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The Wax Museum


My wife and I had often gone to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls for weekend getaways and holidays. The immediate Falls area is very romantic at night, with lit up reflecting pools and extensive flowerbeds. We enjoyed watching the sweet sight of couples who were just starting out their life together, still deeply in love and probably honeymooning there. We also liked the carnival atmosphere to be found at on Clifton Hill and Lundy's Lane. We used to visit a wide variety of attractions such as the waltzing waters, Marineland, (back before it became a large amusement park) the chintzy souvenir shops, different restaurants and Ripley's Museum. However no visit would seem quite complete without a trip to the Wax Museum. One particular display which has always stuck in my mind was the wax sculpture of Cleopatra.

The combination of living out of state for several years and having a child meant that quite a few years had passed since we last had a chance to visit. Much of the enjoyment of Niagara Falls comes from the romantic atmosphere at night and were we to have returned to the Falls with our child, it would have been hard to enjoy many of the more romantic things that the nights bring, after all children tend to go to bed early.

When I found that I was scheduled to attend a conference for work to be held in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, I found myself dealing with mixed emotions. It was rather exciting to think of touring some of our old favorite spots again, yet I feared that seeing all the couples and romantic sites would make me deeply regret that my wife could not accompany me.

After arriving at the Hotel, I settled in, unpacked and immediately went down to the lobby to get the pamphlets for all of the attractions. I was happily relieved to find out that the museum with the Cleopatra exhibit was still in business. It truly was a very good quality museum. It's exhibits and sculptures did not just look like dressed up mannequins, rather their figures and faces really looked real. It was almost as though, if you reached out and touched them, they might spring to life. The only thing that I had sometimes noticed about them was that they seemed to have a certain degree of translucence which gave them a kind of an ethereal appearance.

The first day of the conference was okay as conferences go. But just like your regular job, you can't live work all day, and you look forward to doing other things. I was really feeling that I needed to get out, do some sight seeing and exploring.

So I decided to go and take in the sights that very night. After getting something to eat, while taking a brief walk around to see what had remained the same since I was last in Niagara Falls, the weather had taken a change and it was beginning to look like rain. I decided that this would be an excellent time to tour the wax museum. I could hear thunder beginning to rumble while I paid my admission and entered the building. Since it was around supper time and even earlier in the afternoon, the weather had looked pretty threatening, there was hardly anyone else in the museum. This gave me a great opportunity to really get up close to the exhibits and examine the quality workmanship the craftsmen had put into the models. They were so realistic it was amazing.

I came to my favorite display: the one of Cleopatra with her entourage. It's the type of exhibit at which some people might find themselves feeling kind of embarrassed if they were caught looking at it too long or too closely, because the museum had dressed her in very translucent garments. In fact the blouse, if that is what it would be called, was transparent. The model was life-like and truly beautiful! I smiled when I saw that her entourage was fully clothed as I knew that was not in keeping with the times in which she lived, as nudity above the waist was quite the normal attire for servants and attendants in Cleopatra’s Egypt. I supposed the wax museum didn't want to push the nudity issue too much nor let anything detract from the beauty of the Queen.

Egypt had always borne a fascination for me. I knew from my reading that Cleopatra was indeed one of the most beautiful queens of Egypt and I think the sculptor had really captured her beauty while keeping her true in a historical context. She was a bit shorter than myself. The dress part of the gown was diaphanous material which was under laid with an opaque white material that was not transparent which was strictly conformed to her elegant very well proportioned hips and to her mons. Her blouse was also diaphanous but had nothing underneath to hide the beauty of her full but firm breasts with large dark erect nipples.

Some women have a beauty that is so astounding that it is almost beyond sexual. Others are mostly sexual. Cleopatra seemed to be one who was beyond either of these levels, so that while her beauty was indeed astounding, you couldn't help but be aroused at the sexuality emanating from her. Her attendants were likewise very beautiful woman.

I had begun to move on to another exhibit, and the weather outside had indeed got worse, the thunder more frequent and at times the lights even flickered. All at once a loud thunderclap could be heard outside and the lights went out in the museum. I had always thought that being the only person in a museum which was dimly lit would give me a rather weird feeling. Then light began to come on. At first I thought it was just the emergency lighting, but then it occurred to me that, although I could still see the entire Cleopatra exhibit, I didn't see any others; it was as though that one display was all that existed.

Apparently, when I last could see, I had been facing the Queen. When the light re-appeared it felt like I was looking in her eyes and she in mine. They seemed so real. Then I noticed the rise and fall of her breasts as her beautiful eyes indeed blinked. I put my head down, unable to believe what I was seeing. I suspect she must have thought I was bowing to her for when I looked up again, she was smiling and walking towards me. The guard ropes etc to protect the sculptures were gone. I found myself in a Royal Chamber. I was garbed in the traditional costume for Egyptian males, a linen shirt worn over a type of a loincloth, with bare legs and sandals

Her entourage reached me first. They stepped aside so that I was face to face with this Goddess. She held out her hand proudly displaying a ring which bore the sacred eye. I kissed it bowing at the same time. She told me to arise, and then asked me what talents I brought to the court. I tried to think and then, being fairly good with my hands, I told her that I can give very relaxing messages which would help to ease the pressures of a day in the life of a Queen such as She. She looked at me, tilting her head to one side and said, "Let us see, follow my ladies, and tell them to bring you anything you need".

