tagMind ControlThe Web Ch. 05

The Web Ch. 05


Fifth part of an eight part series. I wrote this story to develop some themes more along the lines of "mind-influence" than "mind-control." The most erotic time in a relationship is often spent exploring the boundaries of trust and sharing. If that turns you on, then this story will have many molten scenes. At the same time, as the writing progressed, the characters grew and influenced each other in interesting ways. Is it better to get what you want, or learn what you want? I still don't know who really was in control. Maybe you will.


It was good to see my parents. With her usual intuition, my mother knew something was up in my love life. I gently dissembled and deflected in response to her questions, getting a raised eyebrow.

"She must be really special," she said when she had me alone. "You are hiding this much too well."

"She's an heiress, Mom. I just don't want you to be in danger of kidnapping or something."

"When should I expect the bodyguards?"

"You'll need them now if you keep bugging me about this."

"Oh, being a wise-ass to your own mother. I hope you treat this mystery woman better."

I wondered what Mom would think if she knew exactly how I was "treating" Cathy. I banished that idea from my mind and kept up the banter. "I treat all the ladies well, Mom. That's why I'm such a hot date."

I got rolled eyes in response to that, but she must have decided that she'd probed enough—at least for today.

That evening, I took a walk outside and dialed up Cathy.

"Hello, Cathy, it's Brad."

"Pretty racy homework, Brad. I'm doing it right now."

My cock lurched, instantly straining against my pants. "You mean you're..."

"Yes, Brad, I've got the small one buried. It feels good. Surprised?"

"I've learned to expect surprises from you, Cathy. That's totally hot. If I wasn't on a walk in the neighborhood, I'd ask for a play-by-play."

"Maybe I should do that anyway. Sounds like fun to me. It's pretty lonely here. I've got a free hand that's just itching for something to do."

"Jesus, Cathy, you're killing me."

She laughed. "It went in pretty easy. I just relaxed and slowly worked it back and forth until it slid home. Did I tell you it felt good? I think you're turning me into a back-door girl." Cathy was really turned on to be talking like this.

"So what's next?"

"Oh, I think you know what's next," she purred. "But for tonight, what's next is that you get to listen to me play with myself."

And that's exactly what she did. I tried to keep from stumbling off the curb as I listened to Cathy get herself off. I could almost feel her shudders when she came. When she finally calmed down, she threw another curve ball.

"So how are your parents doing?" It was like I had just called and we were starting the conversation.

"Uh...they're great." I said, scrambling to recover. "Mom seems to think I'm in deep with some hot girlfriend."

"What did you tell her?"

"It's what I didn't tell her that clued her in," I replied. "She's another one of these maddening women in my life that pick up on my vibes more than is good for me."

"Better come up with a good cover story quick."

"Yeah, maybe I'll tell her that I'm helping this really hot friend explore her sexuality, and I'm..."

"...and you're...?"

I decided to just say it. "...and I'm falling for her."

There was a silence, and then a softer voice. "Well, it might help to round out your story if you add that your 'hot friend' is falling for you too. That she keeps you on the phone because she likes to hear your voice. That she said you're once in a lifetime."

Now it was my turn for silence as my brain tried to comprehend what I just heard.

"Cat got your tongue?" Cathy gently asked.

"Something like that," I replied. "I'm just trying to figure out how this story can get any better."

"Oh, I'm sure we can find a way. Good night, Brad."

"Night, Cathy."

I stumbled back home, my mind whirling. I saw the gleam of recognition in her eyes as Mom looked at my face. If she checked any other parts of my body for clues, she was very discreet about it.

"Good night, son. Sweet dreams." I heard a slight emphasis on the last two words, but not enough to call her out on it.

The next morning at breakfast, I decided to come clean with my parents and get it over with.

"As you've guessed, Mom, there is a lady friend in my life. Her name's Cathy."

"Can she cook?" My Dad liked to play the curmudgeon sometimes.

"As a matter of fact, she can, Dad. She cooks really well. Of course, not as well as you do, Mom."

"Of course, dear. I'm happy to hear that you're dating again. So what's she like?"

"Nothing too special, Mom. She's tall, brunette, hair down beneath her shoulders. She's very good looking, classy, well-read, smart, athletic, and good in...the kitchen." I laughed when I saw Mom's eye's jump on that last one. "Now that I think about it, I've got a picture of her on my laptop. Let me go get it." I had taken a picture of Cathy and Kelly at the resort on the way to dinner.

