Their First Weekend


Bill moaned when Sally stopped stroking and got out of bed.

Sally went to her purse and rummaged around, seeing if there was anything she could use to reduce the friction of the hand-job.

"What are you looking for?" Bill asked.

"Something to lube you with."

"In this drawer," Bill said, pointing at the night stand.


Sally opened the drawer and found a tube of KY next to a box of condoms.

"You really came prepared, didn't you?" she asked.

"Yup" was part of Bill's reply, the big smile on his face was the other.

Sally opened the tube, and squirted a large glob onto her hand, then rubbed her hands together to spread the lube and warm it. Then she got back between Bill's legs and returned to her ministrations on Bill's cock.

Bill let out a moan of approval. This woman knew all the right moves, and it didn't take long for Bill to be on the verge of an intense orgasm.

"I'm going to squirt soon," he told Sally. She just quickened her pace.

Bill let out an involuntary, "Oh, my!" as the first squirt left his penis. While this one landed on his belly, Sally changed angles and aimed the rest of his load onto her tits. It had been a long time since she had seen a man cum, and watching Bill's orgasm almost gave her one herself.

When Bill finally stopped squirting, Sally carefully got up and walked to the bathroom. As she ran the water to make sure it was warm, she slid her index finger through Bill's sperm, and then licked a small amount off. Sally didn't generally like the taste of sperm, but wanted to check Bill's out. She found she could not only tolerate it, but almost liked it. She licked the rest of his goo off her finger before grabbing a wash cloth and cleaning the rest off of her breasts. Then, rinsing the wash cloth well, she returned to clean up Bill.

"Typical male," Sally said quietly when she saw Bill's eyes closed.

"I'm awake. Just enjoying the relaxation after a very intense orgasm."

Sally was pleased. She carefully wiped off Bill's stomach, penis and scrotum. When she lifted his balls and wiped underneath, Bill let out another moan. Sally made a mental note about that area, then returned the wash cloth to the bathroom.

Sally crawled back into bed with Bill, and snuggled up close to him.

"Thank you, that was wonderful," Bill said. "Now, what can I do for you?"

"Nothing," Sally lied.

They snuggled for a few minutes, then Bill had an idea. He rolled onto his side, forcing Sally onto her back. He started by playing with her nipples, then moved his hand in circles across her body, moving down with each revolution. Sally's legs involuntarily separated with each circle, so when bill finally got close to her pussy, he had plenty of access.

Bill's finally stopped his circular moves and brushed Sally's lower stomach with just the tip of his one finger.

"Oh, you are making me crazy," Sally said.

"Maybe this will help," Bill replied before moving his hand lower and separating her outer vaginal lips. Then he slowly stroked up and down her pussy, delving a little deeper with each stoke. Finally one finger entered her pussy, but was quickly removed.

"Oh, don't stop," Sally demanded.

With that, Bill's middle finger entered her moist vagina. He stroked it in and out a few times, then, started curving it upwards on each out-stroke. Next, he used his thumb to locate her clitoris, without much success. Sally's hand shot down, and she moved her clitoral hood out of the way, and placed his thumb on her clit.

Sally wasn't sure this would bring her any relief, but the feeling was still very, very intense.

"Kiss me while you do that," she suggested. Bill repositioned himself so that he could, and their lips met. Bill could tell when he did something really special because Sally would exhale rapidly through her parted lips. Bill tried hard to repeat those actions.

Sally was pleased with Bill's actions, but knew it just wasn't going to be enough. She broke the kiss, which caused Bill to stop his hand motions.

"Hon, that is wonderful," Sally said, "but just won't be quite enough. Would your pride be wounded it I helped out?"

"I never prided myself on being a good lover, so there is no pride to be hurt."

"Okay," she said as she moved Bill's thumb out of the way. "You keep up the finger motion, and I will handle the button lovin'. And I can't believe I have to say this, but it is okay to kiss my breasts if you want to."

"Want to? I've wanted to since you walked into the room! I just wasn't sure you would allow it."

Bill adjusted his body again, and Sally used her free hand to pull Bill's lips to her nipple.

