tagMind ControlThe Web Ch. 06

The Web Ch. 06


Sixth part of an eight part series. I wrote this story to develop some themes more along the lines of "mind-influence" than "mind-control." The most erotic time in a relationship is often spent exploring the boundaries of trust and sharing. If that turns you on, then this story will have many molten scenes. At the same time, as the writing progressed, the characters grew and influenced each other in interesting ways. Is it better to get what you want, or learn what you want? I still don't know who really was in control. Maybe you will.


As usual, Friday passed in an agony of expectation. I arrived at Kelly's promptly at six.

"Hello, handsome." Kelly pressed herself into my arms.

"Uh, hello Kelly." Over her shoulder, I saw Cathy laugh at my surprise.

"Thanks so much for coming. And for the wine. I asked my friend Cathy to join us as well. Hope you're not disappointed."

"Maybe a little, but Cathy's alright. She's got a great personality."

Cathy glided into my arms. "Is that all?" she said softly, slinking her body along mine.

"Maybe she's got a dynamite body as well."

"Anything else?"

"Smart, funny, and fantastic in bed."

"Hmmmm. Sounds pretty good," Cathy said.

"You know, you're right. I'm going to enjoy this evening."

"If you play your cards right, you really will," Cathy whispered in my ear. She slid away from me and went into Kelly's kitchen, returning with two glasses of wine. Kelly followed, and shooed the two of us onto the couch together. She took a seat opposite us.

"OK, I wanted to talk to the two of you before we started dinner. The past several weeks have been amazing, and I've experienced things that I never expected to see. Thank you so much for that."

"Thank you, Kelly," Cathy said. "You've been a great friend."

"You're welcome," Kelly replied. She got more serious. "Now, I need to speak plainly with the two of you. Let's face it, Cathy, you've 'cured' your little problem. When you take it up the ass while your best friend watches, I wouldn't say that you're 'reserved' in bed anymore, would you?"

Cathy blushed. "No, I suppose not."

"Don't get me wrong, I love being a part of what you're doing, and I know that you have more that you want to try. It's just that it's time to get the two of you back into the real world. It's time that you both acknowledge that you're girlfriend and boyfriend, and that you both start going out. Like clubbing, movies, dinners, parties, and all that. I'm ready to start fucking again, and instead, all my nights are spent diddling myself while the two of you screw each other. I don't want that to stop, but I want to get out, and I want to get you two out."

Cathy looked over at me. "So are we girlfriend and boyfriend?"

"Not completely, not yet. I want you to be my girlfriend, but I've been giving you space, since we are, um, working together."

"Think we can work without the space?"

"Yes." I felt my heartbeat.

"Get rid of the space." Cathy leaned in and put her arms around my neck, pulling my lips onto hers. She kissed me deep and long.

"A toast to the new couple," Kelly announced as we disentangled. We all clinked our glasses.

Cathy and I sat at Kelly's bar, holding hands while she cooked. I spoke up. "Okay, how about this for getting out? I've got a friend named Kevin who I mountain bike with most weekends. Maybe we should get a little group together. I haven't ridden with Tammy and Kurt in a while either."

"So what's this Kevin like?" Kelly asked, still cooking.

"You might like him. He's tall, athletic, and he has a wicked sense of humor. If he's a friend of mine, he's got to be pretty good." Cathy eyed me, and I winked.

"Sounds like fun. How about you, Cathy?"

"I'd like that."

"OK, let's make a deal. How about we do the ride, and then tomorrow night you take us dancing?" Kelly looked at me.

"Deal with me. Cathy?"

"I love dancing."

"Let me call Kevin. We usually go Saturday, so I should set this up before it get's too late." I dug into my bag, got out my phone, and called him.

"Brad. What's up?"

"Dude, I'm getting a little group together to ride tomorrow. Interested? You'll get to meet my girlfriend." Cathy and Kelly both smiled.

"So I get to meet this mystery woman you've been hinting about. I can't pass that up."

"Great. She's bringing a friend, and I'm thinking of inviting Kurt and Tammy."

"Is the friend hot?"

"Smoking," I said as I let my eyes caress Kelly's body. Cathy giggled quietly beside me.

"That's even better."

"I'll text you details, but I'm thinking of ten or so."

"See you then."

I made one more call to Tammy and Kurt. I turned to Kelly.

"OK, your deal is on. Everyone is in."

"Fantastic. Now that we have plans to get out tomorrow, let's make the most of staying in tonight. I need an orgasm really bad," Kelly said.