"Cathy's the brunette. Her friend is Kelly."

"Looks like they're really good friends," Mom observed. It was true. The ladies' friendship radiated out from their faces, their posture, and the casual arm they draped around each other's waist. "What's Kelly like?"

"A lot like Cathy. Wicked smart, classy, athletic, funny. I don't know so much about her cooking"—Dad laughed—"but she appreciates good food. She's more direct in her approach—Cathy's more understated. And you're right, Mom. The two of them are like sisters that really like each other." I saw my mother nod to herself. "Yeah, Mom, I remember what you always say. Judge a person by their friends. On that score, Cathy ranks pretty high." I saw Mom smile at that, and then she got a wicked gleam in her eye as she studied the picture a bit more.

"That's a lovely setting, Brad. I can't remember seeing anything like that around where you live. Where is it?"

Busted. "Uh...that's a resort about an hour away. Lovely grounds," I said lamely.

"Must be a great restaurant, to drive all that way for dinner."

My Dad chimed in, unable to resist. "Was Kelly traveling with anyone?"

"Uh, no, Dad. Just the three of us."

"Way to go, son! Two lovely ladies on a getaway! That's my boy!" Dad whooped and punched me on the arm.

"I'm trying to remember why I thought it was a good idea to tell you guys anything. Do either one of you remember?"

"Because we would have dragged it out of you anyway. Isn't it easier this way?" my mother asked reasonably.

"Uh, I guess so. Any more questions or observations before this interrogation is over?"

"Just one, Brad. When do your father and I get to meet this mystery woman?"

"Oh, I'm sure we'll find a time," I evaded, snapping the laptop shut and taking it back before I got any further uncomfortable questions.

Later my mother found me on the deck and came out. "I hope you know, Brad, that we enjoy giving you a bit of a hard time, especially about your love life. It's one small compensation for all the work of raising you."

I laughed. "I guess on that score, I'm getting off pretty easy here."

Mom laughed too. "Cathy sounds like quite a catch."

"She does stack up well on anyone's desirability ledger. However, it goes further. I've never met anyone where the chemistry matched up so completely. We just...understand each other. I guess that's why I'm reluctant to say too much yet. Everything's perfect so far..."

"...And you wonder if there's some point where it all falls apart?"

"Yeah. Maybe she wants to study nomads in Mongolia or something, where I won't see how it fits in my life. There's a lot to know about her before I know if she's the one."

My mother put her arms around me and gave me a hug. "That's saying a lot for you, even to mention 'the one.' Now I really want to meet her."

"You'd like her. She likes to keep me on my toes, just like you do."

"I'm sure I will. I've liked most of your girlfriends over the years, at least."

I laughed. "I'll remain discreet and not probe into their names."

"That might be a fun conversation topic with Cathy, now that I think about it. Excellent! I won't have to worry about something to say."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, Mom."

For the long weekend, we all enjoyed a great visit, with the light-hearted banter that always characterized our family. On the night before I left, Mom stopped me. "Brad, would you mind terribly sending me that picture you showed us of Cathy and Kelly?"

"Sure, Mom."

"You might wonder why. Whatever happens between you and Cathy, I just like to have a record of significant parts of your life. The two young ladies are stunning—lovely and full of life—and I can see a lot of you reflected in their faces. I can see why she captures your heart, Brad. Whatever happens, savor your time with her."

"Believe me, Mom, I will."

On the way back, I reflected on the conversations I had shared with Cathy. I had called her each evening. She continued to weave her web with me:

"...I've got another homework session planned for tonight, Brad. I want to get 100% on the test soooooo bad."

"You may give your teacher a heart attack before he has a chance to give the test."

"You don't give him enough credit, Brad. He's always ahead of us students."

"He's definitely got to be working hard to stay that way."

"That's why he's the best. Now, I'd better get started studying. Sweat dreams, Brad."

And another night:

"Hi, Brad. It's Kelly."

"Kelly! Good to talk to you."

"We knew you would call, so I carried Cathy's cell. We're out clubbing, Brad. Cathy's trying to get me hooked up."

"I don't think you two need to work very hard, Kelly. It's more whether there's anyone up to your standards."

"Well, I spend time with you, Brad, so I'm not aiming that high."

"Yeah, but I'm a mercy case, remember?"

