tagIncest/TabooThe Wife's Sister

The Wife's Sister


I can't really believe this happened the way it did, but there is no complaints from me. It started with a vacation weekend in a city we were looking to explore. My wife (Jamie) and I had decided to take a vacation in a city away from our own to explore it, and it just so happened that the events would get a lot more complicated than that.

Let me start be telling you I am 37 years old, and a good looking guy if I don't say so myself. I am 6'1" tall and weigh around 205 lbs. I have dirty blonde hair, with hazel eyes. My wife is around 5'7" tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, and very curvy, with a 36 DD, and a 30 inch waist. My wife is by no means fat, but she is not skinny either. To me and most other guys she is very beautiful.

For several weeks now my wife has been dealing with her sister's divorce. Her older sister was going through a very nasty divorce where her husband was basically trying to take her to the bank. My wife decided it would be a good time for her sister to get away and took her on the vacation with us. Instead of getting two separate hotel rooms we got one with two queen size beds. The story begins here.

My wife's sister, Kristy, is my age being one year older than her sister. Kristy is about 5'7" tall, with red hair, blue eyes, and a very slim figure. Kristy has many times entered my thoughts in our ten year marriage. I would never try anything with her sister, but have had many sexual thoughts along those lines. I had even caught myself getting a hard on when I would see her in her bikini during the summer. Her husband never had sex with her and I got to hear all about it from my wife.

Our first night in Pittsburgh, the city we had traveled to for our exploration vacation, was uneventful after having a long day traveling. We went to the restaurant beside our hotel ate some dinner, and had a few drinks watching the baseball game on the lounge TV. We talked briefly avoiding the divorce conversation and then headed to the hotel. Kristy went directly to the bathroom and took a shower.

While Kristy was out of the picture my wife attacked me ripping at my clothes trying to obviously get a quickie before her sister got out of the shower. She pulled my zipper down and fished around in my pants pulling my thickening cock through the fly of my boxers and out into the air.

"MMMM!" She purred as she sank to her knees in front of me.

In no time at all my wife had my proud eight inches standing straight up and thickening with every lick of her tongue. She was pushing my cock against my abdomen and licking it from the base to the underside of the head. Over and over her tongue licked up the length of my cock like it was an ice-cream cone. Occasionally she would take the head into her mouth and lightly nibble on it. I reached down and captured my wife's head in my hands and slowly fed my cock about half way into her mouth.


"You like that? You like it when I fuck your cute little mouth?" I asked her as I began to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. Suddenly the shower turned off. My wife jumped up and started going through her bag. She reached out and stroked my cock twice and said. "You better put that thing away."

"ARGHHH YOU have to be kidding me?" I scolded.

"Now, Now my sister will be out in a minute." My wife whispered as she continued to stroke my cock.

I ripped my cock from her hand and shoved it into my pants. I could forget putting it in my boxers right now, so I shoved it down the leg of my pants and sat down on the bed leaning over so my bulge could not be seen when Kristy emerged.

As Kristy emerged from the bathroom in a robe, my wife ran in right behind her. I watched as Kristy lightly dried her beautiful red hair with her back turned to me. I could see the globes of her ass dancing under her sheer robe as she dried her hair. My cock was not losing any blood any time soon. I tried to take my attention to the TV and finish watching the game, but Kristy came and sat right beside me.

"Who's winning?" Kristy asked.

"I truly have no idea, just watching." I replied laughing.

"How do you watch a game and not know who is winning?" She asked.

"Well!" I thought about telling her the truth but decided against it. "I just watch the action and have paid no attention to the actual score yet." I said laughing.

Kristy lay back on the bed beside me, and her robe rode up her thighs to just below the V of heaven. I thought if I leaned slightly forward I would be able to see everything as clearly as if she was laying there naked. Kristy yawned and slightly moved her legs apart. My cock was regaining some of the blood it had lost.

About this time the shower started back up and I knew my wife was getting ready to get in.

"You should go join her." Kristy said.

"What?" I asked.

"You should go join her she might be able to do something with that huge bulge you're trying to hide form me." Kristy said with her eyes closed.

I felt my face flush with the knowing she had seen me sitting here with my hardon.

"Excuse me?" I asked flabbergasted.

"Well it is not like you can hide that whole thing, it is very obvious what you are doing bent over like that." Kristy said with a smile.

I swung my leg over her very quickly, and was now straddling her with my hard cock resting in the cleavage of her ample breasts.

