tagFetishThe Weather Girl Ch. 01

The Weather Girl Ch. 01


My biggest turn on has to be the eroticism of being erotic. This probably doesn't make a great deal of sense to you, so allow me to explain. We all have needs, wants and desires. For the most part we satisfy them in our daily life.

We dress for work, play and other activities. We eat food which appeals to us. We participate in events we find enjoyable. We do this by listening to our needs, wants and desires. There is one exception to this: our sexual needs, wants and desires.

Society has those under wraps so to speak. Parents send their kids to school to gain knowledge. Some even teach and work with their children on projects and sports. But for the most part, people learn about sexuality on their own.

I was no exception.

Growing up in a small rural community in Pennsylvania an hour and a half west of Philadelphia, home was close enough to the big city to see its influence, yet far enough away to be shielded from its influence. It was conservative white bread America. Big news was a horse being hit by a truck on Route 30. It was a clean town, nothing sexual about it; farm fresh vegetables from the markets if, for some reason, you didn't grow them yourself.

Well, I was a bit different and probably still am. I found eroticism everywhere. I didn't know what to call it, but I knew it when I saw it: the painted lips of the ladies at a party; how their look changed based on the event. I would notice their bras and panties hanging from the clothes line to dry (...good old clothes lines...don't see 'em much anymore...but if you do see one, read it because there are stories swaying in the breeze).

When I ran through the back yards to the ball fields, I always made a note as to who had what hanging to dry. Nothing better than seeing a piece of intimacy with its recent story washed clean. If only I could have been there....

Our town was a little bigger than most. It was home to a morning and evening newspaper, a couple of radio stations and even had its own TV station. This was important because local news was much more important than Philly news.

My name is Doug Keiffer and this is a story about finding some kink in a small town.

My best friend growing up was Robbie Bucher. Robbie and I did everything together. We were on the same sports teams and went to the same schools. I used to live at his house because Robbie's family was one of the "haves" and my family was one of the "have nots." Robbie's family was handsome. His dad, Jim, was a successful attorney who was always in the newspapers for some trial. His much older sister, Carol, was a stuck up snob but just happened to be a beauty queen. Guys drooled over her, but Robbie and I knew she was simply an ass.

Robbie's mom was a different story, a beautiful woman through and through. Everyone in our neighborhood and probably the town thought she was the classiest woman they ever saw. And they saw here every night for she was "the weather girl" at our local TV station. Her name was Betty; Betty Bucher—The Weather Girl. She entered everyone's house each evening with the local forecast and everyone loved her.

As Robbie's friend I was asked what she was like. . She was so beautiful even my parents would ask!

Mrs. Bucher was a pleasant lady with a warm smile. She treated me as part of the family. I was allowed in their house at any time and I even had a key. They gave me one as they took many trips, as someone needed to feed and walk their dog, mow their lawn, take out the trash, and other tasks they would have written down for me (remember the "haves" and "have-nots"). Being treated like a member of the family wasn't always positive. It was crystal clear Betty (Mrs. Bucher) and Carol ran the house. Carol would often throw a fit and stomp around the house until Betty made Jim, Robbie, or I cater to Carol's selfish whim du jour. If Betty wanted something, all she had to do was ask one time and Jim responded immediately. It seemed kind of natural as beauty always seemed to get what it wants.

Towards the end of our high schools years, it was apparent Robbie and I would be going in different directions. With his family's money, Robbie was going Ivy League—Princeton. Although my grades were better, my family's money had me going to Uncle Sam---Air Force. (I'd eventually go to college via the GI Bill,) When I would come home on leave (usually at Christmas and spring break to coincide with college breaks), I'd always get together with Robbie.

We were still buddies and still played sports, but now as young men in our twenties we also had a keen interest in the opposite sex. Robbie would show me pictures of Princeton's beauties—girls by the name of Ashley, Courtney, and Veronica. He would talk about frat parties and wooing the beauties into bed. I told him it sounded like a lot of work.

I told him about the hookers of the world—the workers of Japan, the Philippines, Viet Nam, Italy, Germany, and England. Being in the Air Force and a crew member on a cargo plane presented some unique opportunities which were unavailable to most college students. My stories always captured his interest usually evidenced by the tent in his pants. He especially loved the stories of my encounters with a dominatrix or she males and would always demand the details.

On one Christmas leave, Robbie and I were alone at his house doing a little partying. Out of the blue, Robbie told me he wanted to show me something. He said take off your shoes and socks and follow me. Knowing his mom was a neat freak, I didn't think twice and removed my shoes and socks and followed. He took me upstairs to his parents' bedroom and went into one of their walk-in closets. When he returned, he was carrying a medium sized suitcase, the kind people carry on to airplanes even though it is too large!

Laying it on their king sized bed he proclaimed, "Get ready to see the real Betty and Jim" as the case's metal clamps snapped open. There in front of us was a treasure chest full of rubber, latex, and leather: bras with holes for nipples, panties with openings, boxers with a special pocket, stockings, heels, garters and an assortment of other intimates. He removed dildos, vibrators, a flogger, cloths pins, candles and a Polaroid camera (this was a few years ago). From one of the pockets he removed an envelope, opened it and pulled out what seemed to be hundreds of pictures.

