tagFetishThe White Menu Ch. 01

The White Menu Ch. 01


The door to the restaurant was non-nondescript. One could pass by easily without even noticing it, and all those walking by that night did just so. The two women approached the door quietly and without attracting notice. One quick look around to see if anyone noticed them and through the door they slipped.

Inside the door they paused and looked around. The first thing they noticed was the temperature. Outside it was a cold winter, and inside it was steamy and warm, even warmer than an inside normally would be. Adjusting to the heat, they quickly took off their coats and looked around.

They stood in a small dark room. On one side was the door that they had come through, and on the other another door. Next to the far door stood a small host-station behind which a stunningly beautiful woman with short dark hair, wearing a tight uniform was waiting for them to adjust to the heat. A few nice chairs for waiting, a walk-in closet for coats, and a third door were all that adorned the rest of the room.

The two women paused for a moment, then began to remove their coats. Both women were dressed for an evening out. The first woman was in her mid-thirties and had short red hair. She was dressed in a nice white button-up shirt and a short skirt. She was petite and cute, and the outfit she wore was sexy without being slutty. The other woman had long dark hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans that flared at the ankles, and a low cut shirt that highlighted her breasts. Of the two, she seemed more nervous, as thought she was unsure of what to expect of the evening.

“Good evening, and welcome,” said the hostess behind the desk. “Card please.”

The redhead fished in her purse, removed a plain card and handed it to the hostess.

“Thank you Sasha,” said the hostess, looking at the name on the card. “I assume you will be dinning from The White Menu this evening?”


“Would you care to change before dining?” Asked the hostess, making a gesture at the third door next to the coat closet

Sasha looked at her companion, who looked back quizzically. Sasha smiled softly to herself at her friend's obvious puzzlement at where the evening was headed.

“No, thank you. Perhaps later we might be interested, but this is my friend's first time here, and I think we'll start the evening slowly. I think we'll also take a private booth tonight as well.”

“Certainly, I understand. This way then, please.” And with that she took two plain white menus from the stand and walked from behind the hostess stand to open the door on the back wall of the foyer.

This time, Sasha nearly laughed out loud at the look on her friend's face as she saw what the hostess was, or more accurately was not, wearing. Standing behind the host station, they had seen that she was wearing a tight short-sleeved button shirt with the top few buttons undone to show her ample cleavage. It was a sexy, yet professional style that seemed appropriate to her surroundings. But as she stepped from behind the stand, carrying two menus, it was immediately apparent that apart from some very sexy high-heeled shoes, the shirt was all she was wearing. She was completely nude from the waist down.

“Oh my god, Sasha!” said her friend as she gaped at the long legs, perfect round ass, and neatly trimmed pussy of the hostess.

“Anne, you did say you wanted some adventure this evening. This place is just that,” Sasha answered, laughing this time at her friend's shock. “Besides, just wait till we get through that door.”

The hostess smiled too and turned sensually to open the door, making sure to show off her beautiful legs and tight ass as she did so. The door opened, she led the two women into the dining room.

Anne, for her part, could not stop staring at the half-nude hostess as she walked down a couple of steps into the dining room. Her perfect ass swayed sensually as she sauntered across the red carpeting, and Anne found herself wondering what she had gotten herself into. When Anne had confessed that she had been feeling frustrated with her and her husband's sex life, she did not imagine that her friend would have such a radical solution to her pent up feelings. Now she found herself in a secret club, watching a half naked woman walk through a restaurant dining room. She found the idea exciting and noticed a wetness begin to spread between her legs.

As she and Sasha followed the hostess across the small dining room, she tore her gaze away from the hostess' half-nudity to take a quick glance around her. The dining room was not large, though not small either. At the far end, there was a full bar, and a door to the kitchen. There were perhaps ten round tables with long white tablecloths that reached all the way to the floor. The settings were all very classy, and the lights were dimmed low to give the whole place a very romantic feel. Each table had a candle to enhance the atmosphere. Along each wall of the dining room were large booths, and she noted, oddly, that each one had a tack that allowed a lush red velvet curtain to be pulled closed and give the patrons at those tables complete privacy. She even noted that many of the booths were already closed, and given what she had already seen so far, she wondered what she would find if she opened one.

