tagErotic CouplingsThe Wedding Night

The Wedding Night


I had waited six whole months for this day. Since the moment I had proposed, my fiancée had pulled the plug on our sex life. She said that it would make our wedding night that much more special. I had somehow managed to last through this period of abstinence without attacking her and tearing her clothes off, mainly through a strict regiment of jerking off and an occasional blowjob. But for me, the real joy in life is having my cock buried in her nice, wet pussy. Finally, that moment of joy had arrived.

At the wedding I was so horny that I got a hard-on at the altar as Lisa walked down the aisle. She’s a knockout- tight little body, perfect tits, and a protruding ass that begs to be fucked. Seeing it stuffed into that wedding dress, I’m surprised I didn’t blow my load right there. Luckily, I was able to maintain some composure. I suffered through the reception, shaking hands with countless guests I’d never met in my life, until we were finally able to leave.

We checked into our hotel, a secluded spot in the middle of nowhere. As soon as we got into our room I was all over her.

“Hold on a second, let me get ready.”

“I can’t wait another minute…”

She disappeared into the bathroom. I sat down on the bed, stroking my hard cock through my pants. She appeared a few minutes later, dressed in the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen. A lace halter pushed her tits up, revealing massive cleavage. She had on garters that held up long stockings, making her legs seem to go on forever. Underneath those she wore a sexy thong that rode up the crack of her ass and barely covered her pussy mound.

“You’ve been a good boy for a long time. Now it’s time for me to be a very bad girl.”

She straddled me on the bed and began kissing me deeply, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth and running her hands all over my body. She grabbed my head and forced it into her chest, burying my face between her breasts. While I licked her tits, she moaned deeply in my ear. She pushed me back on to the bed and opened up my shirt. Slowly, she licked her way down my chest, lightly biting my neck and sucking on my nipples.

She finally reached my waistband and undid my belt, pulling off my pants and throwing them on the floor. She worked her way back up to my crotch, licking my inner thighs. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock, then took my entire ballsack in her mouth and sucked lightly. Not stopping there, she lifted my balls and spread my legs. She started licking the underside of my balls and worked her way down until her tongue was flicking around my asshole! I moaned in elated surprise, driving her to continue. She kept licking up and down my asscrack, taking extra time to flick her tongue in and out of my anus. The feeling was incredible. She returned to my cock, circling the head with her tongue and working her way down until the whole shaft was deep in her throat.

She began bobbing her head up and down, sucking me like a vacuum. Meanwhile, she caressed my balls with one hand and tickled my asshole with other. As she started to suck my dick harder, she slipped her finger into my ass. It would hurt a little, then turn to complete pleasure. She kept sucking me faster, rubbing my balls harder and sticking her finger inside me. Just when my ass would stretch out and it started feeling really good, she would slip another finger inside me until she finally had three fingers jamming in and out of my asshole. I couldn’t believe the pleasure of being finger-fucked by my wife while she sucked my cock like a pro. The sensation became too much to hold out any longer. Lisa apparently sensed that I was about to come and sucked harder than ever. I erupted into her mouth and she kept sucking. My asshole was having spasms while wrapped around her fingers, making my orgasm even more intense. After what seemed like an eternity, my orgasm finally subsided.

Lisa again came up to me and gave me a long, deep kiss, but this time her mouth was filled with cum! I pulled away in shock.

“We’re married now- we share everything…” she whispered.

I have to admit the sheer sluttiness turned me on and I went back to making out with her, our tongues covered in the cum I had just spewed into her mouth. She sat up and let the halter straps fall off of her shoulders, allowing her breasts to pop out the top. She took her hands and pushed her tits up to her mouth and licked her own nipples, allowing the leftover cum to drool out and dribble off her chin and onto her breasts. I sat up and began sucking her nipples, feeling them get hard in my mouth and tasting them cum smeared across her chest. I was hard again almost immediately. I had my hands wrapped around her back and was massaging her ass. I slipped a finger under her thong and discovered that she was sopping wet. As I rubbed her pussy, she began to moan again and buck her hips against me. Suddenly she stopped.

“Are you ready to deflower your virgin wife on her wedding night?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant. I always thought you had to wait seven years to be a virgin again, not six months. I looked at her in bewilderment.

“There’s still one part of me that’s still a virgin…”

I knew now what she meant! She climbed off of me and lay down on the bed. She pulled out some lubricant she had stashed in the nightstand and gave it to me. I flipped her over on to her stomach and pulled off her thong. Her tight ass and virgin sphincter were beckoning to me, so I kneeled down and started to lick her asscrack. She started moaning and pushing back against me. She raised up on her knees, pushing her ass skyward and allowing me easier access to her asshole and pussy. I alternated licking her clit and sticking my tongue in her pussy. With my hands on her buttcheeks I spread her asshole wide open with my thumbs and shoved my tongue inside her anus. She was moaning wildly now. I took some of the lubricant and spread it around the entrance to her ass. Slowly, I stuck my fingers inside her tight virgin ass, one at first, then two. I started finger fucking her asshole with one hand and her pussy with my other. I could tell by how wet she was she was gonna come soon.

“Please, fuck me in my ass. I want to feel your cock inside me…” she begged.