"Oh, I forgot. You're right. These guys are looking better already. Probably what's keeping them away is the intense conversation I'm having with your girlfriend. I'm giving her some pointers, Brad. It's not like she needs them, but I want her to keep your ego stroked."

"Good thinking, Kelly. Us guys really need that."

"Don't you. Now, you've probably figured out that since I'm such a tease, I'm not going to let you speak to your girlfriend tonight Brad. You have to say everything through me."

"So that's how it is, huh? Well, why don't you tell my girlfriend that she's driving me insane with all her homework talk. I have a case of blue balls that you wouldn't believe—my personal efforts only go so far. If she wants me to suffer, she's doing a great job. To top it off, my mother is as wicked as you two, and she suspects everything." I heard some whispers and giggles through the phone.

"I got Cathy to blush, Brad. You two are so easy, it's like taking candy from a baby. Now, what can I tell you without breaking confidences? Well, I think you know how much Cathy wants you to get home. And she is doing a great job with her homework. She started on the easier problem, got good at that, and then moved to the harder problem. In fact, I was thinking of having her show me how well she's doing..."

"...You're bad, Kelly."

"If you only knew how much, Brad, you'd have never left me alone with her."

I laughed. "I guess ignorance is bliss. I hope your search goes well."

Kelly's teasing tone altered a bit. "I'm getting spoiled by seeing how good it can be, Brad. You know anyone that you think would measure up?"

I decided to change tone myself. "That's a tough one, Kelly, really tough. I'll have to work hard to do half as well as you did."

"As I did?"

"You can cut the bullshit, Kelly. I'm on to your stuff about me 'helping others.' Someday I'm going to get Cathy to spill on how you put her up to your sexual awakening scheme. I think you're the one screwing with both of our minds."

"And you love it, don't you?"

"I'll have to level with you, Kelly, and it's hard. Yes, I do. I really do. And believe me, I'm going to make you pay for that."

"I can't wait."

"Well, be sure to tell my girlfriend to enjoy her evening out and not to listen to her wicked friend. Wouldn't want that rubbing off on her."

"We wouldn't, would we?"

"Good night, Kelly."

"Night, Brad."

One other time:

"...So what story about us did you give your mother?"

"I figured that I'd better stick pretty close to the truth to stay out of trouble. So I gave her a...slightly edited...history of our relationship."

"Sounds like you left out all the good parts."

"Well, the good news is that there's enough quality material in the PG-13 version to keep Mom satisfied. I think she has filled in the blanks for the R version, but I would like to keep her guessing about anything beyond that—know what I mean?"

Cathy's rich laugh came through the phone. "That's probably a wise idea. I'll have to construct a similar story for my parents. It's a good thing that we actually like each other, so there's something to talk about besides sex."

"So you're saying you like me?"

"Sometimes. Maybe. Just enough to make a story stick together for my mother..."

I called Cathy when I got off the plane.

"Glad to hear you're back, Brad. I'm really looking forward to Tuesday."

"I'm just hoping I can make it two more days."

"I'm sure you'll feel better about your student knowing that she's studying hard."

"You say any more about that, and I'm hanging up! I've got people all around me."

"Poor baby. Make sure you bring a change of clothes for work Wednesday!"


I concentrated on work Monday to keep Cathy off my mind as much as possible. That evening, I called some friends for a two-on-two basketball game to keep me busy. Tuesday went well until the end, where I was barely able to pay attention to my design job. Finally, I headed home, changed, and got over to Cathy's. On a hunch, I wore very fine, pleated slacks and no underwear.

"Brad." Cathy pulled me inside the door and embraced me. We let our bodies speak to how we had missed each other. Cathy's lips hungrily sucked on mine until she came up for air.

"I thought this moment would never come," she said breathlessly. "Welcome back."

"I should leave more often to get a welcome like that," I replied.

"Puh-leeeze. You two are making me sick! Why don't you just fuck and get it over with?" Of course that was Kelly talking.

"Normally, I would," Cathy said primly. "However, this is a professional situation, and we must follow the protocol. That means dinner first, a session on the couch, and then the practice of new skills."

"And what might those be this time?" Kelly challenged.

"Ah, don't want to get ahead our ourselves," Cathy replied smoothly. "All in good time. Brad, would you see to the wine?"

