tagMind ControlThe Web Ch. 03

The Web Ch. 03


Third part of an eight part series. I wrote this story to develop some themes more along the lines of "mind-influence" than "mind-control." The most erotic time in a relationship is often spent exploring the boundaries of trust and sharing. If that turns you on, then this story will have many molten scenes. At the same time, as the writing progressed, the characters grew and influenced each other in interesting ways. Is it better to get what you want, or learn what you want? I still don't know who really was in control. Maybe you will.


Fortunately, I spent Friday doing some deep design work, planning out a new communication system for a company that had built up a patchwork of old technologies. They would see the benefit from the new changes. The hours rolled by, and I suddenly looked up at the clock and the day was nearly over. I got everything put away and sailed out the door.

I picked up Kelly first. She looked really good in a summer dress and sandals.

"You look lovely, Kelly."

"As do you, Brad. Thanks." We got settled and pulled out.

"So how was it having to be celibate this week?" she chirped.

"You know, it wasn't as bad before I knew what I was missing. Yeah, I played with myself a couple of times, reliving both of our evenings, but I held off the last few days to conserve my strength. I'm guessing it will be a long weekend."

Kelly laughed. "Fortunately, I don't have to perform like you do, so I've been enjoying myself quite a bit. However, spending all my quality time chaperoning you two is seriously cutting into my non-solo sex life. You both owe me big-time."

"Hey, you're getting some quality sex shows here. That's worth a lot, especially with me in them."

"You're right. I forgot just how lucky I am!" Kelly shot back.

"That's the spirit. Now, let's see what our co-star is wearing."

I pulled into the driveway and went to Cathy's door. She came out in a dazzling summer dress, sandals, and a classy necklace.

"Wow, you look great, Cathy," I said. "May I please take your bag?"

"Of course, Brad."

I offered her my arm and we walked down to the car.

"Damn, girl, you look like a princess," Kelly said as Cathy got in. "Are you sure you want to be seen with us at this resort?"

"Oh, I try and keep my reputation for the 'common touch,'" Cathy replied lightly. "That way the papers treat me a little better."

"Probably good to keep a low profile, too, given what we're going to be doing this weekend," Kelly replied.

"And what might that be?" Cathy responded.

"That, my friend, is what you're going to be telling us." We all laughed.

The trip was fun, with us settling into the banter of good friends as always. I did enjoy trading wit with both Cathy and Kelly, both attractive, smart, sexy women. It kept me on my toes.

The receptionist was good—I caught just the quickest hint of a smile when the three of us checked into our single room. Kelly had done a great job and picked the room carefully. It had a secluded view on a balcony outside, two queen beds, a dresser with mirror, and some comfortable chairs around a small table. Everything we would need.

We hung our clothes and stepped out to the patio. I saw several people look up, discretely admiring my companions. A couple of them lightly tipped their head to me. I nodded back.

We settled in for an evening of cocktails, conversation, and dinner as dusk descended into twilight, enjoying the carefully tended grounds and the stars coming out. As before, the two ladies kept the conversation stimulating and playful, and I marveled again how little the upcoming aspects of the evening intruded on our thoughts. They were just plain fun to be around, and sexy as hell, but in a relaxed, open, way.

"Ladies, I enjoyed a lovely evening," I said after we paid the tab.

"I did as well, Brad. Thanks for not being in a hurry," Kelly replied, winking.

"As much as I'm looking forward to our walk back to the room, you're right, I'm not in a hurry," I said. "I really enjoy time with you ladies, and I don't want to rush that."

"We feel the same, Brad," Cathy added. "There are many pleasurable aspects to life, no?"

"I'm learning that more each day," I answered.

Enjoying the softly lit path I took both ladies' hands in mine as we walked back to the room. It just felt right to bring us a little closer together. Cathy gave me a squeeze and a smile.

We got back to the room. Kelly took her role as activity coordinator for this trip. "Why don't we all brush our teeth and get comfortable? That way, we can just let the evening flow."

Cathy and I both nodded. "Join me?" she asked Cathy and they both went into the bathroom. I heard some conversation and laughter during the few minutes they were in there. They came out a few minutes later, looking a lot more comfortable. Both had lost the bras—I could at least tell that. I wondered what else was missing. I did notice that Cathy kept the necklace. Kelly had a couple of towels under her arm and winked.

