The Weekend


With each swat, Ginger grit her teeth. She had it in her head that she would take whatever he dished out, but Tex wasn't having it. The more she fought him, the more he demanded her surrender. The spanking was sensual and a huge turn on, but it was also starting to hurt. She was confused about the point of all of this. Finally, Tex tugged her long hair, pulling her head up. "Give it to me, Angel. We'll both feel better when you do."

Suddenly, Ginger understood what he was demanding of her and it was so simple, so primal. Two swats to her ass later, she erupted in tears. Sobs filled the room and the release was nearly orgasmic. She hadn't cried much when her marriage had ended. Keeping it bottled up inside had made more sense at the time. This stranger had gazed into her soul and saw what she had kept hidden from the world.

Tex pulled the woman up into his arms and cuddled her like she was a little girl. As her tears finally subsided, she opened her wet eyes and could only marvel at him. "How did you know?" Shrugging, Tex had no answer for her, except to lower his mouth to her own. He yanked her panties down the rest of her long legs, tossing them aside. His hand ran back up the length of her legs, then cupped the center of her sex in his hand possessively.

"Are you ready for me?" he asked. He dipped a finger back into her pussy and groaned at the wetness of her core. "Yeah, you're ready. Now that you've had that release, you need a different kind of release altogether. Angel, I'm going to make sure you get as many of them as you can stand. Then, maybe one more."

Ginger could take no more teasing. Fierce in her need, she reached out with grasping hands, one of them encircling his cock and giving him a squeeze. "Please," she moaned. She watched as Tex closed his eyes, then he pressed her head downward. Her lips parted to take his 7-inch, circumcized cock into her mouth. As her mouth closed around him, he swore, then grabbed her hair and pressed himself firmly into her mouth. He held her head there a moment, the sensation so intense. He felt her gag, as her saliva pooled around his dick. He pulled himself out enough to allow it to pour out of her mouth. When he saw her take a breath, he shoved her head back on his cock. He didn't allow for any sort of rhythm that would allow him to cum. While her mouth felt insanely good, this was more about taking this hot redhead to her limits. Remembering she had just been in a fragile place, he was sure to praise her efforts. "Ginger, you have such a talented mouth," he murmured. "I want to shove my dick in there and never pull it back out again. It's like I belong there."

Feeling his cock own her mouth, Ginger hung on to praise and went along for the ride. When she was allowed a sweet gasp of air, she took it. Otherwise, her entire being was centered around his throbbing erection. She gagged on it uncontrollably at first, but this only seemed to add to his pleasure. She forced herself to relax, to obey the needs of this mysterious stranger. When she felt the tip of his cock enter her throat, Ginger could only marvel that he had brought himself in this deep. The asshole she had called 'husband' would have sold his left nut to deepthroat her and had always complained about her lack of skill in this area. "Maybe I wasn't the problem," she thought.

She found herself on her back, Tex straddling her head and his cock fucking her mouth in an irregular pattern. She brought her hands up to his backside and one of them found his balls. They were heavy and full of seed. Hearing Tex chuckle, she felt him forcefully enter her mouth. Her nose grazed his trimmed pubic hair. There were no breaths, only a dick stealing her air. She struggled a moment, then a lightbulb went on and she released his balls.

"Good girl," murmured Tex. If she had kept playing with his balls, he would have blown his wad for sure. His cock ached to fuck the shit out of the hole that it was currently ravaging. Having decided to be in full-on Domination mode tonight, there was no way he could afford to lose control. Sighing inwardly, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and repeated his previous statement. "Very good girl, Ginger."

His mouth found her swollen lips and he kissed her deeply. His hands wandered all over her lush curves. Ginger let her own hands wander as well, smoothing them down the warm skin of his back. She loved the way his muscles rippled under his skin, feeling the controlled energy of her body. Ginger couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have that passion unleashed on her, thrilling in the knowledge she would know soon enough.

As he kissed his way down her body, Tex moaned in appreciation as his lips nuzzled one of her erect nipples. He had always considered himself to be a "whole body man," but her tits were enough to convert him to a "boob" man for life. Her nipples were a dusky pink that verged on red when they were aroused. While he wasn't a man to judge breast sizes, he guessed she was a solid D cup. A younger, stupider man would have called them "fun bags." He called them "delicious."

