tagGroup SexThe Wildwood Cabins: Cabin 4

The Wildwood Cabins: Cabin 4


"Do you think they'll come over?" Cindy asked.

"I don't know," Nick said. "I hope so. She was pretty hot. A great ass."

Cindy watched the fire burn in the fireplace, her head in her boyfriend's lap. Nick had his hand inside Cindy's sweater. Her nipples were burning from his continuous manipulation and she felt the wetness growing between her legs.

Inside Cabin 4 of The Wildwood Cabins Resort, the two twenty five year old lovers thought about the couple they had met earlier in the day. Cindy, a tall brunette with full breasts and hips, had immediately fallen for the 40ish, muscular Dennis from Cabin 2. Dennis' wife Kim, a tall, thin 41 year old brunette, seemed to be taken by the rough looking, twenty-something Nick.

They all met by accident outside Dennis and Kim's cabin and an invitation was soon offered by Nick for the four of them to have a few drinks later in the day.

Cindy and Nick were pleasantly surprised when a knock at the door interrupted their foreplay. Kim and Dennis were greeted with smiles, which grew wider when the guests handed over a bottle of wine. Nick poured everyone a drink as they sat in the living room and began chatting.

Jobs and families were discussed; drinks were downed. It was a relatively innocuous statement from Kim that started the conversation down a new path.

"You guys have any fun hobbies?" Kim asked.

"Bondage," was Nick's straightforward response.

"Nick!" Cindy interjected before either Dennis or Kim could answer.

The visiting couple smiled broadly, at both the answer and the reaction it got from the young woman.

"Uh, not your typical hobby," Dennis said.

"Don't be so sure of that," Nick told him. "It might be more popular than you think."

"I take it you've done this with others." Dennis phrased it as half question, half statement.

"Occasionally," Nick said.

"Who ties up whom?" Kim asked innocently.

"I usually restrain Cindy. But, we've done it both ways," Nick said.

Dennis looked at the young woman and the large breasts pushing against her sweater. He felt a familiar response in his cock as he pictured her laying on a bed, hands tied to the headboard, legs spread. Kim wondered what it would be like sucking on the cock of a man unable to control his hands or arms.

The room fell silent for a moment.

"Kim and Cindy are both prime candidates because of their long arms and legs," Nick said with a wry smile. He was looking straight at Kim. She felt he was looking through her.

There was another pause as everyone in the room took a drink, contemplating the line of conversation.

Kim finally broke the silence. "What do you use?"

"Depends on your preference," Nick said. "Handcuffs; hard or soft. Ties. Scarves. Rope."

"Well, I think it would be fun to watch," Kim said, emptying her glass of wine.

"Oh, no. It's much more fun participating," Cindy countered.

"Besides. You'd be blindfolded," Nick added.

"Ooooh, now we're talking," Kim said with a smile. "Do you have one with you?"

Nick stood up and walked into the bedroom while the others watched in silence. He returned quickly with a small, black blindfold. Standing behind Kim's chair, he placed the blindfold over her eyes and pulled the tight band down over her head. Nick lifted her long hair from under the band and let it fall back into place.

"Wow. This is total darkness," Kim exclaimed.

"That's the idea. Full submission," Nick said softly.

Kim awkwardly moved her hands in front of her face, proving to herself she couldn't see anything.

Nick leaned over the back of the chair and put his mouth directly next to Kim's ear. He whispered, "Are you ready to submit?"

Kim jumped at the unexpected closeness of the voice. The meaning of the words hit her next. The tingling between her legs provided the answer.


John Marlin, owner of The Wildwood Cabins Resort, peered intently at his computer screen. A beer in one hand and popcorn in the other, he watched the four people in the living room of Cabin 4. A security camera hidden high inside the cabin wall provided a panoramic view. A click of his mouse allowed him to zoom in on Kim and Nick.

Nick was backing away from the woman John recognized from Cabin 2. She stood up in front of her chair, blindfolded. John saw Nick speak briefly, then watched in disbelief as the woman pulled her sweatshirt over her head. The nipples on her small breasts protruded noticeably.

"Holy shit," John said between mouthfuls of popcorn. "What the hell is THIS?"

From a den in his house--which also served as the office for the resort--John often spent his weekends watching the inhabitants of his cabins, talking to himself and drinking beer. Neighboring couples had gotten together before, but this foursome showed signs of being…different.

