tagErotic HorrorThe Watcher Ch. 01

The Watcher Ch. 01


Special thanks to LustyMadame and Tracer64. You guys are awesome.


Jenna sighed as she saw the light flick on from her dash behind the steering wheel. It was the one that reminded her of how forgetful she was. She hadn't changed the oil in quite some time, and it was something she had neglected to do several times. She knew that Jason would have remembered. She shook her head and turned onto the street that wound through her quiet neighborhood. She couldn't help but dwell on her recent forgetfulness. Though letting such a menial task as taking her car for an oil change slip her mind would not normally had bothered her so much, the day had not particularly gone well for her.

As she cruised down the road toward her house, Jenna couldn't help but think of the grueling day she had experienced. She remembered having to change her pants earlier that morning after knocking over her coffee cup, which sent the incredibly hot beverage pouring over the bar in her kitchen and into her lap. Then there was the guy that had nearly sideswiped her on the way to work, who had also been generous enough to flip her the bird, as if she was the one being reckless.

The entire work day had seemed to drag on the same way, with one annoying occurrence after another. On top of being ten minutes late to the office, a construction crew had been jackhammering the pavement where she normally parked near the front door, causing her to have to park across the street. Of course, just as she had dreaded they would, the construction crew stopped their work long enough to watch her walk into the office.

All day, as with most days, her boss had teased and flirted with her. He was a nice guy, and wasn't an unattractive man, but his advances and subtle remarks always got on Jenna's nerves. He was a married man, and Jenna had grown to detest men who had an eye for women that weren't their wife.

As she neared her driveway, Jenna peered past her house to see a large rental truck next door. She pulled onto her concrete driveway and parked in front of her garage, staring out her window at the house beside her own.

"Someone finally bought it," she muttered to herself.

The neighboring house was much like the rest of the homes in the cozy suburb; they were new and of modern design, and were situated on small lots, which only allowed for a few meters between one house and the next. They were almost cookie cutter homes, though at least every one was designed and built differently. It was not Jenna's favorite layout for a neighborhood, and she felt encroached now that someone had moved in next to her. Still, she considered herself lucky to have such a beautiful home.

Jenna remained in her car for a moment, studying the new neighbors that were busy unloading furniture from the rental truck. The first thing that she noticed was that they were all men. She counted three going in and out of the open front door. They were young, and Jenna figured they had to be in their twenties like her. They were all very slim and tall, and all three shared the same dirty blond hair color. Something within Jenna made her dread the idea of living next to a bunch of guys, though for all she knew, some of them could simply be helping with the move. She didn't spot anyone resembling a wife or girlfriend.

Jenna stepped out of her car, and was about to head inside when she stopped and cursed silently. She had been so preoccupied with watching the new neighbors that she had forgotten to stop and check the mail. She headed down her long driveway toward the mailbox, her short heels clicking on the concrete. Hoping that the three men wouldn't notice her, she kept her head down and refrained from looking their way. When she reached the mailbox, she opened it to find a few bills, some junk mail, a magazine she was sure that she had canceled a while back.

While sifting through the mail in her hands, she did not have to look up to know that she was being watched. The sounds next door had stopped, and she caught a glimpse from her peripheral vision of the three men standing together on their front porch. She sighed to herself. It seemed that most men were the same. She could remember the countless times that she had caught Jason staring at some other woman. Jenna gathered herself and headed back up the driveway.

She allowed her eyes to cut over at the new neighbors. Immediately, she saw one of them walking toward her. Jenna grew tense and nervous. For a second she considered ignoring him and acting like she didn't see him, but she didn't want to be mean. She glanced over at the man and gave him a warm smile, the same smile she gave to customers at the front desk at work. The tall man returned her smile with a broad grin of his own as he approached.

"Hey there," he said.

"Hi," Jenna said.

He came close and extended his hand to her.

"Just wanted to introduce myself," he told her. "I just bought the place next door."

"I see that," Jenna said, still smiling. "Welcome to the neighborhood."

