tagLesbian SexThe Waitress Pt. 02

The Waitress Pt. 02



This is the long awaited part two of The Waitress. Apologies for the long delay but other stories have popped into my head and I just have to go with the flow, but it's always been on my mind to do at least one more story about Carole and Marina. I hope you enjoy it.

The picture hanging in Carole's bedroom looked good. She'd originally thought to hang it in the living room but having a painting of herself wearing nothing but a white shirt was a little too far, even if the only people who might see it were her friends. She adjusted the frame slightly and stepped back to look at it again. The picture directly below it on the floor was a larger photograph of San Diego that had hung there for years. Now that a smaller picture took its place she could see the marks where the original had been.

Looks like a fresh coat of paint is needed.

Carole glanced in the mirror for a moment, taking in the shape of her body and then comparing it to the painting. Had Marina made her look slimmer on canvas? A moment later she sank down on the bed and shifted backwards to the bedhead. She kicked off her shoes and laid back against the pillows, a smile nudged her lips as she studied the painting.

"Okay, I'm still good looking."

She thought of the woman who'd painted it. Marina was an arts student with a part time job as a waitress at a local restaurant here in San Diego. Carole had felt nervous posing like that for her in Marina's apartment but three days ago the dark haired beauty had turned up at her place of work to announce that the painting was now ready for viewing. Would she like to see it?

That 'viewing' had turned into something else, a wild night of sexual abandon. Marina's first sexual encounter with a lesbian had been positive, so she told Carole but there had been no phone calls since. Carole hadn't called until this morning, only to reach her answering machine but there had been no call since, not even on her cell, which was almost a relief. She needed time to process the event. Marina had just turned 23 last month, she was 32. Granted she still looked attractive, even without looking at the painting, but would this work out? She closed her eyes and locked her left hand behind her head as she tried to think ahead.

This was San Diego, Marina was not her student so there was no impropriety there unless Marina came to work at the publishing house where she was a book editor, even then, she touched her belly. Office romances weren't uncommon, although Carole had a rule about them. She fiddled with the button of her peach-colored blouse, it had come undone and she fastened it as she continued her diagnosis.

So what's the way forward?

The words of her long time mentor and former professor came back to her.

Call her again. You called this morning, she was probably in a class.

Carole's hand slid down to the jeans she'd changed into half an hour ago.

She must be home by now.

Her fingers slid down the fly and she parted her legs instinctively as she pictured Marina in her waitress uniform. Black trousers, waistcoat and bowtie with a white shirt. The memory came back to her as she rubbed her genitals, unbuttoning that white shirt, the nervous anxiety as she waited for the inevitable pulling back and then she'd gone further, undressing her and then going down on her. Carole unzipped her jeans and slid her hand inside, feeling her lips and a smile nudged her mouth as she slowly rubbed herself. The phone rang and she jumped. A moment later she pulled her hand out and rolling over, snatched up the phone on the bedside table.


"Hey, it's me," Marina sounded out of breath, "sorry I didn't have time to call, I kind of ducked in and out but then I had to go and vote."

"Shit," Carole fell back onto the bed, "I knew there was something I forgot."

"Clinton will probably walk it in."

"Well Dole can't even stand on a stage without falling off," she smirked, "if he did manage to walk into the Oval Office he'd probably be carried out on a gurney in a couple of years."

"What're you doing Friday night?"

"Hmm, let's see," she closed her eyes, "I'm flying to Paris for a dirty weekend with girls," she opened her eyes, "sorry, sorry, I'm just fucking with you. I'm as free as a bird in the wind."

"I've got some of my work in a special exhibition," she paused, "is it okay to have that one I painted of you in it? I'm sorry, I meant to ask you the last time we saw each other but then well, things changed and I kind of forgot. It's just the sketch of course."

She trailed away and Carole burst out laughing.

"So, you're asking me to go and view a picture of me wearing nothing but a shirt?"

"Yeah, I thought you liked it?"

"I do, it's hanging in my bedroom now and I'm just lying on the bed looking at it. Okay, it's a date but on one condition."

"What?" Marina sounded guarded.

"Can I tell my friends, Tracey and Mandy? They knew I was posing semi nude but haven't seen the end result."

