tagMind ControlThe Web Ch. 08

The Web Ch. 08


Final part of an eight part series. I wrote this story to develop some themes more along the lines of "mind-influence" than "mind-control." The most erotic time in a relationship is often spent exploring the boundaries of trust and sharing. If that turns you on, then this story will have many molten scenes. At the same time, as the writing progressed, the characters grew and influenced each other in interesting ways. Is it better to get what you want, or learn what you want? I still don't know who really was in control. Maybe you will.


Monday evening, my phone rang.

"Evening, lover-boy." Of course, it was Kelly. "You two love-birds have fun over the weekend?"

"So how am I taking shit from you, when you were out on a date with Kevin? Shouldn't I be asking how far you let him go?"

"The best defense is a good offense, Brad. But since you asked, I never give it up on the first date. The second, however..."

"So there's a second?"

"Kevin's already called—such a gentleman. Of course, what man wouldn't with me? He's lost, Brad, just as you are with Cathy."

I laughed. "I admit it on my side, but I think you'll find Kevin a worthy opponent."

"Oh, I so love challenges! Now, let's get down to why I called. You two, all alone for the weekend. Tell me all the juicy details!"

I gave Kelly a pretty complete version. She asked a lot of questions about the non-sexual parts.

"That sounds exactly like what Cathy said," she said when I finished. "It's great to hear that you're getting to know each other outside the bedroom. I wondered if you'd ever leave your house."

"Hard to believe any woman would want to get out of bed with me, isn't it?"

Kelly snorted. "Whatever. Bed or not, Brad, Cathy was absolutely glowing when I stopped by. She likes you—a lot."

"It goes both ways. I think she and I saw each other in a different light, and we liked what we saw."

"I think you're both perfect for each other," she replied.

I took the opening. "Maybe a little too perfect, almost like someone made a match. Tell me, Kelly, how much did you help Cathy to understand that she had a problem and that only I could solve it?"

Kelly didn't miss a beat. "You know me, Brad, always trying to help my friends have the finest. Of course I know everything about my best friend, sometimes more than she does herself."

I laughed. "Good answer, Kelly, but I'm watching you."

"That's the thanks I get. Oh well, I'll savor my good deeds alone."

"Not likely. But I'm happy you're Cathy's friend—and mine."

"Thanks, Brad. You both mean everything to me. Now, I'd best be letting you go, since you were waiting to call Cathy. You are going to call her, right?"

"Relax, Mom. I'll call her."

"Good night, lover-boy."

"I am soooo waiting to turn the tables, Miss Smarty-pants. Good-night."

I did call Cathy, and we both eagerly discussed how much fun we'd had over the weekend. On a hunch, I asked her if she'd like to meet me for pizza the next evening.

"What a great idea—we've never done that before. Plus, Brad, I appreciate how you seem to know what I'm thinking. Yes, I am making us both wait for Thursday. I want to be well rested for my final!"

Cathy met me outside the restaurant the next evening.

"Hi, Cathy! That sundress looks great on you."

"Why, thank you, Brad. You're looking pretty good yourself."

We got seated and got a glass of wine. Cathy looked over at me.

"Thanks for inviting me, Brad. I have to laugh—it's almost like we're dating backwards. We're doing a very safe dinner where we each drove, but we kind of know each other a little better than the average guy and girl doing this, don't you think?"

I chuckled. "Cathy, in some ways I know you very intimately, but you always find a way to surprise me. So while I know a lot about you, there's a lot I don't know, too. You always keep a sense of mystery about you."

Cathy's eyes locked onto mine. "I like being your mystery woman, Brad."

"Don't ever stop," I said, and her eyes flashed.

Later, I brought up my phone call with Kelly. "I tried to put her on the spot about getting us together, but she just breezed right by it. She's pretty good."

"She's very good," Cathy emphasized. "She's gotten me to do several things I hadn't done before—good thing she's a friend."

"Anything you'd like to share?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Cathy smiled.

As we were finishing, Cathy looked up. "Brad, I had a wonderful evening. Maybe next time I'll give you my phone number."

We laughed and parted with a kiss at her car. I helped her inside and waved as she drove off.

When I got home, Wednesday, I have a message on my machine. "Looking forward to tomorrow, Brad. I always shoot for an A+. Don't forget to stay over Friday!"

I hadn't forgotten. I played basketball that evening with some friends to take my mind off of it.

