tagMind ControlTherapy Week 02

Therapy Week 02



Week 2

I sat at the desk completing the notes from my last session with a very unusual trio, Jonathon, Cleo and Charlene had been together for 15 years. It was the most stable 3 person relationship I had ever seen. The balance of a heterosexual male with two bisexual women seemed to be perfect, but it had its difficulties, as anyone who has been in a relationship can tell you, relating with a partner can be hard, Now add another partner. But they handled it well, plus long ago they had seen the need for professional help. So I had a once a month appointment with them, where I basically played referee, as a general rule I didn't say much at all, just listened as they hashed out problems that had cropped up over the last month, it was because my office was neutral territory that kept them coming back.

Glancing at the clock, I saw I still had 15 minutes before Roni's appointment. While I think I'm a pretty good judge of human character, we all have a blind spot around ourselves. We can pickup on other peoples interactions with other people, better than interactions that involve ourselves. I really had no idea how she felt about me. I recognized the interest she had in me from her body language and saw the smokey heat of her eyes when she became aroused, but whether she wanted to act upon those feelings, I didn't know. As for me, all week long, thoughts about Roni had been torturing me, the color of her eyes and how they sparkled when she was happy or excited, the way she tilted her head when thinking, The sprinkling of notes when she laughed, the feel of the soft skin on her arm, the only place I had actual touched, as I led her to her seat. These musings left me light headed, with a bubbly, happy almost surreal edge of excitement.

The real torture was the erotic dreams I had each night. I would wake up sweating, hard and yearning, with only a quick glimpse into what must have been a longer, hotter dream. These bits and pieces of dreams, became the one thought that I'd see over and over through out the day. Roni, with a look of wanting, needing lust, looking up at me and slightly lifting her quivering body as I slowly pull down her panties and get the first glimpse of paradise. The feel and the taste and the wetness of her lower lips and love button as she rubs them all over my face in frantic need, as we tease and please and enjoy each other in a 69. The texture and taste of her nipples and breast as I explore them with my mouth, while Roni rubs her leaking sex against my thigh. But the hardest one was of me burying my shaft into the slippery wetness of her sex and for one long moment of climax, we are one, our needs, our desires, our being, joined as one, as we ride the edge of ecstasy.

The sound of the intercom breaks me from my thoughts and I answer, as Karen, my receptionist, Office Manager and Keeper tells me Ms. Turner has arrived. I tell her to give me 5 minutes, then to send her in, after that she can lock up and go home. I walk into my in-suite bathroom and wash off my face and readjusted my clothing, paying particular attention to my bulge. My previous line of thought had left me hard, adjusting for best comfort and least notice, I returned to my desk.

I know I have my own kinky side, I love to control the pleasure of a woman, to me there is nothing as sweet and fulfilling as using my tongue, hands and body to tease and titillate, until she becomes a mass of need, where feeling my touch becomes her world, where release is worth any price. To bring her to the point of begging and keeping her there as the pleasure builds and ebbs, each time a little higher till at the perfect moment, I allow her release and enjoying her cries, her moans, her total surrender to the pleasures of my touch.

Over the last few months I had come to a decision. While Roni thought a cure for her would be the complete repression of any submissive thoughts, I knew she needed a balance between her submissive side as a compliant, eager to please, sexual being and her public self as a highly competent self-sure woman. I knew I only had three or four sessions with her before I'd be forced to quit being her Therapist, by that time, I planned on being the focus of her sexual submissiveness.

A hesitant knock at the door heralded her arrival, the sudden spike of anticipation and fear filled me as I asked her to come in. As I expected, she was dress in tight jeans that hugged her body and displayed her heart shaped derriere perfectly and a tight striped top that subtlety emphasized her all ready perfect mounds and left her thumbnail sized nipples clearly visible. I crossed my Rubicon.

As I greeted her, I rose and walking to her side, I placed my arm across her back and onto her shoulder and gently but firmly led her to the couch and sat her down. Looking down at her, I looked her firmly in the eyes and after I was sure I had her attention, slowly and intensely, examined her body. From this point forward, I wanted her to know, that in this room, I was completely in charge. While Roni always thought she needed to loose some weight, to me she was perfect. Her breast and rear perfectly balanced, her stomach soft and pliable. I longed to spread her thighs and lay between them with the inferno of her sex warming my groin. I returned my eyes to her face, she was flushed and staring at her lap, her lower lip quivered and her chest pumped in and out as the fabric of her shirt tightened and loosened with each breath.