"Down girl!" I said, causing Cathy to laugh.

Cathy and I set the table as Kelly finished dinner.

"This is outstanding. You cook really well!" I said as I finished the first bite of Kelly's French country stew.

"Thank you, Brad. I'm happy to show that I'm more than just a sex machine."

"Good cooking is sexy," I replied. "It shows skill at creating pleasure for others and at melding things together harmoniously. Good qualities in the sack." Kelly rolled her eyes. "But, you impress me in a lot of ways, Kelly. If it weren't for Cathy here, I'd be coming after you."

"I guess I'd better keep you satisfied, then?" Cathy teased.

"Better stay on your toes. Just like me," I replied. Cathy laughed, nodding.

"So what type of ride do you have planned, Brad?" Kelly asked.

"Oh, I've got the state park area in mind. We can branch off depending on how the ride is going. Sound good?"

"Yes. Cathy and I have biked and run there before. I like it."

"Great. I'll send the details out after we finish dinner."

We spent another great dinner together. I never tired of parrying with the two ladies.

"So, do you think smart women intimidate men?" Kelly asked me when we were talking about dating.

"Sometimes, but I don't think women should try to hide it. It comes out eventually, and it's a good filter. Besides, a lot of smart men are also a bit more reserved in public. So they're out there, and a smart, outgoing woman like yourself can bring out the best in them."

"So I should go for the shy ones?"

"Not necessarily, but don't let that stop you. You'll turn any man into an animal if you want to."

"Thanks for the compliment. And after watching you and Cathy, I know that real sparks can form between people who are more polite and quiet in public."

"That's for sure." I winked at Cathy.

We got up to clear the plates. I sent out the biking instructions to everyone. When we finished up, Kelly looked over at Cathy.

"So Cathy, I'm detecting some anticipation waves coming off of you. Must be something good you've got planned. What's up?"

Cathy smiled mysteriously. "Wouldn't want to ruin it by jumping the gun, would we?"

Kelly chuckled. "OK, lady. I suppose I'll find out soon enough."

We finished and moved back to the living room. Kelly came out with towels and a small bag.

"I figured I'd just get prepared. I've got my toy bag here as well. Everything cleaned up for use by any of us."

"Might have to see what you got in there," I cracked.

"You wanna play, you gotta pay," Kelly retorted. "You have to tell me what you want, first. I don't give out all my secrets so easily."

"Can't fault me for trying."

"I think you'd better stick to picking your girlfriend's locks, Brad. I want to see what she's up to tonight."

"Yeah, you're right. Let's get started."

Kelly sat down in the chair next to mine while Cathy took off her sandals and lied back on the couch. I took her through the relaxation exercise, and played a hunch with her Controller.

"Controller, how have these sessions been working for you?"

"Good. I've kept Cathy out of trouble, and she's done some things she really wanted to do. I hope she is seeing that she can trust me to let her enjoy her life."

"I think you're doing a great job. Now, I've got a more difficult request for you, but I think it will be worth it."

"What is that?"

"I think that Cathy would like to reveal a little more of her desires, but she's afraid that we will think less of her afterward. Can you watch us carefully and make sure we are comfortable with what she wants?"

"That is a difficult job. I will have to read your reactions."

"Yes, but I think you can do it. You're very observant."

"OK, I will do it and stop things if I think that you or Kelly are reacting the wrong way."

I made much the same request of Cathy's Protector. I then asked for Joy.

"Joy speaking."

"How have things been going for you?"

"Wonderful! I know that Cathy has brought great joy to both you and Kelly. I'm also thrilled to see you as a couple. Much future joy will come from this."

"I'm sure it will. Now, can you work with Cathy to express her joy tonight? Help us share the joy so that her Controller and Protector see how much we care about Cathy?"

"I'd be happy to."

"Thank you so much, Joy. Now, may I speak to Desire?"

Cathy shifted and stretched her lithe frame. I watched her breasts push against her top as she arched her back. My cock swelled. "This is Desire."

"Desire, you have taken us all to some amazing places. Thank you so much."

"I've been thrilled that you have helped Cathy explore some of her desires."

"But there's more," I prompted.

"Isn't there always?" Desire fell silent for a moment. "You remember the night I asked to let some of Cathy's bad-girl side come out?"

I looked over at Kelly, her eyes intent on Cathy. "Yes," I said.