"Sure, no problem."

"So, you want me to pick you up?"

"Uh huh," she replied, "about seven? We could maybe go for a bite to eat later."

"Yeah why not?" Carole sat up, "any place in particular?"

"We'll pick some place at random."

"I can do random."

"I know, I love your random," Marina paused, "look, I'd love to talk more but I gotta run or I'll be late for my shift. I had to swap my Friday shift for one tonight, but I'll call you when I get back home. Is that okay?"

"No problem, you take care."

Marina farewelled her and Carole flopped her arms out and smiled.

Okay, a second date! Looking good.

"I agree it looks good so far," Mandy arranged the flowers in a vase, "but it's a second date, so don't go getting ahead of yourself."

"I'm not," she tugged at the collar of her blouse, "I'm still sitting on the fence, she's nearly ten years younger than me."

"And that's a problem in what way?" Mandy turned to look at her, "there's seven between Tracey and I, if it's not a problem to her then it's not a problem. Why are you creating problems?"

"Am I?" Carole slipped a hand behind her blouse to her bra strap, "maybe I am. Maybe I'm just not her type."

"She called you twice on Tuesday night."

"And once on Wednesday night when she got in from work."

"And these conversations," Mandy folded her arms and faced her, "are they intimate?"

"Kind of," she replied, "she's very bubbly, seems a bit nervous. Like she's frightened of upsetting me by mistake but I was the same at her age."

"You're not her mom."

"No," she winced, "do I sound like her mom?"

"You know the biggest mistake I made with Tracey?"


"That thing you're doing, the older woman, younger woman thing. We came close to breaking up not long after we got together because I wouldn't stop trying to control the situation. I had it all nailed down, I didn't want her to go down certain paths because I'd either been there or seen people go there. I wanted to wrap her up in cotton wool and it was constricting," she leaned against the counter.

"Let Marina be Marina, and if being Marina means she just wants to be friends with benefits then fine, if she wants something more then even better. It's not like you're on a timetable, you're not planning on getting pregnant, you're just getting to know a younger woman," she punched her arm lightly, "so go to it."

"Thanks," Carole sighed, "and this exhibition?"

"We'll be there, Tracey wants to see what you look like naked."

"Nearly nude," she replied, "you can't see my babies."

"Damn," she smirked, "oh well, at least we'll have the fantasy."

Carole chose her outfit carefully that Friday night, a long-sleeved Hawaiian shirt and white, tan safari skirt and peach pumps. A shell necklace and bracelets completed the outfit but when she stepped into Marina's apartment, the younger woman eyed the necklace with a frown.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she reached behind her and took a small, rectangular box from her bag, "but you might like to try this on instead. I bought it for you."

"You shouldn't have," Carole murmured as she opened the box.

It was a necklace made of bright beads surrounded by two rings of larger flat stones. She held it up and Marina fiddled with her belt.

"I got it at this stall at college today, they were raising money for Somalian refugees, it didn't cost me much money if that's what you're worried about."

"It's not that," Carole unfastened her own necklace.

"It's just that I didn't buy you anything," she slipped the new necklace over her head and flipped her hair out.

"I never asked you to," Marina slipped her hands into the pockets of her white jeans, "I um, I need to ask you something, a favor."


"About um, going out together and you know, holding hands in public."

"Oh," Carole smiled, "it's all right, I've been there before and sometimes, depending on where I am I still stay in the closet. I mean they know what I am at work and just about all of my friends know I'm gay but I'm cool with that."

"Thanks," Marina stepped forward and put her arms around her, "I've been worried you might want me to come out and it's not that I won't, I'm just not ready for that."

"Hey," Carole rubbed her back, "I'm there, trust me."

They parted a few moments later with a brief kiss and she let her eyes play over her. She was wearing a white shirt under a thin poncho with an elaborate Navajo motif embroidered into it, a pair of black trousers and black pumps completed the outfit.

"I love this," she traced a finger over the motif, "very nice."

"Shall we?"


