tagLoving WivesThe Well Fucked Wife Ch. 01

The Well Fucked Wife Ch. 01


It all started when I came home early from work a couple weeks ago. As I pulled onto my street there was a pick up truck in front of the house, which made sense since we where having some work done to our deck. As I pulled up I decided to look around back to check on the progress of the work and found the job looking completed. I figured the contractor must be in the house with my wife settling up the bill. Little did I know how settled up they would be.

First let me tell you a little about the Mrs. She is 5"6" about 140lbs of hotwife. Brown hair and eyes and a voluptuous figure with natural 36c's. Recently we experimented with a threesome that turned into a foursome (check our earlier story "Our first threesome" for details) so I shouldn't have been surprised by what I found inside. The thing is I never worried about her playing around on me because we've always said we would only play together. I guess sometimes you should be careful when you let the genie out of the bottle.

I entered thru the foyer and looked around down stairs but didn't find anyone. Now I was more than suspicious I mean why would she need to be anywhere but downstairs with the contractor? I know, stupid question but I guess I didn't realize how hot she'd actually become. As I headed up stairs I heard voices and not just her's but her's and two distinct male voices coming from our bedroom. I decided to sneak up the steps to find out what I knew in my gut was going on.

As I came to the hallway I heard Mary laughing and telling Matt (the contractor) that she really shouldn't be up there with him and Steve (his helper) since she was a married lady and all. Matt just laughed at that one saying that a respectable married lady wouldn't have been teasing them all day by showing them her stocking tops and garters walking around in heels and displaying her big tit's to them while they where trying to get there work done. Then all I heard was a muffled moan from Mary. I decided to go into our son's room and sneak into the adjoining bathroom to see what was going on. As I peered thru a crack in the door there was Mary pressed between Matt and Steve. Her hands behind her back with Matt in front kissing her hard and Steve behind her holding her wrists together as Matt ran his hand up her dress playing with her tits.

Mary seemed to be struggling against Matt and I guess I should have broke this up but seeing how she was dressed and knowing how hot she is I figured Matt was probably right about her teasing them all day and to be honest it was my idea to have her dress sexy and tease these guys, not to mention I had a almost painful hard on in my pants from watching.

They broke there kiss and Mary told them to quit it that yeah maybe she was playing a little with them but she really didn't want things to go to far.

Matt laughed and said, "Bullshit look how hard your nipples are and I bet your pussy is fucking soaked. Steve check that pussy and let me know if I'm right."

Mary pleaded with them to cut it out but Steve lifted the skirt over her ass and found she wasn't wearing panties.

"Check it out Matt looks like you where right earlier about her not wearing panties, what a hot little slut we have here." He ran a finger thru her slit. "Right again buddy she's wet as a mother fucker."

Matt looked into Mary's eyes. "Look baby we all know what you want, maybe more like what you need, to fuck our hard cocks so why don't you just admit it and lets have a good time."

Mary just kind of moaned and realized that she was looking for this to happen all along and we all could see her resign herself to the fact that she was about to get fucked by these two big studs.

She looked up at Matt as he told Steve to keep playing with her pussy while he pulled her big tits out of her dress and sucked them hard into his mouth.

There was my wife of 25yrs sandwiched between these two sons of bitches dress hiked up above her stocking tops and ass, her big tits hanging out of her push up bra and dress-top as Matt and Steve started to work her over. She was now softly moaning, putty in their hands about to get what she apparently was asking for all day. I was thinking that it looks like we created a monster as I crouched at the door stroking my hard on.

Matt stepped back and pulled Mary’s dress up over her head. He let out a wolf whistle as he admired her standing there in heel’s, garters, and stockings, with her tits bulging over the top of her push up bra. Steve was still working her pussy with his fingers as she started to hump back at him.

Matt commented, "You are really one hot fucking slut and now its time for me and Steve to give you what you've been asking for all day you teasing bitch."

I must admit that crouching there dick in hand I was never more turned on as these guys prepared to use my wife.

"Ok Mary time to meet the hard cocks that are gonna make you cum till you pass out. Down on your knees baby and wrap your lips around my cock."

Matt dropped his jeans and briefs as Steve pushed her shoulders down so that she was now eye level with his boss’s rock hard dick.