With Bill's finger working her pussy, her own fingers working her clit, and Bill's nipple-loving, it didn't take long for Sally to reach orgasm. As she came, she thrashed about in a convulsion bigger than Bill had ever seen before. With each spasm she drew in more breath, making an "Ah" sound each time. When the spasms finally stopped, she exhaled deeply with a loud "Oh!"

"When she could finally speak, all she could say was, "Marvelous!", and with that the curled up in each other's arms and fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 2

Bill woke up slowly, wondering why he was so cold, until he realized that he was still naked and the sheets were still on the floor. He looked to his right, but Sally wasn't there. He looked left, and saw her bending over the desk, writing something. He admired her ass for a few minutes before he said, "Good morning."

Sally turned around and said, "Good morning. I was just writing you a note."

"You were going to leave without saying goodbye?"

"No, silly, I was just going to go to my room to wash up and fix my face."

Bill noticed that the makeup was a bit smeared from the evening's activities. Still, she looked great. "You can wash up here, and you really don't need makeup for me."

She walked over, bent down and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Well, thanks, but I want me toothbrush. Nasty case of morning breath."

Bill took her face in his hands and kissed her on the mouth. "Not too bad," he said.

They both laughed.

"Tell you what," Sally said. You order some coffee from room service while I go take a quick shower, change into some clean clothes, and will be back before the coffee is cold."

"No," was all Bill replied.

"No? What do you mean no?"

Bill smiled. "I have a better plan. You run and get your bathroom stuff, those clean clothes and be back before the coffee arrives."

Sally agreed, and wrapping her dress around herself, she grabbed Bill's key card and went out the door. Bill picked up the phone and ordered coffee, juice and Danish for two. Then he padded to the bathroom to take care of morning chores - peeing then brushing his teeth and finally taking his blood pressure medication. He ran a comb through his hair without much improvement, and was just opening the bathroom door when the main door opened. Sally came in carrying a small stack of clothes, a small makeup bag and a deodorant. She was completely naked.

"You didn't wander the halls like that, did you?" he asked.

"Would it turn you on if I had?"

"Perhaps, but it could also get you thrown out of the hotel."

She laughed. "I had my dress on until I put the keycard in the lock. It's lying right outside your door."

Bill started to pull on his pants. "Best get that before the cleaning staff does," he said.

"I dare you to do it without pants," Sally teased.

"You're the naturist, not me. Besides, I have to have something on when the coffee gets here."

"No you don't," Sally replied. Many times I have ordered and accepted room service in the buff."

"Really?" Bill asked.

"Well, twice. First time was a woman who just might have been a lesbian the way she stared. The second time it was a young man, and he almost dropped the tray when he saw me. He got so muddled he forgot to have me sign the receipt and had to come back. When he did, he wouldn't even let me open the door. He just slid the receipt under the door, asking me to sign it and slip it back out."

Sally was smiling at those memories.

"I think he also had an instant erection," Sally added with a laugh.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Bill finished putting on his pants, and walked to the door. Sally was initially going to stand there just to prove herself, but at the last minute made a dash for the bathroom and shut that door just as Bill was opening the other one.

The bell boy set the tray down on the desk. Bill signed for it, including a generous tip, and the bell boy walked to the door. As he passed, Sally called out, "Bill, if that's the drug store delivery, tell them we need two dozen rubbers!"

The bell boy stopped in his tracks, turned red, and then looked at Bill. Bill just winked and told him to have a nice day. When the outer door was closed, they both broke out in a laugh.

As Sally came out of the bathroom, she looked at Bill and said, "Someone is overdressed." She then walked up to him and unbuttoned his pants, pushing them to the floor.

After spreading towels on the two chairs by the desk, Sally poured each a cup of coffee. They sat and talked about nothing in particular while the coffee and Danish lasted. As Bill placed everything back on the tray, Sally looked at his watch on the desk and said, "Oh, my, it's 9:30 already. We're wasting the whole day."

"Yeah, and I think check-out is 11:00," Bill replied.

"Checkout? You're leaving?

Bill nodded. "Your plan didn't say anything about anything other than last night."

"Well, can you stay? Do you want to stay?" Sally asked.

"Yes, I can stay," Bill said then answered the second question with a passionate kiss.

"Excellent. We can move to my room for this evening," Sally purred while her hand found Bill's erect dick.

