tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThere's Something about Sarah Ch. 03

There's Something about Sarah Ch. 03


Chapter Three -- Prom Night

Sloane never admitted to burning down the old barn but I knew it was her; I could picture her doing it in a jealous rage. She never came home that night or the one after, out catting or staying with friends most likely. But when she returned it was like our confrontation in the barn had never happened.

"So. Drew Carter hey Sarah? Now there's a catch," she grinned at me.

"You told me about your history with him the night the barn burned," I replied.

"Oh pish Sarah; that is history and there weren't nothing to it anyway, he was just a stepping stone for me to get to Bing Holthouse," she answered indigently

I was really worried about Sloane's mental health, she was drinking and drugging heavily and her memory of events was distorted or she sometimes just plain forgot what happened.

"Momma says she's spending a pretty penny on your Prom dress," she changed the subject.

"Yeah, I feel kinda guilty about that."

"What the fuck for Sarah; she's taken all your trust fund money payments and given you little of it. This will be the first frock you've had that isn't a hand me down," Sloane said.

"Well there is that," I grinned at her.

"And I'm going to do your hair and makeup. No, no. No protesting; it's the least I can do for my cousin who's shortly off to college," she smiled.

"Have you decided where you're going?"

"Well locally there's Texas U at Arlington where Drew's hoping for a football scholarship or perhaps the more prodigious University of Houston," I replied and I noticed her wince at the mention of Arlington where both Bing and Drew would likely be attending.

Amanda fussed over me. She bought home a pile of brochures with pictures of Prom dresses in them for us too moon over. We eventually settled on a blue backless drop waisted dress made of shiny satin. The bodice was lined with a second layer of satin, with unlined full cut skirt which was a little longer in the back than in the front and closed with a zipper down the back.

It stretched the budget but using shoes and accessories that I could borrow from Sloane, Amanda said we could afford it.

Amanda rang the store in Austin and made sure that there was one in stock in my size and also asked if any girls from my high school had bought anything the same or similar. I grinned and clapped my hands when she told me no one had.

It was a day trip to Austin to pick up the dress and then drive back again, three hours there and three hours back. Sloane declined to come with us but she did not seem resentful.

"You kids have fun; I have a date today so I can't come along," she smiled at us.

"It ain't that Kettering boy is it Sloane? He's too old for you and he's white trash," Amanda growled around her Salem Light.

"Sheesh Momma; and like we ain't? You never mind about who I'm seein' and who I ain't."

"You're only eighteen Sloane and I'm still the head of this household," Amanda snapped back.

"Speaking of which; I got paid so here's my board."

Sloane tossed two twenties at her mother.

"And forty for you too Sarah. Taint much but you can buy some heels, nylons, and nice panties and a bra to go with your Prom dress if you're thrifty."

Once again Sloane surprised me with her generosity.

"Course you shouldn't get panties that are too tiny in case your cock falls out," Sloane couldn't help insulting me to mask her benevolence.

"Sloane!" Amanda admonished her.

"Don't worry Aunt Amanda; it's just Sloane's way of showing her jealousy cause she ain't going to the Prom," I stuck my tongue out at Sloane.

"I'd rather blow the whole football team than go to a dance and put up with prancing around in taffeta and lace," she retorted and playfully stuck her tongue out back at me.

"Well from what I hear you already done the starting lineup and now your working your way through the bench," Amanda attempted to join in our burlesque joviality but her pun went too far and I saw Sloane wince.

Amanda and I drove to Austin and spent the day shopping. As I hoped, the dress I had selected fitted me almost perfectly and Amanda would nip and tuck where it was needed to make its fit faultless. I bought a pair of blue faux-suede high heels to match my dress, a pair of white satin panties and matching strapless padded bra. I also bought a pair expensive, sheer-to-the waist glossy flesh-toned pantyhose.

We found a store that sold good quality costume jewellery and despite my claims that we were already spending too much money, Amanda splurged out on accessories.

That day was like a dream, it was the best day I spent with my Aunt. She didn't even hit the bottle until late afternoon but that was okay because I drove us home with a beatific smile on my face the whole way.

Now there was no studying to be done, I saw Drew almost every evening. He'd take me out for a shake or a coke and we'd meet up with his friends who teased him about being a jock going out with an intellectual, but the teasing was good natured; except for Bing who couldn't help being cruel.