Thursday, as usual, I immersed myself in some deep design work, and the day went quickly. I put things away, and hurried home, picking up flowers on the way. I changed into some pleated slacks, guessing that I'd need to room for my cock later on. I brought my overnight things and a change of clothes as well.

"Brad, they're lovely!" Cathy exclaimed when she opened the door. I handed her the flowers and quickly took in her body, every curve emphasized by her sheath dress.

"Wow. You look fabulous!"

She smiled and flowed into my arms, kissing me deeply. "Better say hello to Kelly," she whispered.

I looked up and saw Kelly waiting, an expectant look on her face. My eyes travelled up and down her body, also highlighted by a sheath dress. Her pattern subtly complimented Cathy's, and made it difficult to look away.

"Kelly, you look stunning," I said as I took her into my arms. She smiled and then surprised me by kissing me on the lips. A jolt of electricity went through me.

"That's for the compliment," she said. "Your eyes said more than your words."

I turned back to Cathy, still a little stunned. Her eyes gleamed back at me.

"Better get the rest of your things," she softly directed, smiling.

As I came back inside, the two ladies stood by Cathy's bar, talking. Cathy faced away from me, and I let my eyes linger on her ass, nicely framed in her dress. I glanced up to Kelly, a knowing look in her eyes. Of course, they had planned this pose. I dropped my bag off in Cathy's bedroom, finding the bed turned down, a chair pulled up, and a small velvet bag on the nightstand. I knew this was supposed to make me wonder.

Cathy handed me a glass of wine as I rejoined them, a twinkle in her eye. "To a couple of very special people in my life," she said. As we took a sip, I marveled at how good they looked together.

"Yes, Brad, these are our man-killer outfits," Kelly laughed, reading my mind. "They go together well, no?"

"I'm already dead," I said, to giggles from the ladies.

"I figure that they'll help you behave—knowing that Cathy and I can snare another boyfriend for her any time."

"Yeah, but she'd be getting some lousy sex that way. That's my way of keeping her in line."

"And you've got me hooked," Cathy said, smiling. "I think we're even, but I'm never going to behave—not completely."

"I don't think any of us are, especially Kelly," I responded. We all laughed.

Cathy brought out some appetizers, and we continued talking and laughing as she finished preparing dinner. I watched her graciously move about her kitchen, keeping the conversation flowing while she worked. If she held any apprehension about later, she didn't show it.

"We're having steak salad," she announced. "Brad, can you crumble the blue cheese?"

I stepped in to help while Kelly got the table set outside. We got the plates fixed and added some rolls that Cathy had been baking. Soon we were outside, enjoying the evening.

"This is delicious," I said. "It's satisfying, but not too heavy."

"I cook dinners like these in the summer," Cathy replied. "Especially when I'm going to be active later." Kelly snickered.

We took our time enjoying the meal. Cathy explained more details of her weekend plans with her parents, and we figured out the logistics of meeting them at the various events. Finally, Cathy looked up.

"Everyone satisfied?" Kelly and I nodded. "Shall we clear the plates?"

We got the kitchen cleared and moved to Cathy's living room, taking our customary places.

Cathy looked at Kelly. "Thanks for coming one more time, Kelly. I wanted to celebrate all that we have accomplished, and I wanted you here. I might not remember to thank you later."

"You're welcome," Kelly said, laughing. "I'm happy to be here."

Cathy turned to me. "And you, Brad, how can I thank you? You've taken me much further than I ever thought possible."

"You're very welcome, Cathy." I replied. "I get to enjoy your journey as much as you do. To see a student achieve so much brings a lot of satisfaction to teaching."

Kelly cocked an eye. "Satisfaction—is that what they call it?" We all laughed.

Cathy looked at each of us. "OK. Everyone ready to get started?"

"Cathy," I said. "I do have a question for you."

"Yes, Brad?"

"As part of developing your examination, I did some additional research on suggestions during the voice dialog process. Up until now, I've been careful to respond only to your specific desires. If you would like, I could suggest some things that might prove very stimulating."

Cathy's eyes lit up. "I would like that very much, Brad."

"Kelly here can keep me honest," I added.

"So what are you going to suggest that Cathy wouldn't go for anyway?" Kelly snorted. "She's a sex goddess, remember?"

"I just want to make sure I worship her in the proper way," I replied.

"Just make sure he lives up to expectations," Cathy laughed. "OK, professor, let's get this test going. I'm ready!"

"As you wish, Cathy. Let's go to your beach..."

