tagMatureThe Wily Ways of Mrs. Wilson Ch. 03

The Wily Ways of Mrs. Wilson Ch. 03


Theresa Wilson pulled into her driveway, gathered her belongings from her day at the beach, and walked into the small, modest home where she lived alone.

She felt a dollop of moisture gather at the entrance to her luscious old ass. It made her smile. And that much more horny recalling its origin.

Mrs. Wilson, 65, had just sucked and fucked young Tyler Bradman in the water at the beach. It was a couple weeks earlier when the 19-year-old had cut her lawn with the promise of earning $20 for the job. She balked at paying - in cash, saying she didn't have the money when the work was done.

She instead paid him with a scorching blowjob, gobbling his cum down a scant 20 seconds after she began. She'd also forced him to lick her hairy pussy to her satisfaction, before riding his ever-hard young dick to another grinding orgasm for them both.

She'd sent him on his way, promising to be in touch. And making him wait weeks for the privilege, before sucking him off at the beach, then swimming to an offshore raft and taking him up her tight old ass. The remnants of that fucking now oozing out of her rectal ring and pooling in her thong bikini bottom.

"Such a good boy," she mused to herself.

It was at the beach that Tyler's girlfriend, Rachel, had showed up, just as they were returning from their thundering tryst on the raft, none the wiser for what had happened. Mrs. Wilson parlayed Tyler's profound discomfort into getting them to agree to come to her house later, and collect on the money she owed him.

Rachel was delighted. She and Tyler were going to the movies that night and could use the money. And now, as Mrs. Wilson took a hot shower, hungrily fingering her asshole clean of Tyler's seed while digging her other hand into her soapy, hairy cunt, she couldn't wait for them to arrive.

Across town, Tyler showed up at Rachel's, after cleaning up at home. He knocked and the dark-haired girl answered with a beaming smile - and wearing a very tight top over her ample chest and down below, a sinfully short and snug pair of fashionable short shorts.

Her legs were thick and shapely and tight. And all he could do was think of Mrs. Wilson's older legs, slightly wrinkled, somewhat skinny and powerfully strong, recalling how she'd scissored his head in them as he ate her.

"You look great, honey!" Tyler warbled weakly, trying to shake the comparison in his mind.

"Thanks," she cooed, dashing down the walk to his car, his gaze fixed to that incredible ass packed into those shorts. "Let's go!"

They made small talk on the way to Mrs. Wilson's, Tyler's eyes unable to look away from his beautiful young girlfriend.

"Keep your eyes on the road, Tyler, geez!" Rachel laughed as Tyler corrected his driving after nearly veering into oncoming traffic. "Maybe I shouldn't have worn shorts so short, huh?"

"No, no, God, no, I LOVE those!" he groaned, running a hand up the nearest thigh, thick and smooth, his cock aching despite two ball-draining orgasms Mrs. Wilson had provided earlier.

"Later, baby," she cooed, slapping his hand away.

"R..Really?" he croaked, anxious to consummate their relationship, something Rachel had been teasing him with in their short dating tenure.

"Really, baby," she sighed, winking at him. "Ya never know. Tonight could be the night."

"Oh, shit," he mumbled to himself, forcing his eyes away and focusing on the road.

They pulled into Mrs. Wilson's driveway. Tyler was nervous, looking at the lawn he'd cut a couple weeks ago and up at the house where the sex-crazed older woman had sucked and fucked him blind. His nervousness showed.

"You OK, Tyler?" Rachel asked, before slipping out of the car.

"Yeah, yeah, it's nothing, just thinking...her lawn, probably needs mowing again, I guess," he stammered.

They went up to the door. Mrs. Wilson was waiting, smiling - and wearing a brutally short pair of shorts of her own. They weren't as tight as Rachel's, but insanely sexy nonetheless, a slightly billowing pair of red nylon running shorts that exposed much of the length of the beaming woman's sinewy, lean legs that were nut brown from the sun. They flexed in defined muscle as she swung the door open, holding it there with one foot.

"Come on in, kids!"

"Uh...I thought maybe...the money...I mean, we have the movie..." he mumbled, trying not to look at the sexy old woman with her silvery hair in a ponytail and a snug white t-shirt hugging her braless chest.

"We have time, Tyler, jeez, movie doesn't start for over an hour, come on!" Rachel said, walking inside.

Tyler walked in, past Mrs. Wilson who mischievously cupped his young ass as he passed. He yelped.

"What's that?" Rachel said, turning.

"Nothing, just a...little cramp...in my foot, that's all.." he stammered.

They went into the living room, after Mrs. Wilson gave Rachel a short tour of her small house, and then sat on the couch. The older woman fetched a tray of lemonade, and sat down with them to drink it. She was on one side of Tyler, Rachel on the other, the boy breaking a sweat on this rather cool early evening.

