tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThere's Something about Sarah Ch. 06

There's Something about Sarah Ch. 06


Chapter Six - Tina

Tina drove me back to the Holiday Inn and we kicked off our shoes, put up our feet on my bed and lit cigarettes. I had poured us both a tumbler of Jack.

We sat upright with our backs against the cheap headboard.

"That wasn't so bad," Tina said.

"Sloane looks fat," I replied.

"Ouch! Bitch!" Tina laughed.

"'You're the celebrity around here Sarah. Everyone loves you Sarah. Come to the bar tonight Sarah. Let me suck your dick Sarah...What the fuck is going on with that Lizzie chick!'" Tina mimicked her sarcastically.

"Hey fuck you! Just because I have friends who aren't raving dykes, homos or porn stars," I grinned at her.

Tina playfully threw a pillow at me and we both burst out laughing.

I took Tina's hand in mine and looked into her eyes.

"Seriously Tina, thank you so much for being there for me and for being here with me. I wouldn't have had the strength to come here without you."

"Hey babe; that's what friends are for. Besides I never believed that unicorn, rainbow and rose petal story you told me about your upbringing. I knew there would be more to it...a dark side... there always is for girls like us," Tina smiled at me glumly.

"So what about you Tina? No unicorns, rainbows or rose petals in your upbringing?" I asked and squeezed her hand.

"Nope; definitely not. I suppose now is as good a time as any to tell you my story..." A faraway look came into Tina's eyes and she began.

"My mom left home. She'd had enough of dad's drinking and the beatings; she didn't even pack a bag. For a while I thought my old man might have done away with her, can you believe that? But I got a letter from her a few weeks after she left, no return address, telling me why she had left and advising me to leave that house as soon as I could."

"Dad worked at a saw mill in the small mid-west town where we lived and he came home drunk most nights. I stayed away from him as much as I could. I was an only child, a skinny effeminate child named Tom. After mom left, so long as I had dinner on the table when dad got home, he pretty much left me alone; well mostly."

"I knew I wasn't quite right. I had never felt comfortable in my own skin. Like most of us special girls I experimented with wearing my mother's lingerie in secret. When she left I had all of her wardrobe to use and I dressed as a girl as often as I thought it was safe to do so. I became quite adept at makeup and feminine traits; the walk, the gestures, the voice"

"This was the seventies and I had adopted an androgynous look at school; think David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust. I was skinny, pale and had shoulder-length black hair and hung around with the arts crowd. For some reason the jocks took a dislike to me and liked to call me 'fag' and 'homo'; you get it,"

I nodded, but Tina didn't notice; she was engrossed in telling her story.

"I copped a few beatings at school as did all the kids who weren't macho. I didn't care so long as I could go home and dress like a girl and fantasise about being a princess or a movie queen or I have to admit, a slut."

"When I left school I drifted in and out of low paying jobs, packing groceries, pumping gas and making deliveries."

"Dad drank himself to sleep from Monday to Wednesday, drinking beer in front of the TV. Thursday was chilli night at the Roonie's Bar and Grill and dad liked to start his drinking there. He was only working four days a week and his Thursday nights through Sunday was spent in an alcoholic fog mostly at Roonie's."

"Those were the days I could dress and wander around the house, pretending I was a girl. I had invented an imaginary boyfriend who treated me like his sex puppet; I don't know where these fantasies came from but they made me intensely aroused and I would come in my panties or over my nylons as I masturbated thinking dirty thoughts. I was submissive before I even knew what submissive meant"

"One Thursday night my life changed forever."

"Rex was dad's workmate and drinking buddy. Rex and dad often started their drinking at our house before they left for Roonie's but on Thursday's Rex mostly met dad at the bar straight after work for chilli, beer and bourbon."

"I was dressed in a little red miniskirt and white satin blouse. I was wearing mom's white satin panties and matching bra, the cups stuffed with pantyhose, my legs clad in sheer taupe pantyhose and I was wearing red high heels. My makeup was heavy; blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner and mascara and bright red lipstick. I had accessorised with mom's cheap costume jewellery: my ears were pierced so I could wear earrings, I also wore a necklace, bracelets, rings, and had even put a little gold chain around my left ankle."

"This was one of my favourite looks, put together from mom's meagre wardrobe which otherwise consisted mainly of housedresses and 'going to church' clothes."