I relaxed Cathy and then spoke to her Controller and Protector, establishing a zone to work within. My cock hardening, I asked to speak to Desire.

Cathy stretched, arching her back and pushing out her breasts. "This is Desire speaking."

"Hello, Desire. How have things been going for you?"

"Wonderful, Brad. Cathy has been really listening to me, and look where it's got her? She's happier than she's ever been."

"She's made some other people happy as well," I added.

"And she knows it," Desire replied. "She knows she's making you happy, Brad."

"Tell her not to stop."

"Don't worry. Happiness is my specialty. I'm really good at it."

"That's an understatement," I replied.

Desire laughed lightly, which I hadn't heard before. "I like working with someone who appreciates it."

"I definitely appreciate it. Now, let's talk a little about what are you looking for in this final exam. Care to share anything?"

Desire got more serious. "I always want Cathy to excel. I think she's finally ready to go all the way."

"And what way is that?"

"You remember her talking about her bottom when we started? I think Cathy is ready to let you bend her over and have your way with her."

My cock lurched. "Ummm, that would be very nice," I croaked out.

"Wouldn't it?" she replied, looking into my eyes, suddenly intense. "What would you do, if you could do anything?"

My throat went dry. "I'd, I'd, take us beyond anything we'd ever known," I said softly.

"Take her there, Brad. Take both of you there."

I nodded, the tingles racing through my limbs.

"Ready to speak to Joy?"

I nodded again, having difficulty speaking.

"This is Joy speaking, Brad. I think my friend Desire said about everything tonight. Cathy is capable of incredible joy with you, Brad, and you with her. Let it flow."

"I will."

"That's all I ask."

"Thank you, Joy," I said automatically. Something nagged at me, and came clear in a flash of insight. Neither Desire or Joy had asked anything of Cathy tonight. Both of them had spoken to me directly, telling me what Cathy wanted.


"Yes, Brad?"

"Would you work to heighten Cathy's awareness? Her skin, her lips, her nipples, her pussy, her bottom—no—her ass. Everything will be super sensitive and on fire. She will melt in my arms."

Joy smiled. "I would love to, Brad. Anything else?"

"Put us on the same wavelength, Joy. Let me feel everything that she feels."

"Her joy will be your joy, Brad."

"Thank you, Joy, for helping me."

"Ask anytime, Brad—any time."

I looked deep into her eyes, seeing the sincerity there. Joy was eager to help—what was up her sleeve?

"Joy, before I go back to the Controller, is there anything else I should be asking?"

Joy laughed. "There's so much, Brad. But you have a lifetime to ask, don't you?"

"I suppose I do. Good night, Joy."

"Oh, I'm not going anywhere. Don't you know? I'm always here."

I smiled, remembering how much joy Cathy brought to her life. "How could I forget? Forgive me."

"If you're good, I'll forgive. If you're great, I'll forget."

I laughed, looking over to see a laughing Kelly. "That's my plan, Joy. Now, would you please take me to the Controller?"

"Of course." In a second or so, Cathy spoke again. "This is the Controller speaking."

"Controller, did you hear everything that Desire and Joy said?"

"I always hear," she replied.

"Would you mind working with Joy to keep Cathy focused on her senses? Make her notice, and feel, everything. Sharpen her climb to orgasm. Drive her pleasure to the core of her being."

"That's a worthy goal," she said. "Focus, sharpened senses, yes. I will work with Joy."

"Thank you, Controller. I really appreciate how you're working to help Cathy. Now, can you take us back to the beach?"

"We are here," she replied.

"Cathy, did everything that Desire and Joy talk about make sense to you?"

"Perfect sense," she replied, stretching. "I can't wait."

"Great," I said. "Before we leave the beach, I want you to think about something. You've been waiting to get bent over, with me in your ass, for a long time. Tonight, focus on what you've been wanting. Your ass will respond to my touch. It will bring us both unbelievable pleasure—more than you ever imagined. Melt into that pleasure."

Cathy squeezed her legs together. "Ummmmmmmm. I'm already hot."

"Ready to go back?"

"Please," she begged.

I took us back. "Cathy, do you remember everything we talked about?"

"Yes, Brad. Let's get started—please?"

"A little impatient? Take my hand, and let's go back to your bedroom."

"I thought you'd never ask," she whispered.

I took her hand and felt the electricity pass between us. I led her back to the bedroom, followed silently by Kelly. I motioned to Kelly to sit down, and then I took Cathy in my arms. Her eyes captivated me as I looked into her face.

