tagBDSMThe Wolf on the Fourth Floor

The Wolf on the Fourth Floor


VV, a new Madame in a Paris brothel, has prepped the submissive precisely according to the client's requests. We are about to meet the client.

'Keep her trembling,' I called as I left the room, ' and don't ruffle her too much - remember she must look perfect for him.'

I headed up to the lift and took a deep breath. I had become excited myself and bit my lips on the way to the fourth floor, pinching my own nipples until they were visibly hard through my tight white blouse. I felt a frisson of excitement as I opened the door to the chamber, ready to meet the client.

Natural light shone through the white floor-length curtains bathing the room beautifully. Sat on the chaise longue with his back to me sat a shirtless tanned man with broad muscled shoulders. I could see a glimmer of sweat on his skin and immediately I longed to lick his body. He didn't turn around.

I composed myself and walked slowly around the room to look him in the eye. I recognised him immediately. An international sportsman, a swimmer, I think who was an Olympian perhaps eight years ago, retired from professional sports yet kept the honed body of an athlete. He was sipping a whisky and smoking a joint, naked apart from a white towel around his waist. He didn't attempt to conceal his lust. This was his fantasy, after all, yet he had left the details up to K and I.

'Well Monsieur, I see you are comfortable in our modest chamber. I hope you are ready for an experience you will never forget.'

He looked at me questioning - 'What happens now?'

I held out my hand. 'I am about to prepare you.'

He stood and followed me to the centre of the room between two pillars. I took his left hand and tied him by the wrist with a leather cord to a ring, gave the cord a few centimetres of slack and did the same with the right arm.

'Almost ready,' I said.

To the side was a table covered by a black cloth.

'What's under there?' he aked. I removed the cloth to reveal an array of devices, toys, oils, clamps, whips and a beautiful leather cat of nine tails whip with wooden and metallic tips in different shapes and sizes. He swallowed hard.

'As well you might,' I commented. 'Some of these are for you and some for your.... subject. But first, let's see what you are made of.'

I removed the towel from his waist, folding it slowly and carefully as I assessed him. He was clipped and semi erect and perfectly average. We could do a lot with this, I muse. I could see that he was sweating a little more, perhaps at the strain on his arms, and certainly in expectation of what might happen next.

I took a cock ring from the table and toyed with it before his eyes.

I traced my fingertips across his manly chest, down across his stomach and along his penis to the tip. With my left hand I massaged him until he had a full and magnificent erection. It always surprises me what a cock can do when the correct pressure is applied.

I bent at the waist and took him expertly into my mouth. I licked his head and a small drop of pre-ejaculate came out which i smoothed back over his penis and when he was at full mast I slipped on the cock ring.

'Now - there you are ready,' I said and clapped my hands.

I turned to the frosted glass door to the lift just as Laure appeared.

Blindfolded, and sleek in a black skirt and jacket, balancing on her high heels. her lips red and she looked more nervous than before. I don't know what Charles had done or said to her but it had worked. I made a mental note to find out who he was and when I could use him again. There is nothing like a sensual firm preparation at the hands of a man who knows he cannot have you - yet.

'There you are my dear,' I took Laure firmly by the elbow and in a stage whisper said to her

'He will devour you the moment I set him loose.'

The man stiffened as I stood Laure in front of him.

Standing back and letting him view here properly I began to give the orders.

'Lift your skirt.' The girl began to slowly raise the black fabric up across her beatuifully slim thighs slowly revealing her stocking tops and straps. She stopped

'Higher than that my dear, we want to see what you have for us.'

She pulled higher until the skirt became a belt, exposing her beautiful pink and glistening shaved lips.

'What do you think?' I said to him

He was aroused but played the game. 'I can't see anything like that. Take if off her.'

I stood behind her and pulled back down the skirt. then reached in front and undid the buttons of her jacket.

As I removed it from her shoulders, showing her bra and large breasts I pulled back on her shoulders, whispering.

'Posture my dear, posture. You want to look your best don't you as I forced her chest forward. His eyes were on stalks by now. I unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor.

