tagRomanceThe Widow and the Widower

The Widow and the Widower

byOnagerian Surmise©

Barbara was getting as close as she ever had to committing child abuse.

She was modeling dresses for her son Bobby and his friend Sammy (as in Samantha). She had a date with Samantha's father Raul in an hour, and she was still assembling and discarding outfits at a dizzying pace. The amused teenagers were eager to help her, but they also couldn't help teasing her as she tried to find the "perfect" combination.

The kids had a pretty good idea of why Barbara was wound up so tight. Raul had dropped off Sammy a couple hours ago with an overnight bag. It didn't take a genius to see that her sleepover with Bobby made it possible for Barbara to have a sleepover with Raul.

It was also clear from Barbara's adrenaline level that it wasn't a sure thing either. Barbara was excited, apprehensive, horny, afraid, eager, and unsure several times a minute.

The latest outfit was a lavender backless dress with a slit up the side of her thigh.

"I think this makes me look too eager," she fretted.

Sammy giggled. "Aren't you?" she asked.

"Shut up young lady. A woman is not supposed to reveal everything to a man all at once. We're supposed to prolong the mystery, and make them work for it."

"Work for what, Mom?" asked Bobby innocently.

"Shut up, Bobby. You've gotten straight A's for too many years to play stupid with me now."

"I think that dress looks great, Mom. You look hot."

"Hot? Hot! I don't know if I want to look hot. I mean this is just our third date."

Sammy chimed in. "Ms. Taylor..."

"Call me Barbara, honey. After all, I'm dating your father."

"Okay. Barbara, this may be your third official 'date,' but you've known each other for years. All that time you've mostly seen each other in jeans and sweatshirts. It's time for something hot." She grinned at her. "You need to let Daddy see what he's chasing."

"You just get your mind out of the gutter, Samantha Elizabeth Ramirez. Your Father is a respectful man that I care for a great deal, and I will not have you implying he is planning anything improper tonight. Are we clear on that?"

Bobby and Sammy almost ruptured their stomachs trying to keep from laughing.

"I'm sorry, Barbara," Sammy said eventually with a gasp. "I didn't mean anything by it. What are you all planning this evening?"

"We're, uh, going out to dinner."

"Gee I guess those steaks that Dad has in the 'fridge at our house must be for him and me for tomorrow then."

Barbara blushed crimson. Raul had said he would try to prevent the kids from knowing they were having a private dinner at his home tonight. Well, so much for that idea.

Attempting to recover, she said "If you must know we're actually going out dancing later. I thought mentioning dinner would keep your imaginations from running wild about your parents going crazy and hitting the bars or something."

"Sure Mom."

"Of course."

"That makes sense."


Barbara glared back at them. She wanted to grab their smirking heads and smack them together.

She glanced at the clock for perhaps the hundredth time in the last half hour. It seemed to both crawl and race by at the same time, as the hour that Raul was supposed to pick her up approached.

"Maybe I should change back into the little black dress," she fretted. "You can't go wrong with a little black dress. They're kind of a classic that way, you know? Everybody knows a little black dress is always a safe choice."

Sammy and Bobby listened in growing alarm as Barbara began to vent an almost incoherent stream of consciousness.

"But I don't know if a little black dress sends the right message either. I mean, a little black dress almost implies you're expecting something to happen, but really, I don't know if anything is going to happen. I don't even know if I want something to happen. I mean, is it too soon? And I don't even know if he's over his wife either, I've never felt comfortable asking, he's just always so worried about my feelings, which is very sweet, but how he feels is important too, and I'm not sure what he's thinking. I respect what he must have gone through, and maybe he's not ready either. Or maybe we're both ready but we're just scared about whether the other is ready, you know? Oh god what am I doing? I just don't..."

"Mom!" exclaimed Bobby.

She stopped talking and looked at him with wide eyes. "Stop it Mom." Both he and Sammy got up and wrapped her up in a team hug. "Just stop it. Whatever happens tonight, you and me and Sammy and Raul are all going to be okay with it. All right? Just relax and see what happens." He paused and grinned at her. "And the dress you have on is fine. Don't change a thing."

"You think so?" she asked in almost a little girl voice.

