tagLoving WivesThe Wife, Hubby and his Male Friend

The Wife, Hubby and his Male Friend


Her husband had a friend over for dinner. He was built very similar to her husband, tall, dark hair, in good shape and took care of himself. He was single and traveled a lot on business. She had a petite sexy figure, wore a nice skirt that was about mid thigh in length, high heel shoes that showed off her sexy calves, and a tight fitting top that showed the perfect amount of cleavage of her 36C breasts.

During dinner, they all conversed small talk and about recent trips that her husband's friend took over seas. They all had a few drinks and were feeling very relaxed and got on the topic of her husband's friend sexual escapades while he was traveling. The stories he told were very hot, and both she and her husband were both turned on by them, and they both knew it. One story was about himself and a married couple that he met at a dinner. He went home with the couple for a 3-some and told them about some of the details as they all ate desert. She squirmed in her seat once and a while, and her husband noticed this. Her nipples got visibly erect during many parts of the stories and her cheeks were flushed.

After dinner, she got up from the table, took the plates to the counter and set them down. Both men looked at her from behind as she walked away from them, staring at her sexy legs, hair and very nice shape as she walked. They decided to head to the front room to relax a bit more. With everyone being turned on by the stories toward the end of dinner, she thought she would have a bit of fun by flirting with both men, showing her legs and cleavage as they talked and laughed. She even gave them a brief peek between her legs when she switched crossing them once and a while.

She finally got more bold and bent over to pick up the napkin she had dropped as she stood up, giving both men a nice view of her ass in thong panties. She had a very sexy bum indeed. Both men couldn't say a word, and just stared as she was bent over.

Her husband quickly got up and offered to get them all another drink as his cock was rock hard in his pants. He was sure the view of his wife had the same effect on his friend.

After her husband returned, to his shock, he found his wife sitting in an armless chair with her legs spread, playing with herself in front of his friend. Her husband put the drinks down and sat in another chair across from her. He could not believe what he was witnessing, but whole heartedly played along.

Both men looked at each other, then stared at what she was doing in front of them. Her dress was pulled up to her waist with panties pushed to the side, as she ran her fingers around her pussy over and over, looking at her husband while she did this. She licked her fingers and continued to touch her swollen pussy.

The men had already pulled their cocks out from their pants and were stroking them slowly as they watched. She was very turned on watching them stroke their stiff cocks, giving them both a show they would never forget. She motioned for her husband to come to her.

The husband got behind her, pulled her hair back and kissed her neck, then reached around, pushing her top up and touched her breasts through the bra. She took his finger, sucked it into her mouth while pulling her bra to the side and then guided his finger to her nipple. Her nipple became hard and erect as she sighed a moan of pleasure as they continued to touch and feel each other.

He came around to her side, reached down between her legs and pressed his hand into her panties rubbing slowly, pressing and releasing the pressure. He blew on her wet nipple while going back and forth to kiss her on the lips. He ran his finger along the crease of her pussy lips with her panties stretched tightly. They locked in a deep kiss as he played with her in front of the friend who was still stroking his hard cock.

As she sat on the chair, she spread her legs wide by lodging her high heels into the chair legs, making sure they could both see. Her panties were snug against her wet pussy. She pulled the panties aside, and pushed her husband down between her legs. He blew a cool stream of air over her wetness, then lightly licked the length of her right pussy lip and back down over the left one. Over and over, slowly, he did this. His tongue ran over her clit lightly with each way around her pussy. She moaned with pleasure as he continued to work his tongue over her. She looked at her husband's friend who was gazing at the show they were giving him and gave him a naughty wink.

She told hubby to go sit on the couch and used her index finger in a slow erotic "come here" motion to her husband's friend. He moved to her and she pushed his head down between her legs as she moved closer to the edge of the chair. She lifted her legs into the air and spread them wide for easy access. She looked at her husband with a sexy grin as his friend began to lick her wet pussy. He pushed a finger into her and continued licking.

Her husband watched with excitement and stroked his cock, while his wife looked at him and his friend ravished her. She moaned softly with each pulse ripping through her body as the man between her legs brushed over her sensitive pussy lips.

Her husband felt the need to go to her and grabbed her leg, taking her shoe off and sucking her toes into his mouth, licking between them. She moaned softly as the two men pleasured her. Hubby then walked around behind her and kissed her neck while softly touching her breasts in each hand. She turned her head to kiss him deep and hard on the lips.

His friend fingered her pussy, pressing her g-pot with each thrust inward. She moaned loudly into her husband's mouth while being locked in a passionate kiss. Her pussy began to squirt slightly with each thrust. Her body tensed up, grabbing her husband around the neck and pulling him into her, as she began to orgasm on the finger and lips that were pleasuring her.

Her head tilted back as her eyes clenched tightly and mouth partly open, moaning louder and louder, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

The friend felt her pussy tighten and pulse as she came. Her juices ran down his fingers and hand. Her husband watched in amazement and was excited by what he had just seem. His cock was hard as a rock.

She told her husband to sit on the couch, then got down on her knees and sucked his friend's cock into her mouth. She peered over to her husband and locked into a stare with him while she sucked this nice long cock. It was similar in size to her husband's but a little bit longer.

She licked the head all around and then sucked him into her mouth taking it as deep as she could, doing this over and over. The friend was moaning and said softly, "Oh fuck, just like that, yes, keep sucking me. Your mouth feels so fucking good."