"It was about seven o'clock and I was sitting in the lounge sipping one of dad's beers and playing mind games when suddenly the front door burst open and Rex burst through."

"Hey Bob! Are you home! Let's get our asses down to Roonie's and suck up some suds! What the fuck?" Rex stood there looming in the doorway staring at me.

"He was breathing heavy and had obviously been drinking already. I looked up at him dumbfounded and speechless. I didn't know what to do or say."

"Who the fuck are you?" Rex snarled and strode into the darkened room lit only by a table lamp.

"Jeez you are a pretty little thing aren't you? Are you Tom's girl? I didn't think the little faggot had it in him," he smiled.

"Rex dropped down onto the sofa and I squeezed into the corner of the sofa as far away from him as I could."

"Don't be like that; I won't hurt you," Rex slid over next to me, the sofa groaning under his considerable weight.

"My face was turned away from him and he took it in his meaty hand and turned my face to his."

"You're a pretty little thing ain't you." He searched my eyes, then raked my body with his gaze, lingering on my long legs.

"I nervously pulled at the hem of my skirt, hoping Rex would leave. Rex's eyes locked on mine again and I saw the spark of realisation ignite."

"Fuck! It's you isn't it Tom? I always suspected you were some sort of faggot but I never guessed you were a sissy," he grinned lasciviously.

"Please Rex...don't tell dad!" I begged.

"Well that depends...are you going to be nice to uncle Rex?" he grinned.

"W... What?" I stammered.

"Be nice. You know," his grin widened.

"I don't know what you mean," I said; my brain was churning with confusion and fear.

"Be nice like this you dumb cunt," he hissed and fell on me.

"Rex weighed almost twice as much me and he was twice as strong. I didn't have a chance. He pulled my face to his and smashed his lips against mine and slid his tongue into my mouth. He smelled of Old Spice and tasted of beer and cigarettes."

"I tried to struggle but Rex easily overpowered me and flipped my legs onto the sofa so that I was lying underneath him. He pinned me to the lounge grinding against me as he kissed me; his hands explored my body, finally sliding under my skirt."

"He kissed me harder and he was panting like he was going it faint. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me as he kissed me and pawed at my legs."

"Oh my god that must have been awful!" I whispered and put a hand on Tina's shoulder.

"You don't understand Sarah. I loved it. I enjoyed the fact that this old fat redneck found me attractive. It was like my fantasy had come true," Tina said, but I could sense the humiliation in her voice.

"I felt ashamed and degraded but so excited. I felt alive!" Tina went on.

"I responded to his kisses and he called me a slut and tranny whore and to my shame I became aroused. He got off me and stood facing me and pulled my face into his groin. With trepidation I opened his flies and the pungent musky stench of his loins assaulted my senses but I didn't care; I freed his erect penis and sucked on it until it exploded in my mouth."

"I swallowed his musty issue and to my shame I felt my hard penis was leaking pre-seminal fluid into my panties."

"Goddamn Tommy boy you look pretty as a picture and you sure know how to suck a man's cock," Rex laughed.

"It's the first time I've done this Rex. Just please don't tell dad," I begged him again.

"Well I might accommodate that but my dick is getting hard again and it needs tending to," he grinned.

"I tried to suck him again but he slapped me away."

"No way babe. I already had some of that. I want some of this!" Rex howled as he flipped me onto the sofa on my knees and pulled up my skirt. He tore off my panties and ripped out the crotch of my pantyhose. He slapped my soft pale buttocks and chuckled."

"That is some fine ass you got there girl."

"He spat on his erection and stuck it in me all the way. I screamed and I bucked with the pain but Rex just rode me like a bronco. He spat some more on my ass and his saliva eventually began to lubricate his shaft. That old boy fucked me like a bucking mule and at some stage it stopped hurting and started to feel good and I pushed back against him."

"He came deep inside and to my surprise and delight I came in my pantyhose at the same time."

"Rex pulled out, wiped himself and pulled up his jeans and I sat there on the lounge with his come dribbling out of my ass and my own issue soaking into my panties and pantyhose."

"Ok Tom. I got a proposition for you," he began.

"It's Tina," I corrected him.

"What?" he asked.

