The Wolf

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Retired agent finds hot woman to soothe his desires.
3.1k words
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He was retired now, but once upon a time, they had called him the wolf. He was the best at his business. He traveled everywhere his country needed him to be, and put his life on the line repeatedly it had kept him single and alone and a wolf is a pack animal one that needs companionship.

Finally at fifty, he was back in the states, working at a desk job, still alone but now in a position to finally open up his heart to the possibilities of a different life.

Martin Nelson, was handsome, he was whippet thin, all muscled, still ran five or more miles a day and often swam that much as well. He had a full head of curly black hair only slightly peppered with gray and piercing silver-gray eyes. He was over six foot tall and even in a city as large as Chicago he turned the heads of women from their first blush of sexuality to the last late bloomers he radiated such masculine confidence. They seemed to feel in their bones that he knew how to make them happy.

Martin however was in a holding pattern, alone for so many years he didn't really know how to connect with someone for a real relationship. Fate stepped in with a helping hand, although he thought it a disaster at the time. Theresa, his secretary broke her leg skiing and was replaced by Margaret.

The new assistant was in her late forties. She was a vibrant full of life Italian. A little overweight, just barely five foot five, with a merry laugh and a view of the world that constantly amazed the man who had seen the worst and didn't always recognize the good.

Soon he found himself anxious to get to work, to tell Margaret of something he had read, or seen, not quite understanding the pull this wonderful humorous woman had on him. It was his birthday and they had been working together for almost six months, when Margaret invited him out to lunch.

They went to a small Italian restaurant where they treated her like family and brought their meal without asking what they wanted.

Martin started to explain he only ate certain things. It was then that Margaret, pulled loose a piece of garlic bread and fed it to him and then pushed her fingers slightly into his mouth to be licked clean. She followed this by sipping her wine and then leaning over to kiss him Happy Birthday, and he found himself with the wine she had just sipped and her tongue buried deep inside his mouth.

He gave up as he felt the warmth of her action radiate through his body. He felt his heart beat faster, and his cock twitch as for the first time in ages he opened his eyes and really looked at a woman.

This voluptuous sexy woman was obviously seducing him and he suddenly realized he was ready to be seduced. He picked up his wine, drank some and kissed her back.

Margaret grinned, and let her hand slide down his body over his trousers and let it lay softly in his lap on top his growing bulge.

"Should we get lunch to go Martin? My home is only a block away and I have a present for your birthday there."

He nodded and suddenly they were on their way. He felt like a teenager on his way to lose his virginity, it had been so long since he had human sexual contact. He was hot, he was ready, and he wanted it worse than he had wanted anything in a long time.

Looking deeply into Margaret's eyes as they walked to her house door, he was surprised to see a reflection of something like fear in her eyes. "Margaret," he asked, " have I mistook this for something it isn't?"

She reached and pulled his head down to her and pulling him close kissed him almost senseless, as her hands wandered down and caressed his growing bulge with a proprietary air. "I want this, I have since I meet you six months ago. Does that answer your question Martin?"

He could only nod as they stepped into her lovely lakefront home. He could see the water through the sliding doors at the rear of the home from the front door.

"This is beautiful Margaret" he pulled her into the great room to look out at a passing freighter. "Should we slow this down, eat our food and talk you have overwhelmed me with sensations."

She nodded, "If that is what you want Martin." She slipped into the kitchen to put the pasta in the microwave, and open up some wine she had chilling in the fridge. She then as he stood and admired her front yard views, went into the bedroom and changed into something far more seductive than her office attire.

Returning to him with the wine, he was startled to see her now dressed in beautiful wine red silk lingerie loose enough to slip over her womanly curves and tight enough to accentuate them. She had loosened her hair, and the long lovely black curls now cascaded almost to her ass.

He felt his cock growing at the sight of her breasts now unencumbered by any restrictions, nipples hard and rubbing against the silken cloth.

He reached out and his hands curved under them and his thumbs automatically flicked gently across their peaks. Softly sighing from his attention, she carefully set their wine down; she had other plans to occupy her hands.

She unzipped his trousers and reached in to free his growing cock from its trousered prison. Carefully pulling it into the air, she softly said "Your cock is beautiful Martin, as she sunk to her knees and captured it into her wet and oh so ready mouth.

He ran his hands up into her now loose hair pulling her closer, and groaned as her lips sucked him gently in and her tongue bathed him in hot delicious wetness.

"Margaret," his hips followed his words as he pushed in deeper, "Oh Margaret," her hands slid around his body and having loosened his buttons tugged his trousers to the ground. She let him escape her mouth long enough to also rid him of his boxers which were now pooled around his ankles.