I was led to a chamber near a large clear pool. In one corner stood a brazier. One of the ladies remained behind with me while the others went with the Queen to another anteroom off of this chamber. I suggested she obtain some oil, perhaps that which had been perfumed by rose or maybe she knew of other fragrance that the Queen preferred. She smiled and said, "I know exactly which one! Perhaps I will add just a hint of rose to make it uniquely yours". She left the chamber in which I stood. After a while, the four other ladies returned and beckoned me to follow them into the chamber for which the

Queen had departed.

When I arrived Cleopatra was lying face down on a table obviously meant for massages, her body covered by a swath of white linen. As I entered, the lady who went to retrieve the oils returned. She came to me and said, "My name is Abiti. I am the Queen's primary lady and I attend to her immediate wants. The four other ladies are Janil, Majil, Dati and Amati." The Queen’s beautiful entourage had all changed into clothing that was very revealing. It was so translucent that I felt it had to have been intended to reveal to the lucky beholder that they wore nothing underneath. Abiti was a beautiful woman with long blond hair and as I was later to find out, was a native of the Roman Empire who came to attend to the Queen whom she felt honored to serve. She was of medium height perhaps just a touch shorter than the Queen, with full breasts and very shapely hips. Janil was of Egyptian descent from the Northern part of Egypt where the skin was an olive color with dark hair and large brown eyes. She was shorter than Abiti, but she had an exquisite proportioned body with rather modest breasts with erect pointed nipples hard not to miss. Majil was also from the same area. She was of like color but with a fuller body and larger breasts. Dati was a Nubian from the lower part of Egypt where their skin is dark brown, their lips full and the people are usually tall and more athletically built; Dati was very much of that. She was almost as tall as the Queen, she had full firm breasts with very pointed nipples and a beautifully rounded bottom. Her body was very sensual and smooth, very strong looking but with a smoothness that covered muscles rather than make them stand out. Amati was also Nubian, she seemed smaller, still with chocolate brown skin, but she appeared more sweet and a bit shyer than Dati. Overall, the nearness to all these beautiful women was quite stirring! Yet the Queen's beauty and grace easily overshadowed all these other beauties.

Abiti handed me the oils and indicated that I should place them on a stand close to the table on which the Queen was already reclining. I approached the Queen and began my massage. While I'm not a professional, I have done a lot of reading about different methods of massage and have became quite good at it. I started with her hands, she was quite relaxed and had already had her jewels removed. I then continued to massage working up her wrists to her arm and reaching her forearm, after which I moved to her other arm and repeated the sequence. I could tell she was relaxing and enjoying the soothing feeling of the massage. Then I moved to her feet, kneading the soles and then moving up the ankles, to the calves and then the thighs. Massaging one leg and then the other when I could feel the muscles relaxed throughout each leg.

After finishing her limbs, I went to her head. I started at the very top of her head, running my fingertips against her scalp through her thick rich dark hair. Gradually I moved down her scalp to the muscles that hold the head erect, one of the areas on which most people really need a lot of work. I concentrated on this area for quite a while till she seemed almost about to fall asleep. Then I moved to her shoulders. She motioned to Abiti who moved in and pulled the sheet off of the Queen’s back down to where it just covered her bottom. I then started at her shoulders with deep massage moving lower very gradually until I came to the small of her back.

People are different about how much massage they want. Many will want you to do their entire back, legs and arms but do not want you to even touch their bottom, despite the fact that this is also a place that holds a lot of tension. Once again the Queen signaled Aditi. As Aditi removed the sheet to reveal the Queen’s beautiful bottom, I covered it with a small amount of the oil, rubbing it in just as I had done for the other parts of her body.

When I was just about ready to stop, thinking that I had taken care of all the areas which could possibly warrant my attention, Aditi came up beside me, covered my hand with hers and placed my hand on the Queen’s inner thigh. I took her silent message to mean that the Queen wanted an erotic massage as well. I began to massage her inner thighs coming closer and closer to her private area, brushing it a few times. The Queen at this time was becoming quite aroused; I could tell She was enjoying herself.

As I reached down to get some oil, the Queen rolled on to her back. I have never seen such a beautiful body. Perfect in every way. Her skin was as soft as velvet without a blemish. Perfectly sized breasts with perfectly sized erect nipples. A stomach that was tight and yet still had an extremely feminine contour to it, with a mild roundness at her belly diminishing until it met a strong full Venus mound, that was perfectly trimmed. She kept her eyes closed and just waited for me to continue. I began once again with her hands working up to wrists and arms and shoulders. First on one arm then the next. I then moved to her feet, starting at her feet massaging gently up to her thigh. I then moved to her shoulders and massaged her till I could tell that she desired more.

Not wanting to advance in an inappropriate way, I hesitated.