The restaurant was about three-quarters full, mostly of women. There were one or two individual women seated at tables, but the majority of the tables were filled with small groups of one or two women. At a one table, a man and woman were seated intimately close to each other. Finally, there was one group of six women who were sitting at two table pushed together. The women had obviously had quite a few drinks and were clearly enjoying themselves.

The hostess reached their booth, and leaned deeply forward over the table to put the menus down. From behind, Anne caught a clear view of the hostess' shaved pussy nestled between the beautiful curves of her ass. The sight of someone so obviously naked in such a public space sent another jolt of excitement between her legs.
Sasha and Anne sat down in the booth and the hostess pulled the red curtain closed. They were completely cut off from the rest of the room. They could still hear people through the curtain, but the noise was muffled and it was obvious that they had complete privacy.

“Ok. What is this place?” Anne blurted out her curiosity at the events thus far.
“It's a private little club Zeke and I belong to. It's very exclusive, and it caters to certain women's… unique tastes,” replied Sasha.


“Well, I'd rather not say at this point. I think it would be far more fun for you to experience that yourself.”

Anne was just about to press her friend more when the curtain was pulled back. Anne gasped in surprise as a man in a bow tie stepped into the space in front of their table. That was the surprise however, as the bow tie was all he was wearing. His well muscled, tan body was completely naked, and more than that, his cock was rock hard and sticking right at the women at eye level.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed and turned away to hide her eyes from the shock.

Sasha laughed at again at her friend's reaction, this time loudly. “Calm down. This is just our waiter. I told you this was going to be fun, didn't I? Well, open up your eyes and enjoy the fun!”

“But he's naked!” Anne blurted, still not looking at him.

“I know. All the waiters are. That's part of the fun.”

Anne didn't quite know what to do. She had told Sasha that she and Chris had been in a slump lately. They had been married for ten years, had two small children, and most of their energy and attention had been slowly drained away. They barely had sex any longer, and when they did, it was bland, uninteresting and dull. She missed the kinky, hot fun they had before the kids, but she just wasn't sure how to find that spark again. Sasha had sympathized and told her that she and Zeke had had the same issues for a long time. Then she told Anne that she had found this amazing place that had brought back their passion and then some, Anne had been eager to give it a try.

But this was far more than she had dared to think was possible. She wasn't sure she was ready to be sitting in a private booth, while her waiter's giant naked penis hovered a few feet from her face.

“Listen,” Sasha said gently. “I know this is kind of shocking, but I promise you, if you give it a try, you and Chris will be fucking like animals by the weeks end. You'll be so horny, you won't be able to keep yourself from jumping him the minute you walk through the doors tonight. You told me some of the kinky stuff you two used to be into, and I guarantee that both you and he will be here all the time. Zeke and I are here once a week, and we fuck at least once a day, sometimes twice, we are so turned on by the stuff we do here.”

Anne thought carefully about her friend's words, and wishing she hadn't told Sasha some of her stories, she slowly uncovered her face and turned to look again at their waiter. She tried very hard to look up at his eyes, but her gaze kept sneaking itself down to the beautiful cock at eye level. She hadn't seen anyone's dick except her husband's since they had started dating, and this one didn't disappoint. It was at least 9 inches and rock hard. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed and shaved. She noticed now that he had a cock ring that encircled his dick and his scrotum, jutting them both out, and keeping them at attention. His balls, too, seemed giant, bigger than she had ever seen, as if full of cum.

That though gave another little thrill to her quickly moistening pussy. She loved semen, always had. She had been an excellent cocksucker in college, and she had always swallowed after giving blowjobs. The taste of cum still thrilled her. Sadly, that was another one of those little things that seemed to lose itself in their daily lives. She never gave Chris head anymore, and missed the feel of his cum on her tongue, the way it slithered down her throat when she swallowed.

“Ok. I'm in.” She sighed. Then she let out a little giggle of nervousness at what that might mean.

“Yay!” Sasha exclaimed, and then turning to their waiter, said, “We'll start with drinks and an appetizer. Martinis for both of us, and we'll start with the oysters. I'm hoping they are fresh?”