The topless woman had slowly turned in a circle, apparently for the benefit of everyone in the room. She had a nervous grin on her face. The man closest to her spoke again, and the blindfolded woman bent over to took off her shoes.

John zoomed in on the woman's breasts as they hung pendulously, then zoomed back out again when she stood. Another apparent order from the young man and the woman was taking off her jeans.

"I don't know where this is going, but I think I'm going to like it," John said.

"Nice panties," Nick said. "Now take them off."

Kim put her thumbs inside the waistband of her black panties and pushed them down her legs. She lifted one leg, then the other, pulling off the panties and adding them to the pile of clothes next to her. The cool air in the cabin seemed to rush over her now-naked body, sending chills through her that melted into the sexual tension she was already feeling.

The three onlookers spent a moment admiring the long, lean body in front of them. Kim had an extraordinarily desirous body for her age, which didn't go unnoticed by either Nick or Cindy. A small triangular patch of dark hair pointed down to Kim's clit. Her ass was round and smooth, curving down to the backs of her thighs.

"We'll take you into the bedroom now and prepare you for the rest of the adventure," Nick announced as much to the group as to Kim. "Cindy, will you escort our guest, please."

"I'd be glad to," the young woman said, rising from the couch and taking Kim by the arm. She smiled at Dennis, who trailed behind the other three as they walked into the cabin's small bedroom.

Cindy led Kim to the side of the bed. The others formed a semicircle around her.

"Lay down, Kim," Nick said.

As Kim felt blindly for the edge of the bed, Nick opened the top drawer of a dresser. Kim slid her ass onto the bed and clumsily lay on her back, feeling for the pillow with her hands. Nick turned back toward the bed with two long strips of material in his hands.

"Leave your arms above your head," Nick said to Kim. Dennis saw Cindy take a long look at Kim's prone body--from her neck, past her firm breasts, to her hips and pussy, and down her well-toned legs.

Nick leaned over and moved Kim's left arm to the side. He tied one end of a strip of cloth to her wrist and, just as efficiently, tied the opposite end to the metal headboard. He repeated the process with Kim's right arm.

John Marlin had watched the two couples march from the living room, then switched views to the bedroom camera. He was now observing the occupants from a side angle. Kim's arms were stretched above her head and her naked body extended nearly to the foot of the bed. Nick, Cindy and Dennis faced the camera…at least they did until John zoomed in on the flattened, outstretched breasts of the woman tied to the headboard.

"Jesus," John moaned. "That's a great body." He unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down the zipper and reached inside the fly of his boxers. His semi-erect cock sprung free. Immediately, John wrapped his fingers around it and began stroking.

He watched the younger girl in the group whisper something to the naked woman's husband. They began stripping and, in less than a minute, everyone in the room was naked.

John focused the camera on the young girl. She had full breasts that virtually filled her chest without appearing inordinately massive. Her slim waist accentuated her wide hips. John couldn't see her ass, but imagined that he'd be able to soon.

He also noticed the thickening cocks on the two men. Both were already substantial in size and neither was anywhere near fully erect. He looked at his own meager cock, satisfied only in the fact that it never failed him.

Nick was back in the dresser drawer again. John watched with interest as he pulled out a short object with a wooden handle and a tip consisting of several feather-like pieces. Nick handed it to the girl, who moved in front of the men until she stood directly next to the bound woman's chest.

"Oh, my God," Kim uttered as the feathers brushed across her nipples. With experienced strokes, Cindy swiped the object back and forth in slow motion. Kim's nipples grew harder with each pass of the "wand".

Nick was the first of the two men to reach for his cock. He wrapped his large palm around the shaft and fondled it. Soon, it was full length and rock hard. Dennis looked briefly at the man, but quickly returned his gaze to the bed where his wife was being "tormented" by a beautiful young girl.

Cindy moved the feathers across Kim's belly. Inch by inch she worked her way down the body until reaching the top of the neatly cut patch of hair above Kim's clit. Kim arched her back in anticipation of the feathers reaching her pussy. Instead, Cindy skirted around the area, dragging the feathers down the woman's hip.

Again, Kim raised her hips off the bed when Cindy placed the feathers inside her left thigh. The young woman teasingly slid the toy up the leg. Kim spread her legs wider, moisture gathering at the entrance to her hole.

"Please. Oh, please do it," Kim begged.

The feathers just missed the opening on their way to the opposite leg. Then up and around the clit once more.