"Now what smart ass?" I asked laughing at her.

This is when Kristy did something I never would have suspected and it changed our relationship forever.

Kristy reached forward with her neck and nibbled the head of my cock through my pants. I didn't stop her, as a matter of fact I pushed forward trying to get more of my cock into her mouth.

"Now! Now! Big Boy, you better get up before Jamie gets done in the shower. How would you explain this?" She smiled licking the head of my cock through my pants.

She was correct and I knew it so I swung my leg over her and stood up beside the bed. Kristy reached out and grabbed my cock through my pants.

"Good God, Jamie wasn't lying when she said you were big." Kristy said.

"Stop!" I whispered pulling away from her. "Such a tease," I said walking towards the bathroom.

"Who's teasing?" Kristy asked as I reached for the bathroom door handle.

I quickly stripped and opened the shower curtain to see my wife's wet naked body. I needed to fuck, and I needed it now.

I quickly got into the shower and slid my hard cock up between the crack of her ass, as I reached around and fondled her breasts.

"MMMM, I was hoping you would join me." Jamie quietly said.

Jamie quickly reached back and positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her tight pussy. As I slowly pushed about three inches in, Jamie moaned out. "Oh God, you are so big and hard right now."

"Shhhhh!" I said as I sank another three inches into her damp tightness.

"OH FUCK!" She said pretty loudly.

"Your sister!!" I whispered into her ear.

"OH god Fuck me! I don't care if she hears, you feel so fucking good. FUCK ME!"

I began to slide my cock in and out with long full strokes, slowly at first and gaining speed as she got wetter.

"FUCK YEAH! Fuck me deep with that big hard cock!" Jamie cried out.

I increased my pace and began to slide the whole thing in and out of Jamie's tight pussy. I reached my hand around and began to rotate my fingers around her clit.

"YES, YES, YES That's it baby fuck me!"

I began a quick deep pace until Jamie was crying out and there was no doubt Kristy could hear us through the bathroom door.

I continued this pace up for several minutes, but Kristy kept popping into my mind. I was wondering if she was masturbating listening to her sister cry out. Would she be thinking about my cock sliding in and out of her?

That did it with those thoughts and my wife's tight pussy milking my cock I could hold off no longer. I stopped dead in my tracks to try and delay the reaction I was having.

"NO! Don't stop I'm Cumming!" Jamie cried.

I pulled my cock completely out of her and dropped to my knees; I quickly inserted two fingers and began to finger fuck her while running my tongue up and down her clit. Jamie continued to cry out as she came all over my tongue and fingers. I quickly jumped back up and sank my cock to the root in her as she continued her orgasm.

"OH FUCK YEAH!!!!" Jamie cried.

I could feel her pussy convulsing all over my hard cock. I pushed a finger into her tight ass as I continued to drive my cock into her with full force. Our bodies were slapping together with a wet slapping that was very audible.

"NO! NOT THERE!" Jamie yelled as I sank a finger to the second knuckle into her ass..

"You like it baby!" I said and drove my cock all the way into her.

"OH FUCK!" Jamie yelled.

I could not hold on any longer. I pulled my cock from her tight pussy and Jamie whipped around really quickly dropping to her knees. Jamie took my cock into her mouth and pumped my cock with her hand until I had dumped all of my cum down her throat.

"MMMM, Thank you honey I needed that!" Jamie said as she stood back up.

"YEAH ME TO DARLING!" I said giving her ass a little smack.

Jamie exited the shower. I stayed in continuing to wash up.

All of the sudden the shower curtain whipped open and Jamie was looking at me in shock. I thought, "OH FUCK her sister told her."

"You are not going to believe what I just saw!" Jamie said very quietly in disbelief.

"OK.. I don't believe you!" I said with a smile.

"Kristy is masturbating." Jamie whispered with concern in her voice.

"I told you she could hear us, let me see." I said trying to push past her.

"NO!, shhhh! She will hear us." Jamie said.

"Come on let me see." I said again.

I cracked open the bathroom door and there was the most beautiful site I had ever seen. Looking in the mirror on the wall in front of the bed I could see Kristy on her hands and knees with two fingers driving into her pussy for all she was worth. My cock instantly began to stiffen again.

"You like looking?" Jamie asked as she reached around and began to stroke my shaft.

"Hell yeah, that is hot!" I said.