Sammy replied, "It looks great, Barbara. I know my dad, and I'm sure that he is going to really like it."

Just then the doorbell rang. "Well I guess it's too late to change again anyway," said Barbara. "It's show time!"

Sammy said, "You stay upstairs and check your makeup Barbara. We'll let my dad in, then we'll call you, and you can come down the stairs to him and blow his mind, okay? Go on!"

* * * * *

Raul stood nervously on the front porch, a single red rose in his hand. He was wearing his best suit and tie, his shoes polished to a Marine Corp standard of reflective brilliance.

He was thinking that he was probably crazy. How could he ever hope to land a woman as wonderful as Barbara Taylor? Sure they'd shared a few kisses, but he still suspected that deep down her responses to him were simply out of gratitude for the help he'd given her and her son during the last year. It was a long way from that to having a real romantic relationship.

He was afraid that tonight Barbara would finally tell him the limits of their friendship. She was such a beautiful accomplished woman! How could she ever find an auto mechanic with dirt under his nails worthy of her love?

He sighed and squared his shoulders. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Dare to be great, like one of his officers had once told him.

The door opened to reveal Bobby and his daughter looking at him with wide grins on their faces. "Hi Daddy," said Sammy. "Bobby, go tell your mom that her date is here."

"You bet," replied Bobby. "You look nice, Raul. I'll go tell her."

Bobby turned and climbed up the stairs. He found Barbara sitting on the edge of her bed, her purse clutched tightly in her hands. "Ready Mom?"

"Oh god, you would have to ask me that!" she replied.

"You know what I meant Mom. You're going to be fine. You're going to be great! Now I want you to relax and have fun, okay? Remember, he's just as nervous as you are. You need to help him relax too."

Bobby couldn't help but find the conversation an amusing role reversal with his parent. At the same time, it made him feel good that he could help his Mother, like she'd helped him so many times in the past.

"Okay, give me a minute to get down the stairs ahead of you, then come on down, okay?"

"Okay son. Thanks Honey."

"You're welcome, Mom. I love you."

Barbara looked up at him with a grateful smile. "I love you too, Baby."

Raul smiled tightly as Bobby returned down the stairs without his mother. "Is everything alright?" he asked nervously.

"Yeah, everything's fine, she said she'd be right down, Raul."

Just then, a vision appeared at the top of the stairs. Other than office dress, Raul had never seen Barbara in anything but casual clothes. The woman that was descending the stairs to him now was a spectacular enhancement of all those prior images stored in his mind.

Her hair was piled on top of her head, with strands from each side hanging down to frame her slightly blushing face. The top of the dress tied behind her neck, showing a fair amount of chest without being plunging. The hem line came to a couple inches above the knee, with the high slit over the side of her right thigh. She wore 3 inch stiletto heels that brought out the muscle definition in her firm calves, thighs, belly, and butt and as she descended the stairs.

Her lower half moved with subtle power and grace, while her upper half remained motionless, with her eyes fixed on his face over a shy smile. Her body reminded Raul of a jungle cat stalking its prey.

"Hi," she said softly.

"Hello, Barbara. You're so beautiful," said Raul reverently, as he handed her the rose.

And with that simple reassurance, most of Barbara's tension left her. She really liked this man. "Let's not mess this up," she told herself.

Bobby and Sammy realized that their parents were no longer aware they were present. With a look at each other, they slowly backed away towards the kitchen, huge grins on their faces.

"Are you ready to go?" Raul asked.

"Yes, Raul. I'm ready."

They turned to the door, and left without a backwards glance or goodbye to their children, their eyes seeing only each other.

* * * * *

Two hours later, Barbara and Raul were sitting on the floor in Raul's living room in front of the fireplace. They were leaning back against the couch, legs under a coffee table, working on a second bottle of wine.

They had spent the first hour of the evening teaming up on making dinner, giggling like teenagers as they fed each other ingredients. Then Raul had lit candles for the dining room table, and they had sat side by side enjoying the meal, occasionally interrupting the increasingly intimate conversation with brief touches and soft kisses.

The conversation had crossed many thresholds of intimacy between them. Barbara had finally found the courage to ask Raul about his late wife Maria. Raul in turn had asked about how Barbara and her late husband John had first met and how they fell in love. Barbara shared her regret at not being able to have more children after Bobby.