"So Drew is Sarah as free with herself as her cousin was with me? I hope so 'cause if she's half as good as her cousin you're really getting the ride of your life," he sniggered.

I blushed and turned away.

"Nah Bing. Sarah's a sweet and virtuous lady; that's why were going steady. Unlike you I have some pride and don't date skanks," he replied.

Bing got flustered but the rest of the boys and their dates all laughed along with Drew so there wasn't much Bing could say or do to retaliate. I also knew he was a little jealous. I had seen Bing's eyes roam over my body when he knew Drew wasn't watching. He'd stare at my legs or try to look up my skirt and once he's even asked me to meet him alone, which I politely declined.

"So we're steady now are we?" I asked Drew when we were alone in the cab of his pickup.

"Well I think so? Don't you want to?" he looked a little hurt.

I tuned his face to mine and kissed him.

"I don't let just anyone panty-pop me Drew so I guess we must be," I giggled.

"Why Sarah Grayson! What comes out of your mouth sometimes!" he laughed.

I took on a solemn tone.

"Drew; you're the only boy I've ever kissed, let alone the other shenanigans we are getting up to. I'm not naive and I know this isn't forever and all. We're likely to go to different colleges but if you're not serious about me I'd rather know now and break it off," I said tersely.

"You bet I'm serious Sarah; in fact I think I might be falling..."

I put my hand over mouth and hushed him.

"Don't say it Drew. Please don't say it. Let's just say we are going steady for now and see how it goes after the Prom," I said.

"Sure," he replied, a little relieved I think.

"Doesn't mean we can't fool around some more though. Let's go parking!" I grinned.

Now that the barn was gone we had to find somewhere else where we could be alone and we settled on a grassy field behind the community playground. It was nice and quiet at night, easy to get to being close to the school, and lit only by the moon and starlight. A few couples used it but everyone was discreet and ensured they lay their blanket well away from whoever else might be there.

We'd gone there a few times now and I let Drew undress me down to my underwear, leaving on my pantyhose under my panties and not allowing Drew to put his hands further up my legs than my thighs. My little breasts were 'in play' and I was delighted that Drew was happy to caress and suckle on them for hours.

He would strip down to just his jeans and I would stroke him through the denim but that was as far as I was prepared to go. I so wanted to do more but I was petrified he would find out that I wasn't a real girl and I often felt guilty but my lust overcame my guilt in those moments that I was alone with him. I would let him rub his cock against me through his jeans until he was almost there and then he would stop. I didn't make him stop but I think he thought I would find it undignified if he came in his jeans whilst panty-popping me. That was our term for dry-humping.

I knew he was frustrated and getting what the boys called 'blue balls' but so was I. I would get home to find my panties saturated with pre-seminal fluid and my penis so hard in my gaff that it hurt. I would rub it until I climaxed; filling my panties with sperm and then I'd feel guilty again.

The night Bing insulted me I decided I would take things along a little further as I was as frustrated as Drew was and I too was falling in love, even though I had told Drew not to say it.

We lay on the blanket and I was underneath him, naked except for hose, panties and heels. My skirt, blouse and bra were neatly folded in the corner of the blanket as was his shirt; his shoes and sox beside the pile of clothing.

Drew was kissing me and I was responding; his fingers were exploring my thighs and his hard cock was pressed against me; I could feel the heat through his jeans.

I moved my hand between our bodies and I squeezed it and he gasped. I felt it pulse and harden even more. I kissed him harder and drove my tongue into his mouth and my fingers found his flies and I began to slowly unzip them.

His strong hand gripped my wrist and stopped me.

He broke the kiss and looked earnestly into my eyes.

"That's a big step Sarah; I don't want you doing something just 'cause you think you have to," he sighed.

"Shut up Drew," I grinned up at him and pulled his lips to mine and yanked down his flies.

My fingers fumbled around in his jeans and I was getting frustrated trying to find his penis in his jockey shorts. Then my fingers touched his smooth, hard, warm flesh and I melted. I felt my panties begin to soak when I finally wrapped my fingers around his hard, pulsing phallus.

"Oh god!" he groaned and kissed me harder.

I took my time exploring his cock with the tips of my fingers. The sleek, veiny shaft, the bulbous spongy glans, the eye leaking pre-seminal fluid which I rubbed gently into his fraenulum which almost drove him insane.

"Jeez Sarah, for a virgin doing this for her first time you sure are good at it," he grinned.