Pulling one of her nipples into his mouth, he angled his neck to look up at his lovely partner. She was watching him, her fingers playing with his hair as he nursed. Grinning at her as much as a man could with her nipple between his lips, he gave it his teeth instead, biting just hard enough to let her feel it. She gasped, the air rushing past her teeth. Her entire body raised up and pressed against him, soft curves meeting angled planes.

Sliding down her body, stopping to nibble the indent of her tiny waist right at the flare of her hips, he soon found himself face to face with her pussy. She was shaved, a sign that she might have gone looking for a man that evening. He was glad she had, and that she had chosen him. Keeping her waiting, his hand parted her lips. It was his turn to gasp as he saw his first sight of her pink. Her clit was erect, the button just begging for his attention. The entrance to her vagina was a cute circle, she was so aroused already. Kissing that circle, he lapped at the entirety of her sex.

Groaning, Ginger was awash with need. The fact Tex was finally able to give her a sexual release to match the cathartic one his spanking gave her earlier only made her wild. "Tex, I'm not even kidding, I need to cum so bad. Please get me there, then you can go back to doing your Jedi mind tricks." She whimpered, she begged. Tex gave no sign he even heard her as he slid a finger inside her hole and she felt his tongue flick at her clit. She thrust up at him, but he just bit her clit softly, which gave her no choice but to try to settle down. The man was making it damned hard.

Her hands gripping at the covers, she could only ... feel. Sprawled on the hotel room bed, she figured she looked like some sort of wanton slut. Her long legs were spread wide, so this stranger could make her pleasure her body. She wanted to feel again, that was her entire reason for going on this stupid business trip in the first place. Having pitched the idea to her boss, she had come for the express reason of finding a man for sex without the complications of a relationship. The fact she didn't even know this man's real name only added to the eroticism of the moment.

Tex could only marvel at the way she responded. It was killing him not to give her what she wanted. He would bet his 401k that this woman's orgasm would haunt him the rest of his days, once he experienced it. He also knew that the longer he built this up, the more explosive it would be. He slid his fingers into her pussy, looking for his favorite tell on a woman. He referred to it as a woman's "Braille pad." He teased her clit with his lips and sure enough, there was this involuntary squeeze around his fingers. Waiting for it to relax, he exhaled his breath on her cunt, sending hot air all over her. Then he pulled her clit back into his lips and suckled it. Sure enough, the squeeze around his fingers was back. He played with her clit longer this time. The squeeze on his finger increased. Backing off, he felt it relax again as Ginger moaned in frustration. He decided it was time, he needed her orgasm as much as she did. His tongue flicked at the nubbin trapped in his mouth, teasing it, toying with it, mastering it until she finally screamed his "name," shuddering in the grips of an explosive climax.

Barely able to control the primal urges of her own flesh, Ginger was adrift on a cloud of sensual pleasure. Her orgasm shook free the last inhibition she might have had about letting this unknown man wreak havoc on her skin, her body, her very soul. A sheen of sweat coated her flesh and she shivered in carnal abandon. Her first orgasm had barely ended when he somehow coerced a second one from her aching cunt. This one was in some ways even more intense than the first, rippling out from her pussy to her brain, numbing it with pleasure as her toes arched. "Tex," she gasped. "So good. So good."

Tex was growing intoxicated with her scent, her pheromones filling his senses. She was almost a succubus, luring him under her spell. He was controlling everything about her, so why did he feel like a slave to her pleasure? Keeping her in mindless surrender had become his life's purpose. To do that, he had to put off the needs of his throbbing dick, when all he wanted to do was to pound the fuck out of this woman. Even more than that, he wanted to fill her with his cum over and over, mark her as his forever, even if he never saw her again.

Kissing his way up her body, the long length of it feeling like a mile of sweaty, salty silk, he bit her nipple again. He chuckled at the way she hissed at him. Whereas most women would have been completely undone by the orgasms he had just given her, this woman was just warming up. She wanted more, and he was more than happy to oblige. "Roll over," he said gruffly. He swatted her ass, still red from the spanking. Grinning as she arched her back, he smacked it again. "You are a firecracker, Ginger. I can wait to be inside you when you finally explode."