"She loved you being more possessive of her. She trusts you with that side of herself."

"Thank you. I loved exploring that side of Cathy as well."

"Good, because she'd..." Desire paused. "She'd like you to go further with that, a lot further."

My cock shot up in my pants. "Um, what does she have in mind?" I asked in a strained voice.

"She wants you to figure that out, Brad. How much of her naughty side do you want to see?"

Kelly turned to me, a sly grin on her face. "Looks like Desire turned the tables on you," she breathed.

I thought a moment. "OK, Desire, I'll figure it out. That will also help the Controller and Protector know that I'm OK with what we're doing. Cathy must trust me a lot."

"Oh she does, Brad. You have no idea."

My cock strained even harder. "Um, thank you, Desire, for sharing with us."

"You're welcome, Brad. We'll talk some more next time."

I called up the Controller and took Cathy back to the couch.

"Do you want to get started on what we talked about?"

"Yes," she replied, "I really do."

"Kelly, would you help me get the coffee table moved out of the way?" I asked. Kelly's eyes widened slightly, then she stood and helped me move it over by the door. We both settled back into our chairs, and I looked back at Cathy.

"If I remember correctly, you wanted me to go 'a lot further' than I did last time."

Cathy blushed and looked down, a smile playing about her lips. "If I remember correctly, you need to figure that out."

"I do remember. So let's make sure you have a safe word in case I figure out the wrong thing. Just say 'uncle' and I'll back off, OK?"

"Like in those tickling games as kids?"

"Something like that. You ready?"

Cathy looked up, a mixture of excitement, apprehension, and desire passing across her face. "Yes."

"Alright, here goes." I sat back in my chair and let my eyes roam over Cathy's body. She looked back at me, wondering what I was going to do next. I let her think about it.

Finally, I spoke. "You know what I think, Cathy? I think you want to confess some things tonight. You have this bad girl side that wants to come out, but you can't do it by yourself. You want me to lead you, but you'll go willingly along."

Cathy swallowed, her assent in her eyes. I continued.

"The good news is that I love to make good girls go bad, and I think you can be a very bad girl. Let's find out, shall we? Why don't you stand up and join me?"

Cathy stood and met me in the middle of the space framed by the chairs and couch. Kelly sat right in front of us. I gently embraced Cathy and kissed her. She trembled in my hands. I put my head beside hers, my fingers raking up and down her arms.

"Now, if you were a good girl, I would gently kiss you for hours. But you're not, are you? Already you're thinking of sex, and cock, and hands roaming all over your body. About how you like to show your best friend everything. About how you just want to cum and cum."

Cathy let out a shaky breath. She buried her head in my chest. I could feel her hot breathing through the fabric of my shirt.

"Since you're a bad girl, you'll take your clothes off and show us your body—all of it. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Cathy nodded against my chest. I gently pulled at the hem of her top, and she raised her arms to let me pull it over her head. I watched the fabric climb to reveal a black lace bra that cupped her breasts just beneath erect nipples. I gave a low whistle.

"Whoa, Cathy, that bra is fantastic. You dressed to impress, didn't you? I think we'll leave that on for a while."

Cathy reached down and undid the waistband on her skirt. She slid it down her legs and stepped out of it. She stood in a black lace thong.

"Wow, you look hot." I ran my hands up and down her sides, and then under her breasts, causing her to catch her breath. "What do you think, Kelly? Isn't Cathy the hottest little thing?"

"She looks pretty damn good, Brad." Kelly answered.

"You know what's really hot, though? Plenty of girls look sexy on the outside, but Cathy's a sexy bitch on the inside as well. When I look at her, I think of what that hot little body can do, and she looks even better." I ran my hands over her ass, and she moaned.

"That's right, you love your tight little ass, don't you? It makes you feel soooo good. Let's get that thong off so I can play with it some more." Cathy reached down, stepped out of her thong, and dropped it on top of her skirt. I turned so her back was to Kelly and began lightly kneading her ass cheeks.

"Now, Cathy, no good girl would ever stand here and let some boy play with her ass in front of her best friend. But we already know that you're a very bad girl. Think about all the naughty things you've asked me to do. And you want to be even naughtier. What you need is a good spanking."

Cathy's head jerked up, her eyes wide. "A...spanking?"

"Exactly. Now, I like to spank bad girls, so I need to get these clothes off me so my hard cock has room. Let's get them off, shall we?"