"Shut up you jock. It ain't exactly rocket science you know," I grinned up at him and squeezed his shaft.

I reached for his belt and fumbled around trying to unbuckle it but he became more frustrated.

"Fuck this!" he whispered harshly and jumped to his feet to pull off his jeans.

I laughed at him.

"Men! No patience!" I grinned.

"Might as well take off them jockeys as well," I giggled.

He looked a little shocked.

"That's right Drew Carter; I want you nude but don't get overly excited cause I ain't removing any more of my drawers," I teased.

"Why is it you talk all sophisticated except when we are alone and doing this?" he looked down at me, standing one legged struggling out of his shorts.

"Well I guess it just doesn't seem right to talk with eloquence whilst lying nearly naked squeezing my boyfriend's dick!" I laughed.

"Sarah Grayson!" he chided me.

I reached up and pulled him down beside me, naked, warm and smooth-bodied. I pressed my breasts against his chest and pulled his face to mine and I kissed him, wrapping my legs around his, feeling his hard phallus pressing against the sensitive skin of my belly. I felt him throb and leak pre-cum on my skin. I felt so excited and I could feel his breathing begin to increase and become erratic.

I snuggled and wriggled until I had his cock on my lower belly, rubbing against my sheer nylon panties and began to grind against him as he rubbed his throbbing manhood against me. Our kisses became wet and wild, his tongue exploring my mouth. I pushed my small titties, my nipples erect and sensitive, up against his chest and wrapped my legs around him, my nylon-clad calves rasping and whispering as I rubbed them against his back as we humped away at each other.

My own cock was hard and pressing against the gaff and once again I was glad I had left on my nylons so the gusset would help hold it in place. The feel of Drew's body on mine, his hard quivering cock pressing on the front of my panties and hose, the passion of our kisses, was driving both of us to extremis.

Drew gasped and gripped my hips and pushed me down into the blanket and I pulled him hard against me with my legs and wrapped my arms around him. Our teeth clashed as we panted and kissed and slathered at each other. I writhed under him as I felt his cock convulse and explode.

Drew's searing hot seed saturated the front of my panties, soaked through the gusset of my pantyhose and scalded my skin. I climaxed with him, my gaffed penis held in place and pushed back into my groin, pulsed and secreted my semen into my panty gusset.

I held my lover against me as he spent himself against me whilst secretly expending my own secretions into my underwear. I rubbed his flanks with my nylon-clad legs and raked his back with my fingernails and thrust my body against his. His kisses became less desperate and demanding and became loving and gentle. We slowly seceded from our frenetic thrusting and gyrating and lay still. Drew stroked my face while he gently kissed me.

"That was beautiful Sarah. I'd swear you climaxed too but I didn't even touch your pussy," he grinned.

"I sort of did honey. Just the feel of you against me was enough," I smiled up at him.

"I think I've messed your panties and nylons babe," he smiled down at me.

"Just as well I have tissues and spare underwear in my purse then," I smirked.

"Why Sarah Grayson you just never cease to amaze me!" he laughed.

"Now get off me you big lunk," I tried to move from under him but he pinned me down.

"Who says I'm finished?" he grinned.

I could feel him becoming aroused again.

"What if I do?" I smiled.

"Then I guess I am too but I'd be sorely disappointed," he made a frowny face.

"Suppose these drawers are ruined anyway so you might as well do as you will," I smirked.

"Jeez you are sweet to me," he joked, but his voice had become hoarse with lust again and I could feel his full tumescence against me.

I wrapped my legs and arms back around him and thrust up to meet him as gently rocked himself against me.

This time it took a while longer for him to orgasm and it was a lot less frenzied but just as passionate. I didn't come with this time but the feel of his climax against me was gratifying and I hugged him tight and kissed him deeply as he spilled his seed on my body once again.

A while later we lay side my side, both smoking and looking up at the stars, Drew's semen and our combined sweat cooling in the evening breeze.

"I got quite a hankering for this panty-popping as you call it Ms Grayson," he said with an exaggerated cowboy drawl.

"If'n you keep up that west Texas cowboy twang, you better get good at sitting on your hand til it's numb and then putting it on yer woody pretending its me, cause that's all your getting'" I replied in my own faux Texas drawl.

"Jeez Sarah! What you come out with sometimes!" he laughed.

"Get your skinny ass over here cowboy and give your lady a cuddle and some kisses," I laughed back at him.