The exhibition was held on campus in an auditorium and Carole was surprised at the attendance, there seemed to be a constant stream of people coming and going. The proceeds were going to aid agencies in Somalia and, she was surprised to note, one of them was an AIDS support charity. She was only too happy to pay her admittance, despite the fact she was going as Marina's 'friend' Indeed, Marina's teacher, Janet seemed surprised that she'd put money in the box. She was standing at the entrance as part of the meet and greet team.

"You're the star attraction," she held out her hand, "there's a few people commented on Marina's drawing. Don't be surprised if people want their picture taken with you by the piece."

"No problem," she shrugged.

Mandy and Tracey were inside, having already viewed Marina's sketches but of course they had to view it again with the artist and subject. Mandy had brought her camera and both women had their pictures taken with Carole and Marina in front of the sketch. By the time they'd finished however, they'd attracted a small crowd who put two and two together, and as Janet predicted, wanted to pose by the sketch with Carole.

"I've never had my picture taken so many times," she smiled.

It was while she was standing for another picture that Carole saw an old familiar face. Katherine, her ex lover and arguably the one who inadvertently brought Marina and Carole together after a chance remark at the restaurant. She must have noticed Carole because she was threading her way through the people making their way between the artwork displayed on portable folding walls. Janet was off to one side and as Carole watched, Katherine tapped Janet on the shoulder and whispered something in her ear. Marina's teacher smiled and Katherine dropped a piece of paper into her jacket pocket and kept walking as she made a beeline for Carole.

Janet's hand dipped into her pocket and she pulled out the paper and read it. A sly smile nudged her lips as she looked at Katherine's back and then her ex was standing in front of her. She nodded at Mandy and Tracey before looking at Marina.

"I've seen you before, you work at the restaurant."

"Yeah," Marina smiled.

"Do you mind?" Katherine took out a camera and handed it to Marina, "for old times sake."

It felt painful standing with her ex lover beside a painting of herself wearing nothing but a white shirt and a pair of panties.

"Glad to see you landed on your feet," Katherine murmured.

"Likewise," Carole replied.

The camera flashed and they moved apart.

"Oh, her, she's certainly bendable."

Marina handed the camera back and Katherine thanked her and turned to look at the sketch.

"Yeah, that's the Carole I remember, always naked."

She turned on her heel and walked away leaving Carole feeling as if she'd just been humiliated. Mandy raised an eyebrow and took a step forward.

"Do you want me to?"

"Leave it," she muttered, "let's not spoil the occasion."

She was as good as her word. It wasn't the first time she'd had an encounter like that but as they made their way to her car a little later she felt the anger rising to the surface.

"What's wrong?"

"It's that comment she came out with, when she said that's the Carole I remember, always naked. She had a sex drive like a man, I was almost glad she decided to leave me for someone else."

"Who's she with now?"

"With Katherine it's more a question of who she's not with and at the moment I think she's about to get with Janet."

"Janet?" Marina glanced up, "she's straight, and married."

"Not from what Katherine told me, it doesn't look as if they've had sex yet but she dropped a note into her jacket pocket so I'd say sooner or later they'll find an opportunity."

"Oh," Marina bit her lip, "I didn't know that."

"The things I could tell you about Katherine."

And Marina heard more about Katherine over dinner. The woman who boasted she could turn any straight woman. Carole had few regrets now about losing her.

"But at the time I was holding out hope that things might change. She kept saying she needed to slow down and stop playing the field. Katherine and I started out well, but once she had a secure relationship it's like something short circuited in her brain and we started having disagreements about stupid things. I thought that perhaps she just needed time, maybe we could work things out and she always knew when she was approaching the point of no return because she'd start playing up to me. She would give me a juicy little tidbit, something from her past she had to deal with and because I was the older woman I'd naturally give my advice. We'd wind up getting comfortable, then naked and you know the rest."

"She sounds like a user," Marina replied, "the kind of woman to stay away from."

"Well she's out of the picture now."

"So relationships between lesbians can be shitty too."

"Well we're all human," she sighed and looked at the time on her phone.

"You wanna stay longer or head home?"

"Whose home?" Marina asked.

"You wanna come to my home?"

"Oh?" Marina reached over and turned the phone around, "and you think we've come far enough for that?"

"I do," she looked down as Marina opened the Nokia to look at the miniature keyboard inside.

