tagNovels and NovellasThe Wedding Ch. 20

The Wedding Ch. 20

byD.C. Roi©

Reg Davis felt out of place at his friend Tim Jackman's wedding reception. He'd invited Barbara Loomis, the secretary to the head of the department's detective division to be his date, but she told him she had agreed to attend the affair with Lt. Evan Dillon, the Jamestown Police Department's the deputy commander of the detective division.

Unknown to the Lieutenant, Reg and Barbara had begun dating a few weeks before the wedding and their relationship had been heating up.

"You know I would really rather go to the wedding with you, Reg," Barbara told Reg a few nights before the event occurred, "but I did promise Evan I'd go with him weeks ago."

It made things even worse for Reg that Barbara looked wonderful. She was wearing a lounge outfit of satiny golden material that, although it was loose, clung to her ample curves wonderfully. Her blonde hair had been brushed and looked to the young man like spun gold. Reg was sure there was no way Lt. Dillon, a twice-divorced man of fifty, could come close to appreciating how great Barbara looked.

Reg mingled, trying as much as possible to avoid Lt. Dillon and Barbara. It was hard acting as if he was enjoying himself when, in fact, he was miserable.

At one point, he went upstairs to use the bathroom. When he emerged from the upstairs bathroom, he encountered Barbara, who was walking down the hallway.

Smiling, the attractive blonde pushed him back into the bathroom. "I saw you come up here, and I had to get you alone," she said, locking the door. She put her arms around Reg and kissed him passionately.

The contact of Barbara's lovely body against his had started awakening Reg's cock. The torrid kiss turned it into a swollen shaft. He cupped her wonderfully-shaped bottom and pulled her against him, grinding his hips against hers.

Barbara leaned back in Reg's arms, her eyes ablaze with need. "I know this is...it's crazy," she gasped, "But I...I can't wait. I...I have to have you! Now!"

Her hands fumbled with his belt then, before Reg could utter a word, his trousers dropped around his ankles.

"It looks like I'm not the only one who needs it," Barbara murmured, her hand sliding up and down over Reg's cock. She sank to her knees and took his erection into her mouth.

The action was so unexpected and so erotic, Reg almost came the minute Barbara's mouth touched his erect penis. Thrilled, he groaned softly.

While Barbara performed wonders on his cock with her mouth, Reg looked around, trying to figure out how they could do what they both wanted desperately to do. There was a place he could sit, he realized. His legs wobbly, he backed up and sank onto toilet.

Barbara, realizing what Reg was thinking, removed the bottom of her outfit and straddled him. As she stood over him, he stroked her vagina with his fingers, finding it soaked with the effluent of excitement. Then, slowly, she sank down onto him.

"Oh, yesssss!!!!" Barbara moaned. Her thighs embraced Reg's while their bodies joined. When he was in her all the way she began to rock her hips, lashing his rigid pole around inside her.

Reg, realizing he was about to come, clamped his mouth over Barbara's figuring it would be the only way they could keep their climaxes quiet. Before long, they were groaning into each other's mouths and sharing an incredibly intense orgasm. As long as nobody was standing outside the bathroom door with their ear pressed against it, it wasn't likely they'd be heard.

When they finished, Barbara raised herself off Reg, then she walked to the sink and cleaned herself up. She looked over at him. "That was just an appetizer," she said, smiling. After she wiped herself off, she slipped her satin pants back on, checked herself in the bathroom mirror, then turned to her companion and smiled. "Can you come over to my place later?" she asked. "After the reception is over."

Reg smiled back at her and nodded. "I'll be there," he told her. "I'll go back to my place when I see you and your date leave."

"I'll call you as soon as I'm home alone," she said. "I would much rather be your date today, you know." She kissed him, opened the door, and left the bathroom.

Reg cleaned up, then headed back downstairs. When he started down the stairs, he encountered Rina Clinton, the wife of Deputy Chief Herman Clinton, who was headed upstairs.

"How are you, Offisher Davish?" the buxom, attractive woman asked, grinning at him.

Warning bells began sounding in Reg's mind. This wasn't good. Mrs. Clinton was one of those women who exude sex, and Reg had heard rumors that she had a habit of coming on to some of the younger officers. The thing was, Mrs. Clinton was a damn good-looking woman.

Reg looked the deputy chief's wife over. Her outfit was made of a soft knit material, and consisted of a draped top and loose pants. The top was a soft pastel peach color and the pants were white. The clinging material highlighted the curvy, exciting body it covered.