In front of me were pictures of Betty Bucher—The Weather Girl or should I say Mistress Betty---The Dominatrix. There were pictures of Betty having her cock sucked by Jim---the attorney or should I say Jim—the submissive. The pictures went on and on: Betty fucking Jim in the ass, Betty having her pussy licked by Jim, Betty pissing on Jim's naked body, and even one of Jim's open mouth taking a long string of Betty's shit directly from her asshole.

This time it was my turn to have ones interest captured as evidenced by the tent in my pants.

Robbie asked, "What do you think?" I was speechless, I was in lust. This beautiful woman who still graced our homes each night was now the kinkiest woman I ever saw. My hard on was tearing through my boxers. I simply stared at the years of hidden erotica before me. Robbie smiled and pulled out a pair of black lace panties. "Look," he said as he turned them inside out exposing a cotton pant panel stained with brown streaks and various stains which looked like a mixture of various cum. "Smell these," and suddenly I had the panel directly under my nose. The scent was overwhelming and I moaned softly as I took the panties and pressed them further into my face.

"I knew you'd like this after all those stories you told me." I looked at Robbie and he had a sly smile on his face. I glanced down at his pants and saw his cock straining against his pants.

"You want to know the wildest thing about all of this?" He didn't wait for an answer as I was incapable of performing such a task at the moment being mesmerized with the stained panties. "All of these pictures were taken by Carol and those panties are hers!" I thought I was going to bust a nut right there. My knees buckled and I simply had to taste the stained panel. "Go ahead," he said, "Lick them." My tongue lapped at the dried stain and my saliva, mixing with the stains, brought them alive. It was intoxicating.

"You see," Robbie went on, "Carol isn't my sister. She is my Mom's sister. Because of the age difference, she took the role of daughter and sister. It would be easier for acceptance by the community. The three of them have been into kink forever."

"How...when...I mean how..." was all I could muster in response.

"Ever since I was young, I heard noises from my parents' bedroom and wondered. On my eighteenth birthday, Mom, Dad and Carol told me they had a special present for me as I was coming of age. I kind of knew it had something to do with sex, but I didn't know it was this kinky. They spent the afternoon explaining everything to me and then brought me in here and showed me all of this. I was instantly aroused and they could tell. It was then when they offered my present. They asked me if I wanted to be part of their play. I remember the feelings overtaking me like it was yesterday. I simply said yes."

"Mother then informed me to address her and Carol as Mistress and I was to address Father as Master. I looked at her and said 'Yes Mistress' not knowing where all this was going. Mom then told Carol to give me the gift. Mistress Carol lifted her skirt and pulled off those very panties you are holding in your hands right now. She placed them under my nose and smiled as she said, 'Welcome, Slave Robert.' The scent sent me into a spin and Mistress Carol took the panties and smeared her juices moistening the panel onto my lips. 'Lick,' she commanded and I did as I was told."

"Doug," Robbie continued, "that was three years ago; three wonderful years ago. Now I want to know if you would like to be part of my play?"

"In what way," I asked knowing I would say yes to anything at the moment?

"I'll explain later, but I need to know right now if you're in or out." I could tell Robbie was serious. It was the type of question to change our relationship forever. A "yes" and I was in. A "no" and I would never be back in this house again. Robbie had taken a chance and we were at a crossroads.

I glanced down at the pictures again and felt my still hard cock stiffen a bit more. My eyes drank in the various intimates, leathers, and tools of the trade spread out before me on the bed. The panties in my hand were tingling on my finger tips. I looked over at Robbie and my eyes met his. There was an inviting lust unseen by me before now. My gaze drifted to his crotch and I looked at the impression formed by it stiffness. My cock jumped at the sight.

Returning my eyes to his I said, "Yes, I'm in."

Robbie then began to undress. I started to do the same, but he told me to wait. I watched as he removed his shirt. His body was hairless, something I didn't notice before. He stood straight up and unfastened his belt. His eyes locked onto mine and the trance like gaze was not broken as he continued to remove his pants. I did not look directly but my peripheral vision told me was wearing something unusual underneath.

As he stepped out of his slacks, I stole a glance and saw purple latex boxers encasing his harden manhood.

Robbie approached me slowly and each of his steps made my cock stiffen a bit more. When he was directly in front of me he finished unbuttoning my shirt. At no point did his eyes leave mine and not a word was spoken. His hands reached out and pulled my shirt from my shoulders which brought him closer to me. I could feel the heat of his body on my chest and felt his nipple graze my skin. The feeling was electrifying.

The silence was broken when Robbie said, "Remove your pants." I used same the procedure and without losing eye contact, I unfastened my belt, unhooked the front button, pulled down my zipper, and let my pants fall to the floor. Stepping out of them, I stood in front of Robbie in strained white boxers soaked with pre-cum. My shaft was barely touching his latexed rod. Robbie's hand moved to my boxers and he moistened one of his fingers with my juice. My knees buckled. He then lifted the finger to his mouth and his tongue removed the droplets. He kept his tongue extended and moved his mouth to mine.