Aditi once again came to my side and took my hand and moved my hand to the Queen’s breast. I started massaging at the outside encircling first one and then the other. By then her nipples were erect and swollen and I moved to them to which the queen replied with a pleasured moan. I continued to squeeze and twist the nipple in my fingers. I noticed that the Queen had spread her legs and was arching her back. I moved one of my hands down to her mound and began to rub her mound, while still continuing to massage her breasts. Gradually I moved my finger down more until I found her moist slit and slid a finger in against her clitoris. At that she let out a loud moan. I then moved my finger back and forth against her clitoris until she arched herself into my hand so that my finger slipped up into her. I pushed my finger deep into her while using my two other fingers on either side of her slit to apply pressure to her lips and squeeze them against the finger I had buried in her moist warm slit. As I applied more pressure I also moved faster. By this time the Queen was raising herself off the table pushing herself into my fingers stronger and stronger, until she finally let out a loud long moan, her body shuddered, I felt a shower of moisture drip onto my fingers. Cleopatra climaxed several times until at last, completely sated, she just collapsed on the table.

I said to her, "If it does not seem inappropriate, I must say that I have never seen a woman so beautifully enthralled in an orgasm as You, Your Majesty".

She smiled and said "You do your work in a most wondrous way and I thank you for your compliment". She then sat up, the ladies brought her a sheer robe and she rose to leave. As she was leaving she turned to Aditi and said "Aditi, do in kind for this man as he has done for me, you may stay with him as well may Janil and Dati and my instructions include them". She then left.

The Queen’s lovely ladies turned to me as she left and approached me. They asked me to lie on the same table which the Queen had so recently graced with her beautiful body, so I did as I was asked. They used a slightly different oil that emitted a more musky fragrance and seemed to have a more sensual scent to it. Janil and Data first started the massage each on either side of me, each one taking a hand and slowly working up to my shoulders. Then they both moved back down to my feet. Aditi went to the head of the table and began massaging my head, neck and then shoulders. She then went to the side of the table, climbed on and while kneeling above me massaged my back. I was becoming very relaxed. Then Janil and Dati started further up my legs to where they were just inches from my crotch. Aditi then climbed back off and instructed me to roll over onto my back. Once again Janil and Dati started massaging beginning with my hands and moving up to shoulders. Aditi massaged my face and then my neck. All three finished massaging their respective parts of my body at the same time.

Once again Aditi climbed onto the table, straddling my body as Janil and Dati massaged my legs. Aditi gradually began to massage my chest and soon she was covering my nipples and sending shivers throughout my body. By now she was leaning over to massage and I could see her breasts through her sheer blouse and how full they were. Janil and Dati’s hands were getting closer and closer to my penis. They easily slipped their hands into the garment’s closure, unfastened it and slipped it off. My penis was just in front of Aditi and it was rising quite fast. Aditi came closer inching her way up towards my chest while straddling me. When she was right in front of my face, she untied her blouse and dress and they seemed to float away from her. She tilted back slightly so that I could see her mound; her already swollen lips looked quite moist. Janil now stroked my penis while Dati began to suck my nipple.

Here I was with three beautiful women whose sole purpose at the moment was to give me exquisite pleasure. Janil occasionally switched between using her hand to allowing her mouth to be of great use in stroking my penis. Then she and Dati would change positions. During this time Aditi began to finger herself, mere inches from my face. I could hear her moaning and knew she was really enjoying my watching her. I reached up and fondled her breasts and nipples; she began to come, her lips were swollen open, her clit visible and erect while her juices came flowing out of her falling on my chest. By this time I could take it no longer. I felt the rush as I climaxed aided by Janil and

Dati. Aditi followed suit experiencing an earth shattering orgasm that made her body shudder for at least three minutes.

Afterwards, Janil and Dati left and Aditi invited me over to the bath. We washed; she washing me and I washing her. When it became apparent that both of us were getting aroused again about 20 minutes later, Aditi said, "Now, I want you inside of me!" She got out of the bath, and we went to another chamber room that had a more traditional bed. I dried her off with a towel taking special care to guide the towel so that it slid lightly over her sensitive clit to help her become more aroused. She dried me off and then gently pulled the towel between the cheeks of my butt and up and around my penis, doing the same for me.

When we were all dry she lay down beside me, we touched each other and soon were in each other's arms once again. I moved on top of her, she spread her legs and arched herself towards me, using her hand to guide me into her. She was already moist and ready for me and moaned as she pulled me deeper into her. Gradually we moved, trying to go real slow to heighten the sensations but make it last. Eventually neither of us could stand it any longer and we began to move faster and faster. I felt her start to clutch herself to me, her body begin to tighten around my penis. As Aditi’s body gradually started to pulse, I also began to climax until finally I burst and my juices filled her then we lay gasping in each other's arms. We remained in each other arms for a while, and then we seemed to fall asleep.

Suddenly, a loud clap of thunder woke me and the lights came on. Once again I was in the museum; the Queen and her entourage nothing but wax figures. I looked at my watch and it said that only three minutes had passed since the lights failed. I felt as though I had lived a dream and yet never slept. It was a very exhilarating feeling as I left the museum and headed back out to the street.

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