"This won't work if think of me as Tom. I'm Tina; Tina the tranny if you like but I'm Tina and I know what you are going to propose. You're blackmailing me. You want to use me and in return you'll keep my secret."

"You are one sassy little tranny but yeah that sounds about right. Every Thursday night while Bob is eating chilli and drinking beer at the Roonie's Bar and Grill I'll come around here and fuck you. And your secret stays safe not only from your old man but everyone else in this shithole of a town," Rex said.

"I nodded and that was that. And I won't lie to you and tell you I didn't like it. The more he degraded me the more aroused I became. My submissiveness is something I've come to live with Sarah. It's still part of me to some extent; hence my work in the porno industry."

"But..." I was about to interrupt.

"Shush Sarah; let me tell it all," Tina shut me down and went on with her life story.

"I think we got away with it for nearly a year. By then we had become lovers but the sex was still rough and I liked it that way. Anyway the inevitable happened and dad came home from Roonie's early one night, drunk of course, and found me on my back with Rex fucking me hard."

"It took him a little while to figure out who I was and when he realised what was happening he lost it big time. I thought he might have taken it out on Rex for fucking his son but nope...He kicked the living shit out of me, calling me a faggot and a homo and pervert and kicked me out of the house destitute. He and Rex laughed about it and drank more beer. I snuck back in the early hours and packed a bag including my femme clothing and hitchhiked to LA."

"Don't ask me why LA but I figured that a tranny might do ok either there or in New York but LA was closer. I found that by dressing as Tina and hanging around truck stops I would soon get a ride. It usually cost me a blowjob or a fuck in the cab of a truck but I didn't care, I just wanted to move on. A businessman in some bum-fuck town in Nevada gave me fifty dollars to spend the night with him in his fleapit hotel and I was able to ride a bus the rest of the way."

"I was dressed as Tina full time now and become quite adept at looking feminine. I wasn't passable up close but I didn't look like a hairy panty wearer either if you know what I mean."

"I got off at the bus station in LA and was immediately approached by Raffe. Raffe was rake thin, wore faded jeans, a Ramones T-shirt, and wore his hair in dreadlocks. He had a razor scar running from below his left eye to his chin but he was handsome in a dangerous way if you know what I mean."

"He said I looked lost and asked if I needed somewhere to stay. I thought he was a nice guy but of course I was naïve and uneducated in the ways of the street. Raffe took me back to his place where we made love for three days. We hardly got out of the bed. Some skinny chick with sad sallow eyes bought us Chinese food, booze and cigarettes. We smoked some reefer too and he tried to get me to try some harder stuff but I refused which pissed him off a little bit but he settled down."

"On the fourth day he put me out on the street to work."

"My business model is simple. I don't care if you're white, a nigger, a spick, a slope, a kike, a girl, a faggot, or a tranny. In my stable you turn at least five tricks a day at twenty dollars a pop; more for the kinky shit. You give everything you earn to me and I'll give you back what I think you're worth. The more you earn; the more you get back," Raffe sneered.

"I worked those streets for three years. At first I was new, young, and hot, and all the pervs wanted to fuck me. Also, I was good at what I did and I didn't rip off the Johns and I didn't do drugs so I built up a large client base. Some of the girls and other trannies got hooked on drugs and they started to look like shit and ripped off their Johns to pay for their habits. They'd get a beating from the client and a beating from Raffe and eventually he'd let them go...or they'd leave...or more frighteningly, they'd just disappear."

"Two years on the job I'd saved enough to go down to Mexico and got these and a tracheal shave," Tina cupped her breasts.

"I paid top dollar for the tits and they did a good job as you can attest to. I got even more customers when I returned as a full on transsexual."

"Not long after that I met Devon and my life really took a turn."

"Devon Devine; his real name is Lyle Brinkman but if you call him that he'll kick your ass. Devon is the king of VHS porn."

"Devon liked that I was an attractive young transsexual who was willing to do almost anything sexually if the price was right. The VHS video market was in full swing and every man wanted a porn collection; the kinkier the better. Tranny stuff was particularly hot."

He told me his business model.

"Babe I make these movies on a shoe string budget all filmed on tape. I make copies and distribute them from a warehouse in Reseda. You get a thousand dollars a movie flat rate, no matter how kinky...and I do a lot of kink, my customers love it. No scat but you might get pissed on," was his pitch.