I went in, brushed, and ditched my shoes and socks to match the ladies' bare feet. When I came out, they were seating around the table, with the bed closest turned down. Both had their legs crossed, and I enjoyed the expanse of toned leg on display. Kelly had the towels beside her chair.

"Shall we start with the beach again, Cathy?"


We went through the relaxation exercise and I talked with the Controller and Protector again, assigning them their roles. In the Controller conversation, I went a little deeper.

"So what do you think Cathy thinks of you these days?" I asked.

"She does seem to appreciate my role a little more. I hope she continues. I'm here to help her, and I can make her life better. I keep her focused on positive things in conversations, so she doesn't say anything offensive, and she keeps other people happy and involved. I can tell you have appreciated that. I've also helped her achieve some wonderful orgasms."

"Yes, you have for me as well. Can I ask you to keep that up, where you control our orgasms until they are very powerful?"

"Of course."

"Could I also ask one more thing?"


"Could I ask you to help Cathy achieve her desire? As Kelly told Cathy, we are both comfortable with anything she wants, so it will be our desire as well. She can't hurt us or shock us. So when she vocalizes it, can you work to control the situation so that she gets what she wants?"

"I can probably do that, but I will be watching to make sure that is true."

"Fair enough. I really appreciate your help."

"You're welcome."

I spoke to Joy as well, who was very happy to have us all here for the weekend. Then it was time for Desire.

"May I please speak to Desire now?"

Cathy settled even deeper into her chair. "This is Desire speaking."

"Well, Desire, I think that you got what you wanted last weekend."

"Yes, and it was wonderful for Cathy. I was happy that she followed through on my suggestions."

"How do you think Cathy should keep this going?"

Cathy shifted. "Well, I have some other things in mind for her, but I'm worried they may go to far."

"Desire, please know that both Kelly and I are here to help you, and to help Cathy, bring these things to light and act on them. I would love to here what you desire."

"OK," Desire said. "I'll discuss them. The first one is pretty easy. I would love Cathy to be able to swallow when she went down on a man."

"I would like that very much as well," I replied, my cock stiffening. "Why do you think it is hard now?"

"I think that she fears that it's dirty or slutty."

"Why don't you work with Joy to help her see how much connection she can make to a man through going down on him and swallowing his cum. Cathy can connect to me very well, and I respect her very much. I think she can share a lot of herself with her lover through that act. Also, the Controller should enjoy it, because it's a great way to have her lover's pleasure under her control."

"I will work to do that. Yes, Brad, I can see that you would see it as a positive, joyful thing for you and Cathy. I think I can convince her."

"Great! I think she will enjoy it. Now, is there anything else that we should talk about?"

"Yes, and this one's much harder to say."

"Please take your time, and know that we are both here to help."

A long pause followed, and then Cathy sighed. "Last weekend, Cathy really enjoyed turning around and letting you look at her...her bottom."

"Cathy is beautiful everywhere," I replied, my cock now rock hard. "She really turned me on with that."

"You think so?"

"Beyond anything you could imagine."

Cathy paused and sighed again.

"Well, I would like Cathy and you to spend some time playing with her...with her bottom."

"I would like that very much," I answered. "What type of 'playing' would you like us to do?"

A long pause. I flicked my eyes over to Kelly and noticed her hanging onto what Cathy would say.

Cathy whispered very low. "Everything."

Wow. I almost blew in my pants when I thought of the incredible nights we were going to explore. I fought to keep my voice steady and not break the dialogue.

"Thank you for sharing that, Desire." I said. "How do you think Cathy will like that?"

"I think she will love it if she lets go and enjoys it. When you two woke up last weekend, she really enjoyed grinding back into your cock. I know she wants it. You're the right guy for her. You will be gentle, but you will fill her deep when she's ready for that."

"I'm thrilled that you and Cathy trust me in this. I would love to help Cathy experience the joys of anal sex."

"Good. I think that's probably enough desires for Cathy to deal with right now."

"Thank you very much, Desire, for trusting us and opening up."

"Your welcome."

"Now, may I speak to the Controller one more time?"

"The Controller is speaking again."

"Did I convince you that I am genuinely pleased to hear of Cathy's desires?"

"Yes, you and Kelly both seem very excited."

"We are. Will you help Cathy control her lovemaking to act on her desires for both of our pleasure?"