With that, Cathy spun out of my arms to move to the kitchen. Her skirt flew up briefly, showing a lot of sleek leg. This time, she wore a light blue top over a white skirt, leading down to sandals. As always, I was taken with the combination of sensuality, femininity, and self-confidence that she displayed. She looked smart, classy, powerful, and hot all at the same time.

My eyes finally stopped checking Cathy out and moved over to Kelly. She had raised a heel and placed one hand on her hip. She looked damn good in a black top and cream skirt. A gold chain dangled between her breasts.

"Finally noticed, huh?"

I walked over and embraced her. "Kelly, you look stunning, as always."

"Why, thank you."

"Follow me for a glass of wine?"

"Of course."

We moved into the kitchen, and I uncorked the bottle. I poured three glasses, handed one to Kelly, and then walked over to Cathy, who was drying her hands at the sink. I stood close behind her.

"Like some wine?" I asked softly, handing the glass around to her.

"Love some," she replied. She settled back against me and took a sip. "Just what I needed." She set the glass down and tilted her head back. I leaned in and kissed her open lips. Her ass lightly brushed my cock. Feeling it start to harden, she broke the kiss and laughed. "Guess we should get through dinner at least."

Cathy seared tuna for dinner, and she served us garden vegetables and salad alongside it. The white wine paired well with the food.

"Wonderful food, Cathy," Kelly said. "Perfect for summer."

"Thought I would keep it light and fresh," Cathy said. "I didn't want to slow us down tonight," she added, a slight blush creeping up her cheeks.

We all laughed. We continued another great conversation, catching up on my trip and the ladies' weekends.

"I was very relaxing at my parent's," I was saying. "Except when some of my 'friends' were trying to give me blue balls over the phone."

"That's terrible. Who would do such a thing?" Kelly feigned indignation.

"I wouldn't want to give you a bad impression of some of my friends," I replied confidentially. "You know them as upstanding people, but they hide a wicked side. Best not to disillusion you too much."

"You don't say? Well, I don't want to know any more about that." Kelly said primly.

After a while, I poured the last glass of wine for everyone.

"I was thinking that we might want to retire to the living room and get started," Cathy announced. "Given our missed class and the amount of homework I was assigned, it may take a while to get through tonight's lesson."

My cock twitched, but I kept my cool. "That's an excellent idea, Cathy. I'm glad to see you take such interest in your studies."

"It must be rewarding to teach such a motivated student," Kelly looked over at me.

"Very. Teaching can be a lonely job, and I value the ability to connect with a student."

"Connect. What an appropriate term." Kelly drawled as she got up to clear the plates.

We got the table clear and things put away. We worked quickly and quietly, all of us feeling an air of expectation in the room. When we finished, we all moved to our places: Cathy on the couch, and Kelly and I on two chairs facing her.

"Cathy, I was thinking that I will relax you, and then we can talk to Desire and see where she leads us tonight. How does that sound?"

"Great, Brad. Save some time for me to report on my homework assignments as well, OK? I worked really hard." Cathy looked down at this last part.

"I will definitely leave time, Cathy." I looked over. "Are you all set, Kelly?"

"Seat belts fastened."

"Let's begin. Cathy, why don't you lie back on the couch?" I took Cathy back to her beach for the relaxation exercise. I then asked her Controller's permission to speak to the other voices and keep things orderly. Next, I spoke to Joy.

"I am very happy for Cathy," Joy said. "She has enriched her own life, and yours as well, I think?"

"Incredibly. More than I fully understand," I replied.

"Wonderful. I just want her to continue to live in a place of trust and confidence. She has so much to share."

"She really does," I agreed. "Joy, can you continue to give her that trust?"

"I can."

"Thank you, Joy. Now, may I speak to Desire?"

Cathy sighed and shifter her hands in her lap. "This is Desire speaking."

"In your thoughts, how has Cathy been doing?"

"Fantastic. I'm thrilled that she is asking for, and getting, what she wants. When she teased you over the phone last weekend, it was great to see her take charge. She is happy, and her friends are happy, too. I just don't want her to stop."

"It's great that things are working well, Desire. Now, what would you like for Cathy tonight?"

Cathy took a moment to answer. Kelly and I both leaned forward. "She's been exploring her bottom in different ways, and she is loving the pleasure it brings. Tonight...I want her to go all the way. I want her to feel you inside her." Cathy's body was poised in expectation, awaiting my reply.

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