The Wife's Sister


"She won't care Scott." She whispered as she began to stroke my hard cock again.

"STOP!" I said, very venomously.

Kristy got up and went into the bathroom. By the time she came back out I was asleep, as I never remember hearing the door open back up.

When I awoke in the morning somebody was stroking my cock again. I instantly went back to the night before and grabbed the hand jerking it off of my cock.

"STO IT!" I said.

"What the hell was that about?" I heard Jamie ask.

I opened my eyes to see Jamie sitting over me.

"OH Sorry, I was dreaming it was somebody else." I said.

Jamie then put her hand back on my cock and began stroking me.

"Well at least I know you would resist a come on by somebody else." Jamie said with a smile and then looked me deep in the eye.

I looked her back with guilt on my face.

"What happened Scott, I can see it in your face. Do you have something to tell me?" Jamie asked.

"Well Yes, Last night when you were passed out Kristy and I went to the hot tub."

"Stop! Go no further. It is OK!" Jamie said.

"What is OK?" I asked.

"I know, Jamie came on to you didn't she?" Jamie asked.

"Well yes, but I..."

"Stop, it's ok. She is lonely; I was actually going to ask you if you would sleep with her one night." Jamie said half questioning.


"Yeah, I think having some sex would do her some good. You know with her divorce and all." Jamie explained.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yeah, I am comfortable with it, if you are." Jamie said.

"I'm not sure?" I said questioning her mind set.

"Scott, I am very comfortable in our relationship, and I feel very badly for my sister with her divorce and all. It would make me happy if we could make her happy."

"Tonight, when we get back I will fall asleep again, and I want you to take Kristy to the hot tub, and if you are alone, please have sex with her." Jamie planned out loud.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was sure I was going to wake up any minute now. My cock was rock hard thinking about what my wife was telling me to do. I actually not only had her approval to FUCK her sister, but she was almost begging me to fuck her sister. Just thinking about that small tight little pussy wrapped around my cock had me hard again.

"Looks like somebody is ready and willing!" Jamie said as she stroked my cock.

"MMMMMM, Why don't you suck on it a little?"

"My sister is in the shower, what if she comes out?"

"SO! You just told me to have sex with her now you are worried about her seeing us?"

Jamie ripped my shorts down and began sucking on the head of my cock while stroking my shaft. It felt wonderful, but all I could think about was sliding my hard cock into Kristy. I started to feel guilty even though Jamie was asking me to do it.

"Babe, are you sure about this?"

"Yes! It will not be the first time we shared some cock." Jamie said as she swallowed about six inches of my hard cock.

I wrapped my hands around Jamie's head and started thrusting my hips into her awaiting mouth.

"ARRRGHH!" Jamie gulped as she slightly gagged on the bulbous head.

Just as I was about to cum down her throat the shower turned off, and Jamie jumped up off of the bed.

"FUCK, here she comes!" Jamie said as she ran over to the sink and fixed her hair real quick.

"Come on baby, I was almost there." I whined.


"Why don't you see if you can fool around a little with her while I am in the shower?" Jamie asked, or should I say stated.


Just then the bathroom door opened and Jamie ran in as Kristy walked out.

My cock was raging hard, and there was no hiding it.

As the shower turned back on Kristy walked right over to me and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Were you two screwing around?" Kristy asked as she grabbed my cock through the blanket I had pulled back over myself.

"MMM! Don't tease me right now." I said.

"I'm not teasing." Kristy said as she ripped the blanket off of my lap.

Kristy did not wait for any protests. She quickly pulled my shorts down and engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth.

"OH GOD! WHAT THE FUCK?" I whined.

"MMM Such a nice big cock!" Kristy whispered in between sliding my cock head in and out of her mouth.

Kristy pulled her towel off and quickly straddled my lap. She reached down in between us and guided my cock head into her tight little wet pussy.

"AHHH! FUCK IT IS BIG!" Kristy whispered.

Kristy slid about half of my cock into her and then stopped. She began to rise and lower real slowly taking an inch or so more with each downward thrust.

"UHH HUH!!" I can't." Kristy half whined.

"MMM Your pussy feels so good." I told her as I reached up and began to play with her breasts.

"OHH FUCK Its all in me!" Kristy cried as she sank all the way down on my cock.


Kristy began to rock back and forth on my cock and could feel my balls quickly tightening. I knew I would not be able to take this for very long. I need to cum so bad. I reached around Kristy and grabbed her ass. I began to slide her up and down the length of my cock. Just as I was picking up the pace and really beginning to pound into her tightness the shower turned off.

"FUCK HERE SHE COMES!" Kristy whispered as she thrust down HARD onto my cock one last time, and then jumped up and ran over to grab her towel.

"GOD DAMMIT!" I whined half loudly.

"Don't worry big boy, we'll finish this tonight after we get Jamie drunk and passed out again." Kristy smiled as she winked at me.

To be continued...

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So hot

That was a very hot storie

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