I sat in my chair upright and dominant, my very demeanor expressing power and confidence. In a voice that left no room for disagreement, I ordered her to lay upon the couch. She quickly kicked of her shoes and lay back. I could see the effects of my actions from the clandestine movements of her pelvis as she squeezed her legs together and the accidental brush of her arm across her nipples, which were visibly larger, as she settled in, under the guise of getting comfortable.

I had decided, I would only give her limited choices during our sessions, I would tailor my questions and her responses, to the path I had already chosen. Yes, this was unethical, but I knew it was for the best, for her and for me. I wouldn't be her Therapist much longer anyhow. I looked at her laying there, waiting, waiting for me to take her, mold her, tweak her wants and needs to the vision that we both would soon share.

Looking at her, I said "Sleep for me Roni", in perfect obedience, her body relaxed and the slight eye flutter you watch for when putting someone in trance, started.

T: "Can you hear me Roni?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

It was time to begin, this was the last chance I had to quit, to withdraw from what I planned. The last chance for me to retreat back into the desire haunted fantasies that filled me. Back to the lonely wet dreams of existence without her. Is this really what's best for her or only me? As if to answer me, she moaned as the pleasure she was feeling became to much.

I began questioning her, each question leading to another, based on the answers from the previous ones, each answer that led in the direction I wanted, I would reward her. I loved rewarding her. After an hour of this, she was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, her back slightly arched, her nipples hard as diamonds pushing out from her bra and blouse. Her groin moved slowly up and down as if seeking more pleasure.

I had ascertained that it wasn't a major trauma that caused her to respond sexually to domination but a gradual conditioning, her father had been a dominant figure, the boyfriends and lovers, that she had been happiest with, had all been dominant, that plus the poor body image she had of herself resulted in her feeling happiest when being dominated. She would immediately retreat to her submissive mindset when confronted by a confident aggressive person.

Watching her panting and squirming on the couch had kept me excited, now was the time for her first release under my control.

T: "Are you hot, Roni?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "You know you can only cum when I allow you to?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "would you like to cum, Roni?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "Would you like for me to let you cum, Roni?"

R: "Yesss", pleasss Let me cummm!!

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "Will you cum just for me, Roni?"

R: "Yesss", pleasess let me cummm for you!!

T: "Very Good"

R: "pleasesss,pleasess, pleasesss cummm"

Watching her getting hotter and hotter, watching her body betray itself as she thrust her sex up at an imaginary lover, waiting for me, waiting on my approval to cum, the pleasure was overwhelming for us both, my climax would be purely mental at this point, but her's would be very physical and very real.

T: "In a moment I going to let you cum, Its going to be the best orgasm you've ever had. It will be so intense you can't keep quiet and the louder you are the more intense it will be."

T: "do you understand, Roni?"

R: "Yesss" cummm bestsss loud pleaesss

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "Cum for me Roni"

R: "oh god!! oh God!! yes!! yes!! OH GOD YES THATS SO GOOD YES OH MY GOD, "Yesss", "Yesss", "Yesss", yess, yess, so good, yess"

Watching her thrash around in the midst of her continuing orgasm, pushed me mentally over the edge and I felt the snap, as my mind had what I call a mental orgasm, when the pleasure becomes so great the brain shuts down for a second and my body felt like I had run a marathon. It was delicious.

After recovering for a moment I looked over at Roni, she was sweaty and disheveled with a pleased satiated look, her body sprawled, knees slightly up, legs spread apart, the whole crotch area of her jeans was soaked and the smell of her sex was strong in the air. I longed to bury my head between her thighs and suck and lick up all her delicious wetness, but we still had work to do.

T: "Did you like that, Roni?"

R: "yess, so gooddd"

T: "would you like to feel that again?"

R: "Yesss so gooddd"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmmmm"

Roni was fully satiated at the moment and even a reinforcement pulse of pleasure didn't register as much as it had, but that was OK I'd soon have another tool to reward her obedience.

