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The Wolf with the Red Roses


© 2017 Chloe Tzang. All rights reserved. The author asserts a moral right to be identified as the author of this story. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a review.

This is my first ever Valentine's Day story (written for the 2017 Valentine's Day competition). It isn't quite what I was expecting to write when I started out (it was meant to be a short and sweet first time romance, featuring Craig and Regan, but it didn't quite turn out that way as you'll read -- and part way thru it morphed into a little mild bdsm). It's also ended up being my first foray into the "Mature" category, so I'd love to know how you think I did with this one.

Anyhow, regardless of all of that, this story starts and more or less ends with roses, as any good Valentine's Day story, IHMO anyway, should. So enjoy, and guys ..... buy her red roses for Valentine's Day, okay. Nipple clamps, well, they're optional, but red roses, they're categorically a requirement (unless she has an unfortunate allergy to flowers in which case you better go with chocolate ones ...)

Oh, and btw, for those that want a quick read, like my yappy and long-winded intro, this is not a short story. It IS a stand-alone, but it's about 14 or so LIT pages (50k words) and does include -- how do I put this politely -- lots of graphic sex. I hope you'll find it's worth the reading time but if that's to long for you, best you know now, before you get further into it than this. Long or not, it was certainly fun for me to write altho now my partner has these terrible ideas about spanking and nipple clamps and he thinks I need to be "disciplined" for writing these shockingly naughty stories .....oh dear...still, the practice was lots of fun 

And finally, the author's Mom would also like to ensure that the author has added a disclaimer that while her daughter was well brought up and used to be a very nice girl, she has no idea what went wrong and it's not her fault Chloe is writing this shockingly explicit erotica stuff. Chloe's partner on the other hand wants to state that he enjoys Chloe's stories tremendously and she should write more of them and he hopes you will all encourage her as well as he reaps the benefits, especially when Chloe is writing those hot sex scenes and he did think the nipple clamps were a wonderful idea until Chloe wanted to try them on him and then he changed his mind, much to Chloe's disappointment. ... but now, enough with the yapping from me. On with the story, which is, after all, why you're here and putting up with my yap yap yapping ... Chloe

* * * The Wolf with the Red Roses * * *

[Boy:] On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? [Girl:] Yes. [Boy:] I bet you say that to all the boys!
You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth, MeatLoaf

* * *

"Wow, nice costume, Regan!" Craig is at the front door of my parents' house, smiling, looking me up and down as he hands me the beautiful red roses he's carrying.

"They're lovely. Thank you, Craig." I smile back before I bury my face in the huge bunch. He was probably expecting me to kiss him but that's hard when you're holding a huge bunch of roses so he loses out. Besides, they smell divine. They're even nicer than the roses he gave me on our first date three months ago, two weeks to the day after my eighteenth birthday.

"Don't you want to take the roses inside?" Craig asks.

I shake my head. "No," I say. "Mom might see my costume." I give him another flash of what I'm wearing under my Little Red Riding Hood cloak.

"Oh, right," he says, comprehension dawning. "Let's go." Craig's not Chinese like me. He doesn't know what Chinese Mom's are like when they see their only daughter in a costume that any boyfriend would die to see his girlfriend in. But he does know my Mom. He's quick enough on the uptake when you give him a clue or two.

Tonight he's quick. We're in his car in seconds. Once we're in his car, I pass him back the roses.

"Hold them for a second," I say. "I have to finish my costume."

He takes them, watching as I unfasten my cloak. He notices right away I'm not wearing a bra but with his hands full of roses, he's stuck. I smile as I fish around in my overnight bag. There it is. He's going to like this. I pull out the harness top that Lulu gave me. Slip it on over the top of my shirt. It's all black leather straps and little silver buckles and it's a kind of bondage thing according to Lulu. I fasten it at the back, smiling at Craig. He definitely likes the way it fits me. Once it's on, I refasten my cloak.

Craig's had his look. He can play later. "Let's go," I say, taking my roses back from him. I continue to hold them as we drive. The car fills with that divine scent. I'm not worried about taking a huge bunch of roses with me. We're going to a Valentine's Day (except it's the evening) party at Harry's parents house. Harry is Craig's best friend and we're over there a lot. His parents will have a vase for my roses, I'm sure.
* * *

Parties are always fun. I've been to a couple of parties at Harry's before, his parents are great. This one is actually a fancy dress party his parents are putting on, and Harry's on bar duty, but he's invited Craig and I as well as his girlfriend, Lulu.