She spoke in the voice she was so used to using at work, the high pitched and polite tone that she found was often too forced. Jenna shook his hand before quickly giving him a once over. He was half a head taller than her, and though he was thin, he looked to be in decent shape beneath his plain black T-shirt and jeans. His eyes were a bluish color, and were small and sly looking.

"I'm Blake," the man said.

He turned and motioned to the other two men standing on the porch looking their direction.

"Those are my brothers," he said. "The taller one is Matt, and the squirrely one behind him is Danny. We're all moving in together."

"Oh, cool," she said. "I'm Jennifer. Most people just call me Jenna."

Blake eyed her curiously. "How long you been here?"

"About two years."

He nodded and stared over at her house.

"Pretty nice here, isn't it?" He said.

"It's quiet. I like it here."

Jenna caught his eyes as they glanced over her low neckline. The familiar feeling of nervousness and discomfort flooded through her.

"Fancy name tag you got there," Blake said. "Where do you work to be dressed so nicely?"

Jenna felt herself blushing, not from any sort of flattery, but because of her own personal embarrassment. She realized that he hadn't been looking at her breasts, but at her gold and black name tag, which she had unwisely clipped to her elaborately folded neckline. Though it was the only place that made sense to attach it to her shirt, she now knew why customers had been staring at her chest all day. She felt like an idiot, which didn't help with her mood at all.

"Oh, uh, I work for the electric company in town," Jenna said. "I'm a customer service representative and a manager's assistant."

Blake nodded. "So you work the desk then?"

"Pretty much."

"That's cool. Me and my brothers do a bunch of remodeling," he said. "Roofing, painting, and some other stuff. If you ever need something done, I'd give you a good discount."

"Oh, okay."

Jenna stared off in the direction of Blake's house as the two shared a few awkward seconds of silence.

"You live alone or something?" Blake asked. "I haven't seen any other cars here all day."

The question caught Jenna off guard, though it was the one question she had always hated to answer.

"Uh... yeah," she said. "Well, I moved in here with my husband but we're... he doesn't live here anymore."

Jenna bit her lip and glanced down at her feet. She hated the warm flood of embarrassment that washed over her. It wasn't a feeling that she dealt with very well. She had already had an altercation with a customer earlier that day in which she had to sit under the scornful glare of a man whose bill she had lost. She definitely was not comfortable talking about something so personal with someone she had just met.

"Sorry to hear that," Blake said. He flashed her a bright smile. "I guess now you're living it up, though, right? Young single girl, living alone... you probably throw parties here every night, huh?"

Surprised, Jenna didn't know what to say.


Blake nodded. "I knew it. I knew I'd move next to a wild and crazy neighbor."

Jenna stared at him dumbfounded.

"I know your type," Blake continued. "You're all polite and quiet, and then at nighttime it'll be like a college block party over here. I probably won't get a bit of sleep now."

Jenna couldn't help but laugh.

"I won't mind the noise, okay?" Blake said playfully, "As long as there's not too many cars in the street. This is a peaceful neighborhood, I hear."

Jenna rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Trust me, the craziest it gets over here is when my mom comes over for a visit."

"Now that's my kind of party there," Blake laughed. "Parents, pizza, and pop."

Jenna laughed and swept her black hair over her shoulder. She found it difficult for some reason to look her new neighbor in the eye. There was a cool fluttering feeling in her chest, one that she hadn't felt in a long time. She hoped she wasn't blushing again. She looked up at Blake, who smiled and extended his hand again.

"Well, Jenna, it was nice meeting you."

"Likewise," she said as she took his hand once more.

Blake motioned to the porch behind him. "I gotta get back to it. If I don't keep those two busy, we'll never get done."

"Okay, um... don't work too hard," she said.

As he walked back toward his house, he turned and gave Jenna another smile as he pointed her way.

"I'll be watching you, neighbor," he said.

Jenna chuckled and headed into her house. Once inside, she kicked off her heels and rubbed her aching feet. She had to change into something more comfortable. Passing through her bedroom at the rear of her house, she made her way into her walk in closet. It wasn't a very large closet, but it was nice to have plenty of room for shoes and outfits. She unfastened her slacks and slid them off, tossing them into her hamper. She removed the name tag from her multicolored dress shirt and tossed it onto the built in counter againts the wall. She noticed that she had left her jewelry box open this morning in her rush to get ready for work.

