tagLoving WivesThe Young One Ch. 16

The Young One Ch. 16


I learned about this episode when I returned home and was introduced to Maggie by the young man in this story. We all became close (very close) friends and eventually swinging partners (Maggie, Mel’s mother, and his father) before leaving the area. My wife filled in some of the details, but only she and Mel know anything about what had been said between them. I can only add the dialogue I heard my wife use in other instances.


Melvin James Cole was the name his mother used when he was in trouble. He always responded to that one fast because he knew the consequences if he failed to do so. But he really preferred to be known as “Mel.” That was the name all his high school friends had used, and even Mr. Turley, owner of the grocery store in which he worked as a bag boy. He didn’t really have to work because his parents had set up a trust fund for him when he was a baby. There was enough money for college, but not enough to enjoy the life he expected to lead in college. Mel planned on majoring in Party Time 101, right through his senior year. He had a head start, because some of his girlfriends had assured him they would be joining him at State. Early on, Mel had learned that having a few bucks in his pocket was the key to open the thighs of some of those cute coeds. So, even though the pay was minimum wage, Mel always managed to make a substantial amount from tips. It seemed like all the ladies needed his assistance when he smiled at them, letting a lock of his blonde hair slide over one eye and his blue eyes wander.

Lately he had been letting his eyes and smile show his approval of a new customer in the store, my wife, Linda. With me gone, Linda appreciated the looks she received from the men around town. She had a pretty good group of them already playing with her, but there was something about this kid that just set her hormones in gear.

It hadn’t taken a great deal to give Mel a reason to be absorbed by her. Earl had gone shopping with her just before he left and had insisted on augmenting her wardrobe with several dresses and blouses that emphasized her bust line. They had done their work admirably, especially when filled out by Linda’s 42DD cups. The lovelies weren’t hidden by the armor plated bras Linda had worn when she and Earl had first married. No, now they were put on display by bras that barely covered her nipples – and sometimes not even those if she became aroused.

The nipples weren’t on display the first time that Mel saw her, but the swell of her breasts were evident in the low cut bodice of her dress when she leaned forward to pick up a sack of groceries from the cart that day. Mel, standing on the other side of the cart had caught a glimpse of the little bit of heaven and almost lost his grip on the smooth paper. Linda had caught him looking, bringing a blush to Mel’s face, but she said nothing. She gave him a smile and a good tip when she finally shut the tailgate of the station wagon.

Mel waited until she was unlocking the door to the car. As she opened it, he held it for her while she got in. He was just as appreciative of the long expanse or thigh he saw as she pulled her skirt up and settled herself in the driver’s seat. His last glimpse was of her was those dynamite legs as he closed the door. He blushed again when she caught him admiring that view. He watched her back carefully from the parking lot and slowly drive away. Only when she was out of sight did he remember his duties and begin pushing the cart toward the store entrance once more.

There were several more of the ladies that day that caused his cock to rise, but none that measured up to the slim brunette with the knock out tits and dynamite legs. He hoped he would see her again. He would love to give HER a tip. Mel had found out early in his job that just the right combination of smile and flattery could earn him more of a tip. On more than one occasion, it had earned him an address and phone number that later proved to be an even more satisfying expenditure of his time when he wasn’t working. Mel had found early on that many of these ladies, twice or even three times his age, appreciated his stamina in bed. It hadn’t hurt that his father’s genes had given him seven inches of bone hard cock that swelled to an even greater length and thickness when he found himself in those beds. Even as he finished his shift that day, he was looking forward to being with one of his favorites, Maggie Stenholm.

Maggie was a real delight. She wasn’t all that great to look at, but when he had let her get a view of his hardness as she rubbed her tits against his hands while he helped her put groceries in the back of her car, she had demonstrated her own interest. Mel remembered that first night very well. Maggie had given him his first drink of alcohol, mixed in a margarita. It had done its work well, for him as well as for Maggie. Maggie had been pretty well oiled when he stood at the doorway to her house and she had invited him in. Dressed as he was, in gym shorts and a tee shirt, it hadn’t taken her long to find out just what was so impressive about her young flame. Maggie, at 40 plus, still had a set of knockers that stood high and proud on her chest. As soon as she had him safely inside her house that first night she had given him a great view of them, through the almost transparent blouse she wore without the encumbrance of a bra. Even better, he had gotten a good feel of them as she turned away from him to lead him into her home, and reached behind her ‘accidentally’ brushing his aroused love muscle. He had closed the short distance between them and reached around her to cup them in his hands.

