tagIncest/TabooThe Widows Needs

The Widows Needs


At the too-young age of 41, I was widowed when my husband was killed in a car accident. It was raining heavily, visibility was poor, the roads were slick and he lost control of his car. That was the end of that, 20 wonderful years of love, lust and companionship gone in the time it takes to light a match.

I was devastated. In the week following the accident, I walked around in a mournful daze. I made the necessary funeral arrangements, trying to tie up a life cut short in a neat little package so all the friends and relatives could take time out of their lives to offer condolences, and then move on.

My 21 year old son Josh was wonderful, considerate, helpful, running interference when he knew I’d had enough. I was grateful to him and proud too. My son so resembled his father at the same age when we had met as college sophomores that I could scarcely bear to look at him without breaking into tears.

I was assailed by other problems too, things I couldn’t believe were happening. I was incredulous and disgusted when, not a month after the funeral two of our friends used the guise of sympathy to hit on me.

Leonard, who lived next door with his shrewish ugly wife, came over with a pan of lasagna. I thanked him, but as he was leaving, he turned and said sincerely, “Tammy, if you ever need anything; food, money, sex, I’m here for you. I’ve always thought you were a hot piece of ass and I envied Mark having you in his bed.”

I slammed the door closed behind him, my mouth agape. He came back though and like a ninny, I opened the door. Whereupon he added, “Or if you want to suck my cock, that would be ok with me too. In any case, I am here for you.”

Paul, who lives on the other side of me, appeared at my kitchen door, his erect cock actually hanging out of his pants. Not wanting anyone to see him like that, I pulled him inside the kitchen. “Use me Tammy!” he said, “I am yours to command. I will lie on the kitchen floor with my cock sticking up and you can ride it, or suck it or rub it with those beautiful tits of yours. Whatever you want to do would be fine with me, it’s been a long time since you’ve been laid and I know Mark would have wanted me to offer myself to you. I used to hear you and him yelling dirty things to each other while you boffed the night away-especially in the summer when the windows were open. The way the two of you used to go at it, you must be hornier than a Bitch in heat!”

My son had been eavesdropping in the living room and chose that moment to bound through the doorway and yell, “You’re a fucking asshole!” As he literally kicked my neighbor out the door exposed dick and all, adding as an afterthought, “And your cock and brain are the size of peanuts!”

I started to laugh and couldn’t stop for the longest time, and then I started sobbing. That went on for even longer. Josh held me and comforted me as best he could as his tears mixed with mine. As I finally calmed down, I reached up and touched his cheek, saying forlornly, “You look so much like your father…to much actually.”

I pulled him closer to me and then the next thing I knew, our mouths were clinging together as if we were trying to give mouth to mouth resuscitation. I pulled back violently and protested, “No Josh, we can’t.” and he fled out the door.

Worst of all, was Patrick, my cousin and Mark’s business partner. When he tried to seduce me two months after my husbands’ death, I gave in with a vengeance. Despite the fact we were related, I’d always harbored a secret, lusty crush on Patrick. He was tall, aggressive and self-confidant, with gigantic shoulders. He had piercing see-all brown eyes and was almost completely bald. He was one of those guys that could get away with a shiny dome; for years it had been his trademark. It had been so long, I couldn’t remember ever seeing him with hair, even though he was only three years older than me.

I once had a dream that Patrick was eating me out and seeing that gleaming head between my legs and feeling his tongue licking my pussy as he went for my juices that I got so excited, I had a throbbing orgasm in my sleep. When I awakened from it, I looked over at Mark and saw he had a hard-on tenting the covers. “You had better be dreaming of me.” I whispered, as I straddled his thighs.

Half exhilarated, half ashamed, I mounted his up thrust pole, bouncing up and down on his cock until he woke up and helped me, reaching for my boobs. He thrust his cock upwards into my fast moving pussy, swirling it inside me. Feeling him cum splashing in fierce spurts against my insides, I heard him say, “Wow Tammy, what poked your pussy to get you this hot? Whatever it was, do it as often as possible! I love it-and you.”

We did it again, a short while later, him on top, pumping slowly and tenderly and once more in the morning, me on top again, milking him bone dry. It had always been so good for us, we didn’t want to get out of bed. We both called in sick to work and spent the day right there, watching our titillating stash of porn films and humping whenever we got the urge.

Mark and I never refused each other anything sexually and we must’ve tried just about any position we could think of. Once, he brought home these masks and we wore them while we fucked. It was a bizarre experience and as I looked up into his twinkling blue eyes through the mask as he corkscrewed his cock into me, I felt like I was doing the nasty with someone else entirely. Perhaps a stranger I’d picked up somewhere and that thought caused me to have four times while I yelled in ecstasy. We both loved it, even after two decades of marriage and I felt sorry for friends that let their sex lives dwindle to a virtual halt. That was one thing Mark and I had promised each other we would never let happen to us.

Getting back to Cousin Patrick though, he came to see me one night when Josh was out with his girlfriend. There were papers to sign, business matters to discuss. Patrick was formal and sad, conversation was a bit difficult. As he was leaving, he kissed my cheek and before I could gather my senses, his lips slid down to the swell of my breast and he was moving lower. I suppose I was partly to blame, as I had deliberately worn a low cut top that made my boobs swell over the top. This was a top that Patrick had complemented me on several times before.