While she was thinking of such, Jenna went ahead and slipped her earrings off and placed them in their spot in her enormous jewelry box. She then removed her silky thin shirt and tossed it in with her slacks. Just as she was about to turn to find something to wear for the remainder of the day, her eye caught sight of her reflection in the tall mirror hanging on the wall. Jenna could see her entire body in the mirror, and she gazed at herself for several minutes.

She tried to admire the half naked girl in the reflection. She wanted to be proud of the subtle curves in her body, or the naturally tan complexion of her skin. When Jenna looked at the mirror, she did not see the short dark eyed girl with the thin framed glasses. She did not see the lovely traces of her Latin blood, nor her beautiful head of straight black hair. She rubbed a hand across her smooth stomach, eying her average breasts behind her plain black bra. Her heart began to sink, as it did so often.

Jenna was seeing his face again. She was admiring his sweet smile and the dimples in his stubbly cheeks. She imagined his sharp green eyes, and just for a moment, she thought that she felt the way she used to when Jason would look at her. She could even smell him again, the way she would when her head was on his chest as she drifted to sleep so long ago.

The glowing thoughts twisted into painful ones in her head and in her heart. As she examined her body, she wondered what part of her had gone stale for him first. She wondered what it was that she had done so wrong. It still pained her to know that someone else had taken what had once been hers. Jenna obviously did not compare to someone so wonderful. She tried to imagine things the way they used to be, when she and Jason had first married, but the thought of the joy she had lost only made the hurt worse.

It was true, she knew, that perhaps she didn't act as sexy as other girls could. She had trouble feeling comfortable about her looks, though everyone told her that she was beautiful. She remembered when she used to have trouble doing her job because of the frequent interactions with customers, but her confidence had grown substantially since she had first been hired. The only one she truly felt comfortable and sexy with was Jason, and it was now clear that even he found her lacking. She swallowed the lump that tried to form in her throat and turned to find something suitable to wear.


It was beginning to get late. Jenna had fixed herself a light dinner, and then proceeded to catch up on some of the chores she needed to do around the house. Afterward, she had painted her toenails and watched a movie for about an hour before turning it off. She had thought of calling her friend Kelly and asking her to come over, but she wasn't in the mood for a visit. Kelly was a good friend, but Jenna sometimes grew annoyed with her outgoing and outspoken personality. With nothing else to do, she had showered and made herself ready for bed.

Jenna was sitting in her bed with the covers drawn back, trying to catch up on the book she had been reading. She focused on the words, but found herself repeatedly trailing off into thought, and she constantly had to backtrack and read several paragraphs over again. Usually, she would grow tired whenever she read, but tonight she actually seemed restless. She felt drained and fatigued, but not in the sense of drowsiness.

She closed the book with a long sigh and set it on her nightstand. Jenna removed her glasses and placed them on the book's cover. Closing her eyes, she massaged the sides of her head near her temples where her glasses had rested. She swept her black hair over her shoulder and leaned back against the headboard of her bed. Running a hand along her freshly shaven thigh, she admired the look of her short but shapely legs.

Jenna turned to gaze out of the large window that faced her back yard. There was a full moon out, or near abouts, that cast a lovely blue glow across her plain grassy yard. There was another smaller window on the adjacent wall that reminded her of just how close her house was to her new neighbors. Her bedroom was situated in the rear corner of her house, and this window that she now looked through afforded her an unwanted view of the neighbor's back porch just meters away. She would have to remember to close the blinds to that particular window.

Glancing down at the black pair of boi shorts she was wearing, she couldn't help but think of Jason again. The skin tight shorts were something she used to wear to bed for him, and she still loved the way they fit her. Jenna loved to dress pretty, even after her husband had left. It made her feel relevant somehow. Even around the house she tried to mind her appearance. To bed, she would often dress sparingly, or moderately provocative. She wasn't sure why, but she felt as though she was free to be herself in her house. Dressing the way she did excited something deep inside of her, and she felt it was a way to rebel against her own reserved nature.

