tagFetishThe Weekend Ch. 07

The Weekend Ch. 07


"Mistress?!" I asked incredulously.

You grasped my head in your hands and turned it up to look in your eyes. In the fleeting moment between staring at the strap-on and looking at your face, I saw the creamy white skin of your upper thighs (above the stockings), a black leather bustier with red trim, the tops of your breasts pushing out along the top, and your hair cascading over bare shoulders -- a long-time weakness of mine.

"Suck ... my ... cock ... slut!" you ordered.

"But, Mistress, we never ..."

You rolled your eyes and sighed, grasping the blindfold and pulling it down over my eyes again. You pushed my head down and the head of the strap-on bumped against my lips.

"Open wide or this weekend is over," you commanded.

I obeyed and you immediately pushed my head down, the strap-on going deep into my mouth and into my throat. I gagged a bit for a few seconds before you released my head from your grasp and I pulled back.

"There," you said, "now do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Now I'm sure you've seen plenty of videos of women sucking men's cocks. You know how it's done. Apply that knowledge."

"Yes, Mistress."

I took the strap-on back in my mouth and started slowly moving up and down the shaft. I heard you purr approvingly at my start. With each stroke, I took it a bit deeper until it was nearly as deep as when you forced it into me. I stayed at that depth for several strokes, then pulled back slowly.

I started licking just the head, then sucked on it a bit. Then I started licking my way up and down the shaft, as I heard more approving noises from you. After a while, you grasped my head again and pulled it back to the tip. "Go down on it, slut," you commanded, "make me cum."

I obeyed, taking it deep inside my mouth again, each stroke a bit faster and a bit deeper. After a while, you started thrusting your hips too, to where it wasn't so much that I was going down on you, as it was that you were fucking my mouth. You grabbed my head and pushed in even deeper with each thrust. Your moans got louder and louder and I felt your body trembling. A few seconds later, you were cumming as I furiously sucked the strap-on.

As your body started to relax, I slowed down and eventually stopped. "Very good, slave. Now stroke it." I started stroking it with my hand, slowly. But pretty soon, the saliva that I had left on your strap-on dried up and the stroking was not going very smoothly.

"Hang on a sec. Put out your hand," you said. I obeyed and felt something cool hit my palm. I quickly figured out that it was lube. "There, now stroke it some more." I started again, my hand gliding easily now.

"Be sure to get it all over my cock -- I want to see it all glistening." I had been paying attention to the shaft, but moved up to the head and rolled my hand all around it too.

After a few minutes, you told me to stand again. You stood up and then instructed me to assume the position I was in when you spanked me -- feet about a foot and a half apart, bent over, hands on the bed. I braced myself for another spanking -- a "reward" for a job well done?

But then I felt you coming up closer behind me. And then I felt the head of the freshly-lubed strap-on pressing against my asshole.

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