"Rachel, you keep yourself in great shape, I must say, but you're young, it must come easy," Mrs. Wilson said, crossing her legs, drawing Tyler's sidelong glance at the thigh nearest him pumped and creased with muscle as she bounced the top leg. "Do you run or something?"

"Yes, yes I do, a lot," Rachel said proudly. "I guess my legs are my best feature, I work hard to keep 'em strong!"

"Strong legs are wonderful, aren't they Tyler?" Mrs. Wilson cooed, sipping her drink and looking at the nervous boy next to her. "I run, too, and walk a lot, though God knows my legs aren't nearly as spectacular as yours young lady!"

"Oh, nonsense, you have great legs, for someone..." Rachel said, halting.

"My age?" Mrs. Wilson laughed, tilting her head back and baring that fleshy throat Tyler loved, the skin warm and creased and so sexy.

"Oh, no, I didn't mean..." Rachel said contritely.

"It's OK, honey, it's OK," Mrs. Wilson laughed, looking down at her tanned pipes and running her hands slowly up and down her luscious thighs. "Hey, these old legs aren't bad for a 65-year-old, huh?"

"Get OUT, 65?" Rachel said, astonished. "God, Mrs. Wilson, my grandma is that age, younger even, and her legs are nowhere as beautiful as yours!"

"I like you, Rachel, ya know that?" Mrs. Wilson smiled. "Yeah, I guess my legs are ok for an old gal..."

"Seriously OK, Mrs. Wilson, I mean you can't help but notice that those calves of yours are pretty amazing," Rachel said.

"These little ol' calves?" she laughed, putting her feet flat on the floor and curling her toes, which in turn balled up her long, slender calves into fiercely bunched bulges of muscle.

"Yeah, amazing, I hope mine look that good at your age!"

Rachel laughed, striking the same pose on the other side of Tyler.

Who was going out of his mind. His eyes were darting side to side, drinking in Mrs. Wilson's sinewy, tendon laced calves and his girlfriend's much thicker, powerful ones. They tensed and pulsated their calves, comparing them, talking around Tyler who sat back, sweating, drinking his lemonade and feeling his dick throb in his jeans.

"More lemonade, kids?" Mrs. Wilson said, standing and turning to get the tray off the table, knowing Tyler's eyes, and probably Rachel's, were watching the long muscles of her legs flex as she did.

"Sure, Mrs. Wilson, can I help you?" Rachel said, starting to stand.

"No, no, you stay here, be right back," the older woman said, leaving the room.

Rachel cozied up to Tyler, kissing his neck, tossing one leg over his lap. Tyler jumped and gulped as he ran one trembling hand over Rachel's very solid thigh.

"Tonight could be the night, baby," Rachel hissed, biting his ear. "For some reason, I'm feeling incredibly horny, so..."

Impulsively she ran a hand into Tyler's crotch, quite surprised and equally delighted to find his cock rock hard. Her eyes bulged.

"Wow, baby, I did that to you?" she laughed quietly, looking to make sure Mrs. Wilson was out of earshot.

"Yeah, baby, hell yes!" Tyler groaned as she squeezed his dick and then pulled her hand away, knowing full well it was the sight of both the women's legs that made him hard as stone.

"Oh yeah, tonight could be the night, baby," Rachel giggled quietly as she drew her big thigh off his lap and sat up straight as Mrs. Wilson returned to the room.

"Here ya go, kids!" she announced brightly, pouring more lemonade.

She smiled as she stood. She'd heard everything that was said; her house was that small, and she knew where to stand to overhear living room conversations.

"Uh, Tyler, can you help me with something in the basement?" she said, pointing to the cellar door nearby. "I just have some heavy boxes I need moved, nothing serious, won't take long and I promise not to get you all hot and sweaty for your date!"

"Uh, sure, Mrs. Wilson, I...I guess so," Tyler said, willing his hard-on down enough to stand and walk, slightly hunched over, toward the door with her.

"And it'll be worth more money as a bonus," she said.

"Oh, that's OK, don't worry about that," the boy said as she opened the door.

"You be OK alone here for a few, honey?" Mrs. Wilson asked Rachel.

"Yeah, sure, no problem, I got texts to answer," she laughed, pulling out her phone and popping in her earphones to listen to music while she texted.

"Oh, you young people and your texting," Mrs. Wilson laughed, walking toward the basement door.

Tyler followed her down, and stood waiting as she turned to face him, smiling. For as horny as he usually was, he was sometimes equally naïve.

"Where are the boxes, Mrs. Wilson?" he asked, looking around.

"The most important one," she snarled, quickly shucking her shorts, Tyler's wide eyes drawn to the copious thatch of gray hair between her sinewy thighs, "is right here!"

