tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Waitress Ch. 04

The Waitress Ch. 04


First of all I must apologize for this taking so long to finish. I just couldn't figure out how to make the story end, and still keep some sense of reality to it. I'm still not certain if I care for the finished product, if you'd care to email me with suggestions I may add to it in the future.

Everything had been running smoothly at the little restaurant for the past 4 months. Kathy was a great manager and she had put into practice a few things that had improved the menu, increased the profit and made the employees happy. This week would be the first time that I would see Kathy since she'd received her quarterly bonus check for profit sharing.

The past months had already been very interesting and Kathy has been doing her best to live up to her "personal services" agreement with me. At least once a week over the past months I'd stopped in for breakfast or lunch and after eating we would go into the office to discuss the business side of our arrangement.

Kathy always dressed the slut on the days that she knew I was going to stop by so after she took off her waitress uniform she was either dressed in some very revealing underwear, a sexy cute outfit or nothing. We always conducted our business with at least her breasts bared and often she was totally naked while we talked about expenses, staff issues and what could be done differently. There's just something about a naked woman talking about business that I found very exciting.

After each meeting she was always eager to accommodate my sexual desires. As always she would offer up her ass for fucking, her pussy or her mouth. She was always ready to do all of them one after another if I wanted. To say that she willingly took care of my sexual needs would be an understatement.

Occasionally I would stop in later in the day as the restaurant was closing down and we would go through our usual business discussion and then move out into the dining area where she would strip off any remaining clothing and serve us dinner as sit across from me in a booth or at a table totally nude. Of course the windows would be open and she would have been on display if anyone stopped and looked in. This dinner would be a prelude to a longer period of enjoying her body and making sure that she enjoyed the experience as well.

Today when I stopped in the lunch crowd was mostly finished and there was only one table that was occupied with two men. I was surprised when I walked in the door as Kathy came running up to me and grabbed me and gave me a full body contact and then kissed me on the lips. She was so excited and happy that she was almost bouncing up and down as she led me to a booth.

She told me to sit down and quickly went to get a couple of cups of coffee and came back and sat across from me. She was smiling so big that it looked like her face could break as she started to tell me about the "bonus check" that she had received in the mail and that she had never dreamed that it would be so much money (about a month of pay).

Kathy went on to tell me how happy she was and that she'd never felt better about her life and herself ever in her life. She went on to tell me about how she always looked forward to my weekly visits and the sex that came with it. She was quite excited and I could tell the two male diners could easily hear her talk but I decided to let her keep going and even lead her conversation.

I asked her if she enjoyed getting fucked in the ass and she told me that at first she didn't, but now that it's become a regular part of our meetings that she enjoys the feeling and is happy to take my cock in her ass anytime I'd like.

She went on some more and I'm sure that the men were quite pleased with what they were hearing.

Kathy surprised me when she said that she was so excited and happy with our arrangement and her bonus that she'll be even more eager to please me anytime, anywhere and any way that I'd like. She then suggested that if I wanted her to stand up and take off her clothes right then that she'd do it, and if I wanted her ass, or anything else she'd be willing to do that right now too. I'm sure this really got the interest of the two diners, but I wasn't quite ready for that much to happen right in a business that I owned.

However, I did tell her to show me her tits, just to see what she was really willing to do. I was pleased that she didn't even hesitate or look around but started to quickly unbutton her blouse and when she was done pulled it out of her pants so that it was hanging wide open. Once again without a pause she reached behind back, unhooked her bra and lifted it up to show me her tits. She was sitting in a café that she managed, in a booth facing me, in the middle of the afternoon with her tits on display.

She looked pretty good, but I never did much care for the lifted up bra view so I just told her to "take off your bra". She shrugged her shoulders and pulled her arms out of her shirt and bra at the same time and when I held out my hand gave me her bra. I told her she could put her shirt back on but leave it open. Once again she complies with no hesitation or questions. I tossed her bra across the back of the booth so that the two men would be able to see that she really had taken it off.

About that time we heard a chair move and some feet shuffle and that was the first time Kathy looked anywhere but at me. I think she may have been relieved when one of the men got up from the table and walked away from us towards the bathroom, but then also realized that when he came back he would be walking towards her and would have a clear view of her sitting in the booth with her tits on display.

I could see the questions and the start of panic in her face so I asked her if she was ready to show off her tits? She replied that if I wanted her to she would show off. I just said "I want to" and waited for the guy to return. I could hear the door of the restroom open and footsteps heading back towards us, and then they stopped. Finally there was a deep exhale and a "whooeee" look at that.

Since they were seated behind me I had to rely on the look on Kathy's face to figure out what was going on. As she turned red and started to blush it was pretty obvious that he was standing and staring at her bare tits. I heard another chair move and a grunt as the other man got up and turned around to look. I could hear them talking and it was obvious that they liked what they saw.

At that time Kathy reached into her apron and pulled out a piece of paper with the realization that she had been their waitress and hadn't yet given them their bill. I saw what she was thinking (now what do I do) and told her to go ahead and give them the bill. She slid out of the booth and walked over to the men and handed them their bill and asked them if they wanted any dessert or anything more.