Jenna found herself thinking of the new neighbors, particularly the guy who had spoken to her outside. As she stared longingly at her tan legs, she wondered what Blake thought of her. Would he find her sexually attractive? She knew that he undoubtedly did, like most men that undressed her in their minds. Could Blake be thinking of her right now? Could she possibly wield more sexual allure than she knew? Was it simply Jason who grew bored with her looks?

The thought of Blake's scrutinizing eyes on her was enough to make her blush. Something inside of her stirred when she thought of him. She felt her body aching, and not just from the strain of the long day she'd had. There was a feeling of frustration twisting inside of her, and Jenna felt it relax when the image of Blake entered her head. She hadn't even found him that attractive earlier, but there was something about his polite indifference toward her, coupled with his obvious desire to introduce himself, that made her want more of him.

Shaking her head, she lowered herself into the bed, reveling at the feel of the cool sheets on her bare legs. She did not pull the covers over her entirely. She lay in the dimly lit room with her head resting on her pillow, her eyes scanning the ceiling. Jenna tried to think of other things, but no matter what thought her mind drifted to, she still felt the flutter of excitement inside of her. Blake's sly expression flashed in her mind. The very thought of it made her feel beautiful somehow.

Jenna's eyes closed, and she rubbed at the gentle curve of her belly that was exposed below the hem of her tank top. Her skin felt smooth to the touch. She felt her entire body begin to relax as she sprawled comfortably on the bed. The images in her head began to spin out of control. It started with Blake's slim form, and the memory of how well his jeans fit him. Jenna felt the throb within her grow. Before long, she was imagining her neighbor without a shirt. She saw those pale blue eyes wander up and down her body. It made her feel wanted and craved after.

Without thinking, Jenna's left hand slid up to rest just under her small breast, as her right hand drifted down to caress the silky fabric of her boi shorts. Her mouth dropped open when she felt the pleasant sensation between her thighs at the slightest touch of her fingers. She worked her hand up and down ever so slowly, tracing the crease of the lips hidden beneath her shorts. As she exhaled silently, she squeezed her breast gently, feeling the soft flesh almost conform in her grasp.

In her mind, she was right there with Blake in the driveway by her car, where she had met him earlier. It didn't matter to her that it didn't make logical sense, but he was unfastening his jeans in broad daylight. In her fantasy, she wondered if they would be discovered, but only because she truly wanted to. Jenna wanted the dream world to see the two of them there. She wore the tank top and boi shorts in the driveway, and she had never felt more exposed or alive.

She imagined Blake drawing up close to her, and without hesitating, slipping his thin but strong hands up her shirt and around her back. Her shirt was suddenly off, her petite breasts on display for the world to see. He lifted her onto the trunk of her car as his pants fell away from his waist. Her shorts were peeled from her legs with the ease found only in fantasy as her nipple was sucked into Blake's greedy lips. She leaned back onto her car and allowed her hungry new neighbor to indulge in the pleasures of her body.

Her hand was no longer merely rubbing at the fabric that covered her crotch. Now, Jenna's fingers were diving and circling between the moistening lips of her pussy. She could practically feel the tension flowing out of her body, but she wanted a bigger release. Her thighs were spread open, her back arched slightly and her head turned to the side. She bit her lip at every twinge of pleasure she felt.

Jenna's thoughts turned dirtier still. She now imagined what it would feel like to have a hard cock thrusting into her, to wrap her legs behind a slim masculine waist and pull it into her. She thought she felt daylight on her skin, and the hot hood of her car under her ass cheeks. Blake appeared in her mind again, now with his waist buried between her thighs. His tiny crystal eyes bored into hers as he thrust into her hard. Jenna imagined the cock plunging into her, spreading her pussy and filling her with it's pulsing girth.

She was almost trembling now. Her hand worked skillfully inside the front of her shorts, developing a rhythym as she massaged the apex of her lips where her most sensitive area was hidden. It felt now as though her entire pussy was slick with her juice, and only doubled the pleasant sensation she felt. A quiet moan escaped her lips as she found a particularly sweet spot. Adjusting her hips and clenching her ass, Jenna felt the dull ache of an orgasm forming within.

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