"You are stunning, Cathy. So alive, so beautiful, so sexy."

She moaned as I pulled her close for a long kiss. Her lips were hot, hungry, and insistent. Cathy's hands travelled up and down my back as our tongues danced together, sparks crackling between them. Finally, I took her shoulders and gently turned her around. She sighed as she settled against me, turning her head for another kiss.

My hands roamed along her sides as we kissed, then I gathered them under her breasts. Cathy moaned her approval, but I didn't cup them like she expected. She twisted her body in frustration, but I just kept kissing her, letting the heat build. Her breath blew ragged in my mouth while her tongue sought out mine.

Giving her what she craved, I eased my hands upward and cupped her breasts. "Ohhhhh," she sighed, pushing her chest into my hands. I sought out her nipples under the thin material of her dress, getting more sighs of appreciation. Finally, I let my hands travel back down her sides, sliding over her hips and lightly gathering the material of her dress.

"Yesss..." Cathy stepped away just a little to give me room, smiling at my effort to guide the slinky material over her curves. Her black lace panties came into view along with the firm curves of her ass. Next, her trim back slowly emerged as I lifted the material around her breasts. She lifted her arms, and I gently lifted the dress over her shoulders. I draped it carefully on her nightstand and turned back to her.

This time she pushed back into me, grabbing my hands and placing them on her chest. She shivered as the electricity crackled between us. Her hard nipples jutted into my hands, and I raked my fingers across them, loving the feeling as they snapped back and forth. Her arms lifted and snaked up around the back of my head, then and she pulled me down for another deep kiss. Her chest arched, pushing her breasts into my hands, but also her ass into my groin.

Her body jolted at the contact, and she hauled my head down hard, fusing my lips to hers. My cock strained against my slacks, and she found the bulge, settling it in the crack of her panty-covered ass. She ground against me, wedging her panties into her ass.

"Oh, you feel good," she whispered when we came up for air.

"Should we get these clothes off?" I whispered back.

"Thought you'd never ask."

We both chuckled as I turned her around. She reached for my shirt and undid the buttons, pulling it off me and draping it over her dress. Then she came in close and kissed me, her hard nipples raking into my chest. She pulled away again and gracefully lowered herself to one knee so she could remove my shoes and socks. The she reached up to undo my belt and pants, smiling at my rampant erection tenting my boxers. She got my pants off and placed them on the dresser, then reached for my boxers and eased them over my cock.

I sighed with relief as my cock sprang free. Cathy got the boxers off of my legs and then darted in for the briefest kiss on the head of my cock. I jumped at the contact and she smiled wickedly as she rose up again. Pulling me in close, she gave me another deep kiss, my cock sandwiched between us.

My hands trailed down to Cathy's waist, feeling her smooth skin sizzle under my fingers. As I toyed with her panties, she pulled away again, and I kneeled to slide them from her hips. My hands gently pulled the material from her crack, and I lowered them down her legs, easing each side over her heels. Cathy's hands balanced on my shoulders as she lifted one leg up and then the other, both of us knowing that the heels would come in handy soon.

As Cathy stood before me naked, I planted kisses up her legs. She gasped as I came close to her pussy, but I kissed all around it, letting her desire build. I then took her hips and slowly turned her around, ending by lightly kissing and nibbling the firm cheeks of her ass. Cathy's breath mixed with her sighs above me.

When I rose up behind her, Cathy again lifted her arms behind my head and pulled me close. Her ass again pushed into my cock, which slid up her crack to rest between us. I nuzzled her ear while my fingers returned to her nipples, twisting and pulling the hard nubs. Cathy ground her ass into the underside of my cock, her breath hot and hard.

"You feel fantastic," I whispered into her ear.

"Oh, God," she hissed in reply. She lowered her arms, pulled away slightly, and reached back to take my cock in her hands. I felt her rise on her toes, and then felt her pull my cock down between her cheeks. She settled back into me, allowing my erection to press deeply into her crack. I felt the slight roughness of her rosebud on my cock as she ground against me.

We continued our dance, both of us heating into a frenzy. Cathy purred as I stimulated her nipples. I looked up and saw Kelly pull her dress over her head and slide her panties off. She looked back at us and licked her lips as she twisted her nipples in time to Cathy's.

Cathy moved forward slightly, and I felt my cock slide up her crack a little each time she rolled her hips. Suddenly, the head was nestled at her anus.

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