They kissed for a few more minutes, and their hands had no restrictions this time. They explored each other's bodies and their tongues explored each other's mouths. When Bill's hand reached Sally's crotch, it was obvious that she was just as excited.

Finally, they broke the kiss, and Bill went to look at the posting on the back of the door. "Checkout is at noon," he told Sally.

Sally walked up behind him, and pressed her breasts into his back, wrapping her arms around him and finding his cock. "I think I need a shower," she whispered in his ear.

"Go ahead, "I'll wait," Bill replied.

"To hell with that, you're joining me." Sally backed away, but kept one hand on his cock. This caused him to first turn around then follow her into the bathroom. Only then did she let go.

Sally bent over the tub to turn on the water, and Bill walked up behind her, placing his hard penis in the crack of her ass. She moaned softly, but said, "Don't get any ideas, there, bub. You're not putting that thing into me, front or back. At least not yet."

Bill knew the rules, but continue to rub his dick between her round, full butt cheeks.

When the water was warm enough for Sally, she switched the flow to the shower head, and then they both stepped into the shower. It wasn't really big enough for two people, but they made the best of it, and both used it as an excuse to rub up against the other. Bill loved washing Sally's back, but spent most of his time washing her boobs. Sally took a much more industrial approach, and washed Bill without concentrating on anything in particular, much to Bill's dismay.

Just when Bill thought they were finished, Sally told Bill to turn around so that his back was to her. Then she told him to bend over, spreading his legs as far as possible. He, of course, complied. Sally then proceeded to lather up a wash cloth and carefully wash down the space between Bill's butt cheeks, then around his butt hole, and finally the space between his sphincter and his balls. When she was done, she took another wash cloth and used it to remove all the soap, leaving Bill's backside very clean. Bill was uncomfortable with all this at first, but when he started to ask her about this, she just told him to hush, and enjoy it. And frankly, he did.

Finally, Sally did basically the same process to herself, then turned off the water and stepped out. She grabbed a towel and started drying off Bill before he could even get all the way out of the tub. Bill grabbed another towel and attempted to return the favor, but the logistics just weren't working, so he let Sally finish him before he dried her.

Sally grabbed a comb and handed it to Bill. "Please comb out my hair," she asked. Bill happily complied. This was something he had enjoyed doing with his wife, but that was a long time ago.

When she was satisfied that her hair was combed well enough, she folded a towel and placed it on the closed toilet seat. After directing Bill to sit down, she took one of the hand towels and ran it under the hot water for several minutes, wringing it out several times to be sure it was warm throughout. After the last twist, she opened it, and pushing Bill back so he was leaning against the tank, she put the towel on his face. As he sat there, she found his razor and his shaving cream.

"I think we need to find you a straight-edge," she told Bill. He mumbled a reply but she really couldn't understand him through the towel.

Sally removed the towel and gave Bill a quick kiss before covering his face with shaving cream. She then took Bill's razor and shaved him, wiping off the excess with the wet towel. Bill found this very sensuous, and told her so several times.

Once done with the shave, they both went back into the bedroom.

"It's almost 11:00," Bill said, and he started gathering his belongings and getting dressed. Sally reluctantly put back on her dress, and gathered the few things she had.

"My room is 1206. Come on down when you have everything packed." And with that, Sally left.

With Sally gone, Bill didn't feel he had to be "Joe Cool," and had the biggest smile on his face as he finished his packing. He had had a wonderful night with a very special woman, and was looking forward to spending the day with her. At one point, he even looked down at his crotch and said, "Friend, we both like that woman, don't we?" After making reservations for dinner in the hotel restaurant, he did one last check and headed to Sally's room.

Bill took the elevator to 12, and followed the signs to room 1206. He knocked quietly, then a little harder when there was no answer. It was at this point that he heard a man's voice say, "We're still sleeping in here. Come back later." Bill was surprised, shocked and confused. He headed back to the elevator lobby, and setting his suitcase down, he collapsed into the chair that was there.

"I think I've been swindled," he said to himself, and pulled out his wallet to check the contents. Nope, all his cash and cards were there. "What's going on," he wondered.

Finally deciding he looked foolish just sitting there, he pressed the down button for the elevator. Just then, Sally rounded the corner.