Jamie slowly pushed the door shut and turned me around. "No crazy ideas." She said and then pushed me back into the shower.

I finished washing off paying special attention to my cock thinking about Kristy on her hands and knees playing with her pussy.

When I turned the shower off, Jamie waited about five minutes and then went out into the room so I could brush my teeth and get dressed.

As I emerged from the bathroom the two of them were sitting on the bed waiting for me. Jamie was wearing a nice little sun dress and Kristy had on a navel shirt and a pair of short shorts. I knew right away that this was going to be a tough day for me. They looked hot and I was going to have sex on my mind all day long.

We made our way around town doing some shopping and seeing the sites. Every now and then Jamie would grab my cock through my shorts and give it a squeeze or two. Kristy caught onto this several times, and one time she licked her lips looking at me. My cock was in a constant state of semi erection and every time I thought it was under control Jamie would grab me again. After a long day of shopping we headed back to the room to drop off our things, and then we thought we would go to dinner, and maybe a night club.

We ate a nice light dinner consisting salad and a shrimp cocktail, and then headed back out looking for some night life. We found a quiet little dance club that did not have a lot of people in it, and decided this would be the place for us to have some drinks and a dance or two.

After a couple of drinks Jamie was ready to dance. I am not a big dancer so I let her go and find her a dance partner. Kristy and I sat at the booth and watched as Jamie danced around the dance floor. On the third or fourth song Jamie had hooked up with this one tall guy and he was a good dancer. He twirled her around the floor, and Jamie loved every minute of it.

Kristy moved over and whispered in my ear, "Looks like somebody is enjoying themselves! Want to dance?"


Kristy and I headed to the dance floor and began to dance to the music. I was having fun, but that was probably the drinks talking. Kristy turned around and began to slide her scantly clad ass up and down my manhood, and it took very little time before my cock was growing down the length of my pant leg.

"MMMM feels like somebody is having fun!" Kristy cooed.

About that time Jamie walked up and asked if she could have this dance.

Kristy winked at me and walked back to the table.

Jamie and I danced for about two or three more songs then headed back to the table ourselves.

Jamie was wasted, and could hardly even talk by the time we left the club. I had quit drinking several hours before and now I was escorting two beautiful sisters back to my room. Jamie was staggering back and forth on the sidewalk and Kristy thought everything was funny.

"Were you giving that guy a hard on?" Kristy asked Jamie.

"Yeah I could feel it bump into me every now and then." Jamie replied.

Wow! I thought. I can't believe they are talking about this with me here.

"One guy I was dancing with had a huge cock, and he was rubbing it back and forth through my ass crack." Kristy told Jamie.

"NO FUCKIN WAY!!!" Jamie yelled.

"Which one was he?" Jamie asked

"He was one of the first guys I danced with I never danced with him again." Kristy said and winked at me.

"Dancing makes me so horny sometimes." Jamie cried out and fell into my arms grabbing my cock.

"ME TOOOO!" Kristy said falling into my arms from the other side.

"I can't wait to get this home!" Jamie yelled pulling my cock up against my shorts showing Kristy.

"Good God, he is huge!" Kristy replied.

"I know and he is all mine!" Jamie slyly smiled.

When we got back to the hotel Jamie flopped onto the bed and fell asleep in a manner of minutes. I had not even got out of the bathroom yet, and she was snoring.

"Want to go to the hot tub with me?" Kristy asked.

"Let me see."

"Babe? Babe? Are you awake?" I asked a snoring Jamie.

"Now that was funny." Kristy said laughing.

"Yeah let me change." I said.

Kristy did not leave the room; as a matter of fact she began to pull her shorts down right in front of me.

"What are you doing?" I asked quietly, but concerned.

"Its not like you haven't seen it already, I saw you this morning, watching me." Kristy said and smiled.

So I had, so I watched again as she stripped and changed into her bathing suit. Damn she fine, this was going to be very difficult.

"Your turn." She said with a smile.

So I did. I pulled my clothes off and stood right in front of my sister-in-law butt naked with a semi hard on while my wife snored beside me.

"GOD you are beautiful." Kristy said staring at my cock.

"OK OK, lets go" I said pulling my swim trunks on very quickly.

Kristy and I went down to the hot tub in the lobby, and were pleasantly surprised to find we were the only ones there. We emerged into the hot tub and sat on opposite sides.

My cock was still semi erect thinking about Kristy's nice trimmed little pussy she just displayed for me. I lay back with my eyes closed and enjoyed the massaging feel of the bubbles.