We rolled together and canoodled for another hour before we called it a night.

On the day of the Prom Sloane and Amanda started drinking early. Amanda bustled and preened around me making a fuss.

"My lovely niece is going to the graduation Prom and she's taking the hunkiest guy in town! Who'd have ever thought a Grayson girl would be going to college," she cooed.

"For fuck sake Ma your own daughter is sitting here and your fussing over Sarah like she's better than me," Sloane whined.

"Oh come on Sloane honey, you know I love you but this is Sarah's special day," Amanda replied.

"Yeah! Sarah's special day! And we wouldn't wanna fuck that up would we?" Sloane said sarcastically.

I was worried Sloane was becoming psychotic; her mood swings were so unpredictable.

"Sloane? Did I do something wrong?" I asked.

Sloane looked at me vehemently.

"You did everything wrong! You're smarter than I am. You're prettier than I am. You have the best guy in town. Fuck you're even more feminine than I am and you ain't even a real girl!"

"Look at you. You're gorgeous and you're going to college and I'm a drunken slut with a whore for a mother and I'm most likely gonna turn out to be just like her!" Sloane cried.

Amanda was about to lash out at Sloane but I stopped her.

I pulled Sloane into my arms and held her tight and kissed her cheek and stroked her hair.

"Sloane everything I am, I am because of you. Don't you understand? I have always worshipped you and I wanted to be just like you. You turned that frightened little boy into the woman you see before you now."

Sloane sobbed for a while and then gained her composure.

"I'm sorry momma; I'm sorry Sarah," she wiped her eyes.

"Now let me get to work on your hair and then I'll do your makeup. You might be going to the Prom but I have a date tonight too," she smiled through her tear-wetted eyes.

Sloane worked on me for about three hours getting my hair and makeup perfect. She wouldn't let me see the results until she was finished then she led me over the full-length mirror in our bedroom.

I gasped when I saw myself; Sloane had had given me the utmost eighties kitsch hairstyle. She had piled half of my long blonde hair high on my head so it looked elegant and sophisticated; the remainder was teased into tendrils running down the left side of my face which emphasised my long pale neck.

My makeup was perfect; she had used blue, purple and mauve eyeshadow in such a way that I knew would look great when I put on my blue satin dress; heavy black kohl and mascara drew attention to by green eyes. She'd accented my high cheekbones with rouge and my full lips with cherry-red lipstick. She'd painted my fingernails to match my lipstick.

"Oh thank you Sloane! I look amazing!" I tried to pull her to me so I could hug her but she held me at arms length.

"No hugging, kissing or anything that's going to fuck up all that work Sarah. After the dance you do all the smooching and hugging you want but I want you looking your best when you arrive at the Prom," she smiled.

"Ok, I gotta fix myself and git. Like I said I have my own date tonight," Sloane wondered off to our bedroom.

She had been drinking steadily all afternoon but wasn't falling down drunk; just like Amanda she'd built a tolerance to the booze.

Amanda led me into her bedroom where my gown and accessories were laid out on the bed.

Sitting on the dressing table was a little roll of cosmetic tape. I hated that little roll of tape; it was a constant reminder to me that I wasn't a real girl but without it, it would be difficult to hide what made me different. Amanda bought it for me ten rolls at a time and I had learned to become adept at tucking and gaffing at very early age.

"Do you want a hand tucking Sarah? This one night you want it to be prefect" Amanda asked.

"Nah, I've got it. Can you just cut me some pieces of tape and hand them to me when I'm ready," I replied.

This may seem strange to most, but being transgendered makes normal what most folks call bizarre.

I pulled off the tank top I had been wearing taking care not to ruin my hair and makeup then I shucked out of my shorts and panties so I was nude. I had only that morning shaved what little body and pubic hair I had and was smooth all over.

I lay flat on the bed and gently pressed each of my testes up inside my body into the inguinal canal and held out my hand so Amanda could pass me the pieces of tape. I taped my scrotum around my penis, then I pushed my penis up and back. Then I took the proffered pieces of tape, each a few inches long, and used it to neatly secure my package.

Amanda opened the packet of expensive, sheer-to-the waist glossy flesh-toned pantyhose and carefully handed them to me so as not to snag them. I remained on my back and slid the cool, sheer nylons up my legs and smoothed the sheer gusset around my buttocks and groin. To me, there is nothing that exceeds the feel of silky nylons against my skin to make me feel feminine.

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