"Hi Regan, hi Craig." Lulu answers the door. Lulu Li. She's my bff from way back. She's also Harry's girlfriend and it looks like she's on front door duty. Andrew, Harry's dad, is real good at delegating. I know. I've been delegated to in the past. Tonight, well, lucky Lulu. "Those flowers are gorgeous." She looks me up and down. Grins. "I really like the costume. Come on in, everyone who's here is down in the rec room."

I grin. She's pushing the costume envelope herself and she encouraged me to do the same. I'm dressed as a sexy kind of bdsm Little Red Riding Hood. A nice little red cape, red top and frilly little red skirt that's just a bit too short with black knee socks. It's a little embarrassing, but it looks hot and right now my hair is kind of dyed dirty blonde and I've got lots of black eyeliner and lipstick on. Lulu kind of hotted it up for me and I did the makeup to suit myself.

For a girl who conflicts like crazy over giving blowjobs to her boyfriend, she's rather imaginative. From somewhere, and she won't tell me where, she got that bondage harness top things that I'm wearing. I'm wearing it over the top of the red shirt, along with a black leather and silver choker she gave me. No bra. Red panties to match the skirt just in case anyone sneaks a look. The original look was kind of cutesy. I don't really look so cutsey now, but I do look hot.

Lulu's my best friend but I have to admit she can be kind of kinky sometimes even though, like me, she's never had sex. Not counting blowjobs that is. We're probably the only virgins left in our senior year except for that weird Muslim girl who won't even talk to the boys and a couple of bored again's who aren't bad looking but they're such bible bashers that even the boys won't talk to them.

Anyhow, virginity? I'm not intent on losing it, but it is something I think about every now and then. Should I or shouldn't I? Me and Lulu both. I don't know why we do that. I mean, it's the twenty first century, but try telling our parents that. Whatever. I haven't lost it yet and I've held Craig off, just. He's not the right guy, I'm almost sure of that. Of course that doesn't stop me teasing him and making out with him. We're going to make out tonight for sure. It's not just that we always do when we stay over at Harry's. It's the top I'm wearing.

All those black straps and buckles, they make sure my boobs are on display. Not that there's that much to display. Without my cape, you can see my nipples. My Mom would have a fit if she saw me now, but I kind of like it even if it's embarrassing. Craig likes it to. He watched me put it on in his car because I hadn't dared wear it at home in case Mom saw me on the way out the door.

If she'd seen my costume, I'd have been sent upstairs to change. If she'd seen that harness top thing, I'd have been grounded until I graduate and go to College. Anyhow, the cape? The cape lets me cover myself up when I want to. It's very cute and sexy and the red contrasts beautifully with my long and usually black but now dirty blonde hair, which tonight is in its usual high ponytail. I think I make a wonderfully edgy Little Red Riding Hood.

Lulu is dressed as one of Santa's little elves and this evening she's definitely being Santa's little helper. A very short little green skirt, candy-striped tights and a red top that matches mine. Except she's wearing a bra - after she coaxed me into NOT wearing one. Cheater. Kind of a cute costume she picked up online. We bought them together.

Craig and I add our snow boots and coats to the collection at the door. An older couple are arriving, Lulu is taking their coats as I head downstairs. The old guy is watching my butt, I can see him in the mirror. I wiggle, just to give him a thrill. I'm still carrying my beautiful bouquet of roses. Craig is taking our overnight bags upstairs. He and I and Lulu are sleeping over.

"May I put those roses in a vase for you, Miss Riding Hood?" The silver-haired fox in a wolf costume gives me a smile as I walk in. It's Andrew, Harry's Dad. He suits the wolf costume. He always rather reminds me of a wolf, even without the costume. A kind of silver-haired, charming and very foxy wolf. If he was thirty years younger..... well, let's just say Craig would have serious competition for me. But he is thirty years older than me and besides, he's married.

His wife, Pamela, is a lovely curvy blonde. Gorgeous. There's no possible way he'd be interested in an eighteen year old Chinese girl. Craig wins. Oh well. It's not like Andrew is even close to my age or anything. It's just my silly imagination.