Immediately with that accomplished she again wrapped him in her hot, wet and wanting mouth. She never let her tongue or her hands be idle as she sucked, slurped, and gently bit and teased at all those most sensitive spots. She gloried at the way he engorged to stretch her mouth almost to breaking and grew until he was almost nine inches long. With both her hands around his staff she was thinking how good he would finally feel encased in her wet and waiting treasury of love.

Leaving his head, she wet his entire staff and then gently moving it aside picked up his balls and sucked them one by one into the inferno that was her mouth gently nibbling on them and stretching them out. At the same time her fingers wet from her activities played below them, and around his small tight ass. Finally, she wiggled one small finger into his puckered most secret of holes, and went gently after his prostate. She felt his balls tighten up and the pulsing of his cock and knew he was close and as she pushed gently on his most secure gland he poured his offerings into her waiting mouth. Once, twice and then again, she happily sucked it all down and then gently licked him clean and hard again as he slumped against her windows almost unable to stand.

Finally, she stood up and reached out a hand to him in his bedazzled state. She led him to a large overstuffed sofa near the windows and gently pushed him down onto the seat cushions. That done, she went to the fireplace and turned it on, saying "A fire is always nice don't you think Martin? This had all the advantages. The best part is it's a gas log fireplace all the romance and no mess."

She retrieved their wine and sat near him handing him his glass. Now it was time to wait and see what happened next plainly now it was his move. He gulped his wine like a man coming in from the desert and then pulled her to him and smiled.

"Was that my birthday present or is there more to come on this surprising day?"

She grinned and stretched like a cat waking up from a nap one that had just eaten her favorite snack.

"Do you want more and what more do you want?"

He pulled her up, and had her naked before the thought was fully out of her mouth. She found his mouth wrapped around one nipple, his hand the other as he picked her up and walked down her hallway. He gently kicked doors open until he found the room he desired.

Depositing her on her bed, he pushed her legs open and his mouth found her wet and waiting center and his tongue pushed deeply inside her to her gasps of lustful pleasure.

"I want this for a start my dear, and may I say you're delicious."

As he ravished her pleasure center, his hands were again playing a lustful tune on her breasts and nipples pulling and stretching them and flicking their nubs into hard pebbles of passion. She was awash in sensations.

He brought her to the brink of her pleasure and denied her several times before finally allowing her to crest into the orgasm she so desired. He smiled as he heard her call out his name in the middle of her ecstasy. The day was young and it had been awhile but she had a lot more surprises in store for her on this day of seduction.

He pushed her over onto her belly and then starting at the nape of her neck licked, sucked and bit down her spine and across her deliciously rounded ass cheeks leaving little bit marks in his wake. Finally, he pulled them apart and licked out at her sweet, dark brown most private area, she tried to pull away but he held her close as his tongue invaded her interior and then he followed it with his finger. He then pushed her up on her hands and knees, and for the first time slid his cock between her legs rubbing it up and down teasing at her rampart clit. She begged, pleaded, twisted and turned trying to get him deep inside her as he laughed and taunted her.

"Margaret, what is the problem, aren't you enjoying this?'

She could only say "yes, and plead with him to take her." She was perched on the edge of a massive orgasm and all it would take to push her over was him sliding deep into her ready and waiting passage.

"Is this what you want my dear?" He laughed as he rammed deep and hard into her, stretching her wonderfully and cascading her into her pleasure again.

"Oh god, Martin oh yes, please don't stop moving." He couldn't have stopped if he had wanted to and he didn't want to stop. She was working on his cock with her muscles as her pleasure washed over her, and it was difficult to stay his orgasm. He was inside a hot, wet, willing voluptuous woman for the first time in over a year and loving every moment. He had almost forgotten the pleasures of this act.

He threw back his head and hissed " yes," as he filled her with his juices for the second time today. He shivered all over in the aftermath of a pleasure he had almost forgotten, and then turning her to her side, they lay together panting, covered with sweat in the aftermath of great sex.

They must have dozed for awhile because except for the firelight that reflected in the mirror in the hallway when they awoke her house was dark. Margaret giggled and said "Let me, I know where the switches are, besides I'm at an age where I want to clean up before you see me."

He pulled her back into bed, and reached for the end table he remembered seeing and turned on the bedside light.

Kissing her eyes and then gently her swollen mouth he smiled at her and said, "Your the most gorgeous, sensual woman I have seen in a long while, he took her hand and placed it on his hardening cock. "Besides you started this, now what are you going to do with this problem I have?"