Maggie had responded immediately, turning in the span of his arms and pressing them against his chest as she stood on tip toes to kiss him. She had immediately stripped his gym shorts down his thighs and knelt in front of him to inhale his swollen love log. It had been the work of only a moment to bend forward and pull her blouse over her head, freeing those delightful boobs to his gaze and touch. Still he hadn’t been able to resist the magic her mouth was working on him, so he had put his hands behind her graying head and began pumping his cock into her hot mouth. He remembered how delicious it had felt to feel his cock shooting in and out of her mouth until, with three generous helpings of hot cum, he had filled her stomach with his seed.

Without another word, Maggie had pulled him over to the enormous couch in her living room and gone down on him again. Only when she once again had him semi rigid did she raise her eyes and smile at him.

“That’s the delivery I wanted,” he remembered her saying. “It’s better to get that first one out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of this.” She had pulled her skirt high on her hips, revealing a lack of panties, and a bush that was the color of her own fading red hair. She had stroked him a couple of times to get him back to his original rigid state, then centered the head of his cock on the opening to her vagina. With a hard pull on his hips, she had driven his cock almost to full depth in her hungry pussy, aided by her own juicy secretions. Remarkably strong, she had pulled him over her and then began pumping her hips, trying to get the rest of his swollen cock in her tight pussy.

Mel had helped, of course. Draping her legs over his arms and then pulling them to his shoulders, he had driven into her completely, earning a gasp of surprise and delight from Maggie. “Ah, that’s what I wanted,” she had told him as he pulled back slightly and then rammed himself home in her hot twat once more.

He remembered how, after that first blinding orgasm, she had slid from beneath his heavy body and led him to her bedroom where he had spent the night reprising his role as the hot stud Maggie had wanted.

That had been his first full night with one of his “harem” as he now called them. His mother had given him hell when he came dragging in at seven the next morning, barely in time to change and go back to work. Fortunately his father, who Mel suspected of dipping his own wick in some of the ladies of the town, had stepped in and told her that it was okay. “Sooner or later, every boy has to become a man,” he had told his wife and given Mel a wink that said more than words. Mel’s mother had not like that, but she couldn’t prevent her husband overruling her time after time beyond that morning until it was now expected that he would be out for the night if he called and told his parents he would be “out tonight.” Secretly, even his father envied his prowess after a long talk about taking responsibility for his actions and avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

So, even with those thoughts going through his mind, Mel left the store to change clothes and then go visit Maggie.

My wife, uncharacteristically sitting by herself, was thinking of Mel even at that same moment. She was trying to determine whether with her stable of studs she had room for one so young. The realization that her panties were damp just from the thought of what she had seen pressed tightly against the fabric covering Mel’s thighs probably caused her rationalization that she had “a duty to teach the younger generation. She suspected that Mel already had his own group of ladies judging from the stories going around town, but she rationalized that her own experience could teach him even more.

“Why not?” she thought to herself, giggling in anticipation. Going to her cupboard, she took a quick inventory of items she could reasonably use to justify another trip to the store tomorrow.

The next day it was raining. Linda considered putting off her visit for another day. She could have any one of her other lovers fill her void tonight, but the idea of that young, virile boy had already awakened her interest to the point she began changing clothes and hoping the rain would stop. Going through her wardrobe, she chose what she knew would be an outfit that would cause instant arousal in most men, then she shook her head as she realized it would be covered by her raincoat. Choosing one of her less exposing costumes, she put it on hurriedly and began the short drive to the grocery.

The rain had lessened in intensity while she drove, but the raincoat was still necessary. Pulling its hood up and stepping out of the car, she walked toward the façade that would protect her from shower still falling. Once inside the store, she looked around to see if the boy was there. She saw him just a moment after he had seen her. His smile was as infectious as it had been yesterday. She took her time unbuttoning the raincoat until her clothing was no longer obscured, then reached back with both hands to push the hood back.