I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to enter. I closed my lips upon his tongue and pulled my juice from it. Breaking the transfer, Robbie lustfully spoke, "Welcome, Slave Douglas" and he kissed me with the gentleness first kisses bring.

As his lips touched mine, I moaned and pushed my body into his. Our arms wrapped and we let our tongues explore each others mouths. His hands went to my nipples and he flicked them with his finger tips. My cock started to throb and I ground my groin into his latex. He responded by pinching my nipples harder and I nearly collapsed with pain and pleasure. Robbie pushed me onto the bed and said, "I have so much to show you, but first things first."

He grabbed my boxers and quickly pulled them down my legs, freeing my cock. Taking the shorts, he put the wet portion in my mouth and said, "Suck." My mouth pulled the moist cotton material in and my saliva mixed with my pre-cum. Soon I was savoring a delicious mixture. Robbie reached into his latex boxers and scooped up some of his juice. He removed my boxers and replaced it with his finger. My lust sucked his finger like it was his cock. Robbie removed his finger and kissed me so deeply and passionately my hands instinctively went to his cock.

"Bite my nipples" he demanded and I moved my body to his hairless points. My tongue snaked across one nipple on its way to the other and was immediately replaced by my fingers. Sucking on his nipple, I pinched the other as Robbie arched his back into my mouth. Again he said, "Bite my nipples" and my teeth found the base of his nipple and I bit it as my tongue flicked it and my mouth sucked it in further. Robbie screamed out in lustful pleasure, "Yes......" over and over as my mouth worked his hairless nipples.

Our bodies were grinding against each other like animals in heat.

He pushed me away and quickly moved from the bed stripping off his latex boxers in the process. Returning to the bed, he turned his body to position our cocks in front of each others mouth. Without hesitation we took each other's hard cocks and began to lick and suck for all we were worth. Whatever Robbie did to me, I did to him. If he sucked my balls, I sucked his. The only difference between us was I had hair and Robbie was smooth as silk.

We started to fuck each other's mouth. I knew I wasn't going to last too much longer and from the throbbing of his cock I felt he was about to blow. I moved my mouth from his stiff rod and told him to suck my fingers. I pulled my dick out of his mouth and pushed two, and then three of my fingers back in. Doing likewise, I sensed he knew where this was going. After I coated his fingers with spit, saliva and juices from his cock, I knew mine were similarly covered. I removed my fingers and placed them at the entrance to his ass only to feel his fingers at mine.

As I re-engulfed his manhood, I slipped one finger into his ass. I wasn't sure if it was Robbie's moan or mine I heard as his finger slipped slowly into my hole. We fingered each other as we sucked and pressed on our sperm glands as our fingers fucked our holes. When I slipped my second finger in, Robbie's body convulsed and sent his hot sperm shooting into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but finally lost some as I moaned when my orgasm burst into his mouth. After what seemed like hours of cumming we lay motionless. We were spent.

I removed my fingers from his ass and for some reason brought them to my mouth. Thinking of Slave Jim taking the string of shit from Mistress Betty made me suck his essence from my fingers. I must have licked them for several minutes for when I finished I saw Robbie leaning up on an elbow watching me. I looked at him and he said, "It looks like you really enjoyed that." Extending his fingers he said, "Here, clean mine" and I began to clean my essence from his fingers.

When I was done, we both were semi-hard again. I was getting set to play again, but Robbie said he needed to tell me more.

He told me our play was between us and if his parents found out I knew about their play, this suitcase, and their real lives, the shit would hit the fan. Robbie explained, "My parents have this image in the community and they don't want it tarnished. As you know Carol lives in Chicago but she continues this play there. My parents play all the time and the four of us only get to play on the holidays when I'm home from school and Carol is in from Chicago. In fact, the reason we had this time now is my parents are picking Carol up at the airport. We will probably play later tonight. My point to all of this is I don't want to screw it up. Doug, you must keep this secret. Do you promise?"

I told Robbie it wasn't a problem, but why did he show all of this to me?

He said he felt I was bisexual based on all my stories from around the world, but he didn't know how to approach me. Further explaining he felt if he could provide a setting as kinky as my stories, then his approach would be a natural extension. He knew he was breaking family rules with exposing all of this, but his lust for me and my stories made him take the chance.

I thought about it and told him it made sense. I smiled and said, "I'm glad you did this, because I was beginning to think your life was so vanilla. I wondered how I would ever get you to cross the line. Little did I know you blew by the line." I paused and looked around, especially at Jim's picture with Betty's shit in his mouth which, for a reason hidden in my brain, was bringing my cock back to life. "Man, this is kinky" was all I could say. Looking over at Robbie I asked, "So where do we go from here?"

Robbie looked at me, smiled and said, "They won't be back for at least another two hours." He then lowered his mouth onto my cock and began to suck...


This story will continue.....after all, the weather girl hasn't started to play. Let me know what you think as this was my first submission.

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