Feeling Tex pull her ass into the air, Ginger parted her thighs in invitation. She felt something firm probing her pussy hole and all but whimpered in need. "Do I need a condom?" Tex asked her, pausing before he took her at last. She shook her head, then gasped out a "no." Taking her at her word, Tex aimed his dick at her pretty pussy hole and pushed his way inside. That muscle he had been playing with earlier squeezed his shaft like a sweet vice and he closed his eyes. She felt a million times better than he ever could have imagined. His head was quickly overwhelmed with the wet sensation of her body, as she flooded it with her juice. The pressure of her passage was all around him. His mind swam, he found himself pressing her down, loving the way it felt when she shifted from being on all fours to flat on her belly. His strong hands found her arms and he lifted them over her head, pinning her to the bed as he fucked her luscious form.

Ginger turned her face to the side, so she could breathe. He was covering her like a bitch in heat. She supposed that is exactly what she was right now. His bitch. Tex's fullness pressed into her, she could hear him make little grunting sounds with each thrust. Everything about this was feral. When his teeth sank into her shoulder, she almost expected it. He wasn't just fucking her, he had mounted her, and the feeling was incredible. Her tits were pressed deep into the hotel room sheets and the roughness of the fabric only intensified everything she was feeling. The multitude of sensations were attacking her from all sides. "Dammit, Tex," she cried. "Harder, I want it harder. Please give it to me harder."

His teeth held the back of this young woman's shoulder as Tex ground his thick shaft into this long, elegant woman. She was now thoroughly messed up. Her long red locks looked like a hurricane had swept through the room. He was growling in her ear and he knew he might have been embarrassed otherwise. Tonight, it felt right. Tex felt an affinity for the wolf and his woman was his mate. He had fought off the other wolves and won the right to mount her, the alpha male in full rut. Letting go of her shoulder, he spat out, "Take it, you sexy fucking bitch." He increased the rate of his thrusts. The rude sounds of her pussy let him know how wet she was, and he wanted to crow his victory to the world. He was now slamming into her, no quarter given. No mercy. Just primal, rough fucking and she was indeed taking everything he had to give her. In fact, he could feel her ass rising up to meet him stroke for stroke.

Letting out a wail, Ginger felt herself release on Tex's cock. This was something altogether different than anything she had experienced before. She whimpered her surrender and she felt him growl louder in satisfaction. He let go of her hands and she gripped the covers instead as his hands found her hips. He gripped them cruelly, he knew there would probably be marks later. He didn't care. Tex had to get deeper into her body. The spasms of her cunt as she came on his erection made him wild. Time lost all meaning. It could have been an hour. It could have been a minute. She might have cum a dozen times. She might have cum once. Again, he did not care. His release, when it came, was a flood of ejaculate and seed. He couldn't remember the last time he had been bareback with someone other than his wife. This might have been unwise, but in that moment, it felt insanely wonderful. He would never regret it, he swore.

Letting out a grunt, Ginger felt Tex collapse on top of her body. He was still hard inside her and she wriggled a little. That earned her a bite on the shoulder, then Tex rolled over so they were both facing the ceiling. His cock was still inside her body. They lay like that awhile, then Ginger pressed her feet into the mattress and started grinding against his erection. The change in angle was very stimulating to her G-Spot and she quickly stole another orgasm, moaning his name and other incoherent bits of nothing. Tex was only too happy to let this exquisite woman use his dick. He kept himself hard, as if he even had a choice in the matter given how amazing she felt as she played.

Feeling his hands roaming over her body, Ginger finally stilled as she gasped for breath. "Tex," she said hesitantly. "That was incredible. That was the fuck of my life." She paused, not wanting to come off as crazy. "I mean, obviously I've had sex before. But it almost feels like the first time, like everything I've done before now was merely practice. This was the real thing."