"Ah...I...I'm fine, Mrs. Clinton," Reg replied.

Reg was on the step above Mrs. Clinton, looking down at her. He knew there were guys in the department who claimed they'd scored with the deputy chief's wife, but he had never been sure whether or not they were lying. Judging from the way the woman was acting right now, those other officers weren't lying. And it looked as if Mrs. Clinton was offering him the same opportunity.

Alarms continued to jangle in his mind. Reg wanted to have a career in law enforcement, and especially in the Jamestown Police Department. He knew he could put his law enforcement career at risk if he let his cock overrule his good sense. "Ah...are you having a good time at the reception?" he asked. "It...it was a nice wedding, wasn't it?"

The deputy chief's wife giggled. When she did, her large breasts jiggled under the fabric of her top. "I'm having a wonnerful time, Offisher Davish, but I think I may have had a wee tiny little bit too mush to drink."

Reg detected the smell of alcohol on her breath, which mixed with the scent of the perfume she was wearing. "My husban' keeps tellin' me I shouldn't drink so mush," she continued, "He saysh when I do, I get in trouble." The smile that followed her comment wasn't at all innocent.

Below them, the wedding reception continued full-tilt. People were talking, music was playing, and everyone was busy enjoying themselves. People walking by the stairway didn't even look up at the couple standing on the steps, talking. Reg desperately tried to figure out some way he could break away from Mrs. Clinton.

"I gotta go wee-wee," Rina said. She hiccupped and again her jellied breasts danced wonderfully. She lifted a foot, planning to continue moving up the stairs, and stumbled.

Reg didn't think it would be a good idea to let the deputy chief's wife fall down the stairs, so he took hold of her arms and helped steady her. "Careful, Mrs. Clinton," he told her. "You could have fallen down the steps and hurt yourself." The warmth of her firm body radiated into him as he held her arms in his hands.

"Tol' you, didn't I?" Rina giggled. "I guess I really did have a little tiny bit too mush to drink, huh, Offisher Davish?"

"Would you like me to get Chief Clinton?" Reg asked.

Rina shook her head. "No, don' do that! He'll jush get mad and yell at me," she replied. "He'll make me go home and I don' wanna." She peered at him. "Could you be a nishe offisher and give little old me a hand getting to the bathroom?"

Reg wished he were somewhere else, but he wasn't and it looked like he was stuck with her now. "Sure, I guess so," he said. He'd get her safely to the bathroom, then he could disappear.

"After I'm finished going wee-wee, you can help me go down the shtairs, too," Rina continued, leaning against him. "Then Herman won't get upshet with me and make a fush. I don' wanna shpoil the party."

Reg helped guide the inebriated woman to the bathroom door. She was pretty unsteady on her feet, and his arm came in contact with one of her breasts a couple of times as they went up the stairs and down the hallway. Much to his surprise, Reg felt his cock begin to awaken. "Jesus, I better be careful!" he thought. "If I don't watch myself, I could be headed for big trouble here."

Reg led Rina into the bathroom and she leaned against a vanity along the wall, just inside the door, and looked up at him. Her nipples stood out against her top like little fingers.

"Ohhhh, thank you, Offisher Davis," she murmured, grasping the vanity to support herself. "If it weren't for you, I might not have got in here shafely."

Reg released the deputy chief's wife's arm and backed up a step, intending to leave the room so she could tend to business. He looked at her and watched her eyes traveling down his body. They locked on his groin, where a swelling lump had begun to form. He saw her eyes widen, then fire flickered to life in Rina's eyes. He knew he should leave the bathroom immediately, but he didn't.

"What's that, Officer Davis?" Rina asked, her voice growing soft and sexy, and showing no trace whatever of slurring. She extended her hand and, before Reg could protest or move, she began stroking his growing bulge. Her hand completed the effects that had been started by his contact with her lush body as he guided her to the bathroom.

"My goodness, Reg, you have a hard-on!" Rina whispered. Looking almost as if she was in a trance, she gazed into his eyes and stroked his cock through his pants. "It feels nice and big!"

Reg couldn't talk. Her touch was like an electric probe, sending bolts of joy into his body. He knew the smartest thing he could do was leave the bathroom, but he couldn't move!

Before he realized what she intended to do, Rina sank to her knees and began unzipping his fly. Reg, fortunately, did have enough presence of mind left to close and lock the bathroom door. "I...I guess I'm stuck," he thought, as wild feelings began to course through him. "It's sure as hell too late to leave now."

