The Weekend


Tex looked at her, his eyes warm. She looked even more adorable in jeans and a t-shirt, her face scrubbed clean of make-up. She was fresh, young, the freckles on her nose even more prominent. Unable to resist, he leaned down and kissed her nose. "Hey Sugar, you are too cute for words, you know that, right?" He tugged on her braid. "You really don't think that will stop me from messing up your hair, do you?"

Ginger sighed. "I was hoping it might." She grinned up at him, then wrapped her arms around his neck, offering him her lips. They kissed long and slow, little sighs and gasps filling the room. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples soon made their presence known. "I can't believe how much I want to have you inside me again. We fucked so much last night, I'm surprised I can walk at all. But here I am, wanting more. You're magic, you know that?"

His hand caressing her face, Tex leaned his forehead against hers. They stood like that, their foreheads touching. The moment needed nothing else. Then he scooped her up over his shoulder, smacking her fine bottom as he carried her back to his bed. Plopping her there, he helped her out of her clothing. Yep, there were marks just where he would have expected to find them. Finger bruises on her hips, the bite mark on her shoulder, her nipples looking suspiciously chapped. He checked her butt and whistled at the big bruise in the shape of his hand. "Sugar, you look like some bad man fucked you silly last night." He kissed each mark, lingering on her nipples. "Thank you for wearing these for me."

She answered him by reaching for his buttoned fly, helping herself to his dick. "I want you to fuck my mouth again," she murmured. "I felt like I was getting pretty good at throating this last night." Her tongue swirled his head. Those magic eyes of hers never left his face and Tex grew large under her tongue. Reaching out, he took her braid and wrapped it several times around his forearm, then pushed her head down on his dick. When he felt her gag, his eyes rolled back into his head. What was it about a woman gagging on a dick that felt so good, he wondered. It wasn't the first time he considered the thought, but just as quickly, it left him as Ginger gave him the blowjob of his life. Whereas yesterday had been about establishing his dominance over her, today was about her pleasing him. When his head slipped into her throat this time, she was ready for it. She was relaxed and used the ring to massage his head while tears streamed from her eyes. Fortunately, it didn't take him long to dump his load in her mouth and she gulped him down.

As soon as he recovered his equilibrium, it was his turn to play with her lovely self. He explored her body in the way he hadn't done last time. He discovered all sorts of things about her, things that pleased him. Her feet were insanely ticklish, so the room was soon filled with the sounds of her shrieks of laughter. The backs of her knees were a huge erogenous zone, so he took his time there. His kissed all the skin he could find. It was as if she was a feast; and he was a starving man. There was so much to look at, he hardly knew what to taste first. So, he tried it all, only he could never be completely full. Not with his Ginger.

When his cock was inside her body again, he had already cum once. He was able to take his time without the superhuman effort of the previous night. Each thrust was slow, torturously slow. Ginger parted her thighs and cupped his face while he fucked her body in missionary, a first for them. He made sure she was slick and wet before he started thrusting harder, figuring she was sore from the night before. He needn't have been concerned, she was, quite simply, the perfect fuck. She was ready for his dick and he gave it to her repeatedly. The feeling of her long legs wrapped around his hips was intoxicating. His lips found hers more than once. The taste of her mouth was like a drug.

They fucked, but this was more than fucking. They made love, but it was more than love making. They connected ... and he never wanted the bond to snap. When had that happened, he wondered? When had he slipped and started to grow attached to this woman? Was it the Domination? He had known her for 24 hours and she was under his skin. She was in so deep, and it was going to be like pulling an overly large splinter when it was time to remove her again. No doubt, this was going to hurt.

He shook his head of such thoughts and lost himself in her curves. Her ass felt great in his hands, and he fucked himself deeply into her snug passage. He loved looking at her beautiful face as she came for him. Her insides seemed to melt, yet she gripped him so wonderfully. She was his lock and he was her key, as the song said. Her braid was still wrapped around his wrist and he used it to pull her lips to his, kissing her deeply. Ginger returned his kiss with equal measure. Their lips clung to each other, her long limbs clutched at his frame and it was as if she too couldn't bear to let him go.

Ginger cupped her lover's face after her orgasm subsided. He played her so well, this handsome Texan. The conference would be over in the morning. It went without saying that they would both go back to their real lives. Based on his tales, he did this sort of thing. It could only be assumed that while this had been very pleasurable for them both, it would be something he could walk away from. She wasn't so sure anymore. She had come to this conference looking for sex. She had certainly found it, but she had also found so much more. Digging her heels into the mattress, she thrust upward against his pelvis, allowing his cock to fill her completely. The change in angle must have pleased him, because he growled and started fucking her hard. She smiled inwardly. Her alpha wolf could be led. He apparently just had to want to be led.