In both cases, each came to understand the depth of the love the other had shared with their lost spouse. At the same time, there was joy in the sharing, joy in giving the other insight that they knew instinctively would be shared with no other.

They could tell that there was hurt and loss that would never go away. They could also tell, by the confidences of love shared, that the other was ready to move on to a new love.

Eventually, after a long session of necking on the floor like teenagers, Barbara stood, and held her hand down to Raul. Thinking it was time to take her home, he regretfully scrambled to his feet and started looking around the room for their shoes, until he noticed that Barb still had hold of his hand.

When she saw she had his attention, she stepped away to stand in front of the fireplace. The embers cast a golden glow on her face.



"I've had a wonderful evening."

"So have I, Barb."



"I think I need to tell you something."

Raul's heart skipped a beat. He was sure that this was where she explained the limits on their relationship. How she could never be truly in love with an ex-Marine auto mechanic.

Barb gave him a gentle smile. "Raul, I can see that even though we've become close, you're still holding back from me. I can only guess about the reasons for that, why you haven't tried to do more than kiss me."

Raul was afraid to say anything, to say the wrong thing and hasten her delivery of what he didn't want to hear.

"What I need to tell you, Raul, is that you don't need to hold back anything from me. I need to tell you that I want you. I want you, and I can only hope that you want me."

Still staring into his eyes, she slowly reached both hands up behind her neck. After a brief movement, her hands reappeared, each holding an end of the top of her dress that had been tied there. Her hands slowly descended, taking the top of her dress down in a slow delicious waterfall of fabric that flowed downward to reveal her firm breasts to him.


"Yes Barbara?"

"Do you want me?"

"Oh god Barbara, more than anything in the world!"

"Then come to me, Raul. Come and take me."

Barbara was thrilled to see his reaction was what she'd hoped for. The uncertainty and reserve that was always just under the surface when they were together melted away, to be replaced by the calm lust of an imminent, confident lover.

Raul approached her, and rather than embracing her, bent to scoop her up in his arms. As she squealed happily, he then did a military curl of her body like a bar bell of weights, bringing her face to his mouth for a forceful, possessive kiss.

"Baby, you want me to take you?"

"Oh yes Raul, yes!"

"That I can do."

He then lifted the torso end of her to drape her over his shoulder, and headed off to his bedroom as she shrieked in delighted surprise. "Come with me woman!" he cried, simultaneously giving her a soft slap on her wriggling rump.

"Raul, what are you doing?!"

"I am taking you to my cave, woman! I have fed you, now I am going to bed you!"

"But I am a delicate flower, you brute! I require rose petals on my bed, and minstrels playing harps when I make love."

Raul only grunted in response as he passed through the bedroom door and strode purposefully to the bed. He felt her tense as she anticipated being dropped or flung down on to the mattress.

Instead he slid her down his body until their chests were pressed together, and again began a forceful kiss, his tongue thrusting deeply into her mouth. He placed a knee on the bed and lowered her down onto her back, following her down to wind up supporting himself over her on his elbows.

She pulled one of his hands to her bare breasts, and began working on his clothes while arching her back to push her tits into his hand. He started to lovingly caress her, teasing her rock hard nipples with his fingers, then sucking them gently into his mouth while swirling his tongue around them.

As he started to move lower, she pushed him away to attack his pants, frantically pulling at his belt and zipper. The seduction of the man she wanted essentially complete, the pent up lust of being without a hard cock for over a year made the prospect of slow gentle love making out of the question.

When they were both finally naked, sitting side by side with their arms wrapped around each other, she put her hands on his shoulders and tried to push him onto his back. She wanted to jump on him and impale herself on his dick as rapidly as possible.

It was at this point that she learned a couple things about her new lover.

First, as she grasped his naked shoulders, she realized how incredibly firm and muscled they were. Raul wasn't just in shape - it felt like he was chiseled out of granite! When she pushed him towards the mattress, nothing happened.

The second thing she learned was that she wasn't the only one with urgent needs in the bed. She once again felt herself being effortlessly lifted up and firmly placed on her back, with Raul simultaneously rolling between her legs. She looked up into his eyes and saw that he seriously intended to do as she'd asked – to take her.