'Pick it up' and as she bent forward I traced my hands across her bare buttocks and pinched the soft flesh.

I grabbed her breasts from behind, squeezing gently, then with my finger tips softly traced the outline of her nipples, rubbing my finger nails across the tips until I heard her moan. I forced my hands inside the cups and pulled them aside exposing her round flesh encased in tighter red material, forcing them together exquisitely,

I licked my finger tips and again began to tickle her nipples.

The man strained at the ropes holding him back as he tried to get closer.

'You want to bite?' I said. He responded with an animal growl.

I pushed the girl closer to him, and he lurched forwards, open mouthed he bit and sucked her erect nipples like a wolf ravishing his prey. I held her upright from behind as she nearly collapsed with pleasure. Letting him feast for a few seconds more, I pulled her back away just out of his reach.

'Bring her back' - he said.

'Patience, Monsieur, Patience. Soon she will be entirely yours. But not until I have finished playing with you both.'

'Turn around, and bend over,' I told the girl, spread your legs. wider than that.

'Grab your cheeks.'

Panicked, I think the girl expected me to begin penetration. The wolf's eyes darted from the table to the girls exposed holes. Which one would we choose first?

I picked up the leather cat of nine tales and gently, softly let it fall across her cheeks, the cold metal and knotted wooden tips tapping at her clitoris and anus as I toyed with her. Her breathing became heavier as the taps became more firm. Satisfied she was primed, I stuck two fingers between her dripping wet lips and rubbed her clitoris until she moaned again.

I rubbed my wet fingers over his full lips and let him taste her.

'Turn around,' I told the girl.

She stood with her breasts sticking our from her bra, nipples and breasts still red and tender from his bites.

Her long thighs were pink from the whipping and cased between the straps of the garter belt was her beautiful exposed vagina, ready for penetration.

'Get on your knees, open your mouth and lean forward' - I said.

As she did took his hard cock in my hand and looked him dead in the eyes. He looked from me to his penis as I took the back of her head and gently moved his cock across her face and lips before forcing it into her mouth.

'Suck,' I commanded.

Holding the back of her head with one hand, I pushed his ass forward with the other in rhythm.

While she continued to suck, he threw his head back, and moaned, his knees now also buckling beneath the strain.

By this time I too was soaked between the legs. This scene was driving me crazy and I decided to get involved.

'If you want to Monsieur, you can tear my blouse open.'

He needed no second offer as her tore into the silk with his teeth, sending buttons flying, then kissing and biting my breasts and nipples.

The girl continued to suck him veraciously deep then shallow, deep and shallow, licking his shaft and tip and sucking again. His body writhed as he came closer to ejaculation and his arms strained on the cords, while his mouth devoured my chest. He braced as the semen began to build in his cock and the girl, recognising the signs changed pace to slow the sweet agony.

'I'm ready he moaned, don't stop now.....'

Your wish is our command, I said, as Laure stepped up the pace again, slipping her hand between his ass cheeks, tickling his anus and with one final round slipped her finger up his ass as he came loudly and forcefully, jerking onto his toes and moaning as she kept sucking until he had no more left to give.

He hung limply in from his place between the ropes as I removed the cock ring from his flaccid prick and left the girl kneeling where she was.

I cleaned him with warm water as his breathing slowed to normal.

'We have a wild animal on our hands here,' I said to the girl, 'You do not know what you have done to him, my dear. But I can see he is ready to take control of this little scenario and teach you a few lessons.'

That was the agreed phrase, decided upon beforehand with the client for the time when I would hand the reigns over to him.

'Wooh,' he let out a long breath. 'That, ladies, was a spectacular start to this evening. We are far from finished.'

'Untie me and pour me another whisky,' he commanded.

'I want you two on this rug in front of the chaise longue. Bring those toys and listen to every word I say.'...

Well, what can I say? What began as a chance lunch with an old friend turned into something quite different.

As for what the Wolf made us do, and did to us.... that is entirely a different chapter.

And one I hope you will enjoy reading in the future.

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