tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Willful Exhibitionist

The Willful Exhibitionist


My young body was trim and taut but not muscular, breasts firm and inviting with large erect nipples. A small red stone complemented my piercing, enhancing my vagina and keeping my engorged clitoris prominent. My legs were smooth, lean and shapely. I adjusted my golden waist chain over my hips and ran outside into the crowded street, feeling joy and satisfaction as the midday sun warmed and caressed my naked skin. I had become addicted to all the attention I received when I exhibited myself this way to complete strangers. The satisfaction I felt, on these occasions, reigned supreme. It was even better than sex.

My girlfriends back in the apartment building couldn't believe how willing I was to accept their dare to walk the kilometre or so around the apartment building in the middle of a business day. I had stripped off in front of them and twirled around in front of the full length mirror, totally naked save for the ornamental chain which graced my hips to decorate my body and enhance my nudity. Further to this I had two small golden rings to keep my sensitive nipples deliciously erect and prominent, even when nobody was around to see me naked. When I had talked to the man who had inserted them, about further decoration, he had suggested a clit ring with a garnet stone. This had a twofold purpose. One, to highlight my pussy and bring attention to my firm hairless vagina. Two, even more importantly to put pressure on my clit, keeping it in a pre-orgasmic state even when I was wearing a dress and nobody else could see it unless the wind blew my dress upward and I did nothing to prevent such exposure. With practice, I was able to prevent an orgasm as I walked around but I was always deliciously wet and lubricated.

People around me gasped in surprise as I passed them in the busy street and I overheard three men discussing my cute little derriere in rather crude terms as they walked behind me. Every time I speeded up I could hear their footsteps quicken to match mine, several paces behind me. I had developed a walk which I could quicken or slow down as the mood took me, but today I was in no hurry so I slowed down again. Women who saw me approaching either crossed the street or held their heads down and pretended not to notice me, if my nudity embarrassed them. Men were quite different in that their street crossing was more often from the other side of the road to mine.

Every so often I would get encouraging comments as I passed by a group of people but by and large they would appear awestruck and be at a loss for words. The one thing that remained constant was that their eyes never left my body as I moved on past them. This was what I had come to expect and enjoy.

Once I had stopped to attempt a conversation with a spunky looking younger man but he was so embarrassed that he looked everywhere except at my body, as if he thought I might be offended. I was really disappointed but I carried on down the road to my destination. That had been a shorter journey than the one I had been dared to do today and with a lot less people around at the time.

There was a danger element in undertaking such a public walk, as I was doing today, knowing that I may be taken into custody by the policemen that patrolled the street from time to time. The only precaution I had taken was to go out in the middle of the day when I hoped they might be at lunch.

My walk was going so well today that I decided to extend the walk for another block. I stopped at the corner of the street and waited to cross the road. The drivers of the cars nearby stopped to let me past, waving in a friendly way and whistling their appreciation as I passed their car on the way across the road. I was getting wetter now as I reached the next block and debated whether to go on. The comments so far had been highly flattering and I wondered if the girls back at the apartment were watching me. I stopped and looked up at the building and they were waving in my direction, incredulous that I was going further than I had been dared. I could see the glint of the sun reflecting off a pair of binoculars that one of the girls was using. That did it. I carried on toward the large group of people approaching from the next corner. I was in my element now and I felt like making a day of it. It was the most wonderful dare that I had undertaken as yet. I hoped that if I got caught the girls would come to the station house and bale me out but my honour was at stake and I didn't mind so much if they didn't. At least it would prove that the risk factor was very real.

I could tell that the larger group were quickening their pace to see if their eyes were deceiving them or not. I carried on toward them, hoping that they would be as pleasant and understanding as the other people so far. It was a warm day but the goose-bumps on my body every time I approached new strangers were more to do with nervous anticipation of their reaction than the temperature outside. I reminisced about the times when I first began exposing my body in public while I continued to walk toward the new group. My nipples were fully erect and my body had a natural rosy hue that it normally didn't have.

Without a doubt I was never exactly shy. From the first onset of puberty, boys had begged me to show them parts of my body that other girls had denied them. I was equally interested in the differences between boys and girls and readily obliged them as long as they returned the favour. It gave me such a thrill to see the excitement that I generated when I took off all my clothing and exhibited myself to them. As I grew older and my breasts developed the boys would become even more excited and ask me if they might touch them.

By now I was by far the most popular girl in the class and I often forgot to wear knickers when I went to school. I loved the freedom and it made it easy to attract the attention of some of the boys that I liked to show off to. Some of the girls were jealous of all the attention that I was getting and wouldn't speak to me. Others would dare me to walk home through the bushy areas of the park that ran alongside of the main road home, naked, and meet me a some prearranged spot on the far side with my clothes. It was always a thrill to accept the dare and hand them my dress and blouse before heading through the park. Many a time I was nearly seen by adult strangers and I used to hide behind the bushes while they went by.