"Huh," she smiled, "they're getting more and more complicated every day," she closed the phone, "I keep meaning to buy one but then I need money for rent or food, or something else and before you know it I've got no money left."

"Tracey works at a place that sells them," she replied, "we should take a ride down there one day and see what we can find you."

"Maybe," she looked at her, "let's go to your house and you can show me where you hung my painting, I need to make sure the setting is just right."

"It's in the bedroom."

"Even so," she stretched and smiled, "I need to see what other pictures are near it."

"Okay, let's go check out my bedroom."

Marina chuckled and pinched her nose.

"God, I remember a guy who had this crush on me in senior high. He used to say that all the time but I knew as soon as I agreed he'd want me to test the bedsprings. I always found a reason not to check out the bedroom."


Carole lived in a nice two story house in a well to do neighborhood of San Diego. It had been going for a song when the recession hit but the previous owners had let it decline in value. Carole had painted every room in the house that first month and that next month had paid someone to paint the outside and slowly but surely the house began to take on a whole new look.

"The last room I did was this one," Carole showed her into a loft room, "I use it for a home office now but the one across the hall is a spare bedroom."

Marina took time to examine the pictures scattered over the walls. It was something she'd done in every room and Carole managed a crooked grin as she leaned against the door jamb.

"Yeah, I know, more crappy artwork."

"Your taste in art isn't that bad," Marina glanced over her shoulder, "but you could use an artistic eye when buying pictures."

"Well if you want to paint them, I'll hang them."

"Tell me something," Marina leaned against the desk, "how would it be between us if we were together."

"As in?"

"Together, as in not seeing anyone else, don't worry, I'm not talking about moving in yet."

"I only have one rule."

"What's that?"

"If you see someone else you like, tell me first. I may or may not fight it but I like to know first and as for moving in, it's something I'll leave to you. I'm not going to try to tell you how to live your life. I'm here if you need advice but I'm only ten years older than you, so I'm not your mom. I'm happy just having you here whenever you want."

"Likewise, it's a two way street," Marina pushed away from the desk and walked towards her. Carole straightened up as the younger woman put her hands on her belly and moved them up to her breasts. They kissed a moment later and then she pulled back.

"I have the same rules, no cheating," she took her hand, "now, show me my painting."

Carole's bedroom had been left till last when she was restoring the interior and by then she'd learned from her mistakes and thought of a few newer features. Small downlights were spaced along three walls, which gave the room a nice romantic atmosphere. The fourth wall was covered by a floor to ceiling wardrobe with mirrored doors. Marina's eyes however were fixed on the painting and the marks beside it where the larger picture had hung.

"I'm gonna have to repaint that wall now."

"Maybe," Marina moved closer and touched a mark, "but then again," she stepped back into Carole's arms, "two more pictures on each side would distract the eye."

"Good idea."

"Two of you."

"Me? Again?"

"Yeah," she leaned against Carole, "in these paintings you would be fully clothed, a white shirt for both of them, one relaxed and casual, the other businesslike. Your white shirt wall."

"I can see it."

"So can I," Marina moved away from her and walked to the bed. She slipped off her heels and got onto the bed and laid down.

"Move a little to the right," she gestured.

Carole moved and Marina formed a square with her hands and peered through it, a moment later she nodded.

"White shirts, probably two different styles. What's in your wardrobe?"

"You mean apart from the bodies of all my ex lovers?" Carole opened the wardrobe and took out a plain white business shirt.

"Yeah that looks good," Marina looked at it, "maybe another one for the other side, one a little less formal."

"Hmm mm," she finally took out one but Marina shook her head and pointed, "the other one with the puffy sleeves."

"This one?" Carole took out an ivory-colored blouse with attached ties and billowing sleeves.

"Yeah, wear that with the ties undone and jeans."

"Okay," she looked at it, "I'll put them aside," she hung them on the handle of the wardrobe door, "when's this session going to take place?"

"Tomorrow, unless you're going to toss me out of bed tonight."

"I wasn't planning on driving you home tonight," Carole took a few steps towards her.

"Uh huh," Marina's eyes twinkled, "so, I'm at your beck and call tonight."

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