tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Ch. 06

The Wedding Ch. 06


She crawled in bed next to her sleeping husband. She was exhausted from the adventures of her evening, first with Paul and later with Bob, Scott and Matt. What was she doing? How did the last eighteen hours transcend from the happy emotion of her friends wedding to her behavior at the reception with Paul to her later meeting up with Paul? What could have possibly possessed her to allow those transgressions descend into her escapades with Bob, Scott, and Matt. Had she lost her mind?

She couldn't believe what had come over her and what had transpired. She knew, of course, that her husband supported her happiness. His urging her to be with other men had certainly left no doubt as to that. His approval of her sexual adventures had grown as did his own inconsistency in the bedroom. But she wondered if his hearing of this past evening would cross a line for him. She shouldn't have gone down this path; ever. She shouldn't have let him push her toward other men she admitted to herself. She was going to have to come clean but she feared the result.

She nuzzled up to her husband, closing her eyes pushing herself toward sleep in search of peace from her current state of regret. She rubbed her hand across his chest and down to his belly. He smelled good. She had always liked his smell. She let her hand trail down to his shorts through which she could feel him. He was soft, and small. She wrapped her hand around him through his shorts. Her fingers touched her hand even with him in between. The head of his dick was partially inside her grip with her hand tight against his pelvis. She moved her hand slowly back and forth urging for a change; without result. His breathing continued a steady pace.

She let her hand trail off to her own body and felt her own naked body; having discarded her shorts and t-shirt at the foot of the bed ahead of crawling under the covers. She placed her hand over her mound stretching a finger to her lips. She felt between her moist lips and drifted off.

She awoke with a start; disoriented; alone. What time was it? Where was her husband? Where was she?

Rubbing her eyes her senses returned. The other side of the bed was empty. Glancing at the night stand she saw that it was eleven something. The draperies were closed and the lights off but she could see the rays of light coming in from around the drapery edges. She began recalling the events from the previous day. She started working through how she would relay those events to her husband.

She heard the hotel room door open and smelled the coffee as her husband entered the room with a tray of breakfast food. That coffee smelled so good to her. Her husband entered the room and sat the tray at the writing desk.

"I thought I'd let you sleep as it seemed like you needed your rest."

"Thank you, yes I certainly did" as she reached for one of the steaming cups.

"Not just yet" he stated as he sipped from his own cup. "I want to talk a bit first and your coffee will be your reward for your participation."

She felt a sense of panic rising from her stomach. "What do you mean? Please, can I have the coffee?"

"In a minute" he stated cheerfully as he grinned at her.

Maybe she had this wrong; maybe he didn't suspect anything. He certainly seemed to be in a good mood. "Ok, what do you want to talk about?"

"Did you go out last night?"

"Well, yes, for a little while. I couldn't sleep and needed a little air."

"So you needed a little air? Seems like you might have gotten more than that"

That feeling in her stomach was back. She searched his face looking for some sign that he wasn't asking about what she thought he was asking about. "What do you mean?"

"Well, your t-shirt here is quite a mess. And your shorts really need to be washed as well."

Her eyes began to blur as she began to stutter a response, "well... I...I..."

Before she had made any more progress on a response she felt the bed covers slide off her body revealing her nakedness. He approached the bed pushed her legs apart bending down with his nose inches from her body. "I smell something strange here I think. MMM...and what's this" as he rubbed his fingers across her red flock above her pussy.

She began to cry. "I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry."

She couldn't stop her tears from flowing. As she reached up to rub her eyes she felt his tongue between her lips. "Yep that's definitely something."

"I'm so sorry; I'll make it up to you." By now she was wailing.

"Yes you will." She felt him move up her body. He kissed her belly. She tried to look down toward him but could see him through her now blinded eyes. She felt him move closer to her; his lips now pulling on her nipples.

She was confused, frightened, hopeful scared, and somehow she felt a tingling between her legs. "Tell me who you fucked last night" he stated as he kissed her neck.


He chewed on her ear lobe and hoarsely whispered "tell me whose cock was in your pussy. Was it big? Did you cum? He obviously did. How many times did he make you cum? How many times did you make him cum?"

She didn't know what to say. Did he really want to hear this? Was he angry? Was he going to be angry? Was she going to be okay? Were they going to be okay?

"Tell me how you swallowed his cum," he continued to whisper. Tell me how big and thick and hard it was and how he made you beg to be fucked."

She still didn't know how to respond. Was he baiting her?

Her husband's hard cock pushing between her lips into her once again moistness seemed to deliver the answer she sought. He felt hard, very hard. He also felt bigger than she was used to. He began pushing his cock further into her, then back out...and in...picking up speed with each stroke. "Tell me everything."

Her husband's hands were wildly groping her breasts as he pumped her, sticking his tongue in her mouth to play with hers. "Tell me how he fucked you...oh god, I am so horny knowing you took someone last night...tell me!"

She began telling him about the reception. He expressed shock but at the same time wondered aloud why she and Paul looked so strange when he'd come back to the table with drinks. He also admitted that he was curious when he lost them on the dance floor and admitted that he had a few fantasy thoughts of where they might be even though he didn't actually admit to himself that she might actually be practically naked with this young man she had just met in some back office somewhere.

She told him the whole story of the reception and how Paul had gotten her clothing off her. She had gotten to the point in her story where Paul was about to enter her while she was leaning over the desk. Her husband was moaning; she felt his cock twitch inside her as he came.

He continued pumping her for a few seconds then pulled out; exhausted. "Oh man, that was so hot" he told her. "And then he fucked you? Tell me he fucked you then, oh god I wish I had been there to watch that!"

"No, he didn't fuck me then. That's when you called me and I had to get dressed."

"He didn't fuck you then...? But he did fuck you right? When was that?"

"Yes, he did fuck me, but that was later, after you were asleep."

"Oh wow, you have to tell me about that...no holding back now, please tell me about that."

"I will, but can I please have some coffee first? Oh and how do you feel about going to the beach?"

"Yah, ok I'd go to the beach if you want...about a topless beach? But first you have to tell me about Paul fucking you."

She glanced at the clock. It was 12:30. "Tell you what; let's go to the beach now. I'll tell you about Paul fucking me on the way."

"That's not fair! I'll be all horny and there is nothing I'll be able to do about it."

"I'll tell you what; if we can get ready and go to the beach right now I promise you I'll make it worth your while. In fact, I may even let you talk me into fucking two or three guys while you watch. Would you like that? He just nodded and smiled. Somehow her day was going much better than she imagined it would. "So you would like to watch two or three guys fuck your wife? Really? Be honest now because if you say yes I'll wear that swimsuit you packed that will make sure it happens for you!"

"Oh yes, you know I'd love that baby. I'll probably cum just looking at you in this suit I bought you. You will be so sexy in this as it is barely going to cover your nipples you know and anybody looking at you from the side will be able to see the entire underside of your breasts. You are going to look so hot in this" as he jumped off the bed, reaching into the suitcase to pull out the skimpiest one piece bathing suit she had ever owned. "So you will wear this?"

"Yes, anything for you hon...I love you."

She pulled the suit up her body feeling practically naked as the fabric barely covered anything on top. It was cut so low in front it almost showed her pussy hair before the bottom portion of the suit took shape; high cut on the sides she felt it showed off her hips nicely. There was just enough fabric on her behind to be respectable; highlighting her best feature. She grinned at her husband as she wondered what Bob, Scott, and Matt would think of this suit.

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