Involuntarily, she moaned loudly. Staring back into his eyes with equal lust, she hooked her hands behind her knees, then spread and raised her legs, pointing her painted toenails directly at the ceiling, offering herself to him. Her pussy gushed with moisture in anticipation.

Raul reached down to grasp his cock and slowly rub the head through the folds of her sex. To Barbara he looked about the same length and thickness as her late husband, with the exception of an extremely prominent ridge at the base of the crown of the head. She'd have to send a thank you note to the doctor that did the circumcision – great for g spot stimulation!

Raul seated himself in her, her lips parting somewhat reluctantly and then gripping the head snuggly. He again looked into her eyes with a silent question, to which Barbara cried out impatiently, "Yes, Raul, do it! Fuck me, please fuck me!"

His late wife Maria had been a passionate lover, but had not been vocal in bed like this. Somewhat startled by her outburst, Raul flexed has ass and thigh muscles and drove forward, sliding up into her to the base of his prick in a single powerful thrust.

"Uuuugggghhhh!" Barbara felt like a young virgin as her body stretched deliciously around the intruder probing up into her body. It seemed to be reaching up past her navel to stir her belly. Muscles that had not been activated for so long awoke and clamped down on him in excited reaction.

Raul held still, reveling in the sensations surrounding his cock, while studying Barbara's face to ensure she was alright. He hadn't intended to plow into her so quickly, and he didn't know her love making sounds yet to tell pleasure from pain.

As Barbara's eyes finally unscrewed themselves to open again, she saw Raul's face hovering over hers in concern. "Oh baby," she gushed. "That feels sooooo good."

Raul sighed in relief and kissed her gently. Then he rose back up on his elbows and began slowly withdrawing from her grasping snatch, watching her face carefully. He smiled in delight as he saw her eyes almost roll back in her head as the crown of his cock dragged over the roof of her cunt near the entrance. Then her upper teeth appeared, clamping down over her lower lip as he reversed course and again pushed into her depths, more slowly and deliberately this time.

He began a slow and steady rhythm, building her up gradually as she gasped and wriggled underneath him as he took her body.

Barbara had never felt dominated in bed in her life. She was used to being the more aggressive partner, not from a need to control her lovers, but out of a desire to ensure she gave the maximum pleasure she could.

As Raul added a gentle licking and nibbling on her nipples, while continuing to rub all the right places in her pussy with the ridges of his thrusting cock, for perhaps the first time in her life, she allowed herself to completely submit.

She didn't think about what to do for Raul, worry about what he might be thinking, or explore what technique to use to make it better for him. She simply allowed him to use her body as he saw fit, and reveled in the sensations that he was causing to explode in her body and her mind.

As a flush appeared on her chest, her hands reached out to hold his muscular arms to anchor herself as she began to push back up against his thrusts. Raul felt her hands begin to tremble and her belly begin to vibrate as her orgasm approached, and he increased his pace. Her legs came down to wrap around his torso, her heels nesting into the crack of his ass to pull him into her in rhythm with his thrusts.

"Raul, baby, a little faster? I'm almost there lover," she gasped. Raul responded, and hearing she was close, began reaching for his own release.

When her climax arrived, it surprised her with the intensity and suddenness of its onset. Her feet unlocked from behind Raul to plant themselves on the bed close to her undulating ass, driving her hips upward to impale his cock as deeply into her body as it could possibly go.

"Aaaaiiiieeeee!" she screamed as her muscles spasmed, seemingly from the top or head down to her curling toes. Raul found it almost impossible to continue thrusting into her, as her inner muscles gripped him fiercely, forcing him to batter his way though her climax on the way to his own.

When his arrived, it felt as if his entire being was firing out of his dick into her, and he wondered if he could actually drive her through the mattress as he held her down, grinding her clit as emptied his balls into her.

He eventually collapsed down off his trembling arms to be cuddled in her loving embrace. Barbara reveled at the weight of her lover pressing her down.

"Wow," she breathed into his ear, as her hands lazily stroked his back, her feet gently running up and down his calves.

"Yeah," was all he could say in reply.

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