“Extremely fresh, ma'am. Would you like them dressed table-side or in the kitchen?” Replied the waiter.

“Oh, in the kitchen, definitely for this round. Maybe the next one table-side, we'll see.”

“Certainly.” And with that he turned and left.

As the curtain closed Anne said, “Oysters, huh? You trying to get me turned on, or something?”

“Annie, you have no idea,” Sasha said laughing.

“So what is the deal here, really? Half naked hostesses, completely naked waiters. Is this a swingers club? Is that what you two are into?”

“No, no. Not really. As I said, this is a club that caters to our unique tastes,” Sasha replied mysteriously. “We don't fuck anyone else here. That's not really what it is about, though I have slipped under the table a couple of times to suck his dick. These curtains and those long table cloths out there make that a fun addition.”

Anne blushed at the idea of her friend going down on someone in a public restaurant. “Was it hot?”

“Oh, honey, you have no idea. Sucking his dick, all the while there is a restaurant full of people around you, I was so wet, we fucked in the car in the parking lot. Of course, that wasn't even the kinkiest thing about it.”

“What was?” gasped Anne, not sure how it could get any hotter.

“When he came, I had him cum in my drink. Then I drank the whole thing, right in front of him, right in the restaurant. Though, of course, around here –“ She stopped shortly as the waiter walked through the curtain again holding a tray.

Again, Anne blushed to see his hard dick swinging in front of her face, and for a moment she had the urge to reach out and grab it. She knew he was carrying something though, and might drop it if he were surprised. She was still thinking of Sasha's story as the waiter set down two drinks and a platter of raw oysters on ice. The idea of drinking cum in a crowded restaurant excited her to no end. Sipping casually at a cocktail, seeing the white strands of cum floating there, knowing that there were people around her as she slowly sucked the cum into her mouth and tasted its saltiness. She found herself wondering if what her friend said was true, she probably would be jumping Chris the second she walked in the door tonight.

Anne took a quick sip of her martini to steady herself as the waiter turned and left. Her eyes lingered on his beautiful ass as he slipped through the curtain.

“So, do you like oysters?” Sasha asked sweetly.

“They're ok.” Anne answered, still dreaming of the waiter's dick.

“I love them, but they need to be prepared the right way. Of course, they must be raw, and they must have the right sauce to go with them.”

“Of course,” replied Anne distractedly. Then looking down at the oyster in front of her, exclaimed, “Oh my god! That's cum!”

Sure enough. Each oyster shell, sitting on the bed of ice, was filled to the brim with a white sauce. There was no doubt that it was semen that filled each shell.

“I told you. This place caters to a woman's unique tastes,” Sasha laughed as she picked up one of the oysters and let it and the cum sauce slide onto her tongue. She held it in her mouth for a minute, savoring the taste, then swallowed the whole thing in one gulp. “There is no better way to prepare an oyster. Try one!”

“I -… you-… he-…” Anne was at a loss for words. Anne's brain was on overload. She simply couldn't believe the sequence of surprises that had led up to this. Cum in oysters? In a restaurant? How could she, how could anyone? And yet…

Anne's mind flicked back to a time when she and Chris were dating. He had a thing for facials, and loved to cum on Anne's face. At first she had been skeptical, but the more they did it the hotter it became. Soon she began to grow excited at the idea, and would savor the feel of the warm blasts as they landed on her face, and the feel of his thick cum as it lay across her cheeks, forehead, chin or nose.

Then there was the time he had wanted to watch her eat his cum. They had cut up a peach and she held the slices next to her face while he came all over both. He had been saving up, and they had been teasing and fucking all morning with out him cumming, so when he did it was volcanic. She remembered how hot it was to feel his thick jizz covering her, to smell its strong aroma. Then she had taken the peach and put it into her mouth. She remembered the sweetness of the peach mixed with the pungent saltiness of his sperm. She had trembled with her own orgasm as she had savored the taste on her tongue. It was easily the kinkiest thing they had done together, and now, in a restaurant, she was contemplating doing the same? This time with the jizz of a complete stranger?