One day I was caught unawares and came across two men and a lady as I emerged from the bushes. My first reaction was to run back into the bushes and hide myself away but by now I was so used to being seen by my classmates I decided to carry on. Strangely, they didn't say a word but I could tell that they were shocked to see me this way and they watched me until I was out of sight. From then on I realised that I was different to most of my classmates. They would have been far too embarrassed to continue their journey and hidden themselves away. That is, if they had the nerve to do what I was doing in the first place.

That was also the first time that I felt a strange sensation in my loins that came from my heightened nerves as I resolved to brazen it out. It was hard to describe but it felt very pleasant to know that I had their full attention. When I reached the pre-arranged spot the girls handed me my clothes and begged me to tell them how it felt to be discovered like that. It seems that they had been watching from a distance and marvelled at my audacity in not hiding myself away. I was the centre of attention as they hung on my every word while I did my best to explain the thrill that I felt. In those days it was a little harder to explain but now I knew that the feeling came from a pre-orgasmic rush.

It was also the same four girls that were watching me from the safety of their apartment building now. Although it was ten years since I undertook that dare and they were living in a big city now, nothing had changed that significantly. I was visiting them and we were reminiscing about our school days when the current dare cropped up.

My school friend's flatmate, Monica, was listening to us recounting a few of the exploits during my early days when she scoffed at some of the details and made it obvious that she thought we were winding her up.

"Nobody would go out in public like that! You guys must think I'm simple or something." She laughed and got up to make a cup of coffee for all of us. As much as my girlfriends tried to convince her that what we were talking about was all true, there was no persuading her otherwise and eventually she made me this dare. Over coffee, she looked in her purse and withdrew five new twenty dollar notes and placed them on the table.

"There!" She said confidently. "Its lunchtime at the moment and there shouldn't be too many people about. Lets see you walk around our apartment building out in the street with nothing on then."

Monica had a really smug, confident look about her. It was as if she knew that I wouldn't dare take her up on it.

My four school friends looked at me to see what I would say. Immediately I finished my coffee, I stood up and began to take my clothes off. I didn't say a word. I had only been wearing a short skirt and a blouse. Amidst silence and astonished looks from my friends I was soon naked and heading for the front door.

"See you soon Guys." I waved as I walked out the door and into the elevator, leaving their front door open.

I was staying with them for two or three days and I was totally unable to resist the challenge of walking around the building in the nude. Now that I knew they had the binoculars trained on me I was determined to show them that I was as daring as ever. The money that Monica bet me was secondary to my pride.

Back to the present and the group were only a few feet away from me now.

Now the group were staring at me with a mixture of admiration and disbelief, clearly unable to comprehend the way an attractive young lady could walk through a busy street with no clothing on.

"Excuse me Miss." One of the men in the group manage to say as they drew alongside. "Are you doing this for a movie and perhaps we can't see the camera?"

I smiled warmly at them and stopped. They were a mixed group of well dressed business people and they seemed to be polite and curious. Seven people in all and they were well groomed professional or office workers. The three ladies were admiring my body as much as the men that were with them with them. I sensed that there would be no harm in having a brief conversation with them before continuing my walk.

"No, I'm doing it for a bet." Pointing up to where my friends were standing on the small balcony outside the apartment, I continued the conversation and told them about the dare. The men stood, open mouthed while the two ladies seemed to understand my reasons perfectly.

"Really? You only had to walk around the block and you actually decided to go a bit further for good measure?" One of the ladies started to smile. She gave me her business card and spoke again.

"Here! You might need this if you make a habit of taking dares like that."

I looked at the card and noted that she was a barrister, specialising as a public defender. I thanked her and after a brief conversation I continued on my way. Holding the card I looked back and waved at them, gratified that they were watching me still. By now there were people coming out of other buildings on both sides of the street and pointing in my direction. Cars were stopping and parking, if they could find a parking space, and I was attracting a lot more attention from people in the surrounding area. I quickened my pace slightly as I turned the next corner and made my way down the side street. I smiled, keenly aware that everybody I came across was stopping whatever they were doing and watching my progress. The next street was more of a residential area and traffic was a bit lighter, being off the main thoroughfare, so I quickened my pace as I made my way to the road leading back to the main street beyond the apartment building that I had left from. The walk was without further incident and nobody actually approached me, although I was aware that many people were watching me during the time that it took. Cars that passed hooted their horns and the occupants waved and shouted their comments. Of course this attracted attention from the residents and I saw people looking out their windows. I breathed a sigh of relief as I reached the next side-street leading back to the main road.

I was now confident that I might make it all the way back to the apartment without being arrested. The only thing that worried me was that I would end up being placed in the care of a court appointed psychiatrist in the same way that I was back in my school days when I finally got caught. For over a year I had to attend a clinic where this idiot quack couldn't decide whether I was a nymphomaniac or just suffered an advanced form of narcissism. Either way it was all just psychobabble as far as I was concerned at the time.