She was on him quickly, wrapping her arms around his neck and filling his mouth with her tongue, rubbing her crotch into his, feeling his dick already half hard. He fought her off, or tried to, pulling at her arms, but she was too strong and he was too weak, from the overwhelming sexual assault and the fact she'd drained him twice already this day.

"God, Mrs. Wilson, please!" he begged quietly, managing to slip her insistent tongue out of her mouth while she maintained her gyrations against his fully stiff cock.

"Oh, baby, don't tell me you don't like this," she growled, reaching between them with one hand and pulling his hair back with the other, tugging his pants down and freeing his dick. "All that leg talk upstairs get you this hard? Hmm? Well, you'll LOVE this!"

She slipped forward, capturing his cock in the sheathing warmth of her rugged old thighs, scissoring it inside, the top of his shaft buried in to furry cleft of her cunt. He groaned at the velvety feel of the meat of her thighs, as well as the muscle pulsating beneath it, twitching against his trapped dick.

"Fuck my thighs, baby, fuck MRs. Wilson's hard thighs!" she hissed, kissing him again and cupping his ass, driving herself back and forth on his dick.

"Oh..oh fuck...please...oh fuck...Mrs. Wilson, no, please...I can't...I have to...oh fuck..." Tyler babbled in her sucking mouth.

"Have to what, baby, save your load for your little girlfriend? Hmm? She make you a promise for tonight, is that it?" she teased, biting his lip and now twisting her locked thighs up and down his cock, thighs lubricated by the copious pre-cum the groaning boy was oozing.

"Yes...please...Mrs...oh fuck..."

"Don't you cum before me, baby, don't you DARE cum!" she growled, intensifying her scissors on his cock, quivering the fleshy insides of them on his prick. "Wait for me baby...wait for me..."

Which he could not, which of course she knew. She held him close, quaking and squeezing her thighs on his dick, feeling his entire body tremble in her arms, his breath held now as he fought what he could not.

Seconds later, he grunted and pumped out his load, his dick tip escaping the backs of her thighs, sending dripping, thick rivulets of hot cum streaming down the backs of her sexy old hamstring muscles.

She tensed and relaxed her gripping thighs until she'd drained him completely, feeling his cum cooling in long sheets down to the backs of her knees, dribbling onto her muscular calves.

"I warned you, baby, I warned you," she sighed, pulling off him and grabbing his hair, forcing him to his knees. "Now clean that mess you made!"

She popped his protesting head between her thighs, twisting it to the side to cinch his neck in the muscles there, choking him. At his mouth was the back of one soaking wet thigh, right at his lips.

"Please don't..please..OUCH!" he yelped as she tensed her powerful upper legs. "OK OK!"

"Eat up before your little friend gets inquisitive and comes down her, boy," Mrs. Wilson hissed, standing straight with her hands on her hips.

He had no choice and lanced out his trembling tongue into the thick, cooling soup of his cum. She eased her grip just enough to allow him to run his mouth up and down the back of her thigh, slurping his cum clean, then twisting his head the opposite way to clean the other cum-streaked leg.

She worked him down to her calves, where he was forced to slobber up wayward drippings of his seed, all the while standing and frigging her hairy pussy.

"Not quite there yet," she finally said, pulling her hand out of her wet pussy and pulling her shorts back up her now-clean legs, grabbing a towel from the nearby pile of dirty laundry awaiting cleaning and wiping them dry. "You owe me."

She walked up the stairs, Tyler quickly pulling his shorts back up and following. Rachel sat on the couch, immersed in her texting, not noticing until Mrs. Wilson plopped down beside her.

"All done," the older woman sighed, patting Rachel's big thigh that was crossed over the other one. "He's such a big help to me, such a good boy!"

"Yes, yes he is," Rachel said proudly, turning to smile at her boyfriend who slumped onto the couch on the other side of her.

"More lemonade?" Mrs. Wilson said, standing. "Promise not to keep you, you gotta go, I know, I know..."

Rachel smiled as she watched her go, then turned to Tyler, kissing him wetly, then suddenly pulling back in surprise.

"Your breath smells funny," she said, a curious look on her face. "Kinda bleachy...weird..."

"Oh, it's a...uh...a new mouthwash I'm using, yeah, yeah it's pretty bad..got this funky...uh, chemical flavor, I don't think I'll use it again," Tyler said quickly, trying to hide his nerves.

"Hey, baby," Rachel continued, looking back over her shoulder toward Mrs. Wilson in the kitchen, "just got a text from Linda...her folks are away for the weekend, and she said we can use her house tonight after the movie...she'll be gone...sooooo..."