Anne reached for her martini and slammed the whole thing down. She was going to need a little help if she was going to do this.

Sasha, seeing her friend's confusion and confliction, smiled and deliberately helped herself to another oyster. Then she reached for her own drink, sipped it and said, “Hmmm… you know, I've always preferred dirty martinis, don't you? They make a wicked dirty martini here. I think I need one.”

Sasha pushed a button on the wall by the table, and in a matter of seconds their waiter slipped in behind the curtains, his cock leading the way.

“Any way you could make this into a dirty martini for me? I forgot to order it that way.” She slid the drink across the table to him. Rather than taking the martini however, he stepped forward until his cock head was just above the rim of the glass and began to stroke his dick.

Anne watched with a mixture of horny fascination and disbelief while their stud waiter stroked his cock above Sasha's drink. His dick had already been hard when he came in, and his hand flew up and down his giant shaft. Within a few quick minutes, he began to grunt as his orgasm began to rise.

Anne and Sasha each held their breath as he began to stroke faster. Suddenly he gave a big groan and his huge balls began to pump and twitch. Cum flew from the big purple head of his cock as he pointed it straight into Sasha's drink. Shot after shot pumped from his sack and into the glass for what seemed like forever. Finally it slowed, and their waiter squeezed the last few drops of jizz from the tip of his dick.

The women's gaze now shifted from the spurting penis to the drink directly underneath. The martini was now coated with sperm. The entire surface of the vodka had a float of white cum covering it. Little streams of semen descended down like clouds as they mixed with the drink.

“Anything else I can get for you ladies?” He asked a little breathlessly.

A wicked smile played across Sasha's lips and looked her friend right in the eyes said, “She'll have what I'm having.”

Anne's breath caught in her throat. She wasn't sure she was ready for this, but seemed powerless to say anything to stop it.

“I'll bring it right out. The bartender will need to mix this one though,” he said with a smile. “I'm a little tapped out at the moment.”

“Of course, dear,” Sasha replied with a wink.

“You go rest up. I'm sure we'll be needing your services for the next course.”

As their waiter turned to leave, Sasha slid the drink back over to herself before picking it up to get a closer look. More tendrils of cum were beginning to float gently around the glass, mixing slowly with the drink, though a majority of the white still floated at the top.

Sasha brought it close to her face and inhaled the thick musky scent. Then slowly, delicately, she brought the glass to her lips and sipped. She held the drink in her mouth for split second before letting it pass down her throat.

Anne realized at that moment that she had been holding her breath this whole time and finally let it out with a whoosh. She had watched the episode with fascination and wonder. The cum oysters had gotten her hot, but watching a stud jack off into her best friend's martini, then watching said friend drink it was making her wet indeed. She shifted in her seat and felt her pussy lips slide wetly. She desperately wanted to stick a hand between her legs and stroke herself, even through her jeans. She was beginning to wonder if it wouldn't have been better to wear a skirt like her friend.

“So, how's it taste?” She asked breathlessly.

“Yummy. Fresh cum is the best. Not everything here is fresh, to be honest. There'd be no way for these poor men to keep up if it was. You saw all the tables here, they'd have to have a hundred men just to serve appetizers.”

“So how does this work? What exactly is the cum used for, how much do they use?”

Sasha smiled again, “Anne, there is cum on everything if you want it, hence ‘The White Menu.’ If you prefer, you can order things without it, that's ‘The Black Menu.’ Zeke doesn't want cum on his food, of course, so he orders his dinner from the latter. I love it, so of course I order everything with it. That's the beauty of it. Here, look at the menu.”

Anne took The White Menu from her friend and opened it. It was a normal menu with a wide assortment of items. There were appetizers, salads, pasta dishes, and fancy meat dishes. Under each one was an option for the level of semen available with your dish.

“The food here is fantastic, by the way. All organic, locally grown. The chef does amazing things here even without the cum. With it, everything is spectacular. Sometimes I just want a hint so I go with a sauce that has been lightly flavored with cum. Sometimes I'm really hungry and horny and go for broke. There is a fettuccine alfredo here without the heavy cream, just man cream and garlic. It's intoxicating.”

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