Mel saw my wife’s back arch and her blouse tighten over her breasts as she took the hood from her hair. He almost groaned when he saw the swollen nubs of her breasts pressed against the lighter fabric of her blouse. It gave him an immediate reaction which he tried to hide behind the counter as her gaze passed over him and she began moving slowly down the aisles.

“Damn,” he thought to himself. “What a set of knockers!” He remembered that her legs were just as good based on yesterday’s observation, but still the high standing fullness of those beautiful bazooms caused him to lick his lips with the thought of how they would feel in his mouth.

Linda hadn’t missed the careful observation. She smiled to herself as she continued down the aisles, filling her cart with some staples she had missed on her trip yesterday. She wondered how this would play out. What could she do that would entice him to come with her? She had purposely chosen the approximate hour the store would close, but now, she wasn’t sure. Would he get off at the same time or must he remain to stock shelves. She still wasn’t sure when she finished her shopping. She watched him as he filled two bags with her purchases. She paid Mr. Turley and turned toward her cart.

“You’d better let me help you with those, ma’m,” she heard Mel’s soft voice say. She turned to him with a smile and gave him a polite “Thank you,” then followed him as he started toward the door.

“Take the rest of the day off, Mel. It’s raining so hard I don’t think anyone will come in, and we can re-stock tomorrow,” he hear Mr. Turley say.

Mel’s heart sang. He hadn’t expected such a lucky break. Now, if he could just… He almost trotted to the car with the cart, stopping only when Linda caught up with him and opened the tailgate. She lifted one bat of groceries from the cart and turned toward Mel, huddled under the overhanging tailgate with his knee inside the cargo area. “I’ll hand them to you and you can put them in,” she said.

Mel reached for the bag, his long arms going completely around it and felt her breasts pressed by the backs of his hands. He looked up, expecting a rebuke, but it wasn’t forthcoming and his hands remained there just long enough that she could be sure it wasn’t an accident.

Linda’s nipples reacted almost as Mel’s hands had pressed against her swollen buds. She almost shivered with delight as she felt that big hand press against her chest. The smile she gave him told him there would be no rebuke – only friendliness.

Linda caught up the second bag from the cart. Its stay just a few seconds more in the rain had caused it to be flimsy, so, as she lifted it, the bottom began to split. Mel’s hands were fast, sliding one hand under the bag and the other around it, the upward motion pushed one of Linda’s breasts from its half cup closure and against her thin blouse made almost transparent by the rain. She looked at Mel and saw him staring at the view he had before she had her best idea of the day. They stood that way, both holding the bag as Linda thought fast.

“I heard Mr. Turley say you could have the rest of the day off. Could you give me a hand getting these into my house? It’s only a little way. I’ll give you a tip and bring you back here or take you home, whichever you prefer.”

Mel’s heart sang. He expected a tip, but he was hoping for more, like a name and phone number, as he swung the tailgate down and hurriedly ran to the driver side door to open it for her. He smiled as he told her he would be happy to do it as part of his service to her as a customer. Linda leaned toward the passenger side door and unlocked it, giving Mel an even better view of those long legs and firm thighs as her skirt rode up halfway on her thigh when she stretched along the seat. He would have been much faster getting in on that side if he had not been mesmerized by the lovely view.

“Hurry,” Linda coaxed, as she saw him standing outside, “you’ll drown out there!”

Mel’s brain slid back into gear and he rushed to the other side of the car to the open door Linda held for him. Even in the instant it took him to scurry inside, he didn’t miss the sight of that lovely boob still standing outside it’s cup, the areola almost a reddish copper color in the fading light. He watched as Linda shrugged out of the raincoat she wore, once again forcing her breasts against the wet cloth of her blouse and giving him another view to dream of that night. Unfortunately, as her arms relaxed, the right breast sank back into it cup, depriving him of even more enjoyment.

He watched as she lifted her hips slightly and pulled her skirt high on her thighs before releasing the brake and backing slowly out of the parking place. Her attention was focused behind her; Mel’s were on those mouth-watering legs.