T: "would you like me to make you cum again later?"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Listen closely, anytime you hear me say the words "Cum for me Roni" you will have an orgasm as strong and as good as that one. Do you understand?"

R: "Yesss" cum for youuu"

T: "Very Good, baby"

R: "mmmmmm"

Now it was time. I had some post-hypnotic commands I would give her later, to insure she act more confident away from me. The end result should be for her to only display her submissive side to me. But for now, I wanted to wake her up and assert my sexual dominance on her awakened consciousness.

T: "Can you hear me baby?"

R: "yesss"

T: "In a moment I'm going to wake you up. When I do you will find you must obey every command I give you. Each time you do, you will feel the same tingle you do when I say "Very Good", understand?"

R: "yess obey feel good"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmmmm"

T: "I will count to 5 and awaken you, this one time you will remember everything we've done and said, you must obey my every command, you love the feeling you get when I order you to do something."

T: "1, 2, 3, your almost awake, 4, 5 and awake."

I watched as her eyes cleared and watched as the emotions flitted across her face, satisfaction faded into wonder which faded into anticipation which slowly became apprehension as she realized I could control her actions.

Roni darted glances at me from lowered lashes, as I sat quietly, waiting for the right moment to speak, her glances became centered on my groin as she noticed I was hard, I shifted position and open my legs wider making sure she could see how excited she made me. She blushed, the color rapidly filling her face and the visible part of her chest. I casually reached down and ran my hand up and over the bulge in my pants. If it was possible she blushed even deeper, but at the same time I could see her nipples harden and her breathing becoming more labored. It was time.

"Did you enjoy that, Roni?" I asked, knowing that such a direct question would embarrass her and be hard for her to answer. She looked towards the back of the couch trying to escape both my scrutiny and my questions. I stood and walked in front of the couch. "Sit up Roni" I said in my command voice. She hesitated for a second then sat up, as she did, I heard a low moan from her. "You will answer all my questions honestly and completely, do you understand?" A low, barely audible, yes, followed by a moan. "Very Good, Baby", another moan somewhat louder came from her. "I am going to ask you a series of questions you must answer each one truthfully, " I said in a positive voice "Are you ready?" another low yes followed by a moan.

T: "did you enjoy what I did to you, Roni?"

R: "yes, mmmm!"

T: "would you like for me to do it again?"

R: She hesitated a moment then, "yes", followed by a gasp

T: "Does it make you hot talking about it?"

R: "yes", louder this time, followed with another shaky deep breath

T: "Do you want me to make you hot, Roni?"

R: "yes, mmmm!"

T: "look at my crotch, Roni, do you like looking at my bulge?"

R: "Yes, mmmm!"

T: "Rub your hands between your legs and tell me what you feel?"

R: She Slowly lowers her hands and begins to feel between her legs, "I'm wet and sticky, mmmm!"

T: "Why are you wet and sticky?"

R: "Because you made me so hot and I cum so good, mmmm!"

As I was asking the last question, Roni's hands which were still between her legs began moving, rubbing up and down her jeans directly over her mound.

T: "Are you touching yourself Roni?"

R: "Yes it feels so good, mmmm!"

T: "move your hands, Roni," as I said this she removed her hands "mmmm!"

T: "you cannot touch yourself unless I allow it, do you understand?"

R: "yes, mmmm!"

Looking at Roni sitting on the couch, was extremely erotic. She sat leaned back, her breast thrust forward, her nipples hard, her hands, which I had made her move from between her legs, were making small up and down motions on her upper thighs. Her legs sprawled wide, a new patch of wetness could already be seen, forming on her jeans, her breathing rapid and deep, her eyes were bright with lust and center on me waiting for what I would say or do next.

T: "would you like to please me, Roni?"

R: "oh god!, Yes" mmmm!"

T: "Have you ever pleased a man with your mouth, baby"

R: "Yes, mmmm!"

T: "did you enjoy it"

R: "Enjoyed pleasing him, didn't like the taste, mmmm!"

T: "I think I can help with that, Sleep for me Roni"

She slumped back relaxed on the couch as I started thinking of what I was going to do.

T: "Can you hear me, Roni?"