Mary hesitated at first when Matt said, "Who you kidding baby, go ahead and start sucking you know you want it."

Mary looked up sucking in his cock head then taking him slowly down her throat. Steve came around next to Matt and dropped his pants presenting her with a new toy to play with.

"That’s it baby take turns sucking our meat, don’t let Steve hang, look baby he’s all hard and ready for you."

Steve wanted to know if she had ever taken on two big cocks like theirs adding they had to be way bigger then she was used too. She just moaned around his dick taking even more of him down her throat.

At this point I gotta little pissed off. Who where these fuckers? Not only where they taking advantage of my horny wife but they where talking shit about me! I wanted to bust in on them but thought better of it, plus Mary was really getting into being submissive to these two. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t letting Mary get into something she couldn’t handle so I snuck out to my car and called her from my cell phone. After a couple rings she picked up sounding out of breath.

"Hi honey you all right? You sound a little flustered and out of breathe."

"I’m ok I just had to run in from outside to answer the phone."

I asked if the contractors where still there and she said they where just finishing up and she had better get back to pay the bill.

I heard a laugh in the background thinking it was probably that big fucker Matt smirking at my expense. Mary asked when I’d be home and I said in a couple hours. She sounded relieved and told me she would see me then. My little slut then hung up as I sat there contemplating my next move.

I sat in the car hard on straining my pants and decided this was bullshit. My newly turned hot wife was in our bedroom doing who knows what with two horny studs and I’m sitting here rubbing my hard cock. "Fuck this!" time for me to enjoy some of that fine ass myself, but how do I get involved? I figured I might as well just barge in after all it's my house, my wife.

I still was apprehensive as I snuck in the backdoor and made my way up the steps again going into the bathroom. Muffled moans where coming from our room as I peeked in Mary was on all fours on our bed with Matt fucking her mouth while Steve was plowing her swollen pussy from behind. Damn what a hot scene and I was totally turned on by what I saw. No real rage or jealously just pure lust, watching her take on these two. Matt had a handful of her hair as he drove his cock into her throat. Steve alternated hard thrust into her pussy. They where working together to get themselves off while Mary was moaning and grunting around Matt’s cock.

"Man she’s really loving this, what a cock hungry slut," Matt said. "We knew you wanted this the way you where walking around showing off that hot body all day, your lucky we didn’t just fuck you right on the deck."

Mary continued to moan and hump her ass back at Steve who now was really pounding her cunt.

"Go for it man give it to her hard." Matt told Steve as he backed away saying, "I’m gonna watch for a while I have plans for this load and it ain’t shooting it down her throat."

Mary was now coming looking back at Steve. "Fuck me FUCK ME HARD GIVE ME ALL THAT COCK FUCKING CUMMMMING!!!" she growled out to him as she humped hard back at his pile driving cock. I knew Steve wouldn’t last long as he was sweating and grunting, really fucking her hard. He started to slap her ass cheeks telling her to fuck back at him.

"That’s it baby keep that ass moving, Man her pussy is going nuts, spasaming all around my cock. She’s really getting off and I am to HERE IT CUMS BABY."

He ground his cock hard into her cunt as he shot his load up her wet hole continuing to drive into her as she kept cumming.

The action slowed down a bit but this young stud was still fucking her slowly as they both came down form there cum high. I was wondering where Matt was when I felt him grab my arms and push me thru the door.

"Look what we have here looks like hubby’s home from work early."

I was now laying on the floor my pants around my ankles hard cock scraping against the carpet. Matt kind of sat on my back telling me to be cool because Mary was the one that was asking for it. Steve withdrew from her dripping pussy and she looked over with a shock on her face.

"I‘m so sorry honey but I just couldn’t help myself."

I was kind of shocked myself laying face down big dude on top of me another guy sitting by my wife with his still hard cock dripping cum and her still on all fours her nylon covered legs spread, big tits hanging down and cum running out of her hot looking cunt.

"Ok look buddy I’m going to let you up but you gotta be cool we’re just giving your wife what she asked for, tell him Mary"

Mary looked at me and said with tears in her eyes that, "yeah I asked for it I guess, I started out just wanting to tease these guys like you said but things got out of hand I’m sorry honey but your the one who wanted me to dress like this in front of them so it's kind of your fault to."