She pushed him back and climbed over him straddling him before she reached to push him inside her moaning in pleasure as she expanded to meet his girth.

"Oh God, Martin you're so big and you feel so good." He placed his hands on her hips and picking her up dropped her down hard on him. He loved the feel of his cock knocking against her cervix and the guttural cry she gave him told him it was pleasurable to her as well.

"Now hold on for the ride my splendid cowgirl." He moved her repeatedly up and down his staff as his fingers played his own special tune on her clit and around her delicate and receptive ass.

He knew having come so often this pace and his deepness would bring him to a climax quickly, he could already feel his balls starting to tighten. He was ready to change positions when he felt Margaret start to jerk and cry out and her muscles grab him as she wetted his cock from the inside with her orgasmic flow. He grinned, "Your one hot woman Margaret" and he pulled her down to him to bite and worry her nipples as he thrust deep and allowed himself to come.

This time, they got up after a quick breath and headed for the shower. Laughing as the water warmed when their stomachs growled they realized they never had eaten lunch.

Lunch was just as good warmed up for dinner, and soon they were sated on food, wine and conversation. Martin threw the sofa throw and the pillows on the floor and pulled her down with him in front of the fireplace. With the lights out the lakes reflection cascaded across the windows and it was like a private world all their own.

He arranged her to his liking and then said "Now for desert. You do like desert right. She nodded and he produced a tube of lubrication he had found in the bathroom. "I couldn't help wondering what a nice girl like you was doing with wicked stuff like this. Anal Ease, my oh my" she blushed and stuttered "A friend left it, I've never used it." He grinned, "until tonight anyway, it is my birthday you know."

"I know," she smiled and turned on her belly pushing a cushion underneath. "I trust you Martin, and she reached back and opened herself to his view. He leaned over and kissed her biting her ass hard enough to draw a yelp of pain and then kissing it better until she was purring. He wet his finger and gently worked it around her tight sweet entrance until it relaxed enough to allow him to enter. He heard her breath grow ragged, and could feel the sheen of sweat coating her body. He added another finger well coated with ointment. She reached and he could see her playing with her clit and grinned. He found her passion to be delightful. The women from his past had been more the lay there and let him work variety. He found it wonderful to be with a woman who was willing to do her part, and so he added another finger. She was pushing back and groaning with lust and her juices were dripping from her pussy. This woman was made to be ass fucked.

Soon he had her coming from his finger exercises. She was at the peak of her pleasure, when he greased up his cock and pushed gently but consistently against her wonderfully tight and unbearably hot anal ring. Slowly but surely it relaxed and let him inside. He whispered "Relax and push back against me dearest one."

She did as asked, and he slid inside. He was hot, she was tight and he was afraid he would lose his control with his entry. He started to name all the reindeer one by one. When that didn't do it, he began to wonder what better names he might have come up with if he were Santa Claus. He wandered in those thoughts attempting to gain control of himself until she shoved hard against him and pleaded with him to fuck her now.

Being a gentleman, he obliged and together they rode the crest of their passion to that space in the stars reserved for lovers who willingly take the time and energy to make their passion count. Time stood still and for just a little while all was right with the world.

He pulled her to her side and they relaxed into the afterglow with him still buried deep inside her, when he attempted to withdraw she whimpered and asked him to stay. Soon he was hard enough to move again, he knew this would be it so slowly and carefully and gently they made long passionate love. He made sure his hands were busy everywhere he could reach as she crested on passions waves repeatedly. Finally, he joined her in one final earth shattering mutual climax.

Later over coffee, in front of the fire she smiled and told him how much their time together had meant to her. "I have often heard of sex, that made stars glisten, and bells and whistles go off, but until today I thought it was pure bunk, thank you, my dear Martin for showing me the possibilities.

It was very early in the morning before Martin called a cab to take him to his apartment. He told Margaret to take the morning off and he would see her about one that afternoon. Yawning from where she cuddled naked in her bed she nodded sleepily and agreed.

"Martin," she managed to ask? "If this is just a one time thing, I understand and want you to k now it was wonderful."

He returned to the bed and taking one of her well rounded breasts in his hand bent and bit very deliberately hard enough to leave small droplets of blood around where his mouth had bitten. He lapped the blood up and kissed it better, and said

"So the wolf marks what is his and if you look when you shower you will see its mate on your delectable ass."

She was still laughing as he went out the front door.

Finished Dec 20, 2002

Copyrighted no reproduction without author approval

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Post as:
fakers51fakers51almost 19 years ago
He was good

Even at 50 he was good to Margaret and she knew it. When he bit het breast and bit her ass cheek he was just marking his territory. A good read,

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