Rina tugged the stunned man's swollen rod out of his pants, then she took it into her mouth, as if she couldn't wait to see what it tasted like. She started sucking him wildly and, at the same time, she cupped and caressed his balls.

Wild sensations rippled through Reg. He knew he could get in big trouble for this, but he was sure he wouldn't be able to stop her without creating some kind of scene. He grasped the edge of the vanity for support as his legs started to grow rubbery from what Mrs. Clinton was doing to him.

The wife of the deputy chief was, Reg quickly learned, quite expert at cock-sucking, and he was the joyful, quivering recipient of her expertise. For one wild moment he thought about the deputy chief and was envious. If Chief Clinton could handle a package like this, there was a lot more to him than met the eye. On the other hand, if Chief Clinton were tending to business, his wife wouldn't be here, sucking Reg's cock!

Rina's oral skills were such that it wasn't long before Reg uttered a low, fervent groan and erupted gob after sticky gob of hot cream into her mouth. She kept sucking on him until his cock hung limp, then she let it slip from her mouth. She sat back on her knees and looked up at him, her face shiny with his come, some of which had overflowed her mouth and dribbled onto her chin. "There! Don't you feel better, Officer Davis?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah!" Reg panted. "I sure as hell do!"

"Would you like to fuck me?" she asked, grinning.

"You bet I would!" the young officer replied. Right then, his law-enforcement career was the farthest thing from his mind.

Rina looked around, frowned, and shrugged. "I guess we can't get it on in here," she said, sounding disappointed. "I guess I'll have to give you a call later." She grinned. "You got quite a cock there, Officer Davis."

Reg didn't know what to say. "Will you need help getting back downstairs?" he asked.

Rina chuckled. "Maybe I should ask you that," she said.

She had a point. Having just been through two draining experiences within a half-hour, the young man was feeling a bit weak in the knees.

"I think I can make it," Reg said. He left Rina in the bathroom and went back downstairs.

In the back yard, Reg saw Deputy Chief Clinton talking with the mayor. He gave the man whose wife had just blown him a wide berth and headed for the bar. He needed a drink! A few minutes later, he saw Barbara and her date heading toward the front yard and drifted after them. Standing at the corner of the house, he watched Barbara and her date get in Lt. Dillon's car and drive off.

Reg started toward his car and, once again, he encountered Rina Clinton. She grabbed his arm. "I am going to call you, Reg," she whispered. She released his arm, and her hand brushed over his crotch.

"I...I'll be waiting," Reg replied. He walked to where his car was parked, got in, and drove home to await Barbara's call. He had settled down and no longer cared whether Mrs. Clinton ever called him. Actually, he hoped she wouldn't.

When Reg got to his apartment, he went into his living room and sat down next to the phone. It seemed like no time at all before the phone rang.

"Evan just left," Barbara breathed into the phone. "How soon can you get here?"

Reg's body tingled, just from hearing her voice. "I'll be there in less than ten minutes," he told her.

"The door's open, come right in," Barbara purred.

Reg drove to Barbara's apartment building, parked, went inside, and up to the floor where her apartment was located. As she'd promised, her door was unlocked. He went inside. There was light coming from the living room. He went in and received a very pleasant surprise. Barbara was lying on the sofa, delightfully nude.

Reg's chest tightened as he gazed at her. "Wow!" he exclaimed.

"I...ah...I wasn't sure how you'd react to this," Barbara said, blushing all over.

Reg walked to the sofa, knelt, slid his arms around her, and kissed her. Her arms went around him, pulled him on top of her, and her tongue lashed his in the confine of their joined mouths.

"That's the kind of kiss I needed all night," Barbara said after they came up for air. "I hated being that close to you and not being able to touch you."

"In case you forgot, you didn't exactly manage to keep your hands off me," Reg said, moving down and sucking one of her already-rigid nipples into his mouth.

Barbara clutched his head and moaned with delight.

While they kissed, her tongue slid into his mouth and one of her hands slid into his lap, seeking his cock.

The kiss ended. Reg kissed Barbara's cheek, licked her ear, then moved his lips down her neck. Barbara was fondling his cock through his pants, making it grow harder and harder, sending lightning-bolts of rapture arcing through him.

Reg's hands continued moving over Barbara's warm, smooth flesh, evoking moans of joy. The muscles of her flat stomach rippled as his lips and tongue caressed them. Barbara squirmed on the sofa, soft murmurs of delight emanating from her.