"You make one movie every two weeks; usually filmed over two to five days. On the other days I'm filming straight, homo or really kinky shit. What do you say?"

"What about Raffe," I asked.

"You seen the Godfather? I'll make him an offer he can't refuse," he grinned.

"Don't hurt him and it's a deal," I replied and that was that.

"Two thousand a month is good money and the work isn't that hard. I kinda like it."

"Devon has this transvestite named Michele Nylons who writes these awful screenplays; usually about a tranny who gets forced or blackmailed into having sex, mostly group sex with rough types. Really cheesy shit like 'Tranny at the Truck Stop', the movie you found at the Adult Store, or 'Lady in the House' a ridiculous story about a guy who gets forced into being a transvestite prostitute in jail."

"She came on set once and she looks like a real trollop; word on the set is she fucked one of the camera operators in the janitor's closet. Anyway this shit sells big. Apparently guys like seeing trans women being roughed up; who cares so long as I make good money."

"I've made enough to buy the little apartment I live in and to invest in Wendy's nightclub; I'm a half owner and partner."

"And that's my story Sarah. You now know everything about me."

Tina finished her litany and lit a cigarette.

"That is some story Tina," I said.

"Look Sarah. Don't feel sorry for me. I like my life and I really like you but I didn't want to contaminate you with the seedy side of my life. You are this wholesome college student going places and I'm a hooker and porn actress. I really like being with you but we are poles apart," she smiled at me and leaned over and pecked my cheek.

"Anyway enough of this shit. Let's get glammed up and go to this wake or party or whatever the fuck it is. I want to see how everyone reacts when they see how beautiful and successful you have turned out to be," she grinned at me and hopped off the bed.

"And maybe there is some nice country boy who needs his tranny cherry busted," she smiled mischievously. I threw a pillow at her and laughed.

When we arrived at the Dew Drop Inn the wake was in full swing. People had bought platters of food and there were pitchers of beer and hard liquor on all the tables. There were about ten tables with half a dozen people or so sitting at each of them. Two pool tables had been pushed against the wall to make room for the party and they were covered with tablecloths with the food arranged on them. There was also about another twenty or so people just milling around or holding up the bar. An old beat up duke box was pounding out old time country and western songs.

The same crowd from the funeral was there and quite a few others. Most were nodding acquaintances of mine but some of them I knew well.

Sloane was dressed in the same black dress she had worn at the funeral but she had changed her nylons to flesh toned hose and she had fixed her makeup and hair. She sat at a long rectangular table with Billy Kettering still dressed in his poorly fitting hand-me-down black suit sitting beside her. She was drunk but not as bad as she had been at the funeral. I deliberately avoided eye contact with her as I surveyed the smoke filled room.

Lizzie Sanders saw Tina and I standing near the entrance and gestured us over to her table where she sat with some of my former school friends.

I was also still wearing my funeral attire. The black cotton-spandex, form-fitting dress with the long black lace sleeves. I had ditched the hat and gloves and I held Tina's hand as we walked over to the table where Lizzie and her friends sat. Two of the girls got up to give us their seats and despite my protestations they insisted that Tina and I sit.

I introduced Tina and someone put disposable cups full of beer and shots of cheap whiskey in front of us.

"Ok Sarah; I wanna know all about what's happened to you since the Prom and all about this delightful lady accompanying you," Lizzie grinned.

The others crowded around expectantly.

"You don't wanna know about before...I mean...well you know," I stammered.

"Nope. Amanda told all who would listen about how you came to her as an orphan boy and said that you willingly allowed her to turn you into the most wonderful special little girl and that she was ashamed about how she treated you. I always suspected there was something special about you Sarah; but I would never have guessed that it was that," Lizzie said.

"We all know and love you as Sarah except for some bigoted few so that's all we care about. What Sloane did to you was unforgivable and well...you just skipped town straight after the Prom fiasco so we never got to tell you."

I realised then they didn't know about what had happened to me in the park and I felt a sense of relief wash over me. At least I wouldn't have to go there.

I gave them an abridged version of my life since I left. I told them that I was at Haas School of Business at the University of California in Berkeley and currently undertaking a masters degree in Financial Engineering and that I worked at Bruno's Bar and Grill to make ends meet. I told them nothing about Bendy Wendy's Nightclub or of my relationship with Tina.

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