She kissed him again, cupping his dick in his pants. Which was now soft from overuse, drained from the incessant horniness of the sexy Mrs. Wilson. She pulled her head back and looked at him.

"You OK, baby?" she asked, trying to get him hard and failing. "Damn, Tyler, what's wrong? Is it me?"

"No, no, don't be silly!" he said, looking past her to Mrs. Wilson puttering in the kitchen. "It's...she's here...you know, just kinda weird, I just can't...it's not you, honey, honestly!"

"I hope so," Rachel said, crossing her arms and affecting a pout. "If you'd rather not tonight..."

"No, no, I would!" Tyler moaned, turning to face her, praying he'd be able to get it up later.

"You would what?"

Mrs. Wilson stood by the couch, more lemonade in her hands, offering the glasses to the couple.

"Uh...would...uh, like to go to a friend's house...after the movie..." Tyler said haltingly.

"Oh, good, that would be nice," Mrs. Wilson said, adding with a wink, "a little time alone for you two? Hmmm?"

"Yeah," Rachel giggled. "We hope so..."

She looked adoringly at Tyler, who smiled gamely. Over Rachel's shoulder he saw Mrs. Wilson pull up her shorts leg and to the side, baring her soaking wet pussy at him and winking before covering up again as Rachel turned around.

"Oh, young people, I remember those days," Mrs. Wilson sighed. "You two better get going, huh?"

They stood, Rachel and Tyler walking out ahead of Mrs. Wilson who walked them to their car. Rachel gave the older woman a hug, and thanked her for the visit as Tyler stood nervously by.

"Oh, darn it, I forgot to give you your money!" Mrs. Wilson said, snapping her fingers. "Honey, you wait here...get in the car, put on the AC, it's still pretty warm this late in the day. Tyler, come back into the house, I'll get you the money...and you know what, there's something else up in my attic I need moving, help me with that, and you'll get...a little extra!"

"Uh, no, no, we better get going, another time..." the boy stammered.

"Oh, go ahead, honey, we could use the money, and we have plenty of time!" Rachel said brightly, hopping into Tyler's car. "Go on, I'll text Linda and tell her we'll be over later!"

He turned to look at Mrs. Wilson. She was smiling broadly.

"C'mon kid, come earn your money," she said softly, turning to walk away, her ass outlined in her sexy red shorts, Tyler's eyes on them as a groan escaped his lips. "And like I said, you owe me..."

They went back inside and Mrs. Wilson wasted no time, wrestling the boy to the floor, flattening him onto his back and slipping out of her shorts, straddling his face. Tyler looked up at her gloriously white old ass, offset by the dark tan of her legs.

"Please...please, Mrs. Wilson!" he begged, watching her slowly squat, her hairy pussy opening, the juicy lips dripping wet. "I can't..I have to...MNMGHFF!"

His protests were muffled in the creamy wet grip of her hairy twat as she sat on his face, laughing, twisting her slim hips and burying his mouth into her sex.

"Nonsense, you're young, you'll bounce back," she growled, pumping her cunt up and down his moaning face. "Now make me cum, stud..."

He tried his best, stabbing her cunt with his tongue, flicking it up and down the length of her pussy, her asshole on his nose. She trapped it inside and twisted her hips back and forth, using his face, grinding herself on his lips and chin.

"That's right, baby, that's right...keep licking...keep licking..." she cooed.

She leaned forward, pulling his pants down. Tyler's hands tried to stop her, but could not. She clamped her thighs back around his head now, twisting her feet together, locking him in place. His cock half hard, went fully erect the second her talented mouth enveloped it, sucking it down her throat, her hot tongue washing over it.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned as she sucked him, squeezing his drained balls with one hand, twisting the other up and down his stiffening shaft.

She folded her locked calves up, pressing them into the back of his trapped head, pushing his face deeper into her gushing cunt as she sucked him. She snapped her hips up and down, dragging and grinding her pussy on his face, drenching it.

Tyler felt himself drawn to another climax, his eyelids fluttering as she worked his dick in her hungry mouth, her dimpled ass quivering and quaking before his eyes as she pumped her way to orgasm.

He came again, the fourth time of the day, unable to stop as she milked his young, aching nuts in one hand, squeezing and coaxing the load from him, her mouth attached to the tender tip, sucking madly and stroking the shaft to drain him.

He felt like he was turning inside out as she continued to pump his dick, the tip gone ticklish now. He writhed beneath her, trying to twist away. She broke her sucking grip and sat up slightly, finishing her own orgasm against his trapped face.

"Gotta get it all, baby, every drop," she cooed, holding his shaft in one hand, cruising the palm of the other over the super-sensitive tip and laughing as the boy screamed in ticklish pain beneath her, his screams lost in the smothering grip of her cunt and ass.

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