"I will."

"Thank you, Controller. I really appreciate what you're doing to help Cathy work toward her happiness. I'll ask Cathy to make sure she thanks you as well."

"That would be great."

"Also, I think you should really enjoy helping Cathy control me when she goes down on me."

"I will enjoy that very much," she replied.

"Now, would you mind returning us both to the beach?"

"Here you are."

"Cathy, can you hear the waves at the beach?"


"Do you remember what Desire talked about?"

Cathy shifted again. "Yes."

"Do you want to try the things that she talked about?"

"I would love to," Cathy said clearly.

"Fantastic, Cathy. I'm going to take small steps as far as playing with your bottom, but I think you'll really enjoy it."

"I'm looking forward to it, Brad."

"Let's walk back from the beach."

I took Cathy back, and she eventually looked up.

"Do you remember everything we talked about?"

Cathy's face flushed, and she looked a little tentative. "Yes."

I got up, walked over, and took her hand. I raised her up and embraced her. "That took a lot of courage. Thank you for sharing...You're a very special person, and I'm thrilled to be your partner in this. We'll take small steps with each other."

Cathy looked up. "Thanks, Brad. I'm happy I finally opened up with you about that."

"Me too. OK, just so you know how far I'm going, tonight I'm going to focus on stimulating around your bottom, but not inside. I think you'll be amazed how good that feels." I turned to Kelly. "Miss Chaperone, does that seem all right?"

"Yes, I think that's well within bounds, Mr. Heller." Kelly answered. "I'll just stay here and make sure you behave yourself."

"Great. Ready to begin, Cathy?"


"Good, because I've been wanting you all night." I led Cathy over by the bed and gently twisted her around so that she faced away from me. She sighed her approval and backed into me. Over Cathy's shoulder, I saw Kelly looking us up and down.

I reached up and caressed Cathy's neck, drawing her chin around for a long kiss. She moaned as my hands roamed up her sides. I moved lower and started kissing and nibbling beneath her ears and around her back, as she sighed and leaned back into me. I brought my hands under her breasts and she whispered "Yes." I slid them up, cupping the underside of each breast and then moved higher, cupping her full breast in my hand. Cathy swayed and twisted her upper body.

"Ummmm." Cathy started pushing back into my crotch, as I continued to cup her breasts and slide my hands over her erect nipples. I slid my hands down her sides and started pulling up the hem of her dress. Cathy moaned her approval, so I gathered the material and starting pulling her dress over her hips. I backed away slightly to free her dress from between us, and I saw the unbroken skin as the dress moved up her body. She was completely naked underneath.

Cathy raised her arms as I pulled the dress completely off, and draped it over the nightstand. I took the opportunity to quickly adjust my erection before Cathy leaned back into me, hard. My hands found her breasts again, and I marveled at the stiffness of her nipples. Cathy swayed and ground against me, arching her back so her breasts pushed into my hands while her ass pushed against my cock. She reached back and draped her arms around my head, turning her head for another kiss. Clearly, she was just listening to her body and doing what felt good, totally comfortable with her nakedness while I stood clothed and Kelly watched.

"You are so unbelievably fucking hot," I breathed into her ear.

"I am just on fire," Cathy replied. "You feel so good."

"Wow, Cathy, you're turning me on, too," said Kelly. "You look so sexy grinding your naked body into Brad." I looked up and saw Kelly cupping her breasts, her eyes glued to Cathy.

"Are you ready to get my clothes out of the way?" I asked.

"God, yes," Cathy breathed, and she turned around and pulled my shirt over my head. She then undid the buckle on my belt, undid my slacks, and pulled them down and off my feet. Finally, she pulled my boxers off as well, immediately standing back up and turning around again. As she backed into me, I lifted my cock so it would nuzzle in the cheeks of her ass.

"Ohhh, that feels great," Cathy said as she resumed her grinding.

"You feel really good, too," I breathed, reveling in the feel of her smooth cheeks massaging the underside of my cock.

We ground into each other for a while, in no hurry to stop our mutual pleasure. I flicker of movement caught my eye, and I saw Kelly sit up and pull her dress over her head, spreading a towel beneath her and sitting back down with her hand lazily tracing over her pussy lips.