One of them made a stupid comment about wanting her for dessert, but she just said that they could pay her when they were ready to leave and came back to sit with me. It wasn't long before they came over to where we were seated and handed Kathy a wad of money. They weren't even trying to pretend not to stare but the whole time they talked to her their eyes were glued to her tits.

They left soon after and the restaurant was now empty except for the two of us and the cook and dishwasher in the back room. I asked her how she felt about being exposed like that and would she want to do some more. She told me that it scared her at first but then like so many other things she'd done she realized that it also turned her on at the same time. I asked her to take off the rest of her clothes and she slid out of the booth and started to undress.

She was quickly standing alongside of me wearing just a little pair of black panties and looked so good in contrast to her white skin that I told her to leave them on. As she stood next to me, almost nude, I told her that she really needed to clean off the table so the dishes could get washed. Without hesitation she picked up a plastic bin and started to load up the dishes and wipe off the table where the two men had been seated.

I walked over to the front door and locked it and put up the closed sign. Kathy looked puzzled but finished clearing the table. I told her that now she needed to take them into the kitchen. She looked a bit surprised or maybe even shocked but picked up the bin of dirty dishes and walked towards the kitchen wearing just her little black panties. I followed along and when she reached the door to the kitchen I asked her if she was ready to be a real slut now. She turned and looked at me and said "whatever you want" and pushed the door open with her ass.

To say that the next few moments were confusing would be an understatement. Kathy walked into the kitchen almost completely naked as I followed along behind her. The cook was the first to see her and he gave out a loud whistle which brought the dishwasher in a hurry. I'm sure that they were both surprised to see their boss carrying in a tub of dirty dishes with her tits fully on display.

She set the tub down by the wash station and turned to face all of us. I didn't more or say anything so Kathy wasn't quite sure what I wanted so she just stood still as we looked at her. After a couple of minutes, which she later told me seemed like hours, I explained that as their boss Kathy had received a nice financial bonus for her work the past moths and that as the owner of the business I thought that she should also give them a bonus as well.

I suggested that Kathy take off her last remaining piece of clothing, her panties, so that we could all enjoy looking at her body. She slid them down and off and tossed them over to me. We enjoyed looking at her nakedness and she stood in front of us, turned around and eventually I asked her to bend over and show us her ass. I will give her credit as she followed all my directions without any hesitation or questions.

I then asked Kathy if she would like to fuck and suck her workers as her bonus to them for doing such a great job in the kitchen. Her response was "if you want me to" knowing that I would say yes. I gave her to option to choose what she would like to do with either or both of them and she surprised us all by saying that she would be happen to do whatever they wanted. I told the guys that this was a quarterly bonus and to not get any ideas or to try anything any other time as they would quickly lose their job to which they agreed.

I wasn't surprised that the cook said that he really wanted her nice ass, while the dishwasher, a younger guy, wanted a blow job. I suggested that she could take care of both of them at the same time and moved Kathy over to the food prep table where dishwasher was standing. She immediately unfastened his pants and pulled them down around his knees. As she bent over to start to suck on his cock the cook was moving into position behind Kathy.

The cook grabbed some oil and splashed in on her ass and was began rubbing his cock up and down between her ass cheeks and soon stopped to push against her asshole. He seemed a bit surprised as his cock slipped right in without any resistance. It didn't take long for them to get into a rhythm and Kathy seemed to comfortably settle it having a cock in each end.

As the cook pushed her forward she would almost swallow the dishwasher's cock completely and then as he pulled back she would pull off as well. This movement gave her a total stuffing as when a cock was all the way up her ass she also had one all the way down her throat.

I was wondering how long this might last and who would cum first when the dishwasher grabbed Kathy by the hair and held her tight as he tried to ram his cock even farther down her throat. Since her nose was already pressed against she pubic hair I figured she's either cough up his cum or have to swallow it down She did the best she could but eventually had to push him away so she could take a breath. Her mouth and chin were still covered with cum as she took a couple of deep breaths and then sucked his now limp cock back into her mouth.

This left the cook to finish and as the dishwasher helped hold her head, mostly with his cock still in her mouth, the cook spent the next several minutes pounding away at her ass. Finally he grunted and pushed so hard that they almost fell over as he filled her ass with cum. He held on to her hips as he pushed into her ass and continued to spurt his cum in her ass. Finally he released her and somehow she managed to stand up between the guys.

I asked if they enjoyed their bonus and of course they said yes. I also said that perhaps next quarter the bonus could even be better if business continued to improve. I took Kathy by the hand and led her into the office where it was quiet and private and she sat down on the couch.

She certainly looked like she was all "fucked out" as she has cum all over her face and cum was starting to drip out of her ass as well. I asked her if she still liked our agreement and if she was still willing to fulfill my sexual requests which would include giving bonuses to some employees and perhaps a supplier now and then. She slowly looked up at me and I was convinced that she was going to say that she wanted out of our agreement.

Finally she smiled and said "you haven't had your turn yet, what would you like?"

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