R: "yesss"

T: "Do you love it when I please you, Roni"

R: "yess"

T: "Very good"

E: "mmmm!"

T: "Can my member please you, Roni"

R: "yesss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "If you love my member pleasing you, you must love my member, don't you"

R: "oooh , Yesss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "Listen very carefully Roni, any time you see my bulge it will make you very hot and very wet"

"You like being Hot and wet, don't you Roni"

R: "Yesss"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

T: "What will happen when you see my bulge, Roni"

R: "So hot and wet"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!, so hot and wet"

T: "Listen carefully, Baby, any time you hear me and only me say the words "Cock Slut" , you will have an overwhelming desire to take me in your mouth and please me, Just thinking about pleasing me makes you so hot. You will love the smell, taste and texture of my member. Every time, you see my member for the first time, you will have a small orgasm. Every time my member hits the back of your throat, it will feel like I'm sucking on you sex, every fifth time it hits your throat you will cum, just as if I had said "Cum for Me, Roni", You may not have my member unless I give you permission. The longer you have to wait for it, the hotter you will be, until you beg me for it. When you beg me for my member it will make you even hotter and wetter." "Do you understand, Roni"

R: "Yesss, so hot"

T: "Very Good"

R: "mmmm!"

I couldn't think of anything else at the moment, but I could always go back and fine tune her responses.

I woke her up. As the dazed look left her eyes, she immediately locked her eyes on my bulge, I could see her visibly becoming hotter, she was using her arms to squeeze her breast together, and she was continuously wiggling in her seat, her tongue made swift darts out to lick her lips. Time to proceed.

T: "do you like my bulge, Roni"

R: "Oh god, yes, it makes me so hot looking at it.

T: " That's Very Good, baby"

R: "mmmm!, love your bulge"

T: "I need somebody to take care of my bulge, I need somebody to be my "cock slut"

R: "oh god, can I see it, can I see your member?"

T: "I don't know if your worthy of my member or not.

R: "Oh god, I'll do anything you want, just let me see it and hold it, let me suck it, please"

T: "while I think about giving you my member, take your shirt and bra off and get on your knees in front of me."

It only took her seconds to rip her shirt and bra off and to scramble to her knees before me, Her breast were magnificent, 36 DD, firm with very little sag, with bullet shaped nipples, they were diamond hard and around a ½ inch long.

T: "I'm still not sure about you seeing my member, play with your breast and twist and squeeze your nipples, while I think about it."

Watching this beautiful, sexy woman, on her knees, stripped to the waist, mauling her own breast with her eyes lock on my crouch and her eyes full of lust was almost more than I could bare.

T: "Unbuckle my belt, undo my pants and pull them down"

She hastened to do my biding, fumbling a second with the belt and clasp, then I heard the sound of my zipper being pulled. I felt her hands slide around my waist and her tugging on each side of my pants, her face was almost buried in my crouch while she did this and I could see her taking deep breaths and savoring my smell. My pants caught on my hips and I thought she would rip them in her haste to get them down. She buried her face into my boxers and I could feel her lips kissing my bulge through them.

T: "I'm still not convinced you should see my member, convince me"

R: "Please let me see it, I'll rub it so good, I'll lick it and suck it, you can use my mouth anyway you want, please let me see it, let me play with it and suck it, please, oh god, please let me have it."

Roni, slowly became more and more frantic as she begged, she was rubbing her hands up and down my boxers and trying to kiss it through the fabric. This was the reason I had done this, not only was she enjoying being controlled, the sense of power from having a wanton woman begging for my sex was unparalleled. But there was one more thing I needed before I let her have it.

T: "Roni, when a man has a woman stripped to the waist on her knees in front of him, begging to put his member in her mouth, I think that man is her master, I think you should beg your master to give his sex to you.

R: Oh god, please Master, let me have it, let me put it in my mouth and lick and suck on it. Please master."

T: "Roni, when a Master has a wet horny woman, kneeling in front of him begging for his member she must be a sex slave, beg me like the sex slave you are."

R: "Please master let your slave have it, please let your slave suck and play with your member, I'll be a good slave master, please let your slutty sex slave suck on you."

T: "Very good, slave you may have it"

R: "mmmm!, thank you master! Thank you!"

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