As he came loudly into this woman, Tex swore. "Fuck, Ginger." He groaned as another spasm shook his sweat covered body. "Fuck, woman. You're driving me crazy." His lips found hers and he drank in her inherent sweetness. He pulled away again, looking into her eyes. "Do we have to leave tomorrow? How about we both stay an extra one?" He kissed her lazily. "I'm not through with you yet."

Laughing at his attempt to joke, Ginger let her arms fall to her sides in exhaustion. "One more day with you and I'll need to check into the hospital. You'd kill me." She grinned up at him. "You are absolutely wonderful, and I've enjoyed this immensely, but I should go back to my room and get some sleep. I have a long drive in the morning." She wriggled out from under him and slid out of the bed. She could feel his cum running down her thigh. She ignored it as she found her jeans and t-shirt, donning them quickly.

Having rolled onto his side, Tex studied her closely. He couldn't believe she had leaped out of bed that fast. What was going on here? "Hey," he said, reaching across the bed, his long arms stretched out in an attempt to grab her back into bed. "No need to leave now. I'll set an alarm, we can sleep together."

Ginger tied up her last sneaker, looking at him over her shoulder. Her braid had come loose, so she quickly redid it. "We both know neither of us will get much sleep." She grinned at him. "I'll call you in the morning, we'll get breakfast before we leave." Leaning over, she gave him a quick kiss, then reluctantly pulled away. "Sweet dreams, Tex."

He stood rapidly, swearing as he grabbed the sheet to wrap around his waist. "Ginger, come on. You can't just leave." Tex was floundering, suddenly out of his depth. What was going on? He held out his hand to her, willing her to stay with him every single second that they had left. "Please? Stay?"

She paused, her back to him, her hand on the door. "I'll see you in the morning," she said, quietly. Then she opened the door, closing it firmly behind her as she left.

Tex flopped back on his bed. The sheets still smelled of her sex, her skin. He still smelled of her, for fuck's sake! His cock was still wet with her juices and she had walked out like he was nothing. Staring at the ceiling, he replayed everything in his mind. Had he pushed too hard when she suggested they stay another day? Hell, he was the one who would have to make up a story for someone. She was single, right? Or had she lied about that?

Shaking his head, Tex instantly dismissed the notion. He had read her body and that cathartic release didn't lie. She had been through some major shit and a cheating husband getting someone pregnant definitely fit the description of "Major Shit."

He swore under his breath, then got up and padded to the bathroom to shower. He would never sleep with her scent on his skin. He felt better once he was cleaned up. Calling the front desk, he arranged for his wake-up call and requested some clean sheets be sent up. Once they had arrived, he made up his bed and closed his eyes. No sense in worrying about this now. He would talk to her in the morning at breakfast.

The shrill ring of the phone awakened him the next morning. He thanked the front desk clerk for the call, then sat up, stretching. His gaze was instantly drawn to an envelope that had been shoved under his door. It looked like the hotel stationary they had all received in their binders on check-in. Curious, he walked over, bent down, and picked it up.


It feels weird to write that name, when I know it's not even your real name. I wanted to apologize for leaving so suddenly. I realized that saying goodbye to you would be hard, so I took the easy way out. By the time you read this, I'll be halfway home. I want to thank you for the most amazing weekend. You showed me that whatever my marital problems might have been, it wasn't because I was less than desirable. You awakened something in me that I had thought was gone forever.

Please go back to your wife secure in the knowledge that you changed someone's life for the better. Not many people can say that, can they?



"No! Fuck No! Dammit all to fucking hell." Swearing, Tex threw on the first pieces of clothing that came into his hands. He grabbed his room key and raced down to the breakfast. Several men and women were eating already, some of them still dressed for business, but several in casual wear. He looked around frantically, but didn't see her anywhere. She had really done it, she was gone.

His gaze continuing to search the room, he suddenly recognized a table of men she had spent some time doing business with yesterday. Knowing she had been handing out business cards, he approached the table. "Excuse me," he said politely. He didn't want to appear desperate. "Y'all know that stunning redhead that was here yesterday? I didn't catch her name, she was an Iowan working in Big Pharma. We were talking about doing a deal. She gave me her card and damned if I didn't lose it. Did any of you happen to get one from her? My boss will have a heart attack if I don't make this thing happen."

One of the guys reached into his pocket and pulled out a stack of cards. "I probably have it in here somewhere." He flipped through them and stopped when he got to one. "I think this one is it. Definitely Big Pharma in Iowa." He handed it over to Tex, who took it with as much casualness as he could muster. Murmuring his thanks, he walked away.

Once he was out of sight, he glanced down at the business card in his hand. The moment felt absolutely unreal to him. "Surreal," he thought, as for the first time, he read her name.

The End.

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