tagLesbian SexThe Wedding Night: The Morning After

The Wedding Night: The Morning After


Kate awoke. At least, her head did. Even before she had opened her eyes, she was completely aware of the soft body in her arms, the smooth silky back pressed against her breasts, the delicious butt pressed into her belly and the soft pliable breast cupped in her hand. And the smell. A heady combination of sex and Sara's perfume. The two aromas that Kate always associated with Sara; the ones that always had her inhaling deeply, wanting more.

Very slowly she opened her eyes, and was greeted by the sight of Sara's red mane, her smooth, creamy shoulders. Smiling softly, not wanting Sara to awaken yet, Kate moved her face slightly to bury her nose into the hair, inhaling gently; yet another scent to tantalise her senses, the strawberry shampoo she always used.

With a soft sigh Kate settled back into the warmth of the bed, moving herself closer to the body of the woman who had come to mean so much to her. Everything to her. As she moved, she became aware of the slight tenderness in her backside, the tingling in her pussy, the slight increase in her heart rate, and the memories of all that had passed in an incredible night of loving, of experiences, sensations and almost overwhelming pleasure. Despite all that, she realised she was still aroused; that she wanted, very much to simply turn the soft body in her arms, and make love to her, touch her, kiss her. She also became suddenly aware of a need to use the bathroom. Making a compromise to both needs, she gently moved closer, lifted herself on her elbow and gently kissed along Sara's shoulder, moving her hair to one side, so she could kiss Sara's long, enticing neck.

Sara moved her head slightly at the touch, murmuring softly. Kate smiled into Sara's hair, whispering. "Good morning, darling." and kissed her neck again. This time Sara sighed and slowly stretched her body, like a languorous cat, and turned on to her back, her eyes opening slowly. The smile that covered her face as she became aware of Kate looking down at her was enough to melt Kate's heart; so full of delight, so full of love. Sara groaned softly, reaching for Kate, pulling her into her arms, kissing her softly, gently. As their lips parted, both smiled, their eyes lingering on the other. Kate became aware of her now urgent need to use the bathroom, and reluctantly disentangled herself from Sara's arms, whispering softly as she left the bed, "I'm going to take a shower love, then we can go and have breakfast before going home."

In the shower Kate allowed her mind to drift back over the events of last night, their incredible lovemaking, the way Sara had lovingly introduced her to new experiences, new ways of loving. She had taken her to new heights of pleasure. As she remembered in her head, her body followed, began to tingle and pulse with the memories. Suddenly, she wanted to be close to Sara again, enfolded in her arms, skin against skin. She had only reserved the room for one night, and they had to check out very soon. Kate wanted to get them both home. Soon. She wanted to make love to Sara, very very much.

The yearning, the desire propelled her out of the shower, quickly drying herself, calling to Sara, "I'm done, love, the shower's all yours."

Getting no response, she went back to the bedroom, and saw that Sara had turned over and snuggled back under the covers. Kate was about to gently shake her awake, when her eye caught sight of their toy bag, and she remembered one item that had not been used last night. Walking quietly around the bed, she bent and retrieved the item, and with a huge grin on her face, approached the bed, on the side where Sara's face was towards her, and began to speak.

"Are you not up yet? Such a lazy girl. I wonder if I can think of a quick way to get you out of bed? .How about the word...she paused before speaking again....... 'feather' ? Would that do it." As Kate spoke the word, she gently tickled the feather on Sara's face, laughing delightedly at her scream, and the way she jumped up out of bed.

"There you go, that wasn't so difficult was it?" laughed Kate, as Sara backed away from her towards the bathroom.

"Kate! You behave!" Sara warned, her arms outstretched for protection.

"But I am darling, I'm behaving badly", Kate replied, rushing around the bed, towards Sara as she turned, shrieking with laughter to take refuge in the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. Leaning against the door, trying not to laugh, Kate quietly whispered, "I can wait darling, I'll be here when you come out."

Testing the door gently, Kate could feel Sara's weight pressing against it, trying to prevent Kate from pushing it open.

Sara's voice, bubbling with laughter, echoed from the other side of the door. "You know, you are wicked. You know that, right?" Kate could hear Sara laughing even as she began to lose her footing on the slippery bathroom floor, still wet from Kate's shower.

"Are you OK in there darling?" Kate asked. "Wouldn't you like some company?"

Kate gently leaned her weight against the door and felt it begin to move inwards, smiling happily at the sound of Sara's joyful laughter and frantic squealing. "Behave Kate, BEHAVE!".

Suddenly the door fell open, and Kate fell inwards, straight into Sara's arms. She was laughing so much she could hardly stand up, but tried to take the feather from Kate's hand.

"Oh no you don't," murmured Kate, lifting it above her head laughing softly as Sara tried to reach it, watching her beautiful body jiggling in her efforts, suddenly focussing Kate's desire for her. Kate felt Sara's arms reach around her, at the same time as her own encircled Sara. Looking down at Sara's beautiful body, Kate could feel her desire rising, and fiercely pulled Sara against her, capturing her lips with her own, thrusting her tongue in to scour the inside of Sara's mouth, moaning, hearing an answering moan from Sara. Kate watched as Sara's eyes closed, and took the opportunity to lower her arm to gently brush the feather down Sara's back and into the crevice between her cheeks. Sara reacted as if being hit with an electric charge, her body went rigid, and a strangled cry reverberated against Kate's mouth.

Sara pulled her mouth from Kate's, wrenched herself from Kate's arm, and backed away from her, shaking your head, "Noooooo, love, nooooooooooo" laughing again.