"Thank you Mr. Wolf." I smile back, blushing. Andrew always makes me blush. Sometimes he makes me go weak at the knees and I have no idea why. Maybe it's something about the way he looks at me. Maybe it's the way he talks to me. He's very assertive and commanding. I feel like I should be snapping to attention and clicking my heels together and saluting sometimes when he asks me to do something. I like it when he looks at me too, there's just something about him. An aura? Whatever. It's strange. It's like he's undressing me with his eyes and I like it. It's not a look that I like from guys usually. But with Andrew? I don't mind at all.

He's giving me that look now. "Nice costume, Regan. Hey, I like what you've done with your hair. Cute." His eyes light up. He grins.

I realize my cape is wide open. He's looking at my top and those black straps of the harness thingie that criss-cross everywhere. I know where he's looking. It's almost like his eyes are caressing me. My nipples swell, engorge, they tingle where they push against the material of my top. The criss-cross straps hold the material tight so that when my nipples swell, they're very visible. They're pushing hard against the material that covers them. Andrew's look lingers. It's like he's checking me out. I blush, but I don't cover myself with the cape. I stand there, feeling his eyes on me, transfixed.

"Let me take those roses," he says.

I pass them to him, he gestures towards the bar. "Harry's doing the drinks, foods on the buffet table, you know where everything is, Regan."

I do. I've been here often enough before. I'm going to have some fun. I like parties, even if this one is mostly Harry's parents' friends. It's still going to be fun. Especially if Andrew keeps looking at me like that. Maybe if I make myself useful he'll give me another of those looks. Its fun and Craig won't mind, him and Harry will be yapping at the bar. I take a deep breath. "Can I get you a drink from the bar?"

He looks at me. An appraising look. A long slow look, ending with a long slow smile. "Sure, if you don't mind, Regan. Ask Harry for an Armagnac, tell him the nineteen fifty two Samalens."

He really is very very good looking, even if he is fifty something. As he turns away I pull my cape closed. I am shy, even if I'm dressed like this. I'm not sure why I'm wearing this bondage strap harness thing now that I'm here. I mean, I thought it was cool and edgy and everything when I put it on but this party is all older people except for Lu and me and Craig and Harry.

Now I wish I hadn't let Lulu persuade me to wear it, but when Andrew looks at me the way he has been, I go all shivery inside. It's a strange feeling, but it's not one that I dislike. It's actually rather exciting. Just, I don't want anyone else looking at me like that. Maybe Craig, but that's all.

The bar is busy but as soon as he sees me, Harry ignores everyone else to ask me what I want.

"Armagnac, the nineteen fifty two Samalens," I tell him. "It's for your Dad."

"Thought so." Harry grins as he reaches under the bar. He looks like a much younger version of his Dad, but somehow, Harry never has the effect on me that his Dad has. That's kind of puzzling, coz Harry is much more the sort of guy I should like looking at me. He's a couple of years older than me and Lulu. I'm still puzzling over that when he passes me a half full tumbler.

"Don't drop it, Regan," he grins. Harry's always grinning. "That stuff's pure gold."

"Thanks," I say, but he's already on to the next order. I lift the glass, sniff it. It's strong. It smells of roasted nuts, overlaid with traces of mint, grapes, walnuts and honey. Rich and strong and somehow sweet. Not the kind of thing I like to drink at all but it's an interesting scent. I turn away from the bar, carefully holding the glass, looking for Andrew. I find him on the other side of the rec room, talking to another older guy.

He sees me as soon as I walk up to him. "Here you are, Sir," I say, doing my best waitress impersonation, carefully offering him the glass. I haven't spilled a drop.

"Excuse me, Andrew," his friend says, giving me a smile. Was that an appreciative smile? He's looking at my top too. My cheeks burn. "Brad's over there, I gotta ask him something."

We're alone together. Well, we're not really. We're in the middle of a party but it feels like we're alone, eyes only for each other. The party fades into the background, ignored.

"Thank you, Regan," he says, taking the glass from me. My cape is open. I don't close it. I don't walk away. I don't say anything. I stand there. Andrew looks at me. It's almost as if he's studying me. His look is wistful as he raises the Armagnac to his lips. He sips slowly, savoring the taste, rolling it in his mouth. His eyes seem to be savoring me while his taste buds savor the Armagnac. I know I'm being silly, imagining things. He's just enjoying his drink but its fun to fantasize just a little.

"Is it nice, Sir?" I ask, doing the mock waitress thing again. It's fun.