Matt relaxed his hold on me and got up letting me sit up. I was pissed more at him tackling me then anything but turned on by the situation. I told them I was cool, she’s getting what she wants and I may as well join the party.

Matt gave me a hi five saying, "cool let's get her cumming again."

Mary lay back on the bed with Steve’s cum oozing out of her pussy. Matt looked at me and said, "It looks like your wife’s pussy needs to be cleaned up a little why don’t you suck the cum out of her hot hole and get her ready for my big cock."

I was not into doing that and told him if he wanted to eat his buddy’s cum to go ahead. Matt was like, what the fuck and got between her thighs and started to lick and suck her pussy while Steve had a seat and watched his buddy go to work. Mary was moaning in about a minute digging this guys tongue in her pussy.

"Yeah baby suck that cum out of me, mmmm that feels so good your going to have me cumming again." She had her nylon-covered legs wrapped tightly around his head as she started to ride his tongue.

Looking over at Steve I noticed he had a sheepish look on his face as he stroked his cock back to hardness. "Hey man you don’t mind if I take a shot at her mouth, do you?" I told him to go for it, as he got up and went to the head of the bed.

First he started to play with her big tits as she moaned out her pleasure, sucking hard on her nipples. He got one then the other rock hard as he sucked and bit them. She was thrashing around on the bed now as these two worked her over.

Steve stratlled her chest and stuck his cock between her big tits telling her to squeeze them around his prick. She did what he asked as he started to fuck her mounds with his big cock going into her mouth on the up stroke. Mary was really moaning a lot around the cock in her mouth as she built up to another shattering climax. Steve was ridding her tits as Matt was fucking her pussy with his tongue, me watching stroking my cock waiting my turn at my wanton wife.

"MMMMM MMMMM" is all she could say around his cock as she humped Matt’s face hard.

She pulled Steve’s cock out and yelled, "YES YES CUMMMING AGAIN ON YOUR TONGUE CUMMMING YES." She ground her cunt on him for all she was worth as Matt held onto her legs and rode out her orgasm.

Steve grabbed her hair like his buddy did earlier and started to really fuck her mouth as she kind of gurgled and moaned around his mouth-fucking dick.

Matt got up telling me to, "Look at your wife take that big prick, man she really is a cock sucking slut."

"Go for it man get your nut in her mouth fuck it like you did her pussy then I’m going to fucking pound that hot cunt of hers."

Steve was building up to shooting a big wad down her throat as he rammed his cock in and out of her sucking mouth.

"Fucking eh man here it comes I’m going to shoot down her throat, here it cums baby take my cum,” as he fired shot after shot into her mouth. He came so much that with his cock still lodged in her throat his cum started to leak out around her lips.

"Holy shit man I never seen a blowjob like that you better let her catch her breath" Matt said to Steve as he withdrew his cock from her mouth.

Mary just lay there breathing hard swallowing the last of his cum wiping her mouth and licking the residue off her fingers.

"You really love this don’t you baby?" Matt asked her as he came over to the bed looking down at her voluptuous body, her chest heaving as she caught her breath from the big cum Matt’s tongue gave her and the fucking her mouth just took.

She looked up and said, "I can’t believe it I had another orgasm while Steve fucked my mouth, you two really know how to treat a lady."

Matt laughed, "a lady, more like a out of control slut" and looking at me he asked, "right buddy?"

I just nodded, my hard cock sticking out speechless from her display.

With Mary still laying on the bed and Matt hovering over her with his big cock straining for attention I got up and got between her legs.

"Hey man what you doing?" Matt wanted to know.

"I was planning on getting my hard cock nice and cozy in yours wife’s pussy."

"Sorry pal you snooze you lose,” I said as I got between her wide spread thighs getting ready to drill her wet hot pussy.

"Fuck that" Matt said, "I’m the one who cleaned all of Steve’s cum out I’m getting the next crack at her."

That rap really pissed me off but at the same time I didn’t want our little gangbang to get physical. I can hold my own at 6’1” 245lbs but these two where much bigger and younger but still she’s my wife so fuck em’.