When Cathy reached over to unbuckle my belt, I knew that she had given her tacit assent. I pulled my shirt over my head, while she bent over and guided my pants down my legs. I saw Kelly's eyes widen as she looked straight at Cathy's ass. When Cathy stood again, I went over to the other chair. I sat on the edge and spread my legs, then motioned her to lie down.

"In my lap, Cathy." She draped herself across my legs, hanging her head, her face burning. "That's it, get comfortable. See? It's not so bad. Just a little punishment for being such a naughty girl." When I touched her ass, she flinched. "My, so jumpy," I scolded. I started caressing across her cheeks and down the back of her legs. The smell of hot pussy reached my nostrils as Cathy slowly ground herself into my leg. I smiled to myself.

"You have such a beautiful ass, Cathy, I could play with it all day. Does it feel good to bend over and show yourself to your best friend? I can feel the heat from your tight little pussy, so I know you're excited. Just relax and let it out. You know you want to."

Cathy sighed, her breath tickling the hairs on my leg. She arched her back slightly, raising her ass up into my hands.

"That's it. It feels good to confess, doesn't it? You've wanted this your whole life, and now you can finally admit it."

Cathy's head nodded.

"OK, I'm going to start spanking you now. I'll start light and then pick it up as you get used to it. Oh, one more thing. Knowing you, you might start getting all hot and bothered. If you do, feel free to play with yourself, even put on a show if you really like it."

Cathy nodded again.

I pulled my hand back and gave Cathy a light swat. The little "smack" shot through all of us, sharpening our senses to the reality of what was happening. I gave her another. I looked over to see Kelly's hand sliding between her legs.

"Kelly's playing with herself watching you. It's pretty hot to watch someone admit their desires. This is you, Cathy, letting your best friend watch your most private moments. You can relax; we're not afraid of who you are."

Cathy groaned and ground her pussy into my leg, coating it with her wetness. She arched her back a little more.

"That's it, good girl. Here's another smack," and I swatted her a bit harder. Cathy's breath blew ragged across my leg as I gave her another.

"Now, a little harder." I gave Cathy another couple of swats, then lightly caressed along her ass. Her ass had reddened just slightly, but was warming from the arousal.

Kelly's movement caught my eye; she was taking everything off. She looked back at me, the excitement burning in her eyes. I turned back to Cathy.

"Ready for more?" She nodded.

"Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!" Cathy jumped a little with each of these, but she kept grinding into my leg.

"Now we're getting somewhere. Feeling better about your naughty desires? I'm through punishing you, so you can get up if you want. If you stay, we'll explore this side of yourself a little more."

I waited for Cathy to get up. She didn't. "That's what I thought," I said softly. "You love this, don't you?"

Cathy's head nodded.

"That's right. Deep down, you need a spanking. You need to be a bad girl. Let's keep going."

I started smacking Cathy's ass steadily, keeping the swats at a level she could take for a while. Her ass reddened, and then I saw her hand snake back. She lifted up slightly and squeezed her wrist between her waist and my leg. Her fingers found her soaking pussy, probing and pulling at the lips. I stopped and felt the heat under my hands.

"That's it, play with yourself, Cathy. Give yourself everything while I spank your tight ass."

"Please," she whimpered. It was the first thing she'd said in a while.

"Need it bad, do you?" I resumed my smacks. "It feels sooo good, doesn't it? You're discovering another way your ass can give you pleasure. Bad girls have so much more fun. Aren't you glad you gave in?"

Cathy just groaned beneath me. I took in the moment: my hand connecting electrically with Cathy's ass, the feel of her squirming hand between her legs, the sight of Kelly's fingertips dancing across her swollen labia.

Cathy started bucking back to meet my swats. "Smack! Smack! Smack!" She was on fire, and I palmed into her a bit harder. She moaned continuously now, close to a crashing orgasm.

Suddenly, I felt her fingers press deeply into herself as she rocked back to meet my hand. I kept spanking as she breathed in gasps, climbing as high as she could. Then she let out a wail as her orgasm overtook her. I kept up the spanking as the seizures racked her body, incoherent sounds coming from her throat. Her back and legs rippled with the effects. As they settled down, she collapsed completely onto my legs, heaving for air as I stopped my assault on her bottom. I covered her ass with my hand, keeping the reminder of our intimacy there as she rocked through the aftershocks.

"There, that felt really good, didn't it? Aren't you glad you stayed?"

Cathy's head hung down from exhaustion, but I felt her lightly brush her lips across my leg.

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