"It's very very good, Regan," he says. "Would you like to try it?"

"Okay," I say, a little doubtful. I don't drink much. When I do it's either white wine or a small vodka, lime and soda. Very small.

He smiles. "You should say 'Yes, please, Sir,' you know." As if I'm a little girl being corrected. Or a waitress. That's funny.

"Yes, please, Sir," I say, very meekly. "Just a little taste." Oh god, he's looking at me that way again, looking down at my nipples. I can feel them swelling. They swell and they ache the way they do when Craig kisses them sometimes. They ache just from Andrew's look and he's looking, watching them engorge. Watching them as they swell and harden and push my top out. I'm blushing. My hand jerks, I'm going to cover myself with my cape. This is too embarrassing, but I'm also wondering if he likes the view. He's definitely looking.

Andrew's hand takes my wrist, very gently. He lifts my hand from my cape, places his glass in my fingers. His eyes meet mine. He smiles. "Try it," he says, "just a tiny sip."

I smile back. "Yes, Sir." I raise the glass to my lips. Inhale that aroma. Andrew watches me, he smiles. I sip. A tiny sip, barely wetting my lips. It's strong, fiery even. Rich and sweet in my mouth, a hint of chocolate, traces of caramel, nuts, some kind of wood. It flows over my tongue, bringing a wave of opulent sweetness. It's like liquid fire, glowing as I swallow, liquid heat flowing down my throat.

"Whooooo-hoooo," I say, passing him back the glass. Probably not the most elegant of comments I could make, but it's more or less how I feel.

"Like it?" he asks me.

I lick my lips. "It wasn't what I expected," I say. Then I grin. "Sir."

He grins right back at me. "Very good, Miss Wong."

I giggle. "I kind of liked it but I don't think I could drink very much of it." No way. I'd be on the floor. "Sir," I add. He seems to like it when I say that. He finds it amusing. He smiles again. I like that too. Actually, I like calling him Sir. It makes me feel .... Like I'm being very respectful and good and obedient, and I like that. With Andrew. Not with anyone else.

Andrew laughs. He dips a fingertip into his glass, wets it, reaches out, traces Armagnac across my lips with his fingertip.

I stand still, eyes half closed, the aroma of the drink strong as he wets my lips. I resist the urge to move or to lick my lips. Instead, I do something even I don't expect. I reach up and take his finger, hold it, slide my lips down over his fingertip. My eyes are looking up at him as I ease my lips all the way down to the second knuckle. My tongue swirls on his finger, licking the Armagnac from his skin. It's the same way I suck on Craig' cock, except this is Andrew's finger and it's in my mouth and his finger is smaller than Craig's cock.

"Oh, that's very very good, Regan." He smiles as his finger emerges slowly from my mouth. I give the tip a last slow swirl of my tongue before releasing him. "And I do like the way that costume displays your ..." For a moment I'm sure he's going to say nipples. "...assets." He grins at my suddenly flustered look. "You go have some fun now." And he's gone.

I watch him for a moment, disappointed. I was having fun. For some reason I'm smiling. My nipples are still aching and swollen. Craig materializes next to me.

"Dance, Regan?" he asks. He's looking a little distracted.

"Sure," I reply as he takes my hand in his. I pull my cloak closed.

* * *

It's nearly eleven and everyone has been having a great time. Drinks, food, music, dancing. Although it's Harry's parents music. Old stuff. It's not bad though. There's a lot of dancing going on. Even some making out here and there, which surprises me, but I go with the flow. I've been making out just a little with Craig now and then but there's no chance to go off and get a little more serious about it.

I've even had a couple of drinks. One more than I usually drink. My second was champagne, which I've never drunk before but it's nice. Bollinger, Harry said it was. The bubbles tickle my nose and I'm a little giggly. My glass is empty. I think I've drunk enough.

Craig is dancing with Lulu, Harry is back behind the bar, and I'm taking a break. Really, I've had enough of dancing and I'm thinking of bed. Party pooper, I know, but it's a weeknight and we have school tomorrow and I am a little tired. The silver-haired wolf materializes before me, smiling, a full glass of champagne in either hand. Before I realize what's happened, my empty glass has gone. My hand is clutching a full glass.

"Cheers. Happy Valentine's Day, Little Red Riding Hood," the wolf says. He drinks. "Tired?"

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