want to see that ass." Her voice was gently but commanding.

"Wait." I turned around to face Miss Daphne and protest. She marked my cheek again.

What was happening to me? I removed the pants without thought and stood flushed with my head held low in front of an auditorium of people. I hated myself for allowing the humiliation, but I loved being toyed with.

"Turn around," Miss Daphne commanded and I obeyed. "You are so pretty. I love that pink thong."

"Thank you Miss Daphne," I said. Damn it! Speaking without being asked to earned yet another mark on my face.

Miss Daphne turned to the man on stage. "I like her shirt. Bring it to me."

The handsome man, dressed only in leather shorts walked behind me. The excitement was killing and I almost fainted as his hands ran across my breasts. He was hands were strong! He was gently at firsts; he circled my breast before pinching my nipples. I closed my eyes and then damn near climaxed as he ripped the shirt from my body; I heard bottons bounce across the stage.

I franticly tried to cover my bare chest by crossing my arms. I stood in shock as people whistled and cheered. God! The conflicting feelings shot heat through my body. I was humiliated, and loved every second of it.

"Well everyone, how about a hand for our volunteer! Didn't she do great?" Miss Daphne raised a hand to the audience; the stood and applauded.

"Ashanti, I have some gifts for you," Miss Daphne said. The man brought her a box and she opened it. I smiled as she produced a leather collar from the box and locked it around my neck. There was a pair of stainless steel handcuffs that she placed on my wrists. "Open wide," she said.

I reluctantly obeyed and she clamped a ball gag around the back of my head and fit it into my mouth. I struggled against the restraints and the gag trying to find comfort.

Then, she produced a thick leather paddle, turned me around, and let loose with hard smacks to my ass; one for each of the marks on my cheek. I screamed through the gag and came as the last blow hit my sore ass. I stood before the crowd in humiliated ecstasy.

"Now, go back to your seat and enjoy the rest of the show, bitch." Miss Daphne winked.

I walked from the stage and felt every eye on me as I returned to my seat. Bound and gagged, I could only shrug my shoulders at my best friend Theresa as she sat in shock.

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