Reg kissed Barbara's extremely captivating breasts. Though they were smallish, they were quite firm and almost perfectly conical. Small, enticing nipples jutted from her quarter-sized, dark red areolas. It was easy to tell how excited she was; her breasts appeared almost painfully swollen.

When Reg began to lick and suck the swollen tips, Barbara mewled with delight and her body quivered and shook. Reg gently lifted one lovely leg onto the back of the sofa, then he slid his hand up her between her legs and cupped her middle.

Barbara moaned, arched her back and her hips twisted as Reg caressed her vagina. Wetness of excitement began seeping from her as he caressed her gash. Her hips rocked and twisted and her moans of joy increased in volume. He pushed her panties aside and touched her puffy labia.

Barbara began pulling at his arm. "Take me!!! Please, Reg!! I want you in me!" she begged.

It would have been impossible for Reg to deny Barbara's plea! He stood up, shed his clothes, and laid on top of her. Barbara slid her hand between them, gripped his cock, and guided it to her slick opening.

As he sank into Barbara, Reg was delighted, as always, by how tight she was. Even though she was sopping wet, his cock had to fight its way into her. As ecstasy rushed through him, pleasure became the only thing he was aware of!

Barbara locked her legs behind his and forced her pelvis against Reg. The friction on his cock sent a hurricane of delectable emotions whipping through him. It was intense, so intense he had little control! His body overruled his mind and his hips began to beat a wild tattoo against her. His passion rose rapidly, then supreme delight washed over him as he exploded.

"Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Reg cried as he erupted into Barbara powerfully. It was as wonderful an orgasm as he could recall having.

"Yessssssss!!! Oh, Reg!!! Yessssssssss!!! Yesssssssssss!!!!! Oh, yesssssssssssssss!!!!! Yessssssssssss!!!!!!!" Barbara shrieked, clutching him to her, her body rocking against his.

When they finished, Reg held Barbara in his arms for a while, until their overheated bodies calmed. Then he stood up, slid his arms under her, lifted her off the sofa, and headed for her bedroom. Her arms slid around his neck and her face brushed his cheek as they went.

Once they were in the bedroom, Reg laid Barbara gently on her bed, laid down next to her, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her. Her arms slid around him and her body molded itself against his. He let his hands roam over her slim, beautiful form, stroking her back, her legs, touching her everywhere he could. Barbara moaned softly into his mouth and her tongue lashed his.

The kiss - sweet as it was - ended at last. Reg's lips moved down over her neck, onto her chest. Breath hissed out of Barbara and she rolled onto her back, giving him access to her breasts. Reg took his time, sucking the rigid tips, nibbling them; to the accompaniment of his companion's fervent expressions of elation.

"God, Reg, I love the way you make me feel," Barbara purred. Her hand coasted lightly up and down his back as he devoured her lovely features with his lips and tongue. "I've never felt as wonderful as you make me feel!"

As Reg continued kissing Barbara's breasts, he could feel her body again begin to move in response to the pleasure his lips, tongue, and hands were eliciting.

"Oh, God!" Barbara moaned, "Oh, Reg!!! You're incredible! You're turning me on again!" Her body twisted and turned when his hand slid between her slim legs and moved onto her vagina. "Ohhhhhhh!!!!" she groaned. Her back arched, lifting her hips off the bed. "That's wonderful! So wonderful!!"

Reg pushed a finger into Barbara's snug opening, slippery with the juices he'd spewed into it a short while earlier. He began thrusting gently and her body responded with the rhythmic motions of intercourse.

So far, things were going wonderfully. Barbara's passion appeared to be growing by leaps and bounds, judging from the fervent sounds she was making and the urgent way her body was moving. His lips left her rosy-tipped breasts and moved across her almost-flat belly, the skin rippling as his tongue lapped at it.

"Gahhhh!!!!" Barbara wailed. Her back arched and she strained upward against his mouth. "Oh, Reg!!! You're making me crazy!!! That feels so good!!! So wonderful!!! So wonderful!!!"

Reg kissed Barbara's sodden pubic hair, then his lips moved through it and his tongue began licking the opening his finger was invading. Her hips rose, pressing her middle against his face.

"Ohhhhhhh!!! Oh, God, Reg!!! Oh, God!!! Yesssssss!!!" she cried. "So good!!! So good!!!" Her hips twisted and her legs strained from the intense pleasure he was evoking.

His tongue explored the upper rim of her slit, seeking her clit, not finding it. He lashed the spot where it should have been and Barbara went wild!

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