I positioned myself doggie style behind her and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her poop-shoot. I started to push my way inside. It was so tight, but with all the lubrication it slipped in easily. Inch by inch I crept my way deeper into her ass until finally my balls were slapping up against her clit. This sent a shock through her body and her muscles tightened, squeezing me back out of her ass. I buried myself inside her again, this time harder, and when I reached the bottom was squeezed out again. The feeling of her asshole massaging my cock was so intense. I started fucking her harder and harder, grabbing the sides of her hips to give me more leverage and keep myself from being forced out. I reached around and cupped one of her swinging breasts, squeezing her nipple between my fingers. With one of her free hands, she reached under herself and started fingering her pussy. With each moment I fucked her harder and she fingered herself faster. My cock swelled even larger and I could tell I was about to have my second orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum…”

“Oh yes…” she moaned “Fill my ass with your cum. I want to feel you explode inside my tight little asshole. Oh god, I’m gonna cum…”

With that she started thrashing violently, having an incredible orgasm. I couldn’t hold back any longer a started spewing deep in her ass. It seemed to last forever. I must have drained a quart of sperm inside of her. The last of her spasms finally pushed my cock out of her ass and I fell on to the bed beside her.

I must have dozed off for a while, but she didn’t let me rest long. I woke up to an amazing site. I was lying on my back and she had straddled my face. Her pussy was just inches from my nose now, and for the first time I noticed she had shaved her cunt completely bald! She looked like a thirteen-year-old girl.

“I’m just a little girl…please make me into a woman.”

She lowered her hairless pussy down on to my waiting lips. The feeling of licking her smooth pussy lips was incredible. She slipped back and forth, riding my face like an animal. As she did, her soaking pussy juices mixed with cum dripping out of her asshole and smeared all over my face. I sucked on her clit while sticking my tongue deep inside her, then poked my nose between her cuntlips and licked her cum-soaked asshole. She was bucking faster and faster until finally she came again, drenching my face in even more pussy juice. She came down and kissed me, licking her own juices off of my face.

“I love the way my pussy tastes on your face…”

By now my cock was completely engorged again, and she had worked herself into a position where she was sliding the shaft of my cock between her pussy lips. She would slide up and down, and just before my cock would slip inside her, she would stop and start the whole process over again. This teasing continued for a while until finally she stopped, the tip of my cock just barely sticking inside her tight pussy.

“Are you ready” she asked.

“I’ve been waiting forever. Please, don’t make me wait any longer.

She slowly slid further down on to my cock, stopping after just an extra inch.

“Are you sure? You don’t want to wait any longer?”

“Please…” I begged.

Again, she slipped my cock a bit further inside her and stopped.

“Since we’ve been engaged, I haven’t been on the pill”

I was shocked at first, but at this point I didn’t give a shit.

“I don’t care. Please, let me fuck you.”

“I could get pregnant. Is that OK?”

Rather than turn me off, this had the opposite effect. The thought of making love to my fertile wife was an incredible turn on.

“I don’t care. Please, just let me inside you…”

“Here it goes…”

She slid the rest of the way down on to my cock, impaling herself on top of me. It had only been six months, but her pussy was tighter than ever. She sat up and rode me with long strides, throwing her head back in ecstasy and squeezing one of her tits with her free hand. I watched as my cock slipped in and out of her bald pussy. The walls of her cunt gripped my cock like a vice. I moaned out in pleasure. She leaned over me again and whispered in my ear as she rode my cock.

“I want you to come deep inside my womb. Please, make me pregnant. I want to feel your baby inside me…”

I began to fuck her faster and deeper. My cock started to swell again. I reached around her and slipped a finger into her ass.

“Oh yes…” she moaned “I want you to fuck me while I’m pregnant. I want you to fuck my tight pussy and my ass.”

She sat back up and squeezed her tits together, pinching her nipples like she was milking them.

“I want you to suck on my big tits when they’re full of milk. I want you to drink my milk while you fuck me with my big belly.”

She started grinding even harder. She reached around and started rubbing my balls with her hand. As she leaned back I could barely see the base of my cock between her shaved pussy lips. I was so deep inside her I didn’t know how she could take it all.

“I can feel how swollen your big balls are. I want you to fill me up with all of your cum and knock me up. I want you to make your wife a mommy. I want you to fuck a mommy!”

The pleasure became too intense again. My cock grew even larger inside her, triggering her own orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna fill you up with my cum and make you pregnant!”

“OH YES” she screamed “I want your baby! Cum deep inside me! KNOCK ME UP!! MAKE ME PREGNANT!!”

I exploded inside my young wife’s tight pussy, filling every crack, corner and crevice of her womb. If there was any way for her to get her wish, this was the load to do it. She collapsed on top of me, her hips grinding in the aftermath of her own orgasm. The ramifications of what I’d just done suddenly horrified me. Oh well, I guessed it was worth it. Besides, she was begging for it…

“That was incredible. Do you think it worked?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you think you might get pregnant from this?”

“Did you really think I was serious? Hell no! I’m still protected. I just got married! I’ve got a good job and more money than I can spend. Do you really I would give that up to babysit some bratty fucking kid all day? If you’re in such a hurry to have kids, go knock up one of those slut mistresses you fuck on business trips. I’m happy just the way I am.”

A wave of relief swept over me. Just listening to my slutty guttermouth wife made me horny all over again, and we started making love again on what was going to be a very long wedding night.

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