"Where are you going?" she asked. Her voice sounded hurt, but Bill didn't notice.

"Home, I guess. You didn't tell me that there was a man waiting for you in your room."

"There's no one in my room."

Bill just looked at her, not knowing what to believe.

"Come, I'll show you." And she picked up his suitcase and started down the hall. She stopped in front of a door, put her keycard into the slot, and opened the door. This wasn't the door Bill was at before.

"See, room 1207. The only people here are us."

"You told me 1206," Bill said, a smile starting to appear on his face.

"Oh, my, did I? I made that mistake last night and tried several times to get into the room, until someone yelled at me to stop playing with the door or he would call the manager."

Both started laughing at the problem.

"Maybe we should send him breakfast to make up for our disturbing him twice," Bill said.

"No, he'll get over it. Besides, I want to get going."

Bill wondered aloud where they were headed.

"You'll see," was all Sally said. And they headed to the door.

Bill and Sally spent the afternoon wandering through the shopping district, first walking side-by-side, then holding hands and finally with their arms wrapped around each other's waists. Bill teased that he liked the avant-garde paintings in the gallery, and Sally tried on every '70's hat in the vintage clothing store. They wandered around the local department store, both marveling that in this day and age a small store could survive. They snacked on trendy cupcakes early in the afternoon, and mixed flavors of yogurt later in the day. They even found a store where Bill could buy a straight-edge razor.

After more wandering, Sally looked at her watch and said it was time to head back to the hotel.

"For what," Bill said.

"I have a very special dinner planned," Sally stated.

"Oh, really? I have reservations for dinner."

Sally smiled and said, "Trust me. Mine will be better. Cancel your reservations."

When they got back to the hotel, Sally went up to the room, and Bill stopped at the desk to cancel his dinner reservations.

As Bill got on the elevator, the man on the elevator had already pushed the button for 12. Bill rode up with him in silence. The man got off the elevator first, and headed in the same direction Bill was. The man pulled his key-card from his shirt pocket and opened the door to 1206. Bill knocked on the door to Sally's room, and as he waited he made eye contact with the man as he entered 1206.

"Have a nice evening," Bill said.

The man snorted. "I hope so. I kept having idiots trying to get into my room last night. The bastards." And with that, he closed the door.

Sally was already naked when she open the door and was greeted by Bill with a huge smile on his face.

"You like what you see?" she asked.

Bill said he did, but as soon as the door closed he broke into a huge laugh.

"What's so funny," Sally queried.

"I just met the man in 1206. Seems we really pissed him off. Glad he didn't know it was us."

Sally laughed, too, then started unbuttoning Bill's shirt. Though still uncomfortable, Bill completed the effort and soon both were naked.

Bill noted that the room was different. One of the queen beds had been removed, and replaced with two sofa-like things and a long, low table. But, before Bill could ask, Sally wrapped her arms around Bill and gave him a long passionate kiss. Then she pushed him down on the bed, and telling him they only had about 20 minutes, started kissing him. She started at his neck, and moved down to Bill's chest. When he tried to caress her back, she said nothing but pushed his hands away. Sally continued to kiss her way down his body, until she got to his waist. Then she stopped, lifted Bill's left arm up and kissed the fingers one at a time. Then she grabbed Bill's engorged dick and slowly started stroking up and down its entire length. Bill let out a soft moan, and then a louder one when Sally kissed the end of his penis.

From there, Sally slowly bobbed her head up and down on Bill's shaft, taking more and more in with each down stroke. Then she removed her mouth and used her tongue to trace around the head of the shaft. Finally, she took his dick back into her mouth and with her lips and hands soon had Bill on the verge of exploding.

"Ah, I'm ... ah ... close," Bill said, but Sally just redoubled her efforts. At just the right time, Sally moved her mouth and watched as Bill's goo shot out of his dick, and landed on his stomach and chest. When he was finally done squirting, Sally took the head of his shaft back into her mouth, and cleaned off what was left there. Then she ran her tongue across one of the streams, and took some of it into her mouth. Then she sat back and just smiled at Bill.

"Did you like that?"

"Oh, no, not really," Bill teased, then sat up and gave her a very passionate kiss.

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