tagNon-EroticThese Wolves Alone Ch. 05

These Wolves Alone Ch. 05


Ugh, what is that smell? I opened my eyes and looked around. everything was blurry and a dull gray color. Am I still in a dream? I was on the floor, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket Jessie had given me last night, she was on the futon. I sat up and started coughing. That dull gray color was smoke, I realized. I jumped out of the blanket and shook her awake.

"What is it?" She asked, and her eyes widened as she saw my panicked expression.

"The house is on fire. We have to get out." I told her quickly, trying to seem calm so she wouldn't panic too badly, but inside I was screaming at her. She jumped up quickly and started for the door, grabbing some things on the way out. I ran after her, still choking on the smoke I had inhaled. We ran out the door and into the woods.

I didn't know where we were going, all I knew was we had to get out of that house. Jessie seemed to want to get as far away from it as possible.

"Where are we going?" I tried to ask her, but it came out more as if I was just breathing out the words, sounding almost like a wheeze.

"Somewhere away from here, someone will se the fire qand then we're screwed." She just kept running and then we came up to the edge of some trees and I realized where she was headed; my house, or rather, my old house. This is the way I had come when I found her. . . or well, she found me.

"Why are we going there?" I asked, watching her carefully weave through the briers and small tree limbs, emerging through the trees into a clearing about three yards from the backyard of my old house.

"No one will look in an abandoned house, plus it's far enough away. It's a safe place." She replied, going through the backdoor that was still unlocked from when I had used it. I followed her in.

"How did the fire start?" she asked me, heading upstairs and into my old bedroom. Looking outside the window beside my old desk, I noticed that the sun was just now peeking over the mountain tops. I shrugged at her question.

"I don't know, I woke up choking on smoke--the house was filled with it--and woke you up so we could get out of there." The whole time I was speaking she just nodded and fiddled with her police scanner she had grabbed while running out of the house. Finally she found the static-y chatter about the fire in the woods. She stayed silent and listened.


"That was a stupid idea! Doesn't he know that the cops would come to a forest fire? We could have caused the whole town to burn down!"

"Now is not the time to be finding your morals, Frank. If you're in from the beginning then you're in. No turning back or--" I drew my finger across my neck in a slasher fashion and let my head drop and tongue hang out in a bad impression of someone dying. My partner just sighed and continued trudging through the woods the same way the two teenagers had ran. He was right, our boss, they ran. He told us to stick around in case they escaped the house fire. I just hoped Frank hadn't left any evidence of arson. If he did Boss would have both our asses. 'No evidence, no trail, nothing left.' His exact words.

"Do we even know where we're headed?"

"To the boy's house. They wouldn't go to a place with people, not with them being two teenage runaways. At least the girl wouldn't risk it. But we have to get there soon. We have to keep the boy from changing. That's what we're here for." Our orders were to kill. To stop him from knowing who he really was and knowing who his parents were. It would have been easier if he hadn't have come out to the woods. Following him back to his old house from where his foster parents lived was great at first; no one there, secluded and private, and no one would look for a dead body there; but then he ran out into the woods and we tracked him. Losing him would have meant losing our heads.

Frank pulled his cell out of his pocket and punched some numbers into the keypad, holding it up to his ear.

"Yeah, it's Frank," he said into the phone. "The boy is going back to the Uncle's house, and the girl is with him." I wasn't close enough to hear the answer from the other end.

"Yes, they are already at the house putting it out. They escaped before anyone saw the smoke."

"Yes sir. We're here. What do you want us to do with the girl?" I looked and saw the backyard come into sight in between the trees. He hung up the phone and put it back in his pocket.

"Both of them," he said to me and I nodded in response as we walked up to the backdoor.

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