“Tammy,” He muttered, kissing, and then licking my exposed flesh. “I am so sorry about Mark, I miss him so much. But I have wanted you for so very long and I couldn’t wait another second to tell you. It was all I could do to keep from approaching you at the funeral!”

Under the attentions of his tongue on my breast, my pussy was turning into hot yearning goop. I clasped my hands around his head and held him close against my tits and murmured excitedly, “Yes Patrick, yes! I need it so bad! I’m a bad woman, unfaithful to his memory, but I want it and need it right now!”

He raised the sweater over my head, unsnapped and tossed away my bra and homed in on my nipples. He sucked them individually, then both as he pushed them together. He had a tongue that just wouldn’t quit; I’d never felt anything like it. Mark had told me of Patrick’s many conquests, and now I was learning how he had succeeded in seducing so many.

His hot breath burned my skin and I felt myself falling, spinning, to horny to think of anything other than getting his cock inside me. The fact he was my first cousin, and Mark’s trusted business partner made it that much more exciting for me. “Love me Tammy, just a little, just this once, please!” He begged me.

He didn’t give me a chance to answer as he pulled me against him and kissed me; sucking on my tongue with sibilant, dirty sounds. The mood would have been broken had we taken it into the bedroom (not that I could have done so anyway), but groping at each other, we fell to the floor in a tangled heap. We undressed each other quickly, fitted cock into cunt and rutted there on the red and blue Oriental rug.

Patrick’s cock was tall and slim, like him and it slid easily into my pussy groove, a sheath welcoming a saber. I slid my legs around his back and locked my ankles, raising my ass high off the carpet to slap my crotch into his. I could hear the sopping sounds of his cock slamming into my soupy snatch as I twitched my ass around, fucking him back as fast as I could. “Good, good!” He kept groaning, “So fucking good! I knew this for us Tammy, I just knew it! Every woman in our family is such a hot piece of ass!” Had I not been concentrating so hard on what was happening in my pussy I might have wondered at that statement, but as it was, it passed right over my head.

He grunted and thrust, pawing at my bouncing boobs. I didn’t cum for a long time, but it didn’t matter as he seemed tireless, ramming his cock into me with more passion and fervor. Faster and faster we fucked, our bodies pouring with sweat, making a slap dash noise each time we came together.There was no love there, just a craving that demanded satisfaction. Patrick and I were using each other, but what are relatives for?

I finally started to cum in tight gripping pussy spasms. “Oh, yeah, yeah.” I moaned, tightening my grip about his bouncing body, clutching his broad shoulders and perspiring face.

Patrick lengthened his thrusts, shoving into his balls and then out to the tip of his cock. My climaxes grew stronger, piling one on top of another and I was caught in the intense storm of ecstasy ricocheting in my body. Even if this cousin to cousin coupling was considered taboo, it made little difference to my sex starved body.

Patrick gasped, “Ah, Tammy, I think you’ve cum enough. Your cunt is going crazy. Hold on tight, Cuz, it’s my turn!” He reached around to cup my ass, pulling me convulsively into him. He whipped his cock in and out of me, using short stabbing half-strokes that felt outrageous. My over stimulated clit felt like it was exploding under his hard plunges and my toes curled. It felt like I was completely immersed in euphoria as my pussy quivered its way through a careening blow-out of a cum.

“Mark! I’m Cumming darling!” I yelped.

Patrick buried his cock root deep inside me and blasted me full of his hot seed. I came one more time shrieking, “Mark, I love you!” in a happy satiated voice.

I opened my eyes and saw Patrick’s bald head resting on my hard heaving boobs and began to cry.

“Tammy, what’s the matter?” He asked, raising his head and staring at me. I could still feel his dick trickling cum into me. Suddenly I was ashamed and furious with myself, not to mention him. I wanted my cousin out of my pussy and out of my house. He dressed quickly and silently under my glaring gaze. When I escorted him to the door, Patrick said, “You didn’t do anything wrong Tammy. Don’t feel guilty, Mark would have wanted us to be together. I know he would rather you turned to a relative rather than a neighbor or stranger to satisfy your physical needs. He was well aware of your overactive libido; hell, he matched it. I matched it. I know you’re going to want my cock again, I’m here if you need me.”

I slammed the door after him and turned off all but one light in the living room. I dropped exhausted into Mark’s favorite lounger and spent the next several hours brooding about lifes unfairness as Patrick’s jizz seeped out of my pussy.

Around 2:00 in the morning, Josh came in from his date, his hair was a mess, lipstick was smeared on his face and his neck was covered in hickeys. I raised my eyebrows and simply looked at him. He blushed. “Cathy got a little wild tonight.” He said.

“I wish my story was as … normal as yours, Josh. I-I screwed Patrick tonight.” I confessed, quietly. “It just happened. I was so horny and I fucked him right there on the rug. It felt wonderful while it happened but afterwards …”

“That’s great Mom,” Josh said. “Now you can fuck me.”

I stared at him. “Josh, I’m your mother…we cant…I cant….”

“Yes Mom,” he said as he helped me to my feet, “Sure we can. We will. You need me and I love you very much.”

My mouth slightly agape, all I could do was follow him as he led me down the hall to the master bedroom.

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