I told Matt to wait his turn that I was taking my wife’s pussy right now! Before I knew it he and Steve where on me pulling me away and shoving me in a chair. Steve held me down as I struggled. Matt went thru our closest finding my tie hanger. He grabbed a couple and quickly secured my arms and legs to the chair while Mary just lay there stunned.

"Leave him alone!" she pleaded but that went on deaf ears as they now had me tied down.

Matt hovered over me saying, "Look man we where going to be nice but if you can’t get with the program you’ll have to sit on the sidelines while we fuck the shit out of your wife."

I responded by saying they should think about what they where doing here because this was turning into more then just sex play.

Matt told me to shut the fuck up. "She’s been begging for it, not to mention you’re the one who wanted her to dress like a slut and tease us all day. Now don’t struggle and if you’re a good boy we’ll let you fuck your wife before we leave."

With that Matt went over to Mary telling her, "You better really get into this bitch or we’ll fuck your old man up, you got it?"

Mary didn’t know what to think about this turn of events. What had started out as a new sexy adventure had turned much darker. Matt seemed very pissed now as he roughly had Mary turn over on all fours her nylons framing her ass as he came up behind her.

"I’m going to fuck your pussy hard and you better be begging me for more or else!"

Steve stood by my side telling me to watch as Matt fucked Mary.

Matt inserted his 9” cock into her still wet and wanting pussy. A little at a time his meat went up her canal as she started to grind back at him.

"That’s it slut grind back on my cock you know you’ve been wanting my big dick in your pussy all afternoon, tell your husband how you want me."

She didn’t say anything so Matt slapped her ass hard. "Tell him cunt or I’ll smack the shit out of your ass while I fuck you raw."

I told him to cut it the fuck out as Mary cried out. Matt told Steve one more word outta that fucker stick something in his mouth to keep him quiet.

Steve laughed and said maybe I should make him suck my cock that would shut him up. Matt looked back and said, “what you think dude you want to shut up or should he stick his cock down your throat?"

“I’ll be cool just don’t hurt my wife.”

“Ok buddy but she better start cooperating or I’ll smack her ass red for her”.

I told Mary to just go along with him and say and do what he wants. She looked back at me and then at Matt.

“Yes Matt your right I do need that big cock of yours please give it to me while my husband watches, he likes when I get fucked by big dicked studs, now give it to me baby I want that big cock up my pussy."

“That’s better baby now let’s all settle down and have a good time.” Matt said as he again started to slide that big fucker up my wife’s willing pussy.

I sat tied to my chair hard on sticking out with Steve standing next to me playing with his erect again cock. Matt was slowly but firmly fucking Mary from behind.

“I’ve been waiting all afternoon to fuck this married pussy and I got to say baby it was worth the wait”.

She just moaned now getting back into the whole idea of fucking Matt and his buddy while I watched.

“I want you to tell us how your feeling with my big cock going in and out of you or I’ll have to give your big ass a couple more whacks.”

Mary obliged “Ohh Matt that’s it fuck me while my husband watches it’s all his fault anyway telling me to dress sexy and flirt with you guys."

"He was thinking I would get you all hot and bothered then after you where gone he’d come home and have me tell him all about it while he fucked my worked up pussy."

“Oh yeah that’s what he wanted? So this whole deal is his fault” Matt smirked as they both laughed. He continued his fucking now starting to go a little harder and faster into her pussy.

“Yes he loves when I act slutty around young studs but I told him we should be careful and it looks like I was right." Now he’s paying for it and I’m loving your cock in my hot pussy, it’s filling me up way more then ever before."

I sat there taking this all in. What could I say she was right I did want her to act the slutty flirt I just never thought it would ever go this far.

Steve looked down at me with contempt on his face. “Man your crazy having your wife parade around showing us her sexy legs and tits, what did you think we would just let her tease us then we’d go home and jerk off?"

I just sat there not really knowing what to say at this point. What I did know is that I wanted to be in Matt’s shoes fucking my wife’s hot pussy but they way things where going I was in for a long wait.

Matt was now fucking Mary hard, driving his cock in and out of her pussy. Mary was going into multi-orgasmic mode pushing back at him while moaning out what seemed to be one long continuous cum.

“That’s it baby fuck my pussy cummming FUCKINGING CUMMMING OHHH SHIT I CAN’T STOP MMMMMMMM."

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