Now Dennis was mindlessly touching his cock, running his fingers over the outstretched skin. He felt he could cum at any second, but was thoroughly enjoying the scene on the bed and wanted to wait for whatever came next.

Cindy lifted the feathers off Kim's body. For what seemed an eternity to everyone in the room, she did nothing. Kim was literally shaking from built up sexual tension. The only noise was her squirming on the bed in expectation.

Cindy looked at Dennis and winked. Reaching between Kim's widespread legs, she placed the feathers directly on the woman's cunt.

Kim's lower body lurched upward.

"Ahh. Yesss. Yesss," she moaned.

Three times Cindy towed the feathers across the damp opening. Then she moved up and made contact with the engorged clit.

"Yes. There. Please don't stop," Kim cried out.

Cindy looked at Nick, then at Kim's breasts. Nick leaned over, put his hand around the base of Kim's left breast and pushed it up into this waiting mouth. He sucked hard on the nipple and surrounding area.

At the same time, Cindy began to frantically rub the feathers across Kim's clit. Kim reacted to the pair of sensations as if she hadn't had sex in a year. Despite her restraints, she twisted and turned on the bed wildly.

"Jesus, I wish I could hear her now," John said, rubbing his cock up and down with abandon.

He watched Nick attack the bound woman's breasts while Cindy swung the feathers back and forth across Kim's clit. Kim's ass was a foot off the bed when John saw her mouth open in an obvious scream.

The woman thrashed in the bed as an orgasm overcame her. The feathers were now flying up and down the length of her pussy, tantalizingly light yet electrifying in their effect.

Nick tried desperately to keep in contact with her breast. His stiff cock bounced erratically.

"Ahh, yesssss," John groaned.

He shoved his cock inside his boxers and rubbed it as fast as his arm would move. Cum exploded out in three successive bursts. John grunted loudly each time. He felt the liquid seep through the material as he continued to rub, continued to cum, continued to moan.

* * * * *

Nick looked back at Dennis.

"C'mon," he said. "Let's give her a bath."

Nick grabbed hold of his cock and leaned over Kim's bouncing tits. Dennis understood immediately and stood next to the younger man. Together they pumped their swollen shafts.

As Kim's orgasm peaked, Nick muttered a hoarse expletive and shot a long, white stream of cum across Kim's chest. Another one followed before Dennis added his own cum to the collection. The two men flooded the area around Kim's breasts while Cindy worked the feathers on her clit "Oh, God. Oh, God. Stop," Kim was gasping.

Sweat glistened from her forehead. Her cunt dripped from numerous, uninterrupted orgasms. But that paled in comparison to the whiteness around her tits.

Finally, both men and the woman under them were spent. Kim lay panting while the two men caught their breath, limp cocks hanging in front of them.

Cindy crawled onto the bed, straddling Kim's waist with her knees. She moved forward until her pussy was directly over Kim's face. Sensing the movement on the bed, Kim lay still, blind to the beautiful body above her.

Kim lurched when Cindy's neatly trimmed pussy made contact with her mouth. Unaware at first of what was happening, she remained motionless. Then the unmistakable scent registered with her. She separated her lips barely enough for her tongue to reach out. It touched the sweet moistness between Cindy's folds of skin.

"Lick me, Kim," Cindy said almost in a whisper.

The woman's tongue protruded farther and began an up and down motion that soon increased in speed and vigor. Cindy leaned against the headboard and repositioned her body so that Kim was licking her clit. Cindy tilted her head back and opened her mouth in silent pleasure.

Kim raised her head, desperately trying to take in more of the girl's body. Cindy obliged by lowering her's.

"Eat me. Make me cum, Kim," Cindy pleaded.

Nick reached for the feathers and began sliding them across Cindy's dangling breasts.

"Oh, yes. Harder."

Kim and Nick both took the request to heart. Cindy's body trembled. A short gasp, a loud moan, and her orgasm began. She bucked up and down on Kim's face, juice flowing over the bound woman's mouth and chin. Nick was now twisting Cindy's nipple between two fingers, listening with delight to the unintelligible sounds of her release.

When the orgasm subsided, Cindy fell onto the bed next to Kim. Nick gently removed the blindfold from Kim's eyes. After her eyes adjusted to the light, she looked around the room at the naked people responsible for the most intense sexual experience she had ever had. Both men were working on new erections.

"Well, isn't anybody going to fuck these two naked women?" Kim asked innocently.

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