It was a shame that my parents felt that they had to move away from town afterward and live in the country for a while. They made sure that I wore long pants and didn't let me wear a dress again for a long time. There were nowhere near enough flashing opportunities in my tender formative years after that. I studied by correspondence and kept in touch with my friends as best I could. I wasn't able to indulge my passion again until I reached university standard and my parents sent me to a good residential university. Luckily they needed nude female subjects for the art classes and of course I volunteered with a huge degree of alacrity, but that's another story. Lets say I was probably the most popular model in the history of the art school, both with the teachers and the students. It was there that I was encouraged to shave my pubic area and I eventually gave up wearing panties altogether.

Now, I was nearing the main road again and I looked forward to completing my walk. My feet were beginning to hurt and I looked forward to Monica's reaction when I returned to the apartment and put my feet up. There seemed to be even more people around on the main road and I could see a crowd gathering at the next corner. There must have been at least thirty people that I could see from here and they were all looking in my direction. The blood circulation had improved during my walk and I was literally in the pink. My nipples were straining and as hard as walnuts. The thought of walking through the crowded footpath with all those people staring at my naked body had brought my nerves to a peak and my body was quivering all over. I was thoroughly wet and I slowed down to let the feeling last as long as possible. As I made my way through the eager throng I was pleased to note that the lady that had given me her card was one of the first people that I encountered. I held up the card to show her that I had kept it and gave her a wide smile as I approached her.

"Go on sweetie. You've almost made it." She encouraged me as I walked by. The comments were coming thick and fast as I nodded my head and acknowledged all my fans. It seemed like the entire neighbourhood was stretched out for the last hundred yards or so before I reached the entrance to the apartment. I looked up at the balcony and my friends were all waving excitedly. In addition to them I could see other people standing on adjoining balconies. They were all watching me too. I had achieved celebrity status in the time that it had taken me to walk around the block. Slowing right down, I acknowledged every comment as I walked the last few yards to the steps of the main entrance and smiled warmly at everybody. They had created a pathway for me by standing aside as I walked toward them to give me room to make my way through the crowd. Probably because I was naked, everybody gave me plenty of space and didn't try to make physical contact with me. An increasing murmur grew to a spontaneous cheer as I walked up the steps and toward the automatic glass doors of the building. I stopped and turned back toward the crowd before the doors opened wide. I waved to them and bowed slightly in each direction, smiling excitedly, then walked through the doors to the passenger lifts. By now, as I waited for an elevator car, I could see many eager faces watching to see me get in the first elevator to arrive at the ground floor. Waving, I got in the lift that arrived and pressed the third floor button. To my disappointment there was nobody else in the elevator on the way up.

The clock in the lift indicated that I had been away from the apartment for only forty minutes but I was totally exhausted and quite glad to be back. It seemed a lot longer and I was keyed up with excitement. My friends were waiting in the hallway and they ushered me inside and pointed to my clothes.

I sat down, still naked, and let out a huge sigh of relief. I didn't put my clothes back on immediately because I really needed a shower before I got dressed again.

Everybody wanted to speak at once but Monica apologised for not believing me before and cheerfully handed me the hundred dollars. She was now keen to hear all about my previous exploits. I promised her that I would tell her all about my university years as soon as I had refreshed myself in the bathroom and I was more composed.

I had just arrived back at the apartment and I was totally wound up with nervous tension after my latest outing in public. As usual I felt a mixture of emotions that were both confusing and elating at the same time. The compulsion to shock, titillate, surprise or possibly ingratiate myself toward complete strangers had been as strong as ever. During my walk I had deliberately taken much longer than necessary to win the dare and even stopped to talk to a mixed group of well to do, professional people that I had met on the way. The sexual thrill of being naked, out amongst the general public on a busy city street, always kept me coming back for more and taking progressively greater risks to achieve satisfaction. It was like a drug.

I stepped toward the shower and felt the first soothing droplets caress my skin as I stepped toward the main force of the water. I stood for a while before I looked around for the soap and face cloth, feeling the tension leave my body.

After soaping myself up I directed the main flow of water toward my genitals and was rewarded with a welcome orgasm as the water cascaded directly on my clit ring. I slid to the floor, convulsing with the most intense feelings that I had come to expect in such a situation.

I moaned with pleasure and thought about the way I had been so recently introduced to Monica when I knocked on my friend's apartment door after so many years. I was immediately attracted to her almost boyish good looks and her unusual short shaggy hairstyle. She had a lovely petite figure and a flawless tanned complexion that reminded me of a young Greek girl named Nana that I had known at university. She had been highly talented at drawing and painting and had begged me to volunteer to act as a model in the art classes that she was attending. When the teacher interviewed me and mentioned the shortage of young girls that were prepared to pose nude in mixed classes, I immediately agreed to help out. After only a few sessions I noticed that the classes were becoming more popular among the students and the teacher was very pleased with my willingness to adopt more explicit poses than the other models had in the past.

Nana had praised my muscle tone and asked me to shave off my pubic hair completely for one session. The class was doing a project, using the original Olympic games as a theme. Nana showed me history books with illustrations of the athletes in various sporting poses. The subjects were all quite naked and totally hairless around the genitals so I readily agreed to co-operate.

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