Pretty soon I felt something touching my cock through my shorts. I quickly looked up to see Kristy still sitting on the other side of the hot tub. Not only was something touching me, but it was slightly stroking me, running up and down the length of my cock down my short leg. Kristy just smiled and then pushed down a little harder. Now I could feel her toes, it was her foot she was stroking me with. I knew I should stop her but I couldn't, I just sat there and let her stroke me until I was fully erect.

Kristy then began moving over to my side of the hot tub. She sat right beside me and reached into my lap, wrapping her hand around my cock head.

"Don't say a word, and never talk about this with anyone." Kristy said as she reached inside my waist band and took my cock in her bare hand.

The feel of her little hand wrapped around my cock sent a mixed message to my brain. My body was saying, "yes!" My mind was saying. "You can't!"

Kristy began to lightly massage my cock up and down, and I could feel the blood rush in. After a few minutes I was fully hard and thinking about where this was going to end up.

"Kristy, stop we can't do this!" I said

"Do what?" Kristy asked still stroking my hard cock.

"You are big and hard, so where is the problem?" Kristy asked.

"No problem, except your sister is my wife." I replied.

"So it wouldn't be the first time we shared a man." She replied.

By now my cock was not only fully engorged, but I was also lightly humping my hips into her strokes.

"God you are a big boy, aren't you?" Kristy whispered as she sank below the water.

Kristy then lightly bit my cock through my shorts, and began pulling my shorts down under the hot tub bubbles. She did not have to try for long as I lifted my hips to help her.

Kristy began to stroke my cock with both hands, and I couldn't help myself, I pulled out of the water and sat on the side of the hot tub.

Kristy quickly engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth as she continued to stroke the length with both hands.

"God Scott, your cock feels great in my mouth, so thick and hard." Kristy whispered as she sand about five inches of my cock into her mouth.

It was beautiful watching her petite little lips stretched around my girth, while her little hands stroked up and down the length. Kristy pulled my cock out of her mouth and spit on it, so she had lubrication for her hands. It was very exciting watching her suck cock. It was by far the best blow job I had ever had.

Kristy removed one hand from my cock and took it below the water. With the way she began moaning around my cock head, it was obvious to tell that she was masturbating while she sucked my cock.

"OHHH GOD THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL COCK!" Kristy moaned as she smacked my cock head against her cheek.

"I want this cock in me." Kristy said as she took my cock back in her mouth looking me in the eyes.

It struck home right about that time what I was doing. The guilt began coursing through me, and I couldn't take it.

"Kristy stop! STOP!" I said standing up and pulling my cock from her mouth.

I got out of the hot tub as fast as I could. I knew if this continued for another minute I would not be able to stop. I had already let it go too far, but I could not continue or I would be burying my cock in her little pussy.

I got out and began drying off, not looking at her in the process. I knew if I looked at her I would have even a harder time stopping.

I dried off quickly and began to walk out with my towel around my waist. No idea where my shorts were.

"Scott are you forgetting something?" Kristy asked as I walked towards the door.

I turned around to see her sitting on the edge of the hot with two fingers buried in her clean shaved pussy, and my shorts around her arm.

"GOD this feels good, come help me Scott!" Kristy moaned.

"Kristy I would love to, but I am married to your sister. Can I please have my shorts?"

"Jamie won't care Scott, we have shared several boyfriends in our lives."

"I am not a boyfriend Kristy, I have already fucked up, by letting you do what you did. Now give me my shorts now!"

"Fine, but I am telling you she won't care." She said as she through my shorts at me.

I went to the room and crawled in bed naked. I quickly spooned up with Jamie sliding my cock along her ass crack.

Jamie moaned and pushed me away.

"STOP!" Jamie half moaned and groaned as she rolled over away from me.

"Fuck!" I thought. God I need to take care of this thing. My cock was so hard thinking back to Kristy wrapping her lips around the head and stroking the shaft. I began to stroke my cock thinking about her sitting on the edge of the hot tub masturbating. Suddenly the room door opened up and Kristy was standing there. I could make out in the light that she was only wearing her towel, as she walked into the bathroom. She turned the light on and then stood naked in the light as she through her towel on her bed. She looked over at me, and it was very obvious I had a raging hard on, as the sheet was tented over me. Kristy walked over to the bed and sat on the floor right next to me. She reached up and took my cock into her hand.

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