Tex's hand came down to cup her mound possessively. His shaft was still embedded inside. Sooner or later, he was going to have to withdraw himself, but he didn't feel the need just yet. "That's because it was your first time being used as a woman, Ginger. Equal right and Women's Lip are just fine out of bed. Some women just need to be used like this. It's a rare gift for me as well." He rolled over, so they were spooning. He grabbed a lock of hair to keep his hand busy, twirling it through his fingers. "I can tell you've never been Dominated before. I can't tell you how thrilling it is for me to have given that to you. I don't do that often, but you pulled it out of me. I could tell the second I got you into bed that it was exactly what you needed."

She looked over her shoulder at him. "Don't you mean it was what you needed?" she said, grinning saucily. "I mean, you got to be in complete control of everything."

Tugging at her lock of hair gently, Tex laughed and kissed her mouth. "Don't ever let anyone tell you that Domination is about the needs of the Dom. It's all about pleasing the submissive. It's about reading them, figuring out what they need, then giving it to them. The good ones do it on instinct." He shrugged. "I've been told I'm good."

Reaching for the hand that was playing with her hair, Ginger tapped his wedding ring. "You're wife? Do you Dominate her?"

Shrugging, Tex could only say, "I used to. Then I screwed up and cheated on her. It was so dumb, a pathetic little affair; the chick wasn't worth what it cost my marriage. We kept it together, but the price was her submission. She lost her faith in me. The blind trust was gone." He shrugged again. "I guess I doubted myself for a long time. I still fool around on her, but only one-night stands when I'm away from home. I don't sleep around in my town." Kissing her shoulder, he added, "It took someone like you to bring out the Dom that's been lurking inside me. I have to tell you, I can't remember ever meeting anyone as magnificent as you." His cock, finally soft, fell out of her body as he rolled her over to face him. "You, you would have been worth it."

With that, he kissed her thoroughly. She tasted so sweet, her lips felt so right pressed against his own. This second coupling, they made love, their first act of sex having been something altogether different. After they finished, she had a second load in her pussy to match the first one. She started to get up to return to her room, but he wasn't having it. "Stay," he murmured. They slept in each other's arms. When they awoke in the morning, he was hard for her again. She rode his cock astride, her beautiful breasts bouncing. He watched the expressions play across her face. He couldn't get enough of watching her as she fucked him. Her hair was officially a hot mess, but he loved that, too. He had wanted to mess her up, and that box had been checked.

They ordered room service, then fed each other. Tex wound up eating his pancakes using her ass as serving dish. The syrup made her sticky, so he had made sure to lick his "plate." While he was at it, he managed to bite his own handprint on her butt. Yet another box checked. He loved having her with him. They didn't just have sex. They played. The difference between this and everything he had ever experienced was striking

After showering together, Ginger returned to her room in the skirt and torn blouse she had worn last night. The glare she gave him had Tex roaring with laughter. He sheepishly promised to buy her an ew one, but she waved him off. Walking down the hall towards her own room, she considered it fortunate that it was early enough that no one caught her doing the "walk of shame." She got back to her room and closed the door behind her, leaning against it. A smile crossed her face. She was sore everywhere, her pussy ached like fire, but she had never been happier. Pulling off her clothing, she padded into the hotel bathroom and started attacking her still-damp hair. Some leave-in conditioner soon had her hair under control. She blew it dry, then pulled it back off her face, fixing it in a low ponytail at the base of her neck. She donned dark slacks and a cream pullover angora sweater. Kitten heels and some tasteful jewelry competed her look. She found her conference badge, putting it on over her neck. Strangely, it didn't have her name on it, only the name of the company she represented.

The meetings were tedious, although there were some nuggets to be had. She found herself trading business cards all morning. She caught Tex doing the same, but they played it cool with each other while around everyone else. They had exchanged polite hellos, but that had been the extent of their interaction, save when he slipped his hotel room key into her pants pocket. She smiled inwardly. Clearly, he wanted her again. She had no doubt that she would let him.

After the dinner held by the sponsors of the conference, Ginger showered and changed into casual clothing. She styled her long hair into a single braid that hung over her shoulder. Screwing up her courage, she took the elevator to Tex's floor, then knocked on the door. He answered before she could knock a second time, then stood back so she could enter.

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