Their conversation was as warm as the inside of the car. Very general in nature, but he had just enough time to learn her name and marital status before they were pulling into Linda’s driveway. He had started to give up hope of more than a few dollars when Linda added that her husband was away for an extended period and she needed his help to get the groceries in the house before the sacks fell apart as they were already starting to do.

Linda unlocked the front door and started down the steps to the car again while Mel took the first bag to the door and put it inside. He was about to help her pick up the second bag with its obvious tears, when it split in her arms. Quickly he put his arms up over the top of the bad and the other beneath just before it tore completely. Together they managed to get it inside and carry it over to the dining room table where it suddenly split, pouring cans over the surface of the table.

Both laughed, commenting on how the timing had been perfect. Mel remembered the second bag and retrieved it. Linda still had not recovered enough from her arousal at the touch of his hands on her breast before. She knew that couldn’t fail this opportunity. She stepped forward to take it from his arms to see if his hands lingered again. They did. If anything even longer than before and she felt her nipples swelling at his touch as she looked in his eyes.

“Are you enjoying that?” she asked in a throaty whisper.

“Yes’m”, the smiling boy said. Emboldened by her question, he turned his palms against both breasts and squeezed them gently. “I sure am!”

“Me too,” Linda managed to say as she felt the tingling sensation his hands brought to her breasts run down her chest, and into the depths of her pussy. Even through her wet clothes, she could feel the warmth of his hands. She knew then that she was going to fuck this boy.

“Time enough for this later,” she said with a smile, covering his hands with her own. “Right now I feel like a drowned rat. Don’t you think we should get out of these wet clothes?”

Mel could hardly contain himself. He reached for the top button of her blouse, his eyes never leaving hers. With the first pushed through its eyelet, he dropped his hands to the second as he felt her hands at his belt line. The buckle unfastened, she unfastened the single button that held the trousers to his waist and then slowly unzipped his fly. Mel felt his trousers slipping, but it was something he could delay catching. Right now his hands were slipping between the facings of my wife’s blouse. He felt the warmth of her breast even as she reached through his boxers and her fingers tried to encircle his throbbing erection.

They both laughed nervously before Linda proposed the solution. “Let’s get undressed and take a hot shower before we catch our death of pneumonia.”

Both hurriedly removed the rest of their clothes. Mel allowed Linda to lead him into the tiled shower and adjust the water to the right temperature before he closed his hands over her breasts once again from behind.

Linda felt the pressing urgency of his cock against the cheeks of her smoothly rounded ass and shivered. It had been almost a week since Earl had left and, despite a couple of intervening lovers, she needed what Mel had to offer.

“I’ll wash your back if you wash mine,” she laughed. She felt the warm hands release her breasts reluctantly, and then the warm soapy water cascading over her back as Mel took her literally. It was sinfully good to feel strong hands smoothing the soft soap over her back, her shoulders, and even down the crack of her ass. He knelt behind her and washed from the crack down to her heels, then lifted her feet and washed even the soles.

“My turn,” she said softly, turning as he did. She admired the strong muscles of his back and the tightness of his buttocks as she stroked them with the soapy cloth. As he had done, she knelt behind him and washed his legs, then his feet.

Still kneeling, she said softly “Now for the fun part.” She turned him slowly with her hands on his waist. Her hands slipped lower to cover his muscular buttocks as he faced her. She gasped with pleasure as the object of her affections grazed her cheek. Eight inches of hard dick were right at mouth level and my wife would never pass up an opportunity like that. She lapped the shiny pre-cum off the ping pong ball sized knob that beyond the helmeted head tapered very slowly to a circumference even greater than that swollen glans. My wife had often told me that every cock tasted different, but until she had started sucking her partners, she never realized how much she liked all of them. Unable to resist the morsel facing her, her mouth opened wide and her lips closed just past the ridged head. She could feel it swelling even as her lips pressed forward and half of that length filled her mouth. Slowly she let her lips slide back along its length, causing Mel to shiver as her teeth grated along its length. He reached for her and managed to once again press her head toward his crotch, causing her to inhale more than half his length before she stood up and passed the soapy washcloth back to Mel. Licking her lips, she told him, “More about that later, but I need to be washed too.”

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