Her desire for Sara now fully aroused, Kate silently promised herself that they would not leave the room until ................... well, until. She closed the door to muffle the noises she knew Sara would soon be making, and turned to her. Sara had stopped laughing, and was now backed up against the mirror, watching Kate. Even now Kate could see the hunger in Sara's eyes, the want, mirroring her own.

Kate walked slowly towards Sara, waving the feather from side to side in front of her. Sara watched it, almost mesmerised, shaking her head, muttering quietly, "No, please."

"You mean, 'Yes. Yes please', my love." whispered Kate.

Standing in front of Sara, Kate held out her hand for her to take it; she did so and looking deep into Kate's eyes, pulled herself into Kate's arms and felt them close softly around her.

Their mouths joined, melded, as if magnetised; lips parted, tongues softly thrusting, stroking, causing both to murmur in delight into each other's mouths. Tentatively, Kate lowered one hand, and lightly stroked the feather on the back of Sara's legs, concentrating on the sensitive area at the back of her knees. Once again, her reaction was immediate, as she thrust her body against Kate, moaned long and deep into Kate's mouth, but, more importantly, made no effort to escape.


Kate continued to kiss Sara deeply, holding her tightly, breast to breast, with her other arm. Kate felt Sara's arms tighten around her, 'holding on', rather than 'holding to'. Kate continued to caress Sara's legs with the feather, and as she moved it higher towards Sara's delicious bottom, Kate was delighted to feel Sara's legs begin to move apart, inviting the tip of the feather to enter her heaven. "Oh no, my sweet," thought Kate, "not yet, that's the finale."

Kate heard Sara moan as she pulled her mouth from Sara's; while Kate lifted the feather to Sara's back and sides, she bent her head to kiss and suck Sara's already hard nipples. "Oh god, Kate!" moaned Sara, and Kate felt the shudders begin to ripple through Sara's body. Her hands were on Kate's shoulders, Kate's head, holding her tightly against her breast, urging it deeper into Kate's mouth.

Kate moved her mouth to Sara's other breast, and continued to stroke the feather up and down Sara's back, sides, buttocks, legs, delighting in Sara's moaning as it became louder and louder, and in the trembling shaking Sara's body.

Kate lifted her head and using her free arm, quickly turned Sara around to face the mirror.

"Open your eyes my love, I want you to watch, to see how beautiful you are."

Slowly, with difficulty Sara opened her eyes, and Kate watched them widen at the sight of herself. Sara's body, fully roused; turgid, hard nipples; eyes hooded with desire; heated cheeks; inflamed lips, swollen and reddened from kissing, her mouth open and breathing in short gasps. And standing behind her she saw Kate, her mouth caressing, sucking Sara's neck and shoulders, one hand around her squeezing and fondling her breasts. Hands that moved down to Sara's stomach, inching slowly lower. As Sara's eyes alighted on the feather, they widened in ....... not fear, definitely not fear, but anticipation.

Kate's caressing with the feather began at Sara's ankles, and slowly worked up her legs. Sara's breathing became gasps, as the caresses combined with Kate's kisses and squeezing of her nipples and stomach, to produce waves of almost overwhelming sensation and stimulation.

The feather rose higher, as Kate's free hand dipped lower. Kate murmured against Sara's neck, "Open your legs for me, darling girl," and Sara obeyed. As Kate's fingers reached Sara's hard, swollen button, the tip of the feather finished its journey to the top of Sara's legs, just brushing her lips.

Sara's intake of breath almost lifted her out of Kate's arms, but she held the panting girl to her. "Patience darling, patience, we're almost there." whispered Kate, as she trembled herself in her desire for Sara, her desire to bring her pleasure.

Kate lifted the feather and began to stroke it over Sara's stomach, her sides, and up to her breasts, as her hand continued to dip lower, and slid between Sara's wet lips.

Kate gasped, almost overcome by the softness, the silkiness, the incredible wetness, as her fingers slid easily, deeply into their waiting home, and felt her own wetness increase, along with the thrumming ache between her own legs.

"Kate, please.' begged Sara, moaning in her need to come. Sara's breathing was now so shallow, Kate was afraid that she would faint. Her legs trembled so much Kate was having trouble holding her upright. She moved the feather back to Sara's centre, dragging it over her lips and removed her fingers, allowing the feather to brush across Sara's clit.

Kate was not sure of the sound Sara made, but it didn't sound human. She dropped the feather, turned Kate around, holding her tightly with one arm, and quickly but gently thrust 3 fingers into Sara's wet, wet depths, her thumb finding and pressing on Sara's clit, and at the same time, bent her head and sucked a nipple into her mouth, lashing it with her tongue.

As Kate continued to thrust deeper and deeper, she felt the familiar tightness of Sara's body, heard the strangled cry begin in her throat as Sara's head fell back, and suddenly the scream that Kate loved to hear escaped from Sara's throat. She felt Sara's muscles tighten on her fingers, and the release of her sweet wetness on her hand,.

"Kate, oh god, Kate!!"

As Sara's cry died away, and her body slumped, Kate softly pressed her mouth to Sara's, felt the warm tears of mutual joy on her face and her lover's.

Kate moved her arms and lifted Sara, carrying her from the bathroom to the bedroom, laying her on the bed, and climbed in beside her, pulling the covers over them both. Kate held Sara's face, now covered with a thin sheen of sweat, as was the rest of her body, and gently brushed her hair from her face, watching with concern as Sara's eyes slowly opened.

"Sara, my love? Did I go too far?"

The tired smile that covered Sara's face, reassured her.

"No my love, that was ................"....she paused to think of the right word. " Unbelievable."

Gently, softly, Sara kissed Kate's now smiling lips, and whispered against them, "but now it's your turn."

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