They moved to the futon that was flat on the floor, with her on her back. Her legs spread wide. He got between them and positioned his cock at the entrance of her dripping pussy, rubbing the head of his cock all around it, making her shiver as he passed over her clit. She could not wait to have a hard cock inside of her.

He grabbed his cock and pushed it into her very slowly. He wanted to enjoy this. Slowly she was able to feel his length go into her. Her head tipped back in heaven. He began to fuck her slowly, feeling her wetness and warmth as her husband watched, stroking his cock. The friend continued to fuck her slowly, in and out, in and out, then increased his speed, faster and harder.

"Mmmm, yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard. I need that hard cock." she said.

He reached under her, grabbed her ass in both hands, and drove his cock into her deeper and harder. They kept the pace going for a while as she let out moans of pleasure with his hard cock driving in and out of her pussy. They both moaned erotic sounds with intensity and lust.

She then sat on his lap facing him, grinding her hips into him and slowly bent backwards placing her head on the futon. Her ass still in his lap and legs wrapped around his waist. He leaned back, grabbing her waist and drove his cock into her, hitting her sweet spot with each thrust.

She whispered, "Yes, fuck me, fuck me. Let me feel that hard cock inside me."

Wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her body as she had short, sharp cums over and over.

They got back into position with her on her back, then he leaned forward to her, wrapping his arms under her legs that were in the air, then picked her up in a standing position. She was fully suspended off of the ground with her legs draped over his arms and spread wide, as he bounced her up and down, making her pussy grind into his cock and lap. Her arms were wrapped around his neck.

"Oh! Oh! Fuck! It feels so good." she said loudly, as her hair and breasts bounced up and down.

She and her husband locked in a short stare as she bounced up and down. Her face had a look of pure lust and passion. Her husband's cock was rock hard as he watched her. The friend's cock touched sweet places as she was forced to grind into him. Her pussy made erotic squishing sounds with each downward movement.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" she yelled, with each downward penetration. She had short intense orgasms as she ground down into him.

He moved back to the futon and sat down, with her still in his arms and cock fully inside her. He laid back and let her squat on him so she was facing her husband. She began to move her hips up and down with her legs spread and hands on each of his legs for balance.

She gave her husband the most lustful and erotic look as she moved her hips up and down on the hard stiff cock under her. She sat fully down, with the cock deep inside her, and moved her hips in a circular motion, then back and forth, forcing the cock to probe her entire pussy and press on her sweet spot again.

She said loudly, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, feels so fucking good!"

She bucked her hips back and forth faster and harder. She felt his cock getting harder and harder. It was hitting places that made her crazy with lust.

"Fuck yes, fuck yes, feels so good, feels so good." she yelled.

His cock got extremely hard, just as it usually did before cumming.

"Yes, yes, im gonna cum, fuck, fuck, my cock's going to explode." he said.

She yelled out in return, "Yes, yes, I can feel your cock so hard, its so fucking hard. Fuck me. Fuck me."

Her head tipped back as he continued to fuck her faster. Suddenly, her pussy began to squirt and drip all over his legs as she had a huge mind blowing orgasm. Her body shivered over and over uncontrollably as her pussy contracted around his cock.

As she was coming down from her own orgasm, she kept squatting up and down as his cock exploded inside of her.

"Oh fuck, fuck, yes. Yes. Oh!" he screamed, as his orgasm took over his body.

She slowly moved her hips up and down on his cock until his erection subsided, looking at her husband the entire time.

Her husband couldn't take any more. He grabbed her and pulled her to the edge of the futon. He put her legs up against his shoulders and slid his cock into her slippery, just-fucked pussy. He felt the warmth on his cock as it slid deeper and deeper into her. They both moaned loudly.

Her pussy being very sensitive, he fucked her slowly, in and out, in and out, as he held her ankles in each hand, spreading her legs apart so they could both see him fucking her. It slid in and out with ease.

He began to pick up the pace, fucking her faster. Pulling out his cock almost entirely and pushing back in with her pussy so slippery.

"Oh yes, yes, keep fucking me. That's it. Right there, right there!" she said loudly.

In between breaths, she said in a low deep voice, "Can feel. Your cock. Getting harder. Feels. So good. I love you. I love you. I'm gonna cum. Again. Yes. Gonna cum. Again."

They both stared at each other while he pounded his cock into her, hitting the forward roof of her pussy with each thrust forward. He kept fucking her hard and fast as his cock hardened, just about to cum inside of her.

She let out another scream, "YES .. YES .. I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING .. OHHHHH!" as her body stiffened and grabbed the futon in her hands.

Her pussy squirted more cum on her husband's cock. He kept fucking her as his cock exploded insider of her, gripping her legs tightly into his chest. Her juices spilling all over them as his body slapped into her. She could feel the warmth of his cum filling her as some dripped down under her and onto her ass.

He slowly kept pushing his cock in and out of her until they both came down from their orgasm, breathing very heavily. He slowed his motion more and more until coming to a stop. They were both sweaty and still breathing heavy. He moved to her, wrapping his arms around her and pressing his body into hers. They locked into a deep passionate kiss.

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Patio fun

I have had a few similar times with my brother n law and his sexy wife, love it when she spreads her legs and rubs her pussy for me while I watch her rub her smooth hairless pussy. Felt like I was readingmore...

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