I slid one hand from Cathy's breast down and cupped the side of her ass, testing Cathy's interest in more intimate contact. She immediately responded, twisting to give my hand fuller access and groaning her approval. I slid my hand further down and massaged between her legs, but not going too deep yet. Cathy continued her sighs and moans, lost in the moment. When she thrust out particularly hard, my hand found her puckered hole.

"Uhhhmmmm!" she gasped, nearly collapsing against me. I held her chest with my other hand as she turned her head and shoved her tongue into my mouth, her breathing ragged. We had been standing now for a long time, so I decided to give her some rest.

"Would you like to lie down, while I continue to play with you?" I asked.

"Sounds nice," she breathed, and allowed me to position her face-down on the bed. I spread her legs a bit and lied down beside her, placing my hand possessively on her ass while I looked into her eyes. I let my eyes communicate trust and acceptance as I massaged deeper between her checks, and I saw a deep relaxation come over her features as she started slowly raising her hips in time to my hand. As I found her rosebud again she let out a long, luxurious sigh.

"Feels good, huh?" I said.

"Ummmm, wonderful." Cathy leaned in for a kiss, and we let our tongues slowly dance as I continued massaging. I pulled back, and we continued to look into each other's eyes. The intimacy of our gaze matched the raw intimacy of my stroking her most private place.

Eventually, Cathy's eyes started to lose focus, and I noticed her grinding her crotch into the bed on each downward motion. I decided to give the poor girl some relief.

I rolled over onto my back, and gently reached under Cathy's shoulders and pulled her up and over me. I kept guiding her over me until she straddled my face, then I returned my hands to her ass and as she lowered her pussy onto my face. She was hot and wet, and I knew she wouldn't last long. I lapped up and down her slit as I continued her anal massage. For her part, Cathy alternated between pushing into my tongue and then back into my probing fingers. As Cathy started moaning in earnest, I concentrated on rolling her clit around with my tongue.

"Uhhh, ohhh, ahhhhhh," Cathy moaned incoherently as she climbed her peak. Her legs started shaking and I flattened my tongue, letting her mash her clit against it. She tensed her body and held her breath as she pushed over the edge.

"Ohhhh, fuck!" she exclaimed as her orgasm washed over her. I could feel the intense contractions of her pussy on my tongue and her anus against my fingers as she shuddered through a long climax. "Oh, god, oh god!" she wailed as she collapsed over me. Her aftershocks coursed through her and she heaved for breath. Finally, she lifted herself up, crawled back down my body, and collapsed onto me, dropping her head down over my shoulder.

I caressed her back as she recovered. I knew that this had been a very intense, personal experience for her and that she needed some time alone with her thoughts. Eventually, she lifted her head and nuzzled my face, sighing appreciatively. She pulled back and kissed me, capturing my lip in hers. Finally, she pulled away a little further and looked into my eyes with a soft smile on her lips. We gazed at each other for a while, with no words necessary to express the threshold of intimacy that we had crossed.

I felt Cathy move and then was jolted out of my reverie by a touch on my cock. Cathy's smile now had a wickedness to it, and she seductively licked her lips. "Stay there," she instructed as she lifted up and slid down my body.

"Uhhhh," I groaned as I felt her lips encircle my cock. She wasn't waiting, and slid her warm mouth down my rod. After seeing so much of Cathy's passion, I responded quickly to her bobbing up and down on my cock. She sucked powerfully, sensing that I needed release. After a few minutes, I felt a tingling at the tip of my cock that signaled an approaching orgasm.

"Oh, god, don't stop," I moaned.

"Mmmmm," Cathy responded from around my cock. I looked over and saw Kelly's fingers dancing over her pussy, which heightened my arousal even more.

"Cathy, I'm coming!" I gasped as the tingling spread to my legs and toes—my feet nearly burning in its intensity. Cathy kept up her sucking, clearly having decided to take my load.

"Uhh, aaahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh" I grunted as I exploded up into her mouth. Cathy rode out my orgasm with her lips firmly wrapped around my shaft, giving me extra pleasure from each spurt squeezing its way out. I squirmed and twitched under her, my hands clenching the bedsheets. Finally, as my aftershocks subsided, she reduced the pressure and gently swirled her tongue around my shaft.

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed. "I think I'm going to pass out."

"Brad, you are one lucky guy